Class Eligibility

You are a member of this settlement if you are current or former AT&T mobile customer who paid for unauthorized third-party charges after Jan. 1, 2009 may apply for refunds from the AT&T settlement.

Estimated Amount

Proof of Purchase
Phone # for verification
Case Name
FTC v. AT&T Mobility LLC
Case Summary
This lawsuit was brought by the FTC claiming that AT&T charged their cell phone customers for third-party services among them ringtones, wallpaper or subscriptions for celebrity gossip, horoscopes and flirting tips. The charges were billed to consumers without their knowledge or authorization AT&T allegedly engaged in this deceptive practice by lumping the charges together to make them look as if they were part of the authorized charges on their bill.This practice is illegal and it is known as “cramming.”
Settlement Pool
FTC v. AT&T Claims Administrator P.O. Box 3219 Portland, OR 97208-3219 1-877-819-9692

87 responses to “AT&T Unauthorized Third Party Charges Class Action Settlement”

  1. Latreice Graham says:

    I was an ATT customer for years and consistently complained about fees and cost but nothing was done. I contacted the FCC and was told that nothing could be done on their end, but they would keep my information on file.

    This should be the first of many class actions for ATT due to unethical practices.

    • call att several times about overcharges and data they always somehow convinced me it was right

      • Adrian Hall says:

        I had that problem with them also – over and over again, and each time it seemed my bill was larger! Go Figure!

    • Hualani says:

      I am a very unhappy AT&T customer who’s been sold & charged unethically, and believe I’ve also been treated with retaliatory methods after opening consumer complaints and questioning the billing. Service was “Diverted” without my request to an unknown “third party” (so I was told), interrrupted, messaging turned off, etc.
      If you arent under contract, or near theend of a time contract, seek legal advice- find another company in your area! the competition is far superior today.

  2. Lamecca Smith says:

    How can i submit a claim form.

    Follow the link that reads file a claim.

  3. Leslie betz says:

    I had att back in 2009 threw 2012 don’t remember my phone number what can I do

    Contact AT&T and provide them with your social security they might be able to track down your prior phone number.

  4. alfonso campos says:

    need to be part of the lawsuit

  5. David Bullman says:

    How would you know if you were billed? I’ve been with att for years and don’t even know if this happened

    Hi David,
    Excellent question. You may contact the class action administrator at 1-877-819-9692 and have them check for you.

  6. Brenda Dodson says:

    I want to be a part of the lawsuit!!! I have copy of my AT&T bills.

  7. wendell Dennison says:

    Sign me up i have been with att for over 12 years

  8. Claude Landes says:

    I’ve had multiple unauthorized charges over the years, customer since 2008. They would remove them but I never recieved any compensation for past charges.

  9. Bernice Else says:

    I already submitted all documents for what was a deadline of 12/31/2013. I was told I would not receive my settlement check to around 2015. It was supposed to be earlier this year. Frankly, I am sick of being lied to.
    Next year I guess they’ll say oh 2016. You should pay the money to those first who have been waiting since the end of 2013. It’s frustrating. You have the money, my claim was approved and I am still waiting.

    • Else Bernice says:

      yep… just keep waiting. it’s free money to you. why do people always complain.

      • Angie Green says:

        How is it free money when we were fraudulently charged these fees? If anything they owe us more!

        • Sam says:

          It’s not free money it is your money they are stealing from us the consumer. It’s a monopoly in the system and if I’m right the fact broke that up years ago but now this has been going on…..join me in a lawsuit, [email removed for privacy]

    • Kitsa says:

      Me too. In January ,2015, AT&T raised my landline $5.00 more a month, because from what I have heard…they want to be rid of landlines so they’re monetary forcing you to cancel your landline. Every month since, my bill reflect increases (nickel and dime u to death). Some thing should be done to the company. When I complain about the increases customer service are so rude….had so many I never call any more..must find a newer solution. I love the convenient of the landline, time to move on…

  10. Mr. Ryan says:

    I have been with AT&T for close to 10 years BUT I have moved a few times & changed my number (number only) to correspond to where I was living at the time so which number or numbers will I have to use? Thank you.

  11. Darrin says:

    Is it one claim per account or per number? We have always had a family plan with up to 5 numbers at a time.

    One claim per account number.

  12. Bernice Else says:

    I guess I will not be receiving a response. Typical…

    • Elliott says:

      A response from whom? The administrator of this website? Surely you realize the person who runs this website has absolutely nothing to do with AT&T or the settlement administrator. I suspect that you were never “lied to,” you just misunderstood something.

  13. Marshall Murphy(Wyche) says:

    Nov. 15, 2014

    What is being done concerning the 3rd party billing?

    I sent AT&T the phone numbers, I had keeped all of them.

    Marshall Murphy (Wyche)

    Thank you now, for a sprrdy response.

    Dear Marshall,
    To get the most recent updates regarding this class action settlement you must contact the administrator directly.Please scroll up and you will find their info on this page.

  14. Deborah S. Bunn says:

    Some time last year (I think) I received a notice of a class action regarding ATT. Don;t know if this the one or not, however, I was a qualified claimant. I finally received my claim form after numerous phone calls. I returned it a timely manner. I was informed I need a billing statement/ record of the calls in question/ and if I didn’t have it, they would send me one. This covered a period of quite a few years~~I don’t have room to file & store all of
    my lifetime bills~I’m 62. I requested by phone.& mail a billing statement four times. As to date: November 16th, 2014, I haven’t received JACK! (A billing statement either).

    I also filed a Duracell claim & haven’t heard squat

    I’m beginning if all ‘class actions’ are just putting us on notice & nobody is ever going to pay?? Anyone else having this same problem? Thanks

    • Kitsa says:

      All of you…..don’t expect a big refund check….pennies is what is expected…I filed also, haven’t heard much…so I don’t expect much….

  15. Amanda Harbin says:

    My complaint is all them years of bogus added charges on my bills from 2004 to 2013 in which turned it in an called this administrator number you got listed on here before an never got no rebate check se promised ….or at least should of waived all those past fees so at least I could of got my phone & internet services back on thru yall would’ve of been o.k. in exchange from money you owed me or pay me my money back an I get my own plan,one!!!!please!!!Amanda H.

  16. Arlene Day says:

    I submitted claim forms earlier this year. How will I know what the results were?

    Once the settlement has been finalized if you submitted a valid claim you will receive a check in the mail.

  17. Raqueal Brooks says:

    I want to be part of the law suit been a customer for 4 years

    Dear Rachel,
    If you wish to be part of this settlement we encourage you to complete a claim form by clicking on this link and filing your claim

  18. david shiver says:

    I want 2 b a part of this law suit bcuz I’ve neva been a customer of at&t but some how my name is n there data system & they have my credit all screwed up.

  19. Ruby says:

    yes I want to be part of this settlement

    And we encourage you to be part if you qualify and in fact had an account with AT & T. The way to be part is to carefully and fully complete a claim by clicking on the orange link on this page that takes you to the claim form.

  20. Deborah says:

    i have been a customer for a long time. shame on tt&t

  21. Alicia Delatorre says:

    I would like to be included

  22. Ricky Watson says:

    Too many bogus fees

  23. Renee Bell says:

    I have had constant fees for the past 10 plus years when they took over the other cell phone company. I would call them to take fees off every 2 or 3 months. I just call them in October to take fees off that AT&T lied and said was off ONLY TO FIND OUT THEY THOSE SAME fees are back on for their so call insurance that I have declined. Now I have to spend probably another 3 to 4 hours on the phone trying to get these fees back off. This is also why I refuse to go to paperless billing.

  24. Joan Visintainer says:

    Is this specifically for cell phones or is it for land lines?

  25. Sagi Alush says:

    I always had issues with at&t
    Over billing me all the time!

  26. Sagi Alush says:

    I always had issues with at&t
    I was over billing all the time!
    I hate them

  27. alfred says:

    each time I purchased a phone from them there was always a fee for this that or other so was cut off a few days a week and my phone was my job

  28. Ashley says:

    I was somehow signed up for a weird music subscription app that cost me $15 a month, would that count?

    We don’t think so but how about you contact the administrator of the class action to get more details?

  29. alessandro difede says:

    taa overcharged me every month for years

  30. Sharon Grace says:

    at&t im not here to put you all down, but my problem with you guys is that, when i put ten dollars on my phone for some reason it was always taking 5 cents off here or 15 cents there and i never understood that, especially when im not using the phone my minutes would just disappear

  31. melody teel says:

    arrangements are made between me and AT&T for them to take money out of my account but never happened suddenly I’m the one who’s getting this massive bill in my face and I’m on Social Security due to a hospital stay now they say I cannot have AT&T after I purchased and installed all the equipment and had approved if it was on at all sure wasn’t were 35 freaking dollars a month and it sure the hell isn’t right that I can’t get the internet again or a phone line let alone a DSL line these people should be ashamed of themselves cost me such grief

  32. Suzie says:

    We filled out the form. Glad something is finally being done about this. We went through this crap all the time when we had AT&T with my grandfather’s phone. He had a phone which he only used when he’d go out, never texted or used the internet on it. I don’t even think it could use the internet. And somehow he would get those little subscription services on his bill all the time. I know he wasn’t just doing it accidently because he was old and senile, because his phone was usually only on once or twice a month. Every month I’d call AT&T and complain and they would sometimes remove the charges, say it was “unsubscribed,” say they were “blocking” those types of services from his line, and the next month there would be three more on there!

  33. rose says:

    my mother has pass away from this account and i dont have a phone with AT&T service anymore dont have the phone number .i think they was trashed after she die

  34. Tina Guerrero says:

    Wheres the link to file the claim. I push the file a claim button and it brings me to this page with no file claim button

  35. Lisa says:

    We had many issues with AT&T. Thanks for doing something to help us all.

  36. Mercedioa says:

    I feel that I have been over billed for years. I have so many times about my bill. Please contact me.

    Hi Mercedio,
    We are not in a position to help you directly with this matter. You must contact the class action administrator. We have provided the info above.

  37. Jeannie conejo says:

    I have so many issues with at&t I feel they always over taking my money …Finally some some justice thank you

  38. pinky west says:

    I’ve ca lled to enter my name.
    We’ll see.

  39. Blake Mehr says:

    I had at&t home phone and internet my bill was consistently fluctuating.

  40. Gladys Talley says:

    I file a claim. Back in 2014 haven’t been able to contact anyone from the number.

  41. Regina Jones says:

    Would like to be included in settlement.

  42. pam seals says:

    Got several messages a day. Contacted my provider at least once a month. This went on for a few years.

  43. Sara Swingle says:

    AT&T customer

  44. Kenneth Lightfoot says:

    April 30, 2015 AT&T Customer

  45. Beverly Lightfoot says:

    AT&T Customer April 30, 2015 at 8:43 pm

  46. Kenneth Lightfoot says:

    AT&T Customer April 30, 2015 at 8:44 pm

  47. Dorothy Moody says:

    AT&T Customer April 30, 2015 8:45 pm

  48. Elena says:

    What the…?

  49. Debbie says:

    I’m still getting overcharged, no one at call center can stop a charge, that was suppose to be a one time charge

  50. Loleta Mcknight says:

    Just look my name up and the number will appear. Fix this issue.

  51. Allen Payne says:

    No settlement yet ?

  52. jen key says:

    I owe At&T over $12,000.00 At 18 they had free stand at Wal-Mart nd my cousin tried to get phone…when she was denied she asked me They got my I’d nd approved me with no down payment, my cousin asked would I put her phone on my account nd the next day she would transfer it to her own account…no, I never knew that wasn’t possible. I played my Bill nd my boyfriend’s bc I got him one,me nd cousin. After two months our phones were cut off nd I called nd they said Bill wasn’t paid from the 3rd phone nd I said I don’t have 3rd nd then I told them that she was having it transferred to her,not possible but even guy selling art&t contracts said SURE ,SHE CAN when asked if cousin could do that. Cousin had went way over the allotted text calls etc. I’m stuck with very bad credit,can’t come up with money. Was told to sue her for her amount. Which I will bc she never tried to make right nd when approached about getting phone back to turn she said it was stolen…called her from her friinds phone nd she answered 15 minutes after “phone” was STOLEN. This was 20 years ago nd I believe each call minute was $1.45 lol.Late fees,1 phone,over the minute allotted allowed,3 differ 2 yr contracts broke,interest etc $12,000.00 they will take $9,000.00 all at onc. ahh,family nd my ignorance is bliss youth .

  53. Just Someone says:

    I had ATT from 2012-2014. I got the 3gb plan because I had never had a smart phone cell phone before and had no idea how much data I used. After a few months it was clear I only used about 200-400 gb/data but kept the 3gb plan because it would cost me more over the life of the contract to pay for overages on the 300MB plan than what the 3gb plan cost. On the 5th month I check my data and supposedly I had used 1800 MB (1.8GB) of Data. I was LIVID. there was NO WAY ON EARTH I used that much data. I immediately called them and they went thru the whole rigmarole…
    Were you watching videos?
    did you travel?
    Did anyone use your phone?
    Do you have any apps in the background running?
    Do you shut your phone off at night because wifi shuts off when the screen is off. (it doesn’t because if it did I couldn’t use only 250mb/month).
    they even had the gall to suggest someone took my phone while I was sleeping and watched a movie! (after I had told them I’m a single parent and sleep with my phone on my bed because it’s my alarm clock).
    I also don’t drive and have wifi at home at work and optimum wifi everywhere go.

    The reason there is no way I could have used 1.8gb of data was because two years later I traveled over 500 miles in total to visit a friend in upstate NY. I used my phone for GPS and streaming live News 12 traffic and everything else i normally do on the NYS Thruway and I only used 1GB. so how is it possible that I used 1.8gb of data when I’m connected to wifi 99% of the time but only used 1gb of data traveling 500 miles with NO WIFI. ?!?!?!?!

    The ONLY reason this was ok was because I payed for the 3gb plan. If I had only the 300mb plan I would have been charged an extra $100 for overage and I would have sued them for it. I kept track of my data for the whole 27 months I had the plan and I only four times went over 600 and that was because I was babysitting my sister’s kids and she had no internet so I used data all day.

    All in all over the course of 29 months, I was allotted 89,000 mb of data and 11,000 minutes. I used only 11,000mb of data and 1,000 minutes, which is only 13% and 9% respectively. I paid ATT over $3500 and only used $455 of service. Maybe there should be a class action lawsuit for being overcharged for EVERYTHING. I’d be owed $3000!!

    Oh and when I finally cancelled my plan and went to prepaid they tried to charge me TWO MONTHS of bills for using the service for 1-1/2 DAYS My month ended on the 7th. I switched on the 9th about 12 noon. I used 7mb of data and 4 minutes on the phone and they wanted to charge me $228! I said I wouldn’t pay it. they said something then I said, “so sue me”. they actually had the “you-know-whats” to argue with me about paying them for Aug-Sept bill when I terminated my service on July 9th!! I finally called corporate and complained and was not charged anything except for a $5 late fee they sent me a bill for for two months and I haven’t seen one since Sept of 2014. that’s when I heard about the class action lawsuit. Coincidence? I think not. LOL.

    I posted on their forums and facebook and let everyone know how dissatisfied I was with this. (Just as I”m posting here). I was also not the only one with this problem. It has happened to other people too. IMHO I think ATT does this to get more money because the morons at ATT don’t expect people like me to do the math down the the mb of how much data I use. I have it all…. in a notepad on my phone. (BTW I’m prepaid w/ GoPhone now and will never go back to a contract again).

  54. Dorothy Whiting says:

    Completed paperwork last fall regarding this settlement. It is over yet? When are we going to know answers?

    ADMIN-Hi Dorothy,

    Please contact the class action administrator with your question. Information to contact the class action admin is posted above. Simply scroll up to the main page.

  55. jeffrey says:

    I spoke with someone from the ATT/FTC filing office who confirmed they had my claim and that all payments will not go out until the fall. Hasn’t some people already recieved checks?

    • Jennifer says:

      this is exactly what i was told jeff

    • Angenetta Williams says:

      We are going into the Fall season 2015 as we speak. My main concern is that the results of this lawsuit is suppose to end where ALL monies for the charges are to be paid back in full to all who sent in their claims on time, is that still so?

      The lawsuit specified FULL refunds for ALL charges…is this one of those suits where the plaintiffs ask for full compensation and they only give you pennies despite approval of payout? If so, then we,ve been decieved again?

      I can understand if this was free money just being given away, but these are charges paid out by customers hard earned dollars. The least they can do is pay it back like they expected us to pay when they wanted it.

      Crazy part is: if we didn,t pay our bills, our service was disconnected, so how do customers get to react if we don,t recieve our full refunds?

  56. Myesha Sawyer says:

    How do I get on this law suit

    ADMIN – Hi Myesha,

    You don’t. The deadline has passed. You are no longer able to claim.

  57. Kitsa says:

    I have a question…what is “slamming protection”?

    ADMIN – Hi Kitsa,

    Here is a useful resource that talks more about slamming

  58. Jac says:

    Soooo…..a settlement has been reached and payments are going out now? I entered this lawsuit back in 2013. I left AT&T and went to Straight Talk….another big mistake. I am in class action with them also…..will it ever end?

  59. Roosevelt Roach says:

    AT&T is always been robbing people by the pennies. And people are getting tired of it. And they should have to pay with interest. And I was with them since 2000. Its not fair.

  60. Bernard says:

    I filed with this class action suit a long time ago, haven’t heard anything about a settlement, was that just recently finished. I sure hope they get me my dollar 25 check soon. As long as they bugged my son about a bogus charge for a $1.00 when he didn’t even own a phone. He’s in the military and was deployed when they started sending him this bogus bill for approximately 2 – 3 years. Then all of a sudden it changed to where they were sending him a dollar. What a stupid mixed up company.

  61. William says:

    I joined the class action over a year ago. I have heard nothing. Has anyone heard what is happening with this lawsuit?

  62. Vickey Hall says:

    I just found out about the class action.I was a loyal customer of at&t from 2009 till 2015.I always complained of how bad their customer service was,and how high my bill was.I had three phone lines with them and every bill cycle there was an issue.Could someone please tell me how to file? My sister said she already received her check!

    ADMIN – Hi Vickey,

    The deadline for this settlement was 5/1/2015. You may no longer file.

  63. Vickey Hall says:

    We need to file a class action suite against at&t u verse and Internet. They cut off my Internet,and kept billing me for services I couldn’t use.They claimed that my service was temporarily suspended, and until I actually call them and tell them to cut it off I owed them for the months that I couldn’t see or use u verse and the Internet because they cut it off.NOW,HOW RIDICULOUS IS THAT?

  64. zelenia walker says:

    I received my check for the unauthorized charges to my At&t bill…how insulting can this be!!! The check was for $7.57 !!!! That was not what was owed to me!! After my initial claim and the adjustments made,it was more like almost two hundred dollars and yet all i got was this check that made me so furious,i cant even begin to tell you….. i have internet service with them still but looks like im going to be looking for a new company..SHAME ON YOU AT&T!!!! YOU TOOK OUR MONEY,AND TO ADD INSULT TO INJURY,YOU DID THIS??? FOR REAL??? OVER FIFTEEN YEARS OF DEALING WITH AT&T ,IM SO OUTDONE. Where is the justice for all the wrong? SHAME ON YOU AND HOW YOU TREAT YOUR CUSTOMERS THAT BUILT YOUR BUSINESS.

  65. Celethia D Allen says:

    I haved moved since I filed my claim. Will it go to my forwarding address or the address on my claim form?

    ADMIN – Hi Celethia,

    Consider submitting a chance of address with the admin.

  66. Ariel says:

    I was a customer of AT&T for 5 years; I was the only person ever on my plan! Somehow they finagled their way of adding two other additional lines without me ever knowing! Long story short; they are now saying I owe them over $1,000 in overage fees!

    Let me tell you this is impossible. I have refused to pay and my phone was cut off in may. They have now sent my bill to collections; I need to know where to go from here! I will not pay for this because obviously AT&T has a serious problem with charging innocent people.

    ADMIN – Hi Ariel,

    We are an informational website and in no position to give you counsel in matters of debt collection.

  67. Karen says:

    I have not received my payment yet. Are they still in the process of sending out. Thanks!

  68. Sandra says:

    I made my claim through Att site where it said 3 phones was eligible. I have not got any thing back for theirs party charges. I was not just added 9.99 a month on phones multiple times I also got third party charges for 19.99 a month on my phone line and don’t know how long I paid for it been with them since 2006 and I saw charges all the time. When will it officially be settled. I did get 2 checks for bogus taxes classaction I have no time to contact them

  69. riley says:

    I was told in May of 2015 it would be 9 months to receive payment. 9 months has come and gone. When should payment be expected?

    ADMIN – Hi Riley,

    We don’t know. For updates about your case you have to contact the class action administrator. The information is provided above under the subheading “contact”.

  70. Jackie taylor ray spurlock says:

    My claim was filed before deadline of May 2015. When will we be PD got this claim?

    ADMIN – Hi Jacky,

    Please follow us on Facebook so we can update you with the latest news on every class action settlement.

  71. Marlon L. Merriweather Sr says:

    in 2009 when i observed that a 9.99 was been charged to my account, i contacted an AT& T representative. at this time, i was discovered that a third party vendor was charging my without authorization.I not sure how long it had been occurring. I’ve been a customer of AT&T approximately 22 years.


    ADMIN – Hi Marlon,

    The Federal Trade Commission has already paid out this settlement.

  72. Joan D Willisms says:

    Please add me to the lawsuit I have been with them for yesrs

    ADMIN – Hi Joan,

    We cannot add class members to lawsuits. When a class action settlement is available you must file a claim yourself. As for this one the deadline was in 2015

  73. LArs Jensen says:

    just found out that I was billed 4 x 11.99 for insurance I did not ask for (I have 4 lines)
    contacted at and they told me that they would not reimburse and they would only pay if forced to.

    I have as of 11/28/2018 removed the insurance – this took more than 1 hour to do
    they made it very difficult

    ADMIN – Hi Lars,

    I am sorry about that.

  74. Vera says:

    What is the status of this suit