Class Eligibility

You are a class member if you are a U.S. residents who purchased Blue Buffalo products between May 7, 2008 and Dec. 18, 2015. An extensive list of Blue Buffalo products included in the pet food class action lawsuit settlement can be found at

Estimated Amount


Proof of Purchase


Case Name

In re: Blue Buffalo Company Ltd., Marketing and Sales Practices Litigation,
Case No. 4:14-md-02562-RWS
District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri

Case Summary

According to the settlement customers paid a higher price for the β€œnatural” pet food because they were deceived by false advertisements claiming that Blue Buffalo was a quality choice compared to other products on the market.

The defendant denies the allegations but has agreed to settle to avoid the uncertainty and expenses associated to a long trial

Settlement Pool





In re: Blue Buffalo Company, Ltd. Marketing and Sales Practices Litigation
c/o Heffler Claims Group
P.O, Box 58730
Philadelphia, PA 19102-8730

97 responses to “Blue Buffalo Pet Food Ingredients Class Action Settlements”

  1. tuquanda jackson says:

    i was purchasing this food for my dog for several months

    • Sue & Fred says:

      We bought the cat foods-dry and canned, NONE of our six cats would touch it after the first couple bites. Then I started hearing about pets getting sick and dying, took it all back and would NEVER ever again purchase anything made by BlueBuffalo. Seems that this is the main food that Petsmart is carrying now and getting rid of some of the good ones-what a shame. Seems the almighty dollar is the ruler and not the safety of our beloved pets!

      ADMIN – Hi Sue,

      Glad to know your pets are safe.

    • Christine says:

      I have been purchasing for 8 years! How much are you claiming you spent?!

  2. Roz says:

    Really disappointing. I totally jumped on the “Blue Buffalo” bandwagon, believing that they were a superior quality, natural pet food. Jeez! How can you trust any company?

    ADMIN – Hi Roz,

    You can’t

    • AKnowles says:

      Look at Orijen and Acana. Best. Food. Period.

      • jen says:

        These are now the only foods I feed my pet because of this class action. But, it seemed that Champion pet foods the company that makes these brands had issues in the past as well.

      • Ashley says:

        Agree 100%. I only feed my dog Acana. Orijen is made by the same company as well. If you need something a little less expensive, California Natural isn’t bad. My local pet store owner has personally visited the factories of both Acana/Orijen and California Natural and said they are so well maintained, they could switch to produce human grade food with no renovations.

        • Maya says:

          Proctor and Gamble purchased Natura dog foods which included California Natural.
          After they killed thousands of dogs before, during and after the 2007 recall with
          Eukanuba and Iams I would never trust them again. One of my dogs was lost durng
          that time. Iams was a specialty dog food in the early 90’s when I got that dog and
          it was what the breeder was feeding him. Since no one knew P&G had purchased
          the two foods and put plastic in them we did not know the food was unsafe.

    • Roe says:

      Me Too !!!

    • Helen says:

      Look for food that is made in the U.S.
      Fromm Food is excellent and is recognized by the AAFCO the Association of American Feed Control Officials.

      • Julie P. says:

        AAFCO isn’t all it is cracked up to be – they recognize crap food companies too. Check out the Truth About Pet Food blog, you will soon find out that AAFCO is part of the problem.

  3. Susan Brown says:

    My dog has been on the Blue Buffalo Dog food for 4 years.Seen a puppy.I been buying it at petco.I have not keep 4 years of receipts.Maybe they have a way to check my petco member card.VERY DISAPPOINTING! What have I been feeding my dog.Paid a lot money for this food.Can not be Trust

    • karen Gifford says:

      same here my 3 dogs have been on the blue buffalo at least 4-5 years now how disappointing that they lie on there bags about the ingreadients

    • Cristina says:

      The admin replied to some one else saying that Petco can provide you with a copy of your purchases while using your rewards card. Best of luck!

    • David says:

      Go to Petco . Com they can track with your member number

      • Greg Rochelle says:

        Goo luck with Pet Smart. I have been feeding my 5 dogs Blue Buffalo for 4 years now (at least 2 to 3 bags per month). When I asked Petperks for my info. They sent me someone elses info after a 2 week wait. I replied that that wasnt mine. I waited 3 more weeks got another persons wrong account info. I have given them the number of the card that i used everytime i went to petsmart and I am now into my 3rd time asking and waiting. Kinda makes me wonder if they are giving me the run around because they are in cahoots or something. The real fishy thing is they made my wife sign up for a new pet perks account a month ago.

        • lynn says:

          You can go online to petsmart and print out your purchasing history, I did. With my pet perks card I was registered online and it shows my purchasing history, unfortunately it only goes so far back.


          ADMIN – Hi Lynn,

          Actually, she can’t as the deadline for this class action settlement has passed.

        • JBReed says:

          That is exactly what Jiffy Lube did and we lost the records on two cars –
          because they were in hot water over something.
          Corporations like this suck!

          ADMIN – Hi JB,

          This is a dog food settlement

    • Tiffany says:

      Both petco & pet smart can provide purchase history of you used their card. Call the corporate office.

    • Rita Muehlman says:

      Petsmart or Petco websites can give you all your receipts if you use your company discount card. Last minute information as tomorrow is deadline. I am printing my receipts out today, lots of paper and ink. Not happy that I can only get $200.00 refund as we have 6 cats and a dog on all Blue products. We spend approximately $300.00 a month on Blue products. If people don’t file claims the law firm keeps all the money. There are not government regulations for pet food and it’s disgusting. Who knows what’s in the food. Pet food is rarely tested to determine if food actually matches packing wording.

      • Kenneth Hewitt says:

        Unfortunately I only stumbled onto this yesterday. I called PetSmart today to get a list of of transactions, but they said it wont be available for atleast 72 business hours. Deadline is today, so I guess Im going to be stuck with $5.00.

  4. Byron says:

    I was feeding my pit bulls with this product hoping it will make them healthy and strong now I feel like it was a waste of money

  5. Taylor Ducote says:

    I got a new dog from the pound and I wanted him to have the best of the best so I jumped for blue buffalo dog food! I got this for him for several months. I thought that he was getting natural food but turns out he was not getting the best thing on the market even though I was paying premium pricing. Very disappointing. Glad they are cleaning this up.

  6. Keenan Smith says:

    I loved the pictures on the blue buffalo food. My dog been eating this food for several months. My dog is losing weight. DOOOO NOT BUY IF YOU DONT WANT YOUR DOG TO DIE!!

  7. Carolyn Burke says:

    I say to this day the short time my dog was on Blue Buffalo is when she started to get sick and eventually died — and my gf’s dog got sick the same time and we both started out dogs on it at the same time. I swear it’s what killed my dog

  8. Terri Pratt says:

    I have an emotional support dog, he is my world. you trust companies out there to give you healthy choices for your dog, not to destroy both a (fixed income and your life support, companion, friend, (DOG). Shame on you!!!!!

  9. Cassandra Smith says:

    I thought that he was getting natural food but turns out he was not getting the best thing on the market even though I was paying premium pricing. Very disappointing.

  10. Dee Ann MacBride says:

    When dog food is now something we have to stress about, I wonder what is next. Never will buy product again!!!!!!

  11. sandra flint says:

    I have purchased Blue Buffalo for several months thinking that it was the best that I could buy for my pet.
    I was so disappointed to know that I was paying top price for this. You ought to be ashamed of yourself !

  12. michalei mcleroy says:

    my dog became extremely sick I shouldn’t have to worry about what dog food will do to my pet

  13. cassie neal says:

    What a scam! I bought tons of this food for years(12 bags a year) I have one measly receipt for 2 bags. So I try to submit it, they only accept pdf files. Ok, I go convert it now it wont accept the pdf just says no file selected repeatedly. I go to their “contact us” page to tell them I cant submit my proof of purchase and I get a “too many requests this week” error! Ive never even submitted anything through their site before! So Im not allowed to report the technical issue that is preventing me from submitting my proof of purchase to get my rebate? Ridiculous!

    ADMIN – Hi Cassie,

    That sounds super frustrating. Call the admin instead or send an email.

    • Marty Phillips says:

      I raise dogs and been feeding all my dogs this food till just now i just saw notice about the food now i have got to figure another out any advise

    • Mary Servello says:

      I am looking for the email to send the purchase info to. I called the number the 844-245-3772 and left two messages. No one has called back. Please call me at 316-558-8073. Thanks

      ADMIN – Hi Mary,

      You cannot submit supporting info via email. You must do it via snail mail using this address:
      postmarked by April 14, 2016 to:
      Blue Buffalo Settlement
      c/o Heffler Claims Group
      P.O. Box 58730
      Philadelphia, PA 19102-8730

  14. Betty Vincent says:

    Before my dog passed we tried this dog food and he didn’t do well on it

  15. Mia Ragonese says:

    our new puppy died

  16. Edwin Galestian says:

    A total waste of money. I relied to the claim of the manufacturer that it is making my dog healthier!

  17. Susan Rex says:

    We bought hundreds of dollars of Blue Buffalo for our five dogs. We used it for about 9 months until one of our dogs started getting sick. Our vet tried different things that didn’t work until he suggested changing foods. Luckily, that’s when our Max’s health started a turn around. He did recover, but it was certainly the food that was making him ill. I threw out everything that had to do with Blue Buffalo after that, so of course I have no receipts.

    ADMIN – Hi Susan,

    If you purchased your food at Petco using your rewards card they are able to provide you with evidence of your past transactions.

  18. Dena Evans says:

    This is so disheartening to know that all of these companies are getting rich at the expense of pet owners…in my case I do not have pets they are my children. And I always try to provide the best nutrition for them after doing my home work on blue buffalo I have wasted alot of money by purchasing this for my pets. Who can you trust these days….the natural ingredients prepared in my kitchen. That may seem expensive to some but it’s worth knowing exactly what you are feeding your pets .

  19. karen Gifford says:

    I am so overwhelmed that they falsified there ingredients, I have been feeding my 3 dogs on the blue for 5 years now only because I thought they were getting a product with absolutely no byproducts in it. I have a shepherd a Lab both 11yrs old now and a Papillion age 8 and wanted to feed them the most healthiest food for them, for almost $60 dollars a bag at 24 bags a year for 5 years I’m pissed off. I could of spent less money for cheap byproduct food. I hope blue gets what’s coming to them. I hope they will pay up back to the consumers for being duped. now I will have to some how get my receipts from petsmart where I always buy it from and research for a different food for my babies.

  20. Mark Hon says:

    we have had our shepherd for year now,we feed him lamb and rice,Tractor Supply brand,he has not showed any signs 0f getting sick,we used Blue with our other shepherd for just a lil while it was just to, pricing,just about the same ingrediants in the off brand ,but we do give him Blue Buffalo treats,guess we will stop that now. so sad you cant trust anyone to what we feed our animals.=,part of our family.


    I relied to the claim of the manufacturer that it is making my dog healthier and am disappointed that my dog has been subjected to such an act.


    I am disappointed that my dog has been subjected to such an act people that are suppose to care about our pets.

  23. dixie freeman says:

    purchased at petco my dog had cancer tumor removed thought better food would keep him healthy

  24. Sweta says:

    I switched to Blue Buffalo when the Innova recall took place 3 yrs ago. I am so disappointed & disgusted with these companies. How can these companies get away with this? They should be behind bars. Can anyone suggest which dry food to use? I was mixing chicken ( human consumption chicken) with the dry food . Probably just feed chicken & rice daily & stop using dry food

  25. Shelley Stephenson says:

    I bought Blue Buffalo after I heard how wonderful it was.

  26. Jeanne Clemons says:

    my babies have tried this and were very disappointed

  27. Clarissa King says:

    I was employed by Blue from 11-25-09 to 10-15-14. I fed Blue exclusevely during my employment for both dogs n cats from kibble, treats, bones, cat litter. I had 7 dogs abd 4 cats. My dogs are showdogs. My irish setter who is now 8 yrs old suffered extensively from food borne allergies during the 5 yrs I was employed by blue. He had to be treated with presidone, cephalexin, benedril. He suffered for 5yrs. I thought I was doing the right thing by feeding Blue. We were brainwashed during our meetings being told Blue was the best food out there. I currently feed Victor and my irish does not suffer at all with alergies. When feeding blue regardless if its freedom turkey or wilderness he scratched leaving huge scars therefore at two yrs old his show career was over. His coat quality on blue was horrible. I WILL NEVER FEED ANY BLUE PRODUCT AGAIN and pass the word as such. Clarissa King

    • Clarissa King says:

      During the class action suit blue did not replace Thor and had Megan Oliveri district mgr from Az and Nv oversee Co. She was very non professional and struggled managing Co. The last mtg I attended Aug 2014 was just a mtg to boost moral. Very dissapointing. Ryan attended the mtg he scheduled in a tiny dark room in Aurora, Co. It took a month for us to get travel pay after I contacted corporate being repramanded by Megan for going over her head. Very DISSAPOINTED IN BLUE BUFFALO.

  28. Lisa Durrenberger says:

    My cat and dog both grew up eating Blue Buffalo. Sometime ago, my cat started losing hair around her ears and developed round circle hives all over her body. I brought her to the vet and after several 1, 000.00 plus, the vet determined it was a food allergy. I stopped feeding both of my animals Blue Buffalo! My cat no longer has allergies and her beautiful coat has grown back.

  29. Linda Sarvis says:

    I feed my two little boy dogs BLUE BUFFALO and same of there TREATS for a time like five years. They were not gaining any weight and starting to be just lazing around and sick….My vet and I worried… She said change the boys food and NOW so I did some checking on some food…CHANGE THE BOYS FOOD AND TREATS THEY ARE DOING GREAT….Have gain weight are very active like they should be…I am so very glad I did’not lose them they are my family…… BLUE BUFFALO AND TREATS COSTS ME A LOT MONEY……I have no purchased transaction or receipts to show for it……But may be a witness that knows what I feed them and how long………..

  30. Julia E says:

    Petco clear out and reset their orders a few months ago. I’ve bought Blue Buffalo for my dog for the past 8 years, with the last year and a half on repeat order from and I only have the most recent purchase on my account, cause they cleared the rest off.


    ADMIN – Hi Julia,

    I am so sorry to hear that

    • Admin says:


      File your claim for the estimated amount of your purchase. The administrator will review any documentation and will likely approve your claim.

  31. Rob DiPietro says:

    I am completely disgusted with Blue Buffalo products.

  32. sue mansueto says:

    Very unhapply to hear about Blue products as I have have been using on my food/skin allergy prone golden. Thought i was helping her. Shop at Petsmart with an acct. like everone else- who saves receipts past 1 month?

    ADMIN – Hi Sue,

    I believe Petsmart keeps track of your transactions if you use their loyalty card. Contact their customer service department to see if they can provide you records of your purchases.

  33. Linda Hitsman says:

    I tried this dog food for my dog when it came out and she didn’t care for it that much and became lazy and didn’t even want to play. I thought it being all natural like it said it would be good for her., I have taken her off it and she is doing better and got more energy now

  34. Megan says:

    I’ve been feeding my dogs this for 3 years now!! I had NO CLUE about this until a friend told me. SO disappointed!! It’s really sad they did this… I think of my 2 boys as my children and would never consider feeding them unnatural food!! Now I need to find a new brand!!

  35. Sherry Cockerham says:

    Do not buy this brand unless you want sick animals!!!!!. My cat weighed 12 pounds and got sick while eating this. She was down to 5 pounds. I thought she was going to die and so did vet. After many vet bills and complete switch of diet to Science Diet she is amazingly better and over 12 pounds.

  36. karen schraeder says:

    I got 3 puppies November 12, 2006, started feeding the Blue Buffalo puppy food. After their first year started feeding Blue Buffalo adult dog food. Have been feeding my boys Blue every day since. I AM SO MAD AT BLUE. I WILL NEVER GIVE MY BOYS BLUE AGAIN AND WILL PASS THE WORD TO ANYONE AND EVERYONE. SHAME ON YOU BLUE, 32 MILLION IS JUST A DROP IN A BUCKET FOR YOU. YOU LIED AND MIGHT AS WELL SAY YOU STOLED MONEY FROM YOUR CUSTOMERS! WE LOVE OUR PETS AS WE LOVE OUR FAMILIES.

  37. karen schraeder says:

    I just found out that my Pet perks only has info up to sept 2014, nothing before that. I find that odd. I also read that petco has deleted purchases from their program. ODD?

    ADMIN – Hi Karen,

    I am sorry about that. Claim as much as you can with the receipts that you do have.

    • Greg Rochelle says:

      Pet smart did sorta the same to my family. My wife went into pet Smart a few months ago and was told by the clerk that everyone had to open a new pet perks acct. When I went in to try and get the old info off the computer our new acct was attached to the old number and none of the old items we bought were on there. Seems very fishy to me. I will not be going back to Pet Smart…..

  38. Carly says:

    In October 2012 when Daisy was just a puppy; Petco sales associate convinced me to switch to Blue Buffalo Small Breed Puppy. I’ve been feeding her Blue Buffalo dry food, can food (holidays), treats and bones ever since. The first couple of years I purchased at Petco , the last year I’ve been going to Petsmart. What a coincidence that Petco cleared out their customer purchase history. WHAT ARE WE ALL SUPPOSE TO DO NOW? MANY OF US HAVE SPENT 100’s or even 1,000’s ON BB PRODUCTS. Any advice? Or are we SOL?

    ADMIN – Hi Carly,

    I am afraid you are out of luck. Claim as much as you can with the documentation that you do have.

  39. Anthony Blackman says:

    My pet became very ill after use this product

  40. karen schraeder says:

    I just found out that my Pet perks only has info up to sept 2014, nothing before that. I find that odd. I also read that petco has deleted purchases from their program. ODD?

    ADMIN – Hi Karen,

    Sorry to hear. Claim as much as you can with the info that you do have.

  41. katy says:

    does this include canned cat food ?

    ADMIN – Hi Katy,

    Please use this product list to check

  42. Paul Beeson says:

    Doubt I have any reciets but this just answered a question,

    My fourteen. year. old border collie has been on science diet all her life but now is old and getting pickey.

    I have her on allgy medicine. because I have been mixing this crap with her food.
    That stops now.

  43. PHG says:

    I have tried several times to file a claim online and keep getting an ‘unknown error’ message when I submit it. Everything looks correct, docs uploaded OK, tried 3 different browsers etc. Tried calling, but you have to listen to a very long canned message then leave VM, which I did, and got cut off. I can’t help but wonder if this is deliberate. Guess my only choice now is to submit a claim via snailmail. Becoming more and more disappointed with Blue Buffalo, needless to say.

    ADMIN – Hi Patti,

    I have heard a similar complaint from several people. I am sorry the digital form is giving you trouble. Hopefully the admin for the host page will fix it soon.

    • Admin says:

      Were you able to file your claim? The site is still accepting claims. Call the admin @ 844-245-3772 if you need help.

  44. Kathleen says:

    I have also tried to submit several times only to receive a “An unknown error occured.” message. The website does not work.

    ADMIN – Hi Kathleen,

    I encourage you to contact the admin and escalate this issue. Their info is listed above under “contact”.

    • Admin says:


      Were you able to file your claim? The site is still accepting claims. Call the admin @ 844-245-3772 if you need help.

  45. Marie says:

    I have been feeding my dog this food and treats thinking it was the best on the market now for the past 4 yrs now I am so disappointed. I did not mind paying more for the food and treats as long as my dog was getting the best according to Blue Buffalo’s ads.

  46. ed says:

    I used to always by this type of food for my dog. He grew up on it, and the same thing to my old pet kitten.

  47. Frederick N Wilkes says:

    I take my puppies health very seriously and I it’s a shame a company a famous as this would falsely advertise a so called “healthy meal”.

  48. Becky Valentine says:

    The breeder I bought my dog from and who is a personal friend of ours had fed the puppies this food from the time they could eat solid foods. The litter has a terrible time with diarrhea. Once I brought my dog home and had finished the blue buffalo. I changed his dog food and the diarrhea went away. I blame the blue buffalo for that and no longer fed them that stuff. This just confirms my suspicions

  49. Lynda Hill says:

    How sad. πŸ™ I’ve been feeding my dogs Blue Buffalo can food 4X a week as an “extra” to their kibble for a few yrs now. I have noticed that 2 of my 3 dogs are getting skinnier and skinnier and are losing their hair and nonstop scratching even though I see no fleas on them. How very, very, sad… I bought it a a local feed store thinking I was getting something super healthy for my babies. πŸ™

  50. chet kelley says:

    I have been feeding 4 cats and 3 dogs Blue since 2013. They have never looked and acted better. I know of some of the products companies put into dog food, personally I still feed my dogs and cats Blue, matter a fact I have one cat that just turned 17 going for 18. If the food was that bad I don’t think she would be here. I am submitting a claim though, and with that two hundred dollars I will buy four more bags of blue and a lottery ticket. Everyone is entitled to one mistake, the good thing is they are standing up and admitting it and giving back, cant ask for more than that.

  51. al says:


    ADMIN – Hi Al,

    Neither has anyone else. The settlement has not been finalized. Please be patient.

  52. Christopher Cummings says:

    I have been buying the Blue Wilderness Salmon upc#4024310537 and Blue Buffalo Chicken and Brown Rice Adult upc#5961000011 for at least 8 years. Who would think to keep receipts? My dog suffers from food allergies and currently has an auto immune disease called Lupoid Onychodstrophy. (believed to be brought on by food allergies) I have been buying the Salmon recipe exclusively for 5 months because of their (Blue Buffalo’s) claims. ($64.00 a bag) I just assumed I was buying the best. I’m very disappointed with Blue Buffalo. I have also bought the Blue Buffalo Pumpkin and Cinnamon and Yogurt and Apple treats for some time. I will have to find something different for my 11 year old German Shepherd.
    Christopher J. Cummings

  53. Fran says:

    I had my dog on Blue Buffalo dry dog food from August 2013 until December 2015, he became sick in September of 2014, all ways sick to his stomach and constant diarrhea. I was constantly at the Vet’s with him and we could not figure out what was causing it. My Siberian went from 62 lbs to 47 lbs and $5,500.00 in vet bills. In December of 2015 I received an email from a pet website that I follow and it reported that Blue Buffalo caused IBS in animals,I immediately stopped feeding him Blue, the same day the vet put him on Prednisone for 8 doses for a period of two weeks. In two weeks time he gained 14 lbs and was back up to 62 lbs. I had to get him weighed every month for six months. He has not had Blue since December and is not taking any meds and he now is a healthy weight of 65 lbs. Two hundred does not even make a dent it what was spent at the Vet’s, I even had to bring him to a specialist for an ultrasound that cost was $1,100.

    ADMIN – Hi Fran,

    Very sad. If you feel the settlement is not appropriate consider declining and securing your own attorney if that is the path you want to follow after receiving appropriate advice as to the potential of your case.

    • Admin says:


      The settlement is pro-rata and you will likely receive much more than the $200 (which was an estimate based upon anticipated claim rates).

  54. Jeanne says:

    I have been purchasing blue buffalo for 10 years for 2 pugs!!! Yellow bag, weight mangement, then senior and back to regular adult. No more, I’ve switched, I believed everything the bag said.

    It took me a lot of time to come to the decision to purchase blue buffalo, i compared tons of other foods and came to the conclusion that BB was the best. My son used to get the cards from the bags. We even registered our dogs.

    This sad and I can only hope that I am getting the best dog food for my pugs. they were 10 years old this March 2016.

  55. Sarah slc says:

    I fed my cat Blue Buffalo for about 5 months. As animals do, he didn’t show any signs of illness until he was really sick. Come to find out he had developed crystal like substances in his bladder that eventually started to block his urinary track. He developed a serious infection in his bladder which eventually contributed to his untimely death. Through out this tragic ordeal, my vet told me this was not the first time he had encountered this with animals being fed Blue Buffalo. I lost my cat because of this product.

  56. Michelle George says:

    I’ve been feeding my baby girl TippiNeko Blue Buffalo since she was 7 wks old and started eating solid food.
    I am devastated now, I don’t know where to turn anymore. Who can I trust? Who is selling the best food?
    She will be 3 years old in May and I DON’T WANT TO LOSE HER!!! I don’t want her to get sick because the food I feed her! She is maltese and she weights 6lb.


    ADMIN – HI Michelle,

    Have you considered making the food for your baby girl? There are plenty of recipes online to make wonderful organic GMO-free food.

  57. Dixie Pinckney says:

    When will checks be issued? I filed claim last year before deadline and still no check.

    ADMIN – Hi Dixie,

    Check with the admin. I believe it is under objections.

  58. Robert C. Zornes says:

    Blue Buffalo has appealed.

    I hope that all of you have used social media to send out to all your family and friends the information about Blue Buffalo.

    I am very happy that one of our local pet food outlets chose not to sell Blue Buffalo any more. I can’t say the same about Pets Mart.

    Follow the money.

  59. Kris says:

    Under objection? Sheesh! Well I guess they’ve lost a lot of people as a customer now, me included.

  60. Khristina Lores says:

    I took Oz in to the emergency room because he threw up about 2 days worth of food and just laid on the floor. He is so sick and has a severe UTI and crystals and will be in the hospital until Friday – that is almost a full week. When I told the vet he eats blue buffalo the doc said “we see this all the time”! WHAT THE HELL???? I changed his food about a year ago and he loved it – all the while it was killing him! I also bought a fountain for him because he started drinking from the faucet. I thought “awweee. how cute and look, hes drinking so much more water”. Again, I didn’t equate it to a problem, nor did I think anything about his food causing issues. Thousands of dollars later and week in the hospital for my guy and I am FURIOUS that this garbage is still on the market! I will NEVER EVER use the bags that I have at home – I cant even donate them because I would not put someone elses animal in danger! I am beside myself thinking that there are other consumers who, like me, don’t do the research and don’t realize they are poisoning their pets with this stuff! IT HAS TO STOP!

  61. roz says:

    Where do we stand as of today, October 30, 2017?

    ADMIN – Hi Roz,

    Per the website this is still under appeals

    UPDATE : Please note that appeals have been filed in this case. No payments to the Class will be sent until the appeals have been resolved.

  62. Gregory watkins says:

    I just lost my sweet little kitty Leanord, that was my companion for 12 yrs. I bought blue Buffalo cat food in thinking it was a supirior product a few months back. .he started losing weight. Which at first we thought it was a good thing..but was throwing up which we believe to be due to hairballs.. then he started howling and showing signs of sickness..took him to vet. Was diagnosed with diabetes. Started him on insulin.. within a 2 month period back an forth to vets with complocations asociated with this so we though. Was going into seizures. Finnaly vet said blood was normal and diabetes should be under control but was still having severe seizures. An he recommended to put him down due to suffering in what he believed was some other issue possible brain issue. IT WAS THE ABSOLUTE WORST DAY OF MY LIFE. I STILL CANNOT GO A DAY WITHOUT CRYING OR UNDERSTANDING. Our other little cat which was his brother was plauged with skin issues as well after the switch we suspected fleas but had him on a regiment of top of the line vet med an flea med an aslo occasoinaly throwing up. After supecting an reading up on this food..4 days ago i swithed food for him an noticible THROWING up iritation gone…!!! I HIGHLY SUSPECT THAT THIS FOOD KILLED MY LITTLE ONE.. IM SO ANGERY AND THAT IS PUTTING IT MILDLY. . AN AM LOOKING INTO GETTING THE REMAINING PRODUCT I HAVE TESTED. What can I do about this? IF IN FACT THIS WAS THE CAUSE OF MY BABYS DEATH I WANT SOMEONE’S HEAD ON A PLATE. Can anyone advise me what I can do?

    ADMIN – Hi Gregory,

    You can’t do a thing at least as it relates to this settlement as the deadline has passed and the monies have been distributed.

    • RJS says:

      Blue Buffalo led to the death of both my dog and my cat. The vet said there is too much protein which started bladder stones and pain in our dog (age 5). My cat (age 12) also got diabetes have eating blue. Within a month he was on shots and then went into seizures where he had to be put down. All because of a company saying they had the best food on the market, and I was trying to do my best for my pets.
      My latest dogs are on Purina Pro Plan per my vet and doing great. I did send in a claim on Blue Buffalo but have not heard anything in response to a settlement. 2/8/18

      ADMIN – Hi RJS,

      This settlement was paid out on January 8th. It would be wise for you to hurry up and contact the administrator to make sure you don’t miss out.

  63. SF says:

    I believe I received $108.69 from this today.

    ADMIN – Hi SF,


  64. Diane H says:

    I got $2,173 today from the settlement. Made my day

    ADMIN – Hi Diane,


  65. ERB says:

    I received my settlement today for well more than what I expected. I did have receipts to document all my purchases, so I’m assuming that made the difference.

    ADMIN – Hi ERB,


  66. Pam says:

    They lost or did not enter my claim – so they say. I have all the paperwork I submitted. They do not seem to care that they lost it either. Not professional. They will not address this issue either. I even had the upc codes from the bags. I did touch base with them also. Made several calls during Dec Jan and Feb.

    ADMIN – Hi Pam,

    Did you send it certified?

  67. Pam says:

    General Mills just purchase Blue Buffalo ?

    ADMIN – Hi Pam,


  68. Paula Cohen says:

    We purchased small breed food listed on this lawsuit since 2010 for our dogs. Very worrried

    ADMIN – Hi Paula,

    If they are still alive there is no reason to worry.

  69. jacqui says:

    my dog has been sick for months, going back and forth to vet for runs. I stopped canned food went on meds and she was okay and waited weeks to give her canned food. I did this 3 times and she is sick now again. I just found they recalled food. there is still an issue here. I will be having to go back to vet again and hope she can get past this. I called the place I purchased this from and told them of the issues with this food and I just found it to be recalled. so why is there only class action on those dates? I am having issues last couple months and had no Idea it was recalled until my dog had been sick everytime I feed it to her. finally, a light went off and I knew each time I gave it to her within minutes she was sick. I am returning 4 cases I have left of this food. to think I had 3 visits with the vet for this for her. I wish I had known sooner.

    ADMIN – Hi Jacqui,

    To avoid missing class action settlements in the future please consider signing up for our newsletter.

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