Class Eligibility

All persons who, between: (i) May 23, 2010 and April 16, 2018, purchased, in the United States, any of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Products except for resale and/or (ii) between May 23, 2010 and December 31, 2015, purchased, in the United States, any of the Other Olive Oil Products.

  • Bertolli Extra Virgin Olive Oil: May 23, 2010 and April 16, 2018.
  • Bertolli Extra Light Olive Oil: May 23, 2010 and December 31, 2015.
  • Bertolli Classico Olive Oil: May 23, 2010 and December 31, 2015.

Estimated Amount

Up to $8.75 per product

Proof of Purchase


Case Name

Koller v. Deoleo USA Inc.,
Case No. 3:14-cv-02400-RS
District Court for the Northern District of California

Case Summary

The lawsuit alleges that that Deoleo marketed and sold its Bertolli brand of olive oil with the representation “Imported from Italy,” although most of the oil was extracted in countries other than Italy, from olives grown in those countries. The lawsuit also alleged that, with respect to the olive oil labeled “Extra Virgin,” Deoleo’s procurement, bottling, and distribution practices did not adequately ensure that the oil would meet the “extra virgin” standard through the date of retail sale or the “best by” date on the bottles. The lawsuit challenged the alleged misrepresentations on behalf of himself and consumers who bought the Products.

Settlement Pool




subject to change


Koller v. Deoleo Settlement
Claim Administrator
1801 Market Street, Suite 660
Philadelphia, PA 19103

188 responses to “Bertolli Oil Class Action Settlement”

  1. Dora Allen-Foy says:

    Sorry that this has happened as this is the only Olive Oil I use.
    Thanks for exposing the lie.

  2. Sarah says:

    This is my go to brand. I’m a passionate home cook and thought I was buying quality oils.

    ADMIN – Hi Sarah,

    Sadly that was not the case.

    • Thinker says:

      Don’t be so down-hearted! Olives are wonderful in Tunisia, Spain, Portugal. The oil could be superb. Just not from italy, so that’s a lie, yeah, but maybe you found a bargain!.

      • Jennifer Smythe says:

        Olive oil that is actually from Italy is superior in taste and quality. This company should be ashamed of themselves and duly punished. I don’t want shitty Greek, Turkish, and Tunisian oils. This is absolutely pathetic.

      • Jennifer Smythe says:

        Olive oil that is actually from Italy is superior in taste and quality. This company should be ashamed of themselves and duly punished. I don’t want shitty Greek, Turkish, and Tunisian oils. This is absolutely pathetic.

        ADMIN – Hi Jennifer,

        Horrible indeed. We totally agree.

  3. john gillespie says:

    claim form not working. when filling out claim form purchase info, it is not registering on bottom purchasing info line and it is stating to add purchase info again?

    ADMIN – Hi John,

    I just tried it myself and it worked for me.

    • roxy says:

      Not saving the info for me either. I keep clicking add purchase and it just clears the form. Not sure why.

      ADMIN – Hi Roxy,

      Use Chrome and turn off the autofill.

      • Heather M Nugent says:

        Turned off auto-fill, used Chrome. The page is not working properly. Info is not stored. “Something went wrong.”

        ADMIN – Hi Heather,

        Their IT group is aware of the issue and they are working on it. Try sending out the paper form instead or wait until it is resolved.

    • Misty Stover says:

      not working for me either

      ADMIN – Hi Misty,

      Someone suggested you turn off the auto-fill.

    • MaryAnn says:

      did you happen to be using autofill, to fill in the form, that may be the problem. I used autofill and it wouldn’t work for me, as soon as I answered everything manually it went through no problem. ☺️

  4. Laura Robicheau says:

    I’v bought many bottles of this oil but I don’t have my receipts, how do I file??

    ADMIN – Hi Laura,

    There is an option to file without a receipt.

  5. Tina Wilson says:

    This is the Brand that I use always when using olive oil

  6. Crystal L Sweeney says:

    Thank you for making me aware. This had been the only Olive oil I have used for years

  7. Norine stazko says:

    Sorry to hear this it’s the only brand I use

  8. BOB ROBERTS says:

    I rubbed this oil on my body and broke out in warts similar to a venereal disease I picked up from a loose gypsy woman on the streets of Venice, so I was inclined to believe it was actually Italian. I cannot believe they lied to me. Please add my name to the list.

    ADMIN – Hi Bob,

    Being that you found this oil in Italy it is unlikely to be Bertolli. You are therefore not a member of the class. Hope you heal soon.

    • Connie Cocanougher says:

      Admin, I love your sense of humor. I read comments just to see your responses!

      ADMIN – Hi Connie,

      Thank you!! BTW are you also a loyal user of Bertolli? If you are don’t forget to file a claim. Use the paper form and if you shop at Costco they should be able to provide you with proof of purchase 🙂

  9. PATTY CABEY says:

    I tried to enter my information but it asked for proof of purchase and I do not save my receipts. This is the oil I use, have always been happy with this product.

    ADMIN – Hi Patty,

    There is an option to file without a receipt.

  10. BBB says:

    Hi, the purchase registration is not working for me either. I tried it yesterday and today as well.

    ADMIN – Hi BBB,

    Try turning off the autofill feature.

  11. robin says:

    It’s not working making you add proof of purchase and I don’t have the auto fill on!

    ADMIN – Hi Robin,

    You may want to use the paper form.

  12. Francine S Mullane says:

    Add me to the list it’s the only oil I use

    ADMIN – Hi Francine,

    That is not the way this works. To file a claim you must use the link provided and submit a form

    • Waxme Beavers says:

      Francine, you are a moron. Try reading previous comments before you put your brain-dead drivel out there for everyone to see…

      • Julie H. says:

        Thank God someone finally said something about these borderline mentally challenged comments. Sign me up, hey I used that, my God is this what the rest of the country is like? It would explain a lot. These people have to be fans of The View & that self obsessed psycho Kelly Ripa ( excuse me if I misspelled chatty Kathy’s last name).

        ADMIN – Hi Julie,

        It can be challenging at times and it is not the reflection of the best that society has to offer. With a little patience and humor we can all survive it.

  13. Charles Simon says:

    Website is asking for Proof of Purchase. I do not save grocery store receipts. Information indicates that POP is not needed. Please advise.

    ADMIN – Hi Charles,

    Use the paper form instead.

  14. Sharon Stone says:

    I used Chrome and turned off the autofill. It still does not work. Fix it immediately or I will file a class action against you.

    ADMIN – Hi Sharon,

    I hope you understand that we are not the class action administrator nor are we tasked with the management of this case. We are simply a team of volunteers that compile and display settlements in a format that makes it easy for people to find settlements and file.

  15. Torrey Holman says:

    Oh wow! Bertolli is my brand! This is the first I heard of this. And I’d buy 2 bottles at a time. WOW. Is ANYTHING what it’s said to be these days??? So disappointed.

  16. Valerie Bertinelli says:

    I used Chrome and turned off the autofill. It still does not save my entry. What a bummer. Please fix it or I will file a class action lawsuit. Thanks.

    ADMIN – Hi Valerie,

    I hope you realize that we are not the administrators of this settlement. If you want to ask them directly to fix it and even threaten to bring lawsuit you can do so using the contact information we provided.

  17. Kendall s coleman says:

    OMG!!! The money I’ve spent, thinking I was purchasing a product that would help my health.

    ADMIN – Hi Kendall,

    Chances are that regardless of origin this product did help your health.

  18. Robert Martin says:

    Claim form is intermittent on one site and totally non functional on another. Seeing the other comments here it seem like someone might be concerned that the online form would produce too many claims. The requirement to file a paper claim would put some folks off. Just saying, but who knows?

  19. Cherie says:

    I love this olive oil, im so shocked by this information

  20. Angilean Palmer says:

    I use this oil for cooking, my hair, and skin. Ive used it for years and Im sure I’ve purchased over 50 bottles.Im livid as well as disappointed. Can’t trust anything nowadays, and I lived by this brand.
    I couldn’t find my proof for every purchase but Im sure my credit card has record.😡

    ADMIN – Hi Angi,

    I don’t think your credit card stores data specific to your purchases. It shows the store where you purchased something and the amount of your purchase but not the details of what you purchased.

  21. Cheryl Gibson says:

    I like this oil, and am disappointed if they didn’t tell the truth, but I’ll still buy it. I feel it’s probably not really that big a deal if it’s not from Italy, and I’m not even sure what “extra virgin” means.

    ADMIN – Hi Cheryl,

    We love this oil too but if you feel you are a member of the class by all means file your claim.

  22. Penny says:

    I rubbed this oil on my skin and every where I rubbed it in I got these big ugly warts in them areas.

    ADMIN – Hi Penny,

    This settlement has nothing to do with health issues.

  23. Betty Fulk says:

    I really like this olive oil. I use it for every thing

    • Marie Crowder says:

      I’ll use this oil for years, I always cook with Oliver oil.

      ADMIN – Hi Marie,

      I also love Oliver oil! 😉

  24. Betty Fulk says:

    I really like this olive oil. I use it for every thing.

  25. Debbie Bell says:

    I’ve been buying these bottles for years.

  26. Jollene Joyce says:

    I have purchased extra virgin and the classic olive oil over 20 years. This has been the olive oil use in my home. I feel betrayed and have lost respect for this lie which enabled the company to sell this product at higher cost to the consumers. I will have to consider trust in the future of this product in my home.

    ADMIN – Hi Jollene,

    File your claim.

  27. Sarah Reed says:

    Hello it says there is no required proof of purchase but when I go to fill this out it won’t let me submit without proof of purchase. I purchased 4 one in 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018. Please help! How do I submit without the proof of purchase?

    ADMIN – Hi Sarah,

    Use the paper form instead.

  28. Brenda Hardy says:
    I have been using all the products

  29. Sandra Miller says:

    I have always used this oil

    ADMIN – Hi Sandra,

    That makes you a class member.


    Add me

    ADMIN – Hi Betty,

    I can’t add you. You must file your own claim using the instructions provided.

  31. Doreen Spallino says:

    Such deception!!!!! Wont purchase anymore product from this company .

  32. Nanci says:

    I have used the oil for years. Just bought two new bottles. It’s hard to trust anything.

  33. Robin Foreman says:

    I really hated to hear that about the lite oil we always bought it.

    ADMIN – Hi Robin,

    Me too

  34. SO says:

    I can’t believe it, i use this product all the time and would only buy extra virgin. I’m glad this lie was uncovered.

  35. Peter Sittig says:

    I purchase the Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    ADMIN – Hi Peter,

    That makes you a class member. Congrats!

  36. JUDY HANNAFORD says:

    I use so much of this–why why

    ADMIN – Hi Judy,

    Because of greed.

  37. Lillian Moran says:

    my stomach was very sick

    ADMIN – Hi Lilian,

    This was related to origination not to potential health risks. Please take a moment to read the settlement.


    Bertolli is the only olive oil I purchase and have been purchasing it for years.

  39. Sandra says:

    This is so sad. I have used this brand for years. I just don’t understand why the lies.

  40. Wendy says:

    Seriously? Im still buying it. Not anymore. I go through 2 of these a month somce like 6 years. Great!

  41. Celeste Fasone says:

    My first choice forever ..always had it on hand for cooking and dipping. Guess I will throw it out now.

  42. Valerie Santos says:

    This has always been my go to.

  43. Lorraine C Reardon says:

    I have been purchasing this olive oil, twice a month as I cook alot of Italian food, very disappointing, n i actually recently bought olive oil in a speciality store and big difference, I guess it was made where it said it was.

  44. doug chagnon says:

    When I hear the name Bertolli, I think quality, wow was I fooled. We have purchased all three types listed however the one most used is the extra light olive oil. Well now I need to find another brand.

  45. Cees mcKenna says:

    ill I have always used this olive oil as it has a rich robust taste. I will continue to purchase it in the future.

  46. Theresa Ernst says:

    I purchase the Bertolli Extra Virgin Olive Oil once a month, Do I have to enter a separate form for each month or just total the number of bottles purchased during the claim period?

    ADMIN – Hi Theresa,

    Only one form.

  47. Jennifer says:

    Ive used this product for years as i love to bake and cook alot but im disapointed that i havent been buying authentic olive oil. Im not too happy about the company lieing to the customers about where its made. Im not a happy customer

    ADMIN – Hi Jennifer,
    I totally get your frustration.

  48. Jannet Walker says:

    Since the age of 23 I have only used Bertolli Extra Virgin Olive Oil. But I noticed within the last several years the difference in the taste and smell. It is apparent that this oil is not pure Virgin Olive Oil. We all get taken from time to time. Who knew….

    ADMIN – Hi Jannet,

    I have no idea what the differences are between the oils

  49. Gail Isaksen says:

    WOW!! This was my olive oil of choice. Thank you for letting me know.

  50. Tracy Maher says:

    Oh my, this is the only kind of olive oil I use.

  51. Aura says:

    I just fill the application form online here, but I submitted without imágenes of proof, do you think it will take or this form will be not acceptable, I have a claim number and confirmation number , what do you suggest me?

    ADMIN – Hi Aura,

    Without images or proof you will receive the allocation that is assigned to those without images or proof.

  52. linda carter says:

    I have been buying Bertolli olive oil for several years . I have used all of the above .

  53. Tonia says:

    I just switched to Bertolli Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Honestly, I couldn’t tell the difference. Still, the lack of authenticity is a shame. Oh well.

  54. Kammi Shannon says:

    Wow. I love this Olive oil.

  55. crystal moreno says:

    I buy the biggest bottle in the shelf woe

  56. Sheryl Maironis says:

    I have used all three of these products at some time or another. I may even have a small bottle at work that I am still using for salads. However, I do not have any receipts. Will I still qualify? I use olive oils daily, and although I have used several other brands, this was a favorite.

    ADMIN – Hi Sheryl,

    Yes you are a class member.

  57. denise says:

    I am filling out the claim form and it wont let me submit it without proof of purchase, which I don’t have. help!

    ADMIN – Hi Denise,

    Consider using the paper form.

    • Ellen Jones says:

      I just filed without receipts, no problem, isn’t there an option if you are not filing with receipts? System took mine just fine! But I don’t remember if a box got checked for filing w/o proof?
      Oh! Denise,…, I honestly read these to laugh, I am amazed at the number of comments and questions that show people not paying attention or so not understanding… it becomes comical, Smile… no disrespect intended. Best of days!

  58. Debbie McMillen says:

    I started using olive oil a few years ago instead of veg oil because i thought it was healthier

    ADMIN – Hi Debbie,

    This settlement has to do with sourcing and not health benefits.

  59. Debra Olsson says:

    i think i have already filed a claim but cant find any evidence of such. i have no codes or #’s . is there a way you can see if i have or not? thank you

    ADMIN – Hi Debra,

    Reach out to the class action administrator.

  60. catherine ceniceros says:

    I am surprised about the miss labeling. I still like all their olive oi products.

  61. Doris Chicoine says:

    Very disappointing!

  62. Candice Ritchison says:

    Very disappointing…I purchase this oil all the time…

  63. karen pytel says:

    I used this oil all the time miss labeling this product so sad.

  64. karen pytel says:

    I use all three of these oil for years.

  65. Patricia Miller says:

    This is disappointing

  66. Donna Ellis-Roberts says:

    My Mother used Bertolli extra virgin olive oil for many years. She went through a gallon every 2 months. (She was a big fan of fried foods.) She passed away January of 2009. Does that qualify?

    ADMIN – Hi Donna,

    I guess you could attempt to file on behalf of her estate but there is not much to gain from it.

  67. Emily DeBalko says:

    Used this brand many years and also recommended to family and friends.

    ADMIN – Hi Emily,

    Us too! File your claim.

  68. CAROLE GUTHRIE says:

    I relied on this Olive oil exclusively. So disappointing. I used Bertoli extra light for salad dressings. I used Virgin Oilive oil for spaghetti red sauce, and Classico for general cooking and baking.

    ADMIN – Hi Carole,

    Go ahead and file your claim.

  69. marlene greenslade says:

    I’ve been purchasing this oil for years and have just heard about this. curious to know if this is still going on with the product.

    ADMIN – Hi Marlene,

    Generally defendants are requested to halt all illegal activities.

  70. Angelina says:

    So sad that I as a single mother spending my hard earned money on Bertolli, only to be betrayed. Im thinking Im getting the best for the $15 a bottle I buy. Just a disappointment.

    • Ron says:

      Not only did you make a poor choice in your personal life you made a poor choice in your selection of olive oil.

  71. Molly Murphy says:

    This is very upsetting as I also buy the extra virgin and always recommend for other to buy it too.

  72. Renzo says:

    What if I don’t have my receipt?

    ADMIN – Hi Renzo,

    You can file without.

  73. angela wright says:

    I puchased Bertolli Extra Virgin Olive Oil: May 23, 2010 and April 16, late March and I am scared to use it. what should i do?

    ADMIN – Hi Angela,

    There is nothing wrong with the oil. This settlement is about provenance not quality.

  74. sharon gray says:

    I always used this oil i was fearful at a certain degree it caused cancer. not sure.

    ADMIN – Hi Sharon,

    Oils are not known to cause cancer. This is a provenance settlement not one related to health hazards.

  75. MICHAEL L ROCCO says:

    i used this oil more many years cant beleive it was not italian

  76. Timothy Parce says:

    This is my go-to oil. Is there a limit to how many you can claim? I probably buy 2 every 4-6 months.

    ADMIN – Hi Timothy,

    There are limits. Refer to the notice.

  77. DIANA WISE says:

    I used this as well and was appalled to find out it was advertising as pure Italian oil and it was not!

  78. YVETTE CRAWLEY says:

    Bertolli Extra Light Virgin Olive Oil is the ONLY Olive Oil I buy and have bought for SO many years because that was the Olive Oil my grandparents always used……I couldn’t even begin to tell you how many bottles, when I purchased them or where I’ve bought them because I got them from whichever grocery store had them on sale at the time.

    ADMIN – Hi Yvette,

    File using the process for filing without a receipt. You will receive less money but at least you will get something.

  79. Diana Pfannebecker says:

    I have used Bertolli for over 60yrs. and and dissappointed in the quality of the prroduct of late. No fragrance, extra virgin is like regular. The whole olive oil market is suspect now as far as I’m concerned.

  80. Delia Jimenez says:

    I always use Bertolli Extra Virgin olive oil and would recommend to anyone.

  81. Kenneth Craig says:

    I used this product for years thanks for the update

  82. Arminda graca says:

    I’m sad about this

  83. jim eagle says:

    I have bought Bertolli Virgin olive oil for decades. I became aware that across the industry there are counterfeit so to speak fake extra virgin oil being marketed and recently stopped buy-in in stores. I live nere the olive industry in Ca.

  84. Margaret Presnell says:

    I use Betolli Extra Virgin Olive Oil almost exclusively. I don’t know how many bottles I have used but have purchased them either at Giant Eagle, Walmart, Sparkle Markets almost exclusively in recent years. I will continue to use Bertolli’s with or without rebate!

  85. Ron M says:

    I have been buying Bertolli at Foodtown for years but I dont keep the shopping receipts. What can i do?

    ADMIN – Hi Ron,

    File without following the instructions for those that don’t have a receipt.

  86. Patricia Mell says:

    I buy this same oil all the time…I to heard if I used it in a 425 degree oven it could cause cancer…so when I made supper I went for a different oil for my meat…don’t know for sure if this is true

  87. Suzanne Lige says:

    My husband always cooks with this olive oil.

  88. Suzanne Lige says:

    My husband always cooks with this olive oil. It is the only kind he uses.

  89. Durand Mccollum jr says:

    wow I really enjoyed cooking with this olive oil.

  90. shirley fleming says:

    hi Shirl ey fleming I sent all of my receipts in can you let me know if you recieved them for bertolli olive oil thank you

    ADMIN – Hi Shirley,

    We are not the class action administrator. Their contact info is posted above.

  91. amal abdallah says:

    wow ive been using it forever

  92. cdub says:

    I was a first time user. Not any more.

  93. cjdub says:

    1st time user. Not any more.

  94. Edwina Marie says:


  95. Mary Mauldin says:

    I can’t believe it. I’ve been using them for years, boy have i been taken for a ride! so sad that they would do this.

  96. Mike says:

    It’s sad that this company took me for a ride! I love Italy. I lived there for a couple of years and will always carry the country and the good people I met there in my heart. But the sad fact is that fraud, corruption, and organized crime is out of control. Bertolli ripping people off is another symptom of that. 🙁

  97. Mary Carpitcher says:

    I will have to try other brands now to see if there is a difference.

  98. susan elbaum says:

    It will not accept my complaint with out a receipt? what do I do?

    ADMIN – Hi Susan,

    Use the paper form and send it by mail.

  99. Shirley Lysic says:

    I have used for years because of ads for quality. Very disappointed by the fraud

    ADMIN – Hi Shirley,

    As a member of the class you should file a claim.

  100. Roselie Rose says:

    I only use Bertolli oil

    ADMIN – Hi Roselie,

    Sounds like you are a member of the class.

  101. TAMIKA KELLEY says:

    Crazy,thats part of the main reason I was buying it.

    ADMIN – Hi Tamika,

    I love the stuff regardless. Super tasty.

  102. David Mothkovich says:

    Wow, sitting in my cupboard right now.. thought it would be healthier for my cholestral issues

  103. Cyndi says:

    Formworks fine for me. Thanks for getting this info out there.

    ADMIN – Hi Cyndi,

    Thanks for the report

  104. Lynda says:

    So sad that companies have to resort to this. I’ve been buying their Extra Virgin for years, BECAUSE they said it came from Italy.

  105. Denise says:

    Wow, this is my go to brand 🙁

  106. NINO E KOLLER says:

    the whole reason I bought this is because it was sold as Italian

  107. Khyle says:

    I bought countless bottles of this brand from Sam’s club.

  108. Kimberly Dodd says:

    I am so disappointed to read this! Bertolli has been the only oil I nut also

  109. Kimberly Dodd says:

    I am so disappointed to read this! Bertolli has been the only oil I have used and thought I was buying quality product !!

  110. Joe H Lee says:

    I can beleive this is real. I only use Bertolli oil.

  111. Denise Drake says:

    What a sham! and a shame! I am so tired of companies lying to us about their products!

  112. Sally R. says:

    Been using this oil for years.. Surprised to hear a well known company like this would resort to that behavior..

  113. Irma Ibarra says:

    I have been using this oil for 15-20 years because I thought it was the best choice for my health. I am disappointed, but I will keep using it, because I really like the taste. As a matter of fact I have 4 bottles sitting in my pantry right now.

    ADMIN – Hi Irma,

    You should consider filing regardless.

  114. Viki Haneberg says:

    Our family has used Bertolli products for YEARS. My daughters continued this tradition upon moving into their own homes. I have not told them this sad news yet. It will be difficult finding a replacement oil.

  115. Debra Ross says:

    bought at wal-mart.

  116. Robert F. Smith Jr. says:

    have used for years

  117. Renee says:

    This is sad to hear! this is the only brand I use although it went rancid pretty quick so I had to use the smaller bottles.
    Maybe it’s time to switch to coconut oil?
    thanks for exposing the truth.

  118. Joshua says:

    Very crazy that this is what has been brought to light. Good to know, since we have been using this brand for years. Mainly used the Extra Virgin Olive oil, but have also used the others if they are on sale or some other sort of deal.

  119. Yvonne Bloomstone says:

    I’ve been using for many years.

  120. Brian Leikam says:

    Really dissappear in bertolli. I used to pay extra for it over the store brand, and it probably came from the same source!

  121. Hector Alvarez says:

    I always use Bertolli…. The big bottle. In the time I must’ve used at least 10 bottles in the last 2 years.

  122. Karen Davis says:

    I have always used the extra virgin Olive oil and have tried the Classico as well. That is all we keep at the house.

  123. Judi Brewer says:

    I always liked using this brand, thought it was high quality!

  124. Renee Reynolds says:

    We used this Olive Oil for years.

  125. Melissa says:

    Is there a limit on how many you can file a claim for?

    ADMIN – Hi Melissa,

    Five products per household.

  126. Debbie Difaro says:

    I have Used This Oil For 15 Years. HA! Especially For My Heart Health! Can All Of The BERTOLLI Products Be Trusted?

    ADMIN – Hi Debbie,

    I don’t know. I generally make most of my food products.

  127. Rosie Lastinger says:

    I have been using this for years to make medicinal salves. This is terrible. I believed this was a great product that could be trusted. I’m glad the truth has been brought out.

  128. Sharon Govitz says:

    This is the only olive oil we use for the past 8 years.

  129. John Leonard Willcut says:

    I’m SOOOOOO let-down…my family has sworn by Bertolli my ENTIRE life & before…sad!

  130. Kim Schure says:

    This is Unfortunate as our family has used Bertolli products for years.

  131. Jacob sholler says:

    Being raised in the kitchen with my mother this was the only brand olive oil I’ve seen her use in all 21 years of my life. Good to me more aware

  132. Kelly C. Wynn says:

    This is hurtful. I loved using Bertolli. Such a shame.

  133. JESSIE MONREAL says:


  134. Nathan says:

    I use there products all the time never would I have thought they would keep this from us and not get exposed

  135. Alisha Davis says:

    I use this product often. Yet, every Thanksgiving to make Racheal Ray’s Bonesless Turkey Breasts.

  136. Jeannie Conejo says:

    I used this product most of the time . Really???

    ADMIN – Hi Jeannie,

    Yup! File your claim.

  137. Briena Shaver says:

    This Is the only olive oil I have used for about 5-6 ears

  138. Mireya Pulido says:

    I’ve always used this olive oil! supposed to be healthier!!!!

  139. Jeffery Brown says:

    I had been using your product for years until I read this.

  140. Steven Ross says:

    Extra Virgin olive oil from Italy has always had an acrid after taste for me. I always thought it was because they saved the good stuff for aficionados in Europe and sent the US their second quality. My search for a better tasting olive oil led me to a US producer ‘California Olive Ranch.’ Less expensive, probably due to proximity of production, very smooth and without that unpleasant after taste.

  141. stanley cuyler says:

    i’am so upset i always use this oil.

  142. Lori M. Sargent says:

    I purchased a very large bottle as I was very disappointed. I have been purchasing this product for years.

  143. Larry Steward says:

    I have used and enjoyed this oil for years

  144. Robin says:

    Why do they only give you a space to report one date of purchase? Many of us have purchased & this brand for years! We didn’t simply buy it once in all those years…but they only allow one date of purchase however, they allow you to claim up to 10 bottles; this makes no sence.

    ADMIN – Hi Robin,

    You can submit your feedback to the class action administration but it totally makes sense.

  145. Christopher Fischi says:

    Rash from having contact to skin

    ADMIN – Hi Christopher,

    You do know that this settlement has nothing to do with skin reactions?

  146. Patrica Tomaso says:

    That’s one of the oils I always buy

  147. Melinda Neal says:

    I have used all of these Olive oils. I thought they were of good quality. But the taste did change some what! I used the Bertolli Extra Virgin the most for many years!

    ADMIN – Hi Melinda,

    Hopefully you filed your claim in a timely manner.

  148. Nancy Williams says:

    Only brand I use

    ADMIN – Hi Nancy,

    Hopefully you filed your claim on time.

  149. Maria Kofman says:

    This company should be ashamed of themselves calling this Italian oil

  150. Jasmine says:

    I will never use this product again!

  151. Jasmine says:

    I will never use this product again! Honest is the best quality

  152. jennifer colbert says:

    Is there any chance that this deadline could be extended? I was completely unaware of this until today 10/19/2018. I have bottles of this product in my pantry.

    ADMIN – Hi Jennifer,


  153. Joann Gordon says:

    this product was false I will not use

  154. Elvira Cork says:

    I didnt know about this until today. I use this product a whole lot.

  155. Kelsey Gordon says:

    I had no idea this is in the product, will use something else

  156. Dan SchergerDdan says:

    Did not like the taste

  157. G. Bell says:

    I didn’t know and use this product frequently. Will be changing my brand.

  158. Renee Crull says:

    I have used all of these Olive oils. Always loved them But the taste did change drastically. I used the Bertolli Extra Virgin the most for many years!

    ADMIN – Hi Renee,

    Since the deadline has passed you may no longer claim.

  159. Marilyn Harris says:

    I have a bottle in my cabinet right now. I’ve purchased many bottles over the years. I didn’t know anything was wrong with it. I live in Stockton Ca I shop at Costco stores.

    ADMIN – Hi Marilyn,

    Sadly it is too late to file.

  160. kathleen ostendorf says:

    I will still will buy you Bertoli, hope I am not to late for the action.

    ADMIN – Hi Kathleen,

    The deadline has passed and you may no longer file.

  161. Sharon D says:

    Anyone know of any updates on this? I know it can take a long time.

    ADMIN – Hi Sharon,

    No updates at the moment.

  162. Allen Kearney says:

    I filled out a form but never received rebate

    ADMIN – Hi Allen,

    I don’t think this one has been paid out yet.

  163. Chante Stone says:

    Thank you for making me aware of this.

  164. Chante Stone says:

    Thank you for making me aware of this. I always use this kind of olive oil.

  165. Percy mitchell says:

    Didn’t see a former to fill out 🙂

    ADMIN – Hi Percy,

    The deadline has passed and you may no longer file

  166. linda says:

    Not the real stuff I learn

  167. Joy McMillan says:

    I bought my Bertolli Oil from Sams Club as I always use it in cooking. I see the deadline for filing is over, but hope I can still get in on this.

    Thank you,

    ADMIN – Hi Joy,

    Sadly you can’t. That is the whole idea behind deadlines.

  168. Evelyn Ayala says:

    I feel ripped off! You think you are buying quality and are being fooled

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