Class Eligibility

You are a member of the Settlement Class if you:

Were a borrower on a Bank of America account or Bank of America-serviced account and your consumer credit information was accessed by Bank of America through an Account Review Inquiry during the period August 21, 2010 through July 7, 2017, and at a time when the account met any one of the following criteria:

      the account was closed with a zero balance;
      the account had been sold or transferred to a third party; or
      the debt on the account had been discharged in bankruptcy.

Estimated Amount


Each class member will receive a pro rata share of the total settlement pool

Proof of Purchase

Bank Account #

Case Name

Pastor v. Bank of America, N.A., N.D. CA
Case No. 3:15-cv-03831-VC
United States District Court for the Northern District of California.

Case Summary

The lawsuit concerns whether Bank of America impermissibly accessed consumer credit reports to conduct Account Review Inquiries of Bank of America customers after their account relationships with Bank of America allegedly had ended

Settlement Pool





Bank of America FCRA Settlement
P.O. Box 404023
Louisville, KY 40233-4023

101 responses to “Bank of America Unauthorized Credit Report Class Action Settlement”

  1. norman pontes says:

    impermissibly credit reports on accounts

  2. norman pontes says:

    yes I quailify

    ADMIN – Hi Norman,

    Fantastic, if you qualify please file a claim

    • Ellen L Brunson says:

      My name is Ms. Ellen L. Brunson and I was a Bank of America customer and I just received this email this morning . And I still would like to be included in on the class action lawsuit.
      Please feel free to email me at
      Thank You

      ADMIN – Hi Ellen,

      I have no idea what email you are talking about. Please refer to the contact information provided on the email to obtain the correct information.

  3. emmery clarke says:

    i am contacting for a setlement for bank america because they owes my name money iturn 25,000 of loomis

    ADMIN – Hi Emmery,

    I have no idea what you are trying to say.

    • Daron Thomas Knight says:

      I received an claim card by mail to:3750 modlin way Sacramento Ca, 95838. Yet there where no contact an or information where to file claim?
      Daron Thomas Knight

      ADMIN – Hi Daron,

      You file a claim online using the link we provide above.

  4. jim says:

    How do you find out if they did this to you?

    ADMIN – Hi Jim,

    Your credit report shows who has pulled your info.

  5. Kimberly Robertson says:

    Hi how do you get your bank number if the account is closed?

    ADMIN – Hi Kimberly,

    You can go to your nearest B of A and ask them to look up your account. Also, your credit report includes account info.

  6. Dianna Nordwall says:

    Please let me know if my credit report was pulled. Thank you.


    ADMIN – Hi Dianna,

    I can’t do that

  7. Alfredo S. Tobias says:

    Mine is worst . My credit report was sent to my son. His name is Alfred . My name is Alfredo. I called B of A at that time – they do not seem to be bothered. Also my son has a different middle name . We only have similar last names.

  8. johnathan says:

    i dont have my old bank account # but i am sure i qualify for this claim

    ADMIN – Hi Jonathan,

    Visit your nearest bank and ask them to research your account number. You cannot file without it.

  9. Alfredo S. Tobias says:

    What if U changed ur address by then.
    How do I changed address? Can Not find where
    To click.

    ADMIN – Hi Alfredo,

    Address changes are reported to the class action administrator via snail mail using the address provided above.

  10. Mary Provance says:

    I have a credit card and they have been dishonest with my account I am trying to pay off.

    ADMIN – Hi Mary,

    This is not related to credit cards.

  11. BettyVita. AKA Betty Peplow says:

    Yes, I am sure that they pulled my credit report in 2011 or 2012

    ADMIN – Hi Betty,

    If you are sure you are a class member by all means file a claim.

  12. Jeremiah Michael Bennett says:

    Bank of america did this to me but it was 2 months before August 21,2010 does this mean i cant do anything

    ADMIN – Hi Jeremiah,


  13. Mary Lewis says:

    I had an account with this company

    ADMIN – Hi Mary,

    Did you have a loan within the qualified period? If you did you are a class member.

  14. Kaneika says:

    How can I obtain that Bank of America account number since it has been since 2011?

    ADMIN – Hi Kaneika,

    I believe your branch keeps records.

  15. Michele says:

    If I’m a shareholder of B of A and I also fall under the criteria of the lawsuit can I file a claim as well or since I am a shareholder I’m exempt from filing a claim?

    ADMIN – Hi Michele,

    It does not seem to have an exception for shareholder

    You are a member of the Settlement Class if you:
    Were a borrower on a Bank of America account or Bank of America-serviced account and
    Your consumer credit information was accessed by Bank of America through an Account Review Inquiry during the period August 21, 2010 through July 7, 2017, and at a time when the account met any one of the following criteria:
    the account was closed with a zero balance;
    the account had been sold or transferred to a third party; or
    the debt on the account had been discharged in bankruptcy.

  16. Mary says:

    I recieved a post card in the mail regarding this settlement. I returned it, but is there a way to confirm its been recieved?

    ADMIN – Hi Mary,

    You can try calling the class action administrator.

  17. abe scott says:

    add name to list

    ADMIN – Hi Abe,

    I can’t, you must file a claim.

  18. Paul Hollis says:

    Does this apply to B of A credit card accts as well?

    ADMIN – Hi Paul,

    I don’t think so.

  19. DarleneTaylor says:

    my credit report was pulled

  20. Helen says:

    i don’t understand this claim. how do i know if i qualify?

    ADMIN – Hi Helen,

    Read the section titled class eligibility. If you meet the criteria set forth you are a class member.

  21. G says:

    I had a mortgage through BofA and I’m sure my credit report was pulled, but I don’t have a bank account #?

    ADMIN – Hi G,

    If you get a copy of your credit report you can see when and who pulled your report.

  22. Kathy Conway says:

    Does this apply to people who had mortgages with Bank of America? Or is it only bank accounts??

    ADMIN – Hi Kathy,

    A mortgage is a loan. If it meets all the other requirements set forth in the class eligibility section chances are you are a class member.

  23. Arthur Anderson says:

    Loan # or checking account # or both?

    ADMIN – Hi Arthur,

    A loan.

    • Yolanda Greenhalgh says:

      Bank of America closed my credit card account after they reviewed my credit history. At the time I made credit card payments on time and paid over the minimum account required. My credit card was up to the limit closed to $3,000 and when B of A closed my account, I paid it in full. Was the amount due closed to $3,000 was money I owed the bank and wouldn’t it be considered a loan?

      ADMIN – Hi Yolanda,

      If they pulled your credit while you had a relationship with them you don’t have a basis to participate.

  24. Bobby says:

    I was a previous account holder with BOA up till a few years back when the branch I opened and maintained an account at was purchased bu another bank. I was sold to the other financial institution. Could I qualify for the above mentioned lawsuit?

    ADMIN – Hi Bobby,

    You are a member of the Settlement Class if you:

    Were a borrower on a Bank of America account or Bank of America-serviced account and your consumer credit information was accessed by Bank of America through an Account Review Inquiry during the period August 21, 2010 through July 7, 2017, and at a time when the account met any one of the following criteria:
    the account was closed with a zero balance;
    the account had been sold or transferred to a third party; or
    the debt on the account had been discharged in bankruptcy.

  25. MARIA MCMILLAN says:

    I had several credit cards and other transactions with them and they presently still run credit reports without my consent.

    ADMIN – Hi Maria,

    That probably makes you a class member.

  26. Chad says:

    Hi, ADMIN.. I don’t understand from reading comments.. Can you please suggest how I can determine whether or not I am effected by this? I currently have several Bank of America credit cards, but I have also canceled some cards over the years. I can check my credit report.. but what should I be looked for on my credit report considering that I currently own some Bank of America credit cards, but also had some in the past that I canceled. Look forward to your reply.

    ADMIN – Hi Chad,

    If you have active accounts with the bank they are allowed to check your credit.

  27. Gloria Cunningham says:

    Bank of America not only offered me to refinance my house but I was also employed with them form 1987 to 1998. Then after they made the offer sold my loan to another lender. Reaping what you sow,

    ADMIN – Hi Gloria,

    How did they cheat you. selling a loan is a common and legal practice.

  28. Angela says:

    What if the inquiry was disputed with credit bureaus (because not authorized) and removed by credit bureau; how would one obtain the account number?

    ADMIN – Hi Angela,

    The inquiry is not associated to specific accounts. Instead, the inquiry simply reads Bank of America. The account # connected to the issue in question can be located by looking at your personal records or reaching out to your local branch and asking them for your history. The account could also appear on your credit as a loan which cannot be removed through the dispute process.

  29. Jessica Villa says:

    I had my mortgage through BOA and it was sold without me knowing while I was in the process of a loan modification with them. do I qualify? that was back in 2005 or so … how can I get that loan #

    ADMIN – Hi Jessica,

    You qualify if they pulled a credit report on you after selling your account.

  30. Yolanda Greenhalgh says:

    Hi again,

    In reviewing my comment, I realized that I don’t qualify to be included in the class law suit because BOA pulled my credit report while my credit card relationship was still in effect. However, I think that a credit card account should be considered a loan, BOA pays for purchases made by the customer before the customer pays back the amount BOA has paid for purchases made on the credit card, therefore making a loan to the customer… in my opinion.

    ADMIN – Hi Yolanda,

    I agree with you but I don’t think the agreement interprets the class as such.

  31. Kathleen Brant says:

    When do settlements get paid out? I sent two postcards in since being married there were two people affected.

    ADMIN – Hi Kathleen,

    Settlements are only paid until the deadline has passed and all appeals have cleared.

    • Kathleen Brant says:

      Been awhile since I asked. Are they paying settlements yet? Will there be a notice or do I have to be proactive and keep checking back?

      ADMIN – Hi Kathleen,

      Yes, this settlement was paid this month. Reach out to the class action admin if you have not received your check.

  32. Willette Natasha Bolden says:

    Not only did BOA pull my credit report they also are trying to foreclose on my home for 8K debt that I paid in advance. The never applied the payments to my account and sent me a 5K check stating I overpaid.

    ADMIN – Hi Willete,

    I believe mortgages have rules about partial payments where they are authorized to return the monies if it does not cover the totality of the delinquent debt.

  33. nat says:

    I had an account with them years ago that was closed and i paid off but they still ran a credit report on me on my credit score that i can see but i no longer have that account number is there any way i could file?

    ADMIN – Hi Nat,

    Your credit report should include the account #

  34. Daniel Fredriksen says:

    I believe I qualify for this class action suit. I had a first mortgage and a home equity loan with Bank of America. The home equity loan was discharged in bankruptcy and the first mortgage was sold by short sale after my bankruptcy.

    ADMIN – Hi Daniel,

    Did they pull a credit report on you after the loan was discharged? If they did you may be a class member.

  35. John D’Augustine says:

    We paid off our mtg with BOA in early 2016. I haven’t explored whether or not they have pulled a credit report on us but since we have open checking & savings accounts wouldn’t that prevent us from having any claim??

    ADMIN – Hi John,

  36. Rhonda says:

    I know they pulled my credit but can’t remember when

    ADMIN – Hi Rhonda,

    Just look in your credit report. Pulls are listed at the bottom.

  37. Jaime Giglio says:

    So when BOA switched me to Berkshire bank, that is part of the claim?

    ADMIN – Hi Jaime,

    No, Bank of America has the right to sell your debt to whoever they select as long as the terms remain the same. This is about B of A pulling your credit after you had no relationship with them.

  38. Kasara says:

    What if I still have an account with Bank of America but they did credit reports without my consent.

    ADMIN – Hi Kasara,

    If you currently have a debt to the bank they can pull your report whenever they please. You have already given them permission.

  39. Lizeth Ramirez says:

    I don’t have handy my old account number but I am sure I qualify.

    ADMIN – Hi Lizeth,

    If you believe you are a class member it would behoove you to secure it via your bank so you may file a claim.

  40. Derek cox says:

    Use to have an account with Bank of America

  41. ANGELA BATTLE says:


    ADMIN – Hi Angela,

    This settlement addresses situations in which you had ended your relationship as a borrower with Bank of America and they still pulled credit reports on you. If this happened you are a class member and you should file a claim. All other grievances regarding the performance of a bank can be escalated through the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve.

  42. Ashley Allen says:

    I still have my savings account with Bank of America, and I had a checking account with them for the past 7 years. So I believe I qualify for this class action lawsuit

    ADMIN – Hi Ashley,

    You don’t. To qualify for this you need to have a finalized relationship. (You are no longer with the bank) and they still pull credit reports on you.

  43. cecile benson says:

    cant remember acct. #. but all the criteria above I meet.

    ADMIN – Hi Cecile,

    If you believe you are a class member please consider filing a claim using the link we provided.

  44. Ken OConnor says:

    Our house was through them and had alot of over drafts I didn’t think was right, but they closed the bank and transferred us to a different Bank, do we count for a settlement ???

    ADMIN – Hi Ken,

    This settlement is for those who had a lending relationship with Bank of America that came to an end and the bank continued to pull credit reports for marketing purposes.

  45. Derek cox says:

    I had account with boa ended up filing bankruptcy

  46. Deborah Lymon says:

    I received a post card that stated I was a part of the settlement. Will you send me updates?

    ADMIN – Hi Deborah,

    I won’t. But I invite you to visit their official page where they normally post updates as they become available.

  47. Terri Deistchle says:

    I received a card in the mail, sent it back and never heard a thing. I had a mortgage through BOA, filed bankruptcy, BOA sold the loan to a third party which was I think an affiliate of BOA. then let it sit for five years after bankruptcy, then sold it again and tried to tax me for the difference of what it sold for and what was owed on it.
    What was the postcard I was sent in the mail? And returned? Who did it go to and how do you know if it was received? Phone number no longer usable to this lawsuit.

    ADMIN – Hi Terri,

    We have no idea which postcard you received. We are not the class action administrator. This particular settlement addresses situations in which you no longer had a business relationship with B of A but they still pulled credit reports so they could market stuff to you.

  48. Joe McCoy says:

    Bank with b&A went through drive through thay gave me apaper I filled it out and mail it. l shouldn’t have to do anything else it was early in 2000. You should have it. Hate to miss out. I had a feeling my money getting lower and lower.they had all the right answers .

    ADMIN – Hi Joe,

    Whatever you filled out in 2000 does not have anything to do with this settlement.

  49. Elias bittar says:

    Hi, is still tomorrow the hearing?

    ADMIN – Hi Elias,


  50. Elias bittar says:

    Dio you get a resolution?

    ADMIN – Hi Elias,

    The fairness hearing is today 1/11.

  51. Elias bittar says:

    Hi, what was the final resolution?

    ADMIN – Hi Elias,

    The class action administrator has not yet provides with an update.

  52. Randi Bailey says:

    I received a letter but it had a deadline I thought was today or a few days from now. Can you give me an update?

    ADMIN – Hi Randy,

    The deadline for this settlement was last year. Please double-check your card to make sure you are looking at the right case.

  53. Michelle Morris says:

    Is there an update after the fairness hearing?

    ADMIN – Hi Michelle,

    Not yet

  54. thalia says:

    I believe I’m included in case….how manyt folks were in suit and what were results of 1/11/18 fairness hearing? How much and when get $?

    ADMIN – Hi Thalia,

    In checking the documents for this case I did not see an update from the admin with the results of the fairness hearing. Please keep checking with us.

  55. Miguel Grullon says:

    I am included in the case. I can not find any info on the verdict and How much each member is owed.

    ADMIN – Hi Miguel,

    That information is not yet available.

  56. thalia says:

    Do you know what the individual payout is? Now that Fairness Hearing is completed?

    ADMIN – Hi Thalia,

    I don’t have an update yet. As soon as I have one I will let you know.

  57. Elias bittar says:

    When we get result?

    ADMIN – Hi Elias,

    Most cases are paid out after the deadline has passed and all appeals have cleared

  58. Miguel Grullon says:

    Can you verify that I am included in the case. My previous post was overlooked.

    ADMIN – Hi Miguel,

    We are simply an informational publication, to obtain information specific to your claim you need to reach out to the class action administrator.

  59. thalia says:

    Any award info?

    ADMIN – Hi Thalia,

    None at the moment

  60. Elias bittar says:

    A y award info?

    ADMIN – Hi Elias,

    At the moment the class action administrator has not provided any updates.

  61. LENORA lOCKETT says:

    I believe I am included in the settlement, when should receive more information concerning the settlement February 6TH 2018

    ADMIN – Hi Lenora,

    The class action administrator will eventually post the results of the January 11 fairness hearing. We will also find out if there are further appeals. That will determine the potential timeline for payment.

  62. Matt Starkey says:

    How would we know if our claim went through and if we are on the list for a potential payment?

    ADMIN – Hi Matthew,

    You can always reach out to the class action administrator.

  63. Robert Embleton says:

    I got a card in the mail also. Just wondering when case is over. And when they will pay up.

    ADMIN – Hi Robert,

    Not over yet. It will be a little while.

  64. kenneth littlewood says:

    the comments say there is no longer a way to file on this website. Is there another way to file? or am I out of luck since the deadline passed. Thank you

    ADMIN – Hi Kenneth,

    Once the deadline has passed you may no longer file.

  65. Kiana says:

    I just received a notice in the mail today about the class action suit, which is pass the filing deadline.

    ADMIN – Hi Kiana,

    Consider reaching out to class counsel to complain.

  66. Jane M. Mason says:

    I had been notified of this suit. I filled out all the info but have never heard back. In the interim, my credit file was cleared of all references to Bank of America. What should I do next?

    ADMIN – Hi Jane,

    You could reach out to the class action administrator to see if they can check on the validity and status of your claim.

  67. Jane Giblin says:

    Hi, my claim was filed in time but my phone number has changed since I filed. Is their a contact number or address where I need to update my phone number? When the final determination is made, how will I be notified?

    ADMIN – Hi Jane,

    Send a certified letter to administrator with your new contact information. Here is theirs:
    Bank of America FCRA Settlement
    P.O. Box 404023
    Louisville, KY 40233-4023

  68. Thalia says:

    is there an approximate number of people in the settlement?

    ADMIN – Hi Thalia,

    I invite you to contact the class action administrator so you can ask.

  69. Nancy Cedeno says:

    I am in the Settlement . Some news about it ???

    ADMIN – Hi Nancy,

    None at the moment

  70. chad wagner says:

    how can i check to make sure my claim was recieved

    ADMIN – Hi Chad,

    If you did not receive a confirmation # try calling the class action administrator.

  71. Diane says:


    In December 2017, BANA discovered that due to an inadvertent error in retrieving names and addresses of class members form BANA’s electronic consumer records, the Notice was not mailed to all borrowers on accounts with multiple borrowers. Due to a retrieval error, only the primary borrower listed on the account was included in the mailed list of Settlement Class Members created by Defendants. As a result, additional or secondary borrowers’ names did not receive direct notice and BANA has identified approximately 61,410 such additional or secondary borrowers. Though many of these additional or secondary borrowers received notice through a primary borrower (who in most cases is a spouse or other family member living at the same address), out of an abundance of caution and to ensure full compliance with the Court’s order, the Parties believe it is necessary to mail Supplemental Class Settlement Notice to the additional 61,410 borrowers. The Parties have submitted a proposed Supplemental Notice and are implementing the Court’s requested clarifications. The Parties are to submit a revised Supplemental Notice by Friday, March 2, 2018 for the Court’s review. A final approval hearing date has not yet been scheduled. All class members, including both the Original Settlement Class Members and the additional settlement class members, are allowed to file a claim, opt out of the settlement, or object to the settlement until June 19, 2018.

  72. Ike Hammond says:

    I have already file a claim,and send in all my email address has changed,this is my new email address so please keep me informed.

    ADMIN – Hi Ike,

    You need to reach out to the administrator directly to submit changes to your personal information.

  73. Arlene Moore says:

    Report wrongly to credit bureaus

  74. dale donald jordan says:

    how much can you get for the settelment???

  75. Thalia says:

    I received the post card last year and filed a timely claim. Now I read they neglected to included other cc holders……do I need to file another claim?

    ADMIN – Hi Thalia,

    If you already filed a claim you don’t need to file a second one.


    Enchantee Jefferson and yes I would like to be part of the Bank of America unauthorized settlement I register already through the phone just was trying to get some updated information on what was going on with the information my email address is

    ADMIN – Hi Enchantee,

    You cannot file claims via phone. Perhaps you were scammed?

  77. Lisa says:

    We had 2 loans with BofA. They sold the second mortgage loan but we still have the 1st mortgage loan with BofA. We still have one active loan with them, would we still qualify for class action lawsuit? Thank you.

    ADMIN – Hi Lisa,

    No because you still had an active account.

  78. Ruth Dilsaver says:

    I filled the claim out and mailed it already how do I know that you received it.

    ADMIN – Hi Ruth,

    Reach out to the administrator using the contact information provided above

  79. thalia says:

    Any updates on number of claims? Estimate of payout?

    ADMIN – Hi Thalia,

    No updates yet.

  80. Tanya Newton says:

    Is there any updates on the settlement pay out

    ADMIN – Hi Tanya,

    Not at the moment.

  81. Cindy Raffo says:

    I recieved a card with my claim no i also filed on line. It said the final court date was 06/18/18. Did they settle. When and how much will settlement be person.

    ADMIN – Hi Cindy,

    The class action administrator has not yet released that info.

  82. Elias bittar says:

    Is the re any updates on settlement pay out

    ADMIN – Hi Elias,

    None at the moment.

  83. Robert M Ward says:

    Hi when will we see our settlement credited

    ADMIN – Hi Robert,

    The deadline just passed. We now have to wait for potential appeals.

  84. Elias says:

    Is there any updates on settlement to pay out

    ADMIN – Hi Elias,

    No updates. The fairness hearing was yesterday.

  85. john hooker says:

    how many people in class action case replied by june 19 2018

    ADMIN – Hi John,

    I do not have that information, but you can contact the class action admin

  86. Dan Huff says:

    Defendant shall pay each of the 114,512 claimants that
    made a timely and valid claim $4.06;

    Defendant shall pay to Class Counsel the sum of $431,250
    in attorneys’ fees and $19,023.42 for costs incurred in litigating this

    Looks like that lawyers really made out in this deal.

  87. HAYDNSMOM says:


    ADMIN – Hi Hay,

    We totally understand your frustration. Happens when a settlement is pro rata

    • Kathleen Brant says:

      Next time I get a postcard in the mail about another class action lawsuits, I won’t respond back and it will go in the garbage. Congratulations to all the future defendants of class action lawsuits.

  88. Cindy Raffo says:

    I received a card in saying I was included in pastorvsbankamerica unfair credit reporting. The ws settled in Aug 14,2028.when will check be mailed and how much is there someone I can call to see I am included? The card was sent to me

    ADMIN – Hi Cindy,

    Did it say to file a claim or did it describe you as an automatic member of the class?

  89. Geovane Llanera says:

    How many people

    ADMIN – Hi Geovane,

    Are you asking a question?

  90. Serena Grantham says:

    Informed shows payment coming today! Anyone get a check and how much?

  91. Terri says:

    It would seem the lawyers are the ones that came out on top here. Received my settlement check for $4.07 yesterday.

  92. Darlene Carty says:

    Got my 4 dollar check also, looks like the lawyers win again, never will I go with a settlement law suit again, enjoy your money , crooks

  93. mike pflager says:

    $4.07. SERIOUSLY? Thanks?

  94. mike pflager says:

    $4.07. SERIOUSLY? Thanks?

    114,512 people receive $4.06 for a total of $464,918.72

    the council was awarded 431,250 plus 19,023.42

    also with a 5,000 incentive Awards named plaintiffs

    Sweet. Good one. Way to knock it out of the park.

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