Class Eligibility

To be a qualifying member of the class you must have purchased Beck’s Beer brewed and sold by Anheuser-Busch in the United States for personal, family, or household purposes and not for re-sale from May 1, 2011 to June 18, 2015.

Estimated Amount

Up to $50 with proof of purchase or up to $12 without proof of purchase

Proof of Purchase

No Proof of Purchase Needed

Case Name

Francisco Rene Marty et al. v. Anheuser-Busch Companies, LLC,
Case No. 13-cv-23656
United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida

Case Summary

According to the plaintiffs Anheuser-Busch Companies LLC gave the impression that Beck’s Beer is brewed and bottled in Germany, when it is in fact it is made in the United States.

The bottles included disclosures regarding the origination, but the disclosure was hidden when the bottles were inside the six-pack packaging

This practice of “hiding” the disclosure led to unjust enrichment which is in violation ofFlorida’s Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act, Fla. Stat. §§ 501.201-501.2101, New York General Business Law § 349, California Unfair Competition Law, Business and Professions Code § 17200, and California Consumer Legal Remedies Act, Civil Code § 1750.

Settlement Pool





Marty v. Anheuser Busch Companies, LLC Claims Administrator
P.O. Box 43368
Providence, RI 02940-3368
(888) 881-0318

54 responses to “Beck’s Beer False Advertising Class Action Settlement”

  1. Jessica Arnold says:

    Purchased their beer a few months ago…I love German beer to begin with and didn’t realize this beer was made in America…Now I’m wondering about other beers I drink!

  2. zoey hourihan says:

    I purchased this peer and did not realize it was made in the united states.

  3. Laura Bobroff says:

    You are KIDDING me! Aw, c’mon Beck’s…now we can’t even trust where the beer we buy is made?

  4. jason jones says:

    i did not know this was a beer was made in the u s a and it does make me wonder what other brands they are lieing about

  5. John Castagna says:

    Purchased this beer.

  6. Robert Hurlbut says:

    Friend and I got into an argument at a bar about where my beer, Beck’s was made. I thought it was the United States for sure, but my friend one the argument because the bottle read, “Germany”.

  7. Saed Haddad says:

    I purchased this product not realizing it was actually made in the US. I don’t appreciate false advertisement.

  8. Armando P. says:

    I love beer, but i hate Americans… My Grand Papi would roll in his grace if he knew i was drinking American beer, marketed as German Beer, Distributed by American Insurgents, for the use of German people… Is this what America is all about? From now on i exclusively drink Kentucky Bourbon Ale. Brewed by Hondurians and sold everywhere…

  9. Rod Serp says:

    Until I read the comments on this site I always thought Beck’s was a German Beer. I feel extremely foolish. This is taking false advertising to another level.

  10. Mel B says:

    What Liar’s!

  11. Lesley rice says:

    I bought this for a friend that loves German beers. He didn’t say anything but I wonder if he knew

  12. MJ Meade says:

    very disappointed

  13. Johnny Wilson says:

    I tried it and was okay. It was not that bad, taste funny to me

  14. Jennifer says:

    I purchased this beer for my husband as he loves German beer. I would not have bought it for him if I’d known it was made in the United States. I wonder if other brands are telling the truth.

  15. Betty George says:

    Wow smh what people will do to make money off of others… I really loke that beer to…..

  16. Lawrence W. Gorman says:

    I thought I knew about German Beer, so much for my expertize…..

  17. Barbara Brady says:

    I have bought this beer for my dad by the cases because he really thought he was drinking German beer. Sorry dad I was played trying to help you.

  18. Angela Allen says:

    I purchase Becks beer frequently

  19. Lisa Gary says:

    I drank Becks regularly and thought it was a European beer

  20. Jody Robinson says:

    Too bad Becks doesnt come in 40oz bottles.

  21. Rene Napoli says:

    Some of my friends in Germany told me that Becks is NOT German beer. Looks like becks will be writing a lot of checks.

  22. Karen Johnston says:

    I purchase a couple of cases for a family reunion

  23. tonia morgan says:

    Purchased this beer and was dissappointed

  24. Melina says:

    thought my papa new everything about said German beer. guess not

  25. Sharon hussein says:

    This beer horrible

  26. shawn decoto says:

    I’m disappointed.

  27. monique martin says:

    Very dissapointed in the company for false advertising their beer and where its made. Why lie.

  28. Roni Senzon says:

    I thought this was made overseas. I’m really upset with the miss information. I wanted German Beer I always drink USA beer and wanted to try German beer.

  29. terra says:

    Not abig beer drinker but thought it was tasty and thought maybe I liked it because it was a true German beer. Guess I was wrong.

  30. Joni says:

    Went out to bars and paid import prices for this beer!!!! I can believe this!!! Shame!

    • Mario says:

      Wow , never even entered my mind about all the extra $ I spent on the ” imported ” beer when I was out buying rounds telling my friends about this ” German ” product . when .will greed be done over honesty .

  31. Quintondall says:

    Love beer and trying beers of the world. German beers especially. I am very disappointed to read this

  32. Cintra Payton says:

    Purchased Becks beer when my brother in law was visiting from Trinidad for he stated he heard it was good and a beer from Germany so he wanted to try it

  33. Sari Aldumiare says:

    I thought this was made overseas. I’m really upset with the miss information. I wanted German Beer I always drink USA beer and wanted to try German beer.

  34. loretta mccrary says:

    I purchased my friends told me it was good I tried it didn’t like I will never buy it anymore

  35. Judy Bristow says:

    My son was under the impression this was a German imported beer.

  36. Luke white says:

    Purchased the beer

  37. Garvin says:

    Alcohol is a DANGEROUS DRUG. ALL of the alcohol pushers should be sued!

  38. Keisha Newman says:

    Purchased this beer!

  39. Amelia Stuckart says:

    Purchased this beer.

  40. kay says says:

    I thought it was a German beer

  41. kay says says:

    Purchased this beer

  42. Marlene Crum says:

    Purchased this beer

  43. Patricia Adams says:

    I was hosting a party at my house but I was disappointed when I had to back and buy a new pack that wasn’t horrible

  44. Jack Waldhaus says:

    I am soooo thrilled that something so popular is still made in America, by American workers, paying American taxes. So thrilled that I shall forgo the $50 reward, thus assisting A-B to continue employing Americans.
    Vote for Donald Trump and keep Americans working! Further proof that there IS a God!

  45. harold shulman says:

    disappointed= always liked & still do!

  46. Bernadette W says:

    Purchased this many times, Really Guys!!! Lying isn’t the way

  47. Mary Reuter says:

    I thought I was drinking a German beer.

  48. janice litchfield says:

    love German beer. disappointed it wasn’t

  49. Latoya sanders says:

    I brought this beer for my boyfrenid and he didnt like it

  50. Hern says:

    This beer has been my go-to many times. Dang Becks!

  51. mike says:

    So Has anyone received a rebate? I drink only German Beer. Always Becks, St Pauli Girl, Spaten, Dab or Bitburger. Becks is no longer an option except when only domestic beer to choose from. However, since I have, to date, never received the small rebate that was promised my mindset has changed. I will no longer buy Becks. Not sending that tiny rebate has cost them far, far more than the $12 they were supposed to send. For me it’s a matter of the point that they haven’t had the decency to do what the Court ordered them to do (at least not in my case).
    Anyway, just felt like venting, Hope you all get the $ you were promised. As far as myself I am going to stick to St Pauli Girl. Thanks Becks!!! You’ve made choosing which beer to buy a little easier.

  52. kelly says:

    did anyone get a refund? I never heard from them after I signed up?

  53. Steven Gianquinto says:

    When Beck’s was actually German it was imported from Bremen and was my absolute favorite. St Pauli Girl was brewed by Beck’s and was the little brother…not quite as good but it is the only beer brewed by Beck’s sold in America….I thought something was awry when the Beck’s price was so low???
    Thanks Budweiser for ruining my lifetime favorite bier!
    I want a REFUND, not a small piece of this settlement which I knew nothing of until NOW!
    This lawsuit does not even exist “anymore”

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