Class Eligibility

To be a member of this class you must be a purchasers or lessees, in the United States and Puerto Rico, of the following vehicles originally equipped with a factory-installed 2.0 liter TFSI longitudinal engine bearing Audi internal engine code CAEB (“CAEB engine”)::
  • 2009 model year Audi A4
  • 2010 model year Audi A4 or A5
  • 2011 model year Audi A4, A5 or Q5

Estimated Amount

Proof of Purchase
Case Name
Ali Asghari, et al. v. Volkswagen Group of America Inc, et al Case No. 2:13-cv-02529 District Court for the Central District of California.
Case Summary
The aim of this settlement is to resolve concerns that VW and Audisold 126,000 vehicles that consumed excess engine oil Audi and Volkswagen continue to deny the allegations but have agreed to settle to reduce the cost associated with a litigation.
Settlement Pool
Rust Consulting Oil Consumption Settlement P.O. Box 2210 Faribault, MN 55021-1610 1-866-591-7231

30 responses to “Audi Oil Consumption Class Action Settlement”

  1. Bernard Albanese says:

    Is it too late to get relief from AUDI? I complained about this issue in 2014 and took it to dealer. They supposedly fixed it. I gave the to my granddaughter who drives much more than I did.
    She has to add oil every this and miles.

    ADMIN – Hi Bernard,

    Way too late.

  2. Steve Rhoads says:

    We recently bought a 2012 Audi Q5 with the 2.0T engine. We are having to add a quart of oil about every 500-600 miles. The Audi dealer where we bought it says it’s not a defect and that the car is not covered by any pending lawsuits or agreements.

    Are there any lawsuits out there applicable to this car?

    ADMIN – Hi Steve,

    Not that we know about.

  3. Robert S. Warren says:

    I have a 2011 Audi A4 2.0T with 110,000 miles. My Audi runs great even with having to add a quart of oil every +/- 500 miles. A recent spark plug change indicated that plugs had little indication of oil being burned in the chamber? A friend speculates that the oil is being consumed on the exhaust side of the turbocharger? My Audi Dealer has an 8yr. or 80,000 mile policy trigger pull to deny this claim. They say that there is a stage one fix (+/- $700) and if not successful an overhaul will be necessary. With the Audi’s trade-in value currently being around $7,000 please provide your comments and/or suggestions.

    ADMIN – Hi Robert,

    You are asking the wrong girl. I could not advice on this matter if my life depended on it.

    • Alecia Peters says:

      Hi wha was the outcome of this. I’m having this issue now. I wasn’t aware that this was a issue outside of my control & now my car is pass 80,000 miles

      ADMIN – Hi Alecia,

      Sadly you have no legal recourse as the deadline has passed.

  4. Raymond says:

    The oil light comes on about every 5/6k miles. The dealer did part_1 test ~7 months ago and now the oil light has come on again. Took it to the dealer and they did part_2 which indicated that the car has lost 1.6 quart in ~6k miles.

    Dealer sent the results to Audi USA, but they say this is normal and they refuse to fix anything.

    Is this normal for the car to burn this much oil (1.6 quart per 6000 miles)?

    ADMIN – Hi Raymond,

    I can’t answer that. We are not mechanics.

    • Ulrich Birkmaier says:

      My 2010 Audi A5 has the oil consumption issue with burning a quart of oil every 350 miles, so I’d say you’re in the normal/acceptable range!

  5. Jose W Torres says:


    ADMIN – Hi Jose,

    No, the deadline has passed.

  6. Lou says:

    My daughter has a 2012 A4 that has started consuming a quart every 1,000 miles with about 80k on the odometer. Audi is currently monitoring as a Phase 1 so I would say there is still hope to get the problem fixed (bad rings from a supplier). Chance to join class action is over but not the monitoring program and fix, at least I hope (she has to bring the car back when the idiot light comes on, so we shall see). I had the rings replaced on my 20111 Q5 due to this issue and the car burns no oil.

  7. DAWN Bryan says:

    I purchased a 2010 Audi A on July 6, 2017. I am now having oil consumpton issues.
    The Audi dealership claims I do not qualify for the Oil consumption test because I did
    not purchase the car before 2016. Is there any truth to that ? I do not have previous owners
    oil change records either. What options do I have ? If any ? The guy at Audi said they usually
    change the pistons and rings with this issue and that would be $3600 plus tax.

    Please advise , Thank you

    ADMIN – Hi Dawn,

    You have no legal recourse. Prior to purchasing a used card it is wise to research all recalls and settlements against the particular model.

  8. Donna Keown says:

    I purchased my 2011 Q5 2.0T in December 2010 it currently has 59,000 miles. I have always gone back to Audi to have a qt of oil added between oil changes, which they said was normal. Since my last oil change I have added 4qts and only driven 3,000 miles. I will be contacting my local Audi Dealership on Monday. Should I expect my car to be warranted due to the class action law suit that extends the mileage and time?

    Thank you,

    ADMIN – Hi Donna,

    Please refer to the FAQ

    (3) Warranty Extension for Current Owners or Lessees of Settlement Class Vehicles: Effective on January 28, 2015, Audi will extend its New Vehicle Limited Warranties applicable to the Settlement Class Vehicles to cover engine repairs needed to correct engine oil consumption, by an authorized Audi dealer, during the later period of either (A) eight (8) years or eighty thousand (80,000) miles (whichever occurs first) from the date on which the vehicle was delivered to the original purchaser or original lessee, or if the vehicle was first placed in service as a “demonstrator” or “company” vehicle, the date such vehicle was first placed in service, or (B) one (1) year or twelve thousand (12,000) miles (whichever occurs first) from the date the Service Adjustment referred to in paragraph 1.(2) above was performed, provided that the current owner or lessee submits documentary proof (in the form of service or maintenance records and/or invoices) of compliance with the oil and oil filter maintenance requirements and schedule (with allowance for a 10% variance on the mileage interval requirement) set forth in his/her Settlement Class Vehicle’s Warranty and Maintenance Booklet and Owner’s Manual (hereinafter, the “extended warranty”). Oil consumption tests performed by Audi dealers in connection with the extended warranty will also be covered during the above period. Repair or replacement under this extended warranty must be performed by an authorized Audi dealer. The extended warranty is subject to the same terms and conditions of the New Vehicle Limited Warranty and Warranty Information Booklet. Damages resulting from abuse, alteration or modification, a collision or crash, vandalism and/ or other impact shall be excluded and not covered by the extended warranty.

  9. Patricia King says:

    I just purchased a 2011 Audi A5 and I’m having oil consumption problem car have 80k and it went through the 2 phase test and it failed…the lawsuit was for my year of car is it to late for me to file a claim

    ADMIN – Hi Patricia,

    Way too late. The deadline was in 2015

  10. Rob Garner says:

    I just got my 2010 Audi A5 back from the ring and piston ‘fix’. Audi only covered 50% of the costs as I got my tests done just before hitting 80,000 miles. I would recommend all of you to ask Audi what they are willing to help out with. While I am nowhere near satisfied with having to pay 2,000 out of pocket for a known issue, I am thankful they helped at all.

  11. Andrew Collins says:

    Hi, I recently purchased a used 2011 A4, with 65k miles on it. Since the lawsuit settlement extends the warranty to 8 years or 80k miles (the car is within both limits) – can I take the car to the Audi dealership to have them make repairs related to the oil consumption and covered by the warranty extension? (already put in two quarts in less than 2 months).

    Please advise!


    ADMIN – Hi Andrew,

    Your best bet is to speak to Audi customer service as the claim has closed.

  12. Keith B says:

    Hi, same here. My car is a 2012 but I presume has a built date in 2011. How do I find some official documentation about this settlement and what it includes. I want to know all the engine codes, etc. it applies too so I can compare it to my exact engine. I see the one engine code listed above. But have they added on more after or extended it. Your website link above is not good anymore. How can I find the official documentation related to this. Tried google of course and get to lots of blogs, sites, etc. But would like something as official as possible. Thank you for your time.

    ADMIN – Hi Keith,

    You can find it in public records.

  13. Emilio R says:

    Hi. I bought the Audi A4 2012 quattro on May 2015 with 35k miles. The car is well maintained, I always put the most expensive gas, no complains… but the problem of oil consumption started at 70k miles, every 350 miles I have to add 1 Qt. Castrol EDGE 5W-40 Full Synthetic Motor Oil . This is too annoying and definitely this is a serious problem.
    Please let me know my options, which you can recommend me to do.
    I will appreciate your help.

    ADMIN – Hi Emilio,

    Nothing under this settlement as the deadline has passed. Check with Audi customer service to see if they have options to offer you.

  14. John B says:

    Anyone living in California or the State of Washington will automatically get an extended warranty of 8 years/80,000 miles or which ever comes first due to the emission regulations ( I had catastrophic failure to my intake manifold valve diaphram(Not sure what the exact name of this part is, but to fix it required the entire intake manifold to be replaced. Also, if anyone else had this issue, my car was shaking bad as if my motor mounts experienced failure.) The University Audi dealership in Seattle tried raking me over the coals by saying that my warranty had expired at 4,000 miles ago(vehicle had 44,000) and that it wouldn’t be covered under warranty. Well, I directed to the above link and showed them what exactly was covered, and they quickly changed their tone after speaking with the service manager. My advice is never trust what anyone else tells you, this goes for anyone working Audi because they aren’t always informed. The link I posted gives quite a bit of information and you should be able to pull a list of items that are covered under that extended warranty. But, too sum everything up, anything dealing with emissions should be covered under the code of regulations there and there is a list of items that are described; you might have to do a little bit of clicking.

  15. JB says:

    I am part of a class action lawsuit against Audi/VW. I have a A6 Quattro Premium Sports 2012, how do you know if you will get a settlement? I have had numerous problems with my vehicle and i consistently get the recommended maintenance.

    ADMIN – Hi JB,

    Did you file a claim?

    • Heather Sutton says:

      I have this issue as well. How do you file a claim?

      ADMIN – Hi Heather,

      Please use the link provided if the deadline has not passed and your car qualifies.

  16. John Antonellis says:

    I’m going through the process with Audi now, it’s a 2010 A5 with less then 56k miles. The service department has been accommodating. However with regard to the settlement the judge’s perspective is narrow. Consideration was not given to the stigma now attached to the product. Agreed it did not represent a safety issue as there is a warning light and you carry several quarts of oil on a long trip. Yes, Audi’s do burn oil but to consider a 1,000 miles as exceptable is ridiculous! Heck with that kind of routine your adding five quarts every 5k miles, why would you need an oil change😉. The judge needed to consider that stigma and the potential loss of secondary market value associated with the problem in designing a settlement.

    ADMIN – Hi John,

    There was an option to object when the settlement was still open. That would have allowed for the judge to consider your opinion regarding depreciation.

  17. Tony says:

    I have a 2011 A5 Quattro with 2.0t engine. I have 76K miles. I use a quart of oil every 300 miles.

    ADMIN – Hi Tony,

    Please refer to the terms of the settlement as well as the deadlines.

  18. Tony Petreski says:

    Hello frustrated Audi owners! All Audi cars are a huge pile of junk! How can a brand new car burn oil, I had a 1994 Pontiac GrandAM GT, I drove the car to the ground and changed oil every 20,000 miles and never ever did I had to put a drop of oil, I had the car for 11 years and got 254,000 miles on the engine, my wifes car was a 2002 Toyota Highlander and same thing I changed oil every 10,000 miles and never ever had to put oil, had the car for 10 years and 233,000 miles, my next car was a 2005 Toyota Corolla and same oil changes every 10,000 miles no oil added ever, my wifes next car was an Audi 2012 Q5 and after 27,000 miles we had to bring the car back for oil top offs, so after owning the car for 2 years we decided to get a newer model thinking that the 2012 model had issues so while the car was worth a lot we traded it in and got the 2014 model whohoo!!! SAME PIECE OF JUNK, after 30,000 miles the car started to consume oil and at around 80,000 miles the timing chain and tensioner need to be replaced WTF! so I’ve started reading and there is a class action lawsuit about the timing chain . I WILL NEVER EVER PURCHASE ANOTHER AUDI, VOLKSWAGON OR PORCHE OR ANY OTHER CAR THAT’S AFFILIATED WITH AUDI!!!

  19. Rhonda Williams says:

    Has this matter been settled. I did file within the proper time frame!

    ADMIN – Hi Rhonda,

    I have not heard of anyone receiving a check. Your best bet is to contact the class action administrator.

  20. Peter Knight says:

    Just purchased a used 2013 Q5 w/ 2.0T and 78.8k on it from our local Porsche dealership.Came with a clean Carfax showing all services performed by the local Audi dealership in our area. Used 2 qts of oil in about the first 800 miles. Porsche dealership told me to take it to Audi. Audi dealership told me that it I needed to perform a Oil consumption test on it and if it were to use over 1/2 Qt in 620 miles, Audi would pick up 100% of the repair. I notified them again that I had just crested 79K and they assured me that by initiating the Oil Test prior to the 80K window, it would guarantee me it would be covered if it failed. 360Miles later and 1 Qt. used, I failed with flying colors.
    Dropped the Q5 off at Audi dealeship, 2 weeks latter they inform me that based upon going over the 80K threshold, they would only cover 50% and that they were miss informed costing me an $2k of a $4k repair. Porsche dealership pacified with a $850 credit for my cars repair and said the Lemon law did not in anyway cover the Oil Consumption issue on my car nor did their 60 day ” Cover everything” Warranty .I felt I had no recourse after talking to Audi USA because mine was a 2013…not a 2009-11. Now today, a week into the repair, I am told I need a timing chain, tensioner w/ misc gaskets and covers installed at an additional $1300 or the will not warranty their work! And by the way your water pump seams to be leaking a bit and we will gladly throw that in for an additional $700. Looking at an additional $2800 being added to my purchase price in under 1600 miles traveled, Any Thoughts? Thanks

    ADMIN – Hi Peter,
    I would get a lemon law attorney.

  21. Shelby Ronnestad says:

    How are some people getting an oil consumption test this year (2018) and even some covered repairs when the class action deadline apparently expired long ago? We’ve asked our Audi dealership two times about our excessive oil consumption (2010, A4, 78K miles) but they said it’s too late to do anything about it under the class action remedy and are unwilling to even note our complaint in their records or do the oil consumption test. The first time we asked them the car was less than 8 years old and under 80K miles. Now, still under 80K but just at 8 years where a free extended warranty would have helped cover repairs. Is there a way other than our one local Audi dealership to try to get heard?

    ADMIN – Hi Shelby,

    Did you try contacting their customer service phone at a national level?

  22. Susan Bright says:

    Is there any word or possibility of a new class action lawsuit starting regarding the oil consumption issue with the 2.0L Audis? I bought a 2013 A4 brand new back in 2013 and it just passed 80,000 miles AND was just diagnosed with the exact same issue as the 2009-2011. The dealership told me it’s going to cost $4,300 to replace the pistons, which seems ludicrous considering this is the exact same issue that Audi claimed they fixed in their 2013s. What will is take to start another class action lawsuit to get Audi to take responsibility for this problem they were supposed to have fixed?

    ADMIN – Hi Susan,

    If you feel there is a need for another class action lawsuit the best approach is to contact the class action attorneys that handled this one.

  23. Ilene cohen says:

    I have a 2011 a5 that I purchased may 2011. It has 61,500 miles. I have the car 7 1/2 Years. It is currently burning oil. I have to add a quart every 1000 miles. Am I still covered for repairs?

    ADMIN – Hi Ilene,

    The deadline has passed and you are no longer covered. You can always try contacting Audi customer service to see if they will do something for you.

  24. Demeka says:

    I am having the same issues with my Audi A4 The dealer is giving me the run around and from the looks of it Audi will be doing the same cause the reply’s to all the negative reviews have not been helpful and they don’t seem to care so I will just purchase another and I will make sure that my 7000 FB and twitter followers hear about this and There is no telling how many followers they have. Say hi Audi

  25. Julia says:

    I have a 2013 Audi A-4 Quattro that I purchased brand new. I have also had it serviced regularly at the dealership. My car has the same problem and after the “oil test”, I was told I needed another test performed before they could definitively tell me why. A lawsuit was never mentioned by the dealership and it’s obvious from the other comments that this is a known & ongoing problem extending past the years (2009-2011) mentioned. The dealership is obviously just trying to make money by recommending the “tests” to reveal what they already know. It appears there are probably enough current complaints to start the process again.

    • Kayde says:

      I am wondering if there is a way in which to reopen this claim. Seems to me through various research that many of the more recent comments in regards to this issue are that current owners who have missed this deadline have not been formerly warned or informed about this issue. I like many of these owners have also been misinformed and or not informed at all. Yet, instead the only options offered by Audi USA have only been to the benefit of the company and not the consumers who make this company a success. That is, the conclusions from Audi USA more expenses on my behalf for Audi’s misleading claims. What is worse is that during the time of my complaints, oil consumption testing and even the occurrence of my life potentially being at risk due to, the lack of Audi USA and their employees ignorance, said claims around oil consumption issues was by large refined to terms “spark plugs and fuel issues”. Even as this, there was no mentioned to me that there was a lawsuit in place even at the time or in former during my proceedings.Go figure. I saw there was some 2 billion (may not be accurate but in this range) dollars that was opened for this class action lawsuit that Audi still refused to recognize but settled anyway! Again, GO FIGURE. I HIGHLY DOUBT the 126,000 cars sold with this malfunction was notified to this claim. In closing, again I want to address this persistent neglect by Audi and am curious like others if this is a possibility to reopen the claim for those of us who were never informed? How is this justified?

      • Angelica (Admin) says:

        Hi Kayde, To the best of our knowledge, such settlements cannot be ‘reopened’ per se; they can only be contested or objected to *within the allowable time* given by the Court. We know you take issue with how few deserving or legitimate Class Members were even informed of their rights to stake a claim in the settlement. That question is beyond our (’s) purview, as we are only a class action newspaper — we do not have any direct connection to any of the case settlements we post news about.