Class Eligibility

You are part of the Settlement if between September 1, 2012 and June 27, 2018, you purchased DeckOver in the United States (or caused it to be purchased) and applied it (or caused it to be applied) to any property located in the United States owned or leased by you.

Estimated Amount

Up to Full Refund

In addition to full refunds the settlement may include other benefits associated with the removal of the product

Proof of Purchase


Case Name

Bishop, et al. v. Behr Process Corporation, et al.
Case No. 1:17-cv-04464 (N.D. Ill.)
United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois

Case Summary

The class action lawsuit claims that Behr manufactures and sells a line of products under the name “DeckOver” that (a) does not live up to the promises made regarding the performance of DeckOver, (b) deteriorates quickly, (c) fails to protect the surfaces to which it is applied, (d) fails to adhere to the surfaces to which it was applied and (e) causes property damage to the surfaces to which it is applied, and asserts claims under the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act, various states’ consumer fraud statutes and implied warranty laws, and the common law theory of unjust enrichment.

Settlement Pool





DeckOver Settlement
c/o Angeion Group
PO Box 15850
Philadelphia, PA 19103

13 responses to “Behr DeckOver Resurfacer Class Action Settlement”

  1. Tina Vassar says:

    I purchased 4 cans of this for the back of my house.

    ADMIN – Hi Tina,

    It sounds like you are a class member.

  2. Christine Ross says:

    What if i have the empt cans.but not the receipt.

    ADMIN – Hi Christine,

    Try contacting the class action administrator and see if they will accept photos of the barcode.

  3. Diana Wroblewski says:

    Can I file after contacting Behr when the product peeled off. I was contacted by Behr and after sending photos of the peeling deck, I received a reimbursement of 2 additional 5 gallon buckets of Deck Over. Would that be double dipping? Incidentally, after scraping, washing and reapplying, it still peeled.

    ADMIN – Hi Diana,

    Contact the class action admin. I think you can still claim for the expenses associated to removal.

  4. David R Hammond says:

    I bought a of 8 gallons of deck over.however I didn’t save receipts or cans cause this was a little over two years ago. Who really saves receipts for products like this for that long or empty cans. Most of the time the receipts end up like blank paper if they get damp or left on the dash for a few days. How do I make a claim with no proof or am I SUPPOSE S.O.L

    ADMIN – Hi David,

    From the FAQ

    a. Refund

    Class Members may receive a refund by submitting a completed Claim Form with, among other things, the following information: (1) the number gallons of DeckOver purchased; (2) the approximate square footage of the surface to which DeckOver was applied; (3) the price per gallon paid (if known); (4) proof of purchase of DeckOver products consisting of any of the following: (i) receipts; (ii) a photograph of an opened DeckOver container that the Class Member affirms having purchased during the Class Period; (iii) a formula sticker or UPC label taken from a DeckOver container; or (iv) other competent proof; and (5) proof of a problem related to the performance of DeckOver.

    Each Class Member who provides the information described above will receive a full refund, less up to 20% in reimbursed attorney fees or litigation expenses (as discussed in FAQ 14). Class Members who do not provide proof of purchase that contains the amount spent on DeckOver will be compensated at thirty dollars ($30.00) per gallon, again subject to attorney fees and litigation expenses.

    b. Compensation for Removal or Repair

    Class Members shall be eligible to receive compensation from Behr relating to removing DeckOver or otherwise repairing their decks upon submitting a completed Claim Form with the following information: (a) the same information listed directly above under the 8-a “Refund” section, including the approximate square footage of the surface to which the DeckOver was applied; and (b) proof of damage to a deck or other substrate relating to the performance of DeckOver and consisting of (i) an invoice or estimate from a contractor to address damage to a deck or other substrate; or (ii) a receipt for supplies or equipment used to repair damage to a deck or other substrate; or (iii) other competent proof.

    Each Class Member who provides the information described above will receive seventy-five percent (75%) of the cost of removing DeckOver and otherwise repairing their decks (provided that compensation will not exceed six dollars ($6) per square foot of substrate damage), less up to 20% in reimbursed attorney fees or litigation expenses (as discussed in FAQ 14).

    Class Members who cannot provide the information in subsection (b) and attest that they repaired damage caused by DeckOver and that they cannot provide estimates, invoices or receipts for the repair work, will receive seventy-five percent of four dollars ($4) per square foot for the substrate’s surface area (again, less up to 20% in reimbursed attorney fees or litigation expenses (as discussed in FAQ 14).

    c. Alternative Dispute Resolution.

    Class Members who are not satisfied with the relief offered above may opt to participate in a free alternative dispute resolution (“ADR”) process by selecting ADR on the Claim Form.

    The Class Action Settlement Administrator will then provide additional information regarding the ADR process. ADR shall be conducted before Hon. Wayne Andersen (ret.) at JAMS, at Behr’s expense and based upon written submissions only, unless the Class Member seeking ADR requests otherwise.

  5. Sally Sanders says:

    I purchase 4 can and still had to replace my deck this year but have no recipes of anything what can I do to be eligible

    ADMIN – Hi Sally,

    Do you still have the cans? Could you ask Home Depot to search for your receipts by credit card #?

  6. Sherry Ottens i says:

    We used Restore brand on ours it has done the same thing, any hope there???

    ADMIN – Hi Sherry,

    The Restore settlement was already paid out.

  7. adam says:

    If I purchased this product on 3 different occasions during this time frame, am I suppose to submit 3 separate claims because it doesnt allow you to submit more than one receipt per claim form?

    ADMIN – Hi Adam,

    Reach out to the class action administrator via email to obtain clarification.

  8. chesley says:

    I sent a claim because I had to remove all of the decking around the pool area. I couldn’t sand the entire area and while it was a huge job there was nothing else to do. I believe that behr is going to do the right thing because they are an ethical company. I am sure they are interested in not trashing their own brand. Its too bad because when the coating ( which was essentially a latex paint with a fine silica particles suspended) was first on I was pretty proud of that look. I stil do consider their regular paint products to be of higher quality and when making paint purchases in the future Behr will be high on my list. I understand formulation , It is pretty
    complex but I dont think they locked in the adherent properties close enough. It might have worked if they gave specific instructions about applying the deck over on top of a high tech primer. I think this is very key. It needed to bond to an equally high tech polymeric primer base prior to application of the deckover to prevent the peeling .
    There are some amazing acrylic bonding agents out there that could have been employed. I wish them luck in the future. They are a good company and they employ a lot families.

  9. Sandie says:

    I purchased 5 can of deck over back in 2015. It was terrible. I went to Home Depot and complained and they would do nothing because it was the following year that I complained. We did the deck over in September of 2015. During the winter it basically peeled up in places. I could pull of piece and tug on it and it would just peel up. I paid cash and Home Depot said I needed receipt. I no longer had the receipt. Home Depot basically said sorry about your luck. Never thought until now to contact behr, but I guess now that that’s even to late to do.
    We spent dayssssss scrapping deck over off…then sanded the wood. Then went to Lowes and bought paint. That was in 2016 and the paint still looks decent

  10. Adam bock says:

    I had applied this to my front and back deck after following all the preparation listed before applying. Within 2 years it looked horrible. I contacted behr and had to send picsof my decks and containers and the receipts and they sent me replacements around 35 gallons and they prep wash. Again within 2 years my decks look horrible on top of that the deck over trapped water under it and ended up making my decks rot. I’m out alot of money and time because of this product. I have emails from behr about these issues. Seems they new long ago this product was defective although they tried to initially blame it on poor preparation before applying the deck over. It would be nice to get some Justice for the little guys finally!

  11. Lon Britton says:

    How soon after filing a claim can one expect to be reimbursed?

    ADMIN – Hi Lon,

    If the settlement is subject to appeals it can take years.

  12. Lucia D Brunney says:

    On Dec 10, 2017 I sent a certified claim # 7017 3040 0000 5950 8500 to PO Box 15850, Phil,PA 19103.
    As of this date it has not been picked up and the post office informed me it will be returned to me. Please pick up this as it includes form, proof of purchase and all damage caused as well as cost to repair.

    ADMIN – Hi Lucia,

    We are not the class a action administrators and we cannot help you with this request.

  13. Clark miedel says:

    What i want to know is who saves reciepts from 2 weeks ago let alone 2 years ago ? looks like im screwed again !

    ADMIN – Hi Clark,

    I do! Mainly because I run a small business. I am sorry this is super frustrating. Perhaps you still have the cans in the garage.

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