Class Eligibility

To be a member of the “Present Member Class” you must be an individual or entity which was at any time a member of Black Warrior, and who is a member of Black Warrior as of the date of the Final Order and Judgment. To be a member of the “Former Member Class” you must be an individual or entity which was at any time a member of Black Warrior, but are no longer a member of Black Warrior as of the date of the Final Order and Judgment.

Estimated Amount


Proof of Purchase


Case Name

Charles Glass & Ronnie Jennings v. Black Warrior Elec. Mem. Corp.
CV 2014-900163
Circuit Court of Marengo County, Alabama

Case Summary

In this lawsuit the plaintiffs allege that Black Warrior Electric failed to distribute excess revenues in certain Alabama counties which according to Alabama status should have been distributed among members per the cooperative model.

The defendants continue to deny the allegations but agree to settle avoiding the risk and cost of a trial

Settlement Pool





Black Warrior Electric Settlement Administrator
Post Office Box 487

Birmingham, Alabama 35201-0487

57 responses to “Black Warrior Electric Cooperative (Alabama Only)”

  1. Valerie mcghee says:

    I am a former customer of black warrior Corp (14years) and want to opt in the class action lawsuit. Below is my info


    ADMIN – Hi Valerie,

    Leaving a comment on our website is not sufficient to opt in. You need to use the tools provided by the admin.

    • Louise Tate says:

      when are the settlement settle I would like to know if I am suppose to recieve anything.I have already filed out an application.pleas let me know!!!

      ADMIN – HI Louise,

      It would be best if you contact the email for class counsel which is available by clicking on the settlement link

      • james monroe says:

        When I hear from you?

        ADMIN – Hi James,

        We are not the class action admin therefore you won’t hear from us.

  2. eugene lyles says:

    I am a member of black warrior corp for the past 35 or more years. I would to opt in the class action settlement

    ADMIN – Hi Eugene,

    To opt in follow the link to the claim form.

  3. King POTUS says:

    Are people autistic, or just ignorant to how the internet works? I see so many people commenting to be part of settlements, or saying they purchased the product. Hey, good for you. CLICK THE LINK AND FILL THE FORM OUT. Leaving a comment does NOTHING.

    • WonderWho says:

      It’s the dumbing down of our nation. People don’t feel the need to read instruction for themselves and assume just saying they did this or bought that is automatically enough to have someone else do everything for them. I want to go through all the class actions and comment “Good for you!” or “Do you want a cookie or a medal?” on all of them. That’s rude though, so I won’t.

  4. Terrie W. Bledson says:

    At my name to your list my address is 707 Lucas Street Linden, AL 36748

    ADMIN – Hi Terrie,

    Leaving your address here does not constitute filing a claim. Please carefully read and follow the simple directions we provide in each settlement page. To put it simply, go click on the orange link that reads click here to file a claim. Once the claim page is open print the form or file the digital claim.

  5. Emma Moore says:

    I receive a captail credit check for 5.27 will I receive any settlement money and when

    ADMIN – Hi Emma,

    Did you file a claim? If you did your best bet is to contact the admin and ask about the status of your claim.

  6. Alex Hogue says:

    Please respond back, or call me at 937 352 5356. Thanks

    ADMIN – Hi Alex,

    We are not in charge of this settlement thus we are unable to call you back. You need to contact the class action admin at:

    Black Warrior Electric Settlement Administrator
    Post Office Box 487

    Birmingham, Alabama 35201-0487

    • Debbie says:

      I filed out that settlement form and everyone in my family got one of those check but me I have try to call that hotline number but you can’t talk to anyone or leave a message what do I

      ADMIN – Hi Debbie,

      Try sending a certified letter with your complaint.

  7. bobby sims says:

    I was just wont to know when we was going to get it and when and how much we are going to get it .

  8. Mykeia Dunkin says:

    What date the checks be mailed

    ADMIN – Hi Mykeia,

    We don’t have that info.

    • Mrs. Kay says:

      According to the message recorded on the listed telephone number 1-888-878-1991, checks were supposed to be mailed out at the end of last month (March).

  9. Kimberly holifield says:

    When the checks being mail out and how much we getting

    ADMIN – Hi Kimberly,

    I believe the checks were already mailed out.

  10. Mrs. Kay says:

    Has anyone received a check yet?

  11. Mrs. Maye says:

    No one that I have talked to from my end.

  12. Emma Moore says:

    if check was mailed out the last of march why haven anyone receive it yet all I receive was a package the have to be mailed back may with a yes or no answer have anyone send their back yet

  13. Theresa Park says:

    Says on recording that checks would be mailed at the end of March 2017. Have not received it yet! Did not give an option to speak with anyone! Where are the checks?

    ADMIN – Hi Theresa,

    I have no idea. I am not the admin for that settlement.

  14. Chad G. says:

    I have not received anything either. I faxed and sent in my claim form.

  15. Larry Dee Hill says:

    Just checking like everyone else.

  16. Renee says:

    I have not even received a package! What kind of packages? No check no letter no nothing!!!

    ADMIN – Hi Renee,

    I think you are way too late for this one.

  17. Josephine K Moore says:

    Has anybody received a check

  18. cynthia stewart says:

    Neighbors received check. Why haven’t I.filed a claim.

    ADMIN – Hi Cynthia,

    Is that a rhetorical question?

  19. Sheka says:

    People are receiving $0.38 (15 yrs) $.95 (few months); $185 (16 yrs); $370 (37 yrs)..why so much inconsistent and how are the payment calculate; where can we see the public record of the check issue and recipents be found

  20. ELAINE says:

    how do yall decide the amount people get? SOME PEOPLE GOT hundreds of doolars i got under 100, why??

    ADMIN – Hi Elaine,
    To learn how a settlement is distributed refer to the long notice.

    • ELAINE says:

      i dont think its right i been living her paying blackwarrior for 20yrs got 80.00, everyone else got hundreds

    • Josephine K Moore says:

      It said 10 dollars for every year that you have been with black warrior but they are not paying it church has been with them for over 70 years and only got 300 dollars look like they are going to be facing another lawsuit

  21. valentine spencer says:

    I have received a check, but it in the wrong name. I submitted the claim for my father who has deceased.

    ADMIN – Hi Valentine,

    Contact the admin to request a correction.

  22. Deshunda Merritt says:

    Please give me a call I need to up date my address. 205-496-1619

    ADMIN – Hi Deshunda,

    We don’t call community members as we are not in charge of this settlement. Good luck!

  23. NorTricia irby says:

    My sister filled a claim was a customer for 3 years. My son in law who is still a black warrior customer he also filled a claim everyone on their road got their checks today however he nor did his neighbor what’s up with that..what should they do or are they not receiveing one

    ADMIN – Hi Nortricia,

    You should contact the class action admin.

  24. Josephine K Moore says:

    My check came in the wrong name to how do you contact the admin

    ADMIN – Hi Josephine,

    Refer to the section with the subheading titled “contact”.

  25. Ellena Sanders says:

    I filled out a form and did not receive a settlement. What should I do?

    ADMIN – Hi Ellena,

    You should contact the class action administrator to ask about the status of your claim.

  26. Sheree mccuiston phillis says:

    I faxed my claim in and mailed a copy and have not received anything my name is Sheree mccuiston Phillips address is 503 Martin Luther King Drive apt c3 linden al 36748 contact number is 3346541153. Will someone please contact me back

    ADMIN – Hi Sheree,

    Class Action Rebates is an informational website. We do not provide support or follow-up for class action settlements. You need to contact the class action administrator directly.

  27. mel says:

    I have a check issued in my deceased mothers name my father is alive and stiil on black warrior account but bank will not cash the check, can check be reissued with his name on check?

    ADMIN – Hi Mel,

    We don’t know. It would be best if you contact the class admin.

    • mel says:

      can someone answer my question….your voice mail is full and will not take any more messages

      ADMIN – Hi Mel,

      It is not our voicemail. We are separate from the class action administrator. Wish I could help you.

  28. ELAINE says:

    who can i get in touch with to discuss matter? please email me numberor address. i called the number 888-878-1991

    ADMIN – Hi Elaine,

    You could consider reaching out to class counsel. Their number is the long notice you received in the mail.

  29. Barbara Davis says:

    Have all the checks been mailed out or will there be more later.

    ADMIN – Hi Barbara,

    We don’t maintain this type of info. To ask about your specific case you need to contact the admin.

  30. Arene Baker says:

    Can you give me another number to call.The 888- 878- 1991 is not giving me the information I need.I mailed out my papers the same time I did my mother.She got hers 4/24/17.I have not heard anything.

    ADMIN – Hi Arene,

    I don’t have an alternate number. Consider contacting Black Warrior customer service.

  31. Fannie Reed says:

    Hello I fill out paper work mail it back never heard anything, my community have received refund check on Monday they never fill out paper work who can I talk to?

    ADMIN – Hi Fannie,

    You need to reach out to the class action administration.

  32. Savannah Odom says:

    How do I find out if I got a check…my mom got gets and I didn’t…we live beside eachother and share a just thinking maybe it for got lost in the mail or thrown away…the number I called I cant get anyone on phine5

    ADMIN – Hi Savannah,

    Sadly that is the only number we have for the admin.

  33. Alfred Snoddy says:

    I did not receive the initial paper work for the class action suite. I would like to be included in the class action.
    Please forward to me the required paper work. Thanks.
    Alfred Snoddy, Residence
    4127 Co Rd 60
    Eutaw, Alabama 35462
    205-372-0984-home or 205-454-3676-cell

    ADMIN – Hi Alfred,

    The deadline has passed you cannot be added.

  34. Diane Averette says:

    Some of us did not no about the class action lawsuit and have been members for many years and did not know to fill out any forms. If your a member and they owed the customers a refund then every one should be getting a check.

  35. Jessie Anderson says:

    Hello I filled out form and sent back to Birmingham Al, so whats going on that I haven’t received anything but checks are being sent out.

    ADMIN – Hi Jessie,

    Contact the class action administrator.

  36. Evelyn Lomax says:

    Has anyone found contact information that is beneficial to find out about the checks?

    ADMIN – HI Evelyn,

    Have you tried reaching out to class counsel at (334) 289-2255

  37. ETHEL M. SANDERS says:

    Is there a second check?

    ADMIN – Hi Ethel,

    I don’t think there is but you can check by calling the class action admin.

  38. Sherry Scoggins says:

    I don’t understand how people got a check from this settlement. I have been with black warrior for a long time. How are we supposed to do that? Thanks

    ADMIN – Hi Sherry,

    It is best to contact the admin to ask about the way the funds were assigned to users.

  39. Tammy Bracknell says:

    I live in Indiana but I was living in alabama at the time of this . I did send my form in to file .I seen that people have gotten there checks . I was wanting to know when would I get mine .

    ADMIN – Hi Tammy,

    I can’t answer that question. Kindly reach out to the class action admin.

    • Tammy Bracknell says:

      Where can I find a number to call about my check

      ADMIN – Hi Tammy,

      This is the info for the class action administrator.

      Black Warrior Electric Settlement Administrator
      Post Office Box 487

      Birmingham, Alabama 35201-0487

  40. Charles Banks says:

    Are there any more claims check coming out and when should we expect them .Will there be any more check going to be issue and if thé settlement was 10.5 dollars any was thé checks was for so small amount

    ADMIN – Hi Charles,

    Your questions can be best answered by the class action administrator.

  41. Elizabeth N. Etheridge says:

    I submitted a claim on 12/28/16 and have fax confirmation of such. I have not received any monies as of 6/20/17. I called the number listed (888-878-1991) and heard a message about filing initially. What number do I call to follow up?

    ADMIN – Hi Elizabeth,

    I believe at this point you are too late. The funds have been distributed already.

  42. Amari says:

    If you are having trouble contacting someone in regards to Black Warrior, please email me at:

    Peace, and Blessings to all.

  43. Wanette Anderson says:


  44. Wanette Anderson says:


    ADMIN – Hi Wanette,

    You moved because they overcharged you?????

  45. caree says:

    I don’t have my old black warrior acct number, what can I do when filing my claim

    ADMIN – Hi Caree,

    You may no longer file a claim. This settlement was paid months ago.

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