Class Eligibility

The Settlement includes all direct purchasers of healthcare services from a Michigan General Acute Care Hospital between January 1, 2006 and June 23, 2014. The Class includes:

  • Individuals who paid Michigan General Acute Care Hospitals in the form of co-pays, co-insurance, or otherwise;
  • Insurers that paid Michigan General Acute Care Hospitals for their insureds; and
  • Self-insured entities whose health plan participants received healthcare services at Michigan General Acute Care Hospitals.

Estimated Amount

A minimum of $15 to $25

The amount received will depend on a variety of factors. Please refer to the official settlement page for details

Proof of Purchase


Case Name

The Shane Group Inc. v. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan,
Case No. 2:10-cv-14360
District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan

Case Summary

Plaintiffs allege that BCBSM violated federal and state laws by using most favored nation clauses in contracts with 70 general acute care hospitals in Michigan. Plaintiffs claim that these clauses inflated prices for healthcare services at several Michigan hospitals. BCBSM denies Plaintiffs’ allegations, denies any wrongdoing, and contends that its actions caused lower, not higher, hospital prices.

Settlement Pool





Shane Group v. BCBSM Settlement
Epiq, Settlement Administrator
P.O. Box 3240
Portland, OR 97208-3240

9 responses to “Blue Cross Blue Shield Hospital Costs Settlement (Michigan Hospitals)”

  1. gene says:

    I don’t understand what has to be provided to get the basic payout amount?

    ADMIN – Hi Gene,

    Documentation would be like a printed invoice. If you do not provide documentation you just need to fill out a claim.

    If you do not have records that show the amounts you paid the hospital for your hospital visits, and you wish to accept a payment based on a default amount of your hospital payments instead of the actual amount of your hospital payments, then select “No, I do not have documentation to prove my Claim.”

    The default amount is $50 per outpatient hospital visit and $414 per inpatient hospital visit. These are the payment amounts that you will be credited with in calculating your pro rata share of the Settlement money. These are not the amounts you will receive from the Settlement. The amount you receive, if your claim is valid, will be substantially less.

  2. Karen says:

    If the estimated amount is $15-$25, will you explain why anyone would go to the trouble of looking for invoices from a decade ago, or even filing a claim without them? It seems to me that the only people that benefit from a class action is the attorneys who get 1/3 of the settlement of $29 million PLUS costs, never the people who were cheated. I once received a check for $11 and the attorneys shared 1/3 of $42 million plus costs. I realize that there can be thousands of plaintiffs but people should wake up and realize that class actions are not intended to benefit the injured parties…only the attorneys. They are big money-makers for them. It makes no difference how many members are in the suit, the attorneys want big settlements to get their hands on the one third of that settlement. It’s essentially a legal scam.

    ADMIN – Hi Karen,
    Here is why you should go through the trouble:
    Class Members with small purchases of hospital healthcare services may be eligible for minimum payments of $25 and/or $15, depending on their particular purchases. Class Members with large purchases may be eligible for much higher payments, with the size of their payment depending on the factors described below. The maximum possible payment is 3.5% of the Class Member’s total purchases of healthcare services from Michigan General Acute Care Hospitals from January 1, 2006 through June 23, 2014.

    The size of the payment will be determined by:

    Which general acute care hospital(s) in Michigan the Class Member paid;
    The amounts paid to the hospital(s) from January 1, 2006 through June 23, 2014; and
    Which insurer paid the hospital, provided the insurance coverage, or administered the self-insured plan.

  3. Sheryl Maironis says:

    By leaving a reply, will I be contacted to fill out more questions? I have been to several hospitals in Michigan in the above time frames with one overnight stay of 5 days. I think I can provide proof, but I do not want to start making calls until I know if I am qualified. Can you assist?

    ADMIN – Hi Sheryl,

    Read class eligibility. If meet the requirements set forth in that section you are a class member.

  4. gene says:

    so would this also apply to admissions where you paid for items like telephone service and tv service while hospitalized?

    ADMIN – Hi Gene,

    Contact the class action administrator to get clarification on this matter.

  5. Beverly Satterelli says:

    Do I put down on the chart, services for test – like MRI, x-rays, ultra sounds etc. or does it only have to be
    outpatient and inpatient surgery

    ADMIN – Hi Beverly,

    Please reach out to the class action administrator to ask your question.

  6. Jan says:

    I received a post card about this and there’s a very good chance that someone in my family used one of the mentioned hospitals in the relevant time-frame. My question is: Why do I have to have proof? Blue Cross obviously knows how much each of it’s clients paid during that time. They must have a record of it, or why would I have received the post card in the first place? I used to keep every EOB I ever got, but just last year I cleaned out my filing cabinet. I didn’t think there was a reason to keep 10 year old EOBs any more.

    ADMIN – Hi Jan,

    You can always request records from the hospitals. You have to present proof because that is the way our laws are set up.

  7. Diane Spicher says:

    I’m not able to get a direct answer by calling (twice). The reps who answer are reading off the same documents as I have read and seem to be guessing. Hopefully I can get an answer here.

    Does this also include health services performed at health centers affiliated with a hospital. Our situation, we go to U of M health centers. Thanks in advance for assistance!

    ADMIN – Hi Diane,

    Since this relates to hospital costs and health services are not considered core to hospital operations the answer is probably not but you would need to confirm that with the class action administrator.

  8. john gage says:

    has their been a court rulings !

    ADMIN – Hi John,

    None so far

  9. Marilyn says:

    Please update us…I spent many hours gathering all the invoices and sent them the first time. I sure hope they are still in your records. I went through cancer treatment during this time and look forward to having some of my overpayment returned…thanks so much for any info you can provide regarding the ‘when’ we might see a return.

    ADMIN – Hi Marilyn,

    I can’t update you. The admin has not added more info to the site.

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