Class Eligibility

You are a member of this class if between May 28, 2009 and Nov. 18, 2016 you purchased in the United States Blue Diamond Almond Breeze and/or Blue Diamond Nut-Thins Products that read “All Natural” or “Natural” on any part of the package (other than the ingredients list); listed “evaporated cane juice” as an ingredient; contained an endorsement from the American Heart Association; and/or did not specifically disclose the amount of almonds included in the product.

Estimated Amount

Up to $20
Proof of Purchase
Case Name
Townsend v. Blue Diamond Growers, Case No. CV 14-958-4 Circuit Court of Washington County, Arkansas
Case Summary
This lawsuit addressed information in the packaging leading the consumer to believe that the product was all natural. The lawsuit specifically claimed that the packaging and advertising of certain Blue Diamond Growers Almond Breeze and Nut Thins Products was inaccurate in that it led purchasers to believe that the Products were “All Natural” or “Natural,” when in fact they included one or more synthetic ingredients. The lawsuit also challenged Blue Diamond Growers’ use of the ingredient statement “evaporated cane juice” and the use of the American Heart Association’s “heart check-mark” symbol on certain of its Almond Breeze Products. The lawsuit also claimed that Blue Diamond Growers’ Almond Breeze products were misleadingly advertised as containing a significant amount of almonds and as being heart healthy. Blue Diamond Growers’ stands by its advertising and denies it did anything wrong.
Settlement Pool
Townsend v. Blue Diamond Growers Settlement c/o Heffler Claims Group P.O. Box 58427 Philadelphia, PA 19102-8247 1-844-528-0184

53 responses to “Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Nut Thins Class Action Settlement”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have purchased 3 packages of this a while back but have no recipt or proof due to the fact that i beleived a large company would not make a simple mistake like this. I payed in cash leaving me with no proof of purchase, but beleive i deserve compensation for this seeing as i am a strong beleiver in all natural foods.

    ADMIN – Hi Cam,

    Please note that you should be able to file without a receipt.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I feel as though I it misleading whn its nothing natural about it.

  3. James LaFave says:

    I was mislead about it being natural, it’s not.

  4. Gino DiPierro says:

    i have been using this product for years so i should receive compensation.

  5. felicia says:

    I believe I deserve compensation. I have been buying this product thinking it was all natural which obviously is not and that’s very misleading.

  6. Lori Rodman says:

    Natural I think NOT…misleading and just plain WRONG!!

  7. George Reeve says:

    I have been eating this product for years and was very surprised and disappointed to find out I had been duped into believing it was all natural. After my heart attack in 2011 I try to eat healthy, then in 2015 I was diagnosed as having severe swallowing disorder called Barrett Syndrome & have laryngospasms. So I try to read labels carefully, if a product deceives it customers it can be a life or death situation.

  8. Deborah Livingston says:

    I have purchased many packages over the years and regret to learn of this deception!

  9. Sarom toum says:

    I purchased this product as often as two to three times a month. I would like to receive a compensation of possible. Thank you

    ADMIN – Hi Sarom,

    How about you file a claim as instructed on this page? I think you deserve it.

  10. Holly cagle says:

    mislead that it was natural

  11. Linda Smith says:

    I have been eating blue diamond nuts, for years

  12. Peggie says:

    I felt I was lied to. When I buy a product to serve to friends and family I want to trust and rely on their integrity

  13. Angela Taylor says:

    I thought if a product was endorsed by the American Heart Association they had investigated it first to make sure the claims made by the manufacturer were truthful. Seems misleading to me.

  14. Monie Donlay says:

    I have been eating this product for a long time,this is heart breaking, it is so hard now days to find a good healthy products

  15. Gloria says:

    I believed in the company about their product and I am very disappointed. I have purchased this product several times with cash, therefore, I too do not
    Have a receipt. I hope I can be compensated for this deceiving act.

  16. Calvin Williams says:

    i buy your product all the time

  17. Eboni Burts says:

    This is unfair to the citizens of the United States of America. Felt mislead and a victim of falsified information.

  18. DAP says:

    I purchase them all the time. Never knew until a colleague told me about it who saw my package.

  19. Cheryl L Ahrens says:

    That is the only brand there was. I buy them all of the time at Walgreens. I also do not have a receipt.

  20. Robin Parks says:

    I believe I deserve compensation. I have been buying this product thinking it was all natural which obviously is not and that’s very misleading.

  21. Marilou Abruscato says:

    I bought these all the time sometimes just on the fly paying cash and not having a receipt. Now to find out that they were not as stated is very upsetting. Most people do not save grocery receipts or have proofs of purchase so far after the fact.

  22. Amy Cheek says:

    These were my favorite snacks and i didnt feel guilty for eating them until my friend told me different i read the pack its just a shame i spent my hard earned cash i do not have a receipt i hope i can still be compensated

  23. Craig Eaton says:

    I bought 8 of these and I feel deceived

  24. Joyna J Robertson says:

    Words can not adequately express how disappointed I am in this product

  25. Manoucheka dixon says:

    This is crazy. I’ve been eating this as part of my natural foods to be healthy. I’ve been to the hospital to many times do to my health issues so I decided 4 years ago to eat healthier so I started eating blue diamond almond breeze & & nut thins as part of my snack before & sometimes after lunch. That’s just not right. Just when you think you’re eating natural healthy foods you get lied to. #Sad

  26. richard phillips says:

    I have filled out the form correctly 6 times! each time it comes back with parts deleted I re-filled it and comes back same way each time just won’t take my info

    ADMIN – Hi Richard,

    Contact the class action administrator to report problems with the form.

  27. Kristin Wagner says:

    I believe I deserve compensation. I have been buying this product thinking it was all natural which obviously is not and that’s very misleading.

  28. Anna H says:

    I think i have proof of purchase (receipts and all) of probably about 30 Blue Diamonds Almond Breeze bought it possible to get refunded for all 30 ?

    ADMIN – Hi Anna,

    No, only 10 per household per product.

  29. Wanda Sue Bailey says:

    I always buy this brand, so disappointed, really mislead

  30. Teri J Seitz says:

    I purchased several packages believing they were “All Natural”! I’m upset how the food industry is misleading consumers!

  31. Judy Bright says:

    I have three boxes as we speak. I try to eat healthy and feel I was mislead.

  32. P.D. says:

    Wow sorry the advertisement was misleading- this is a great product

  33. Lilia Tafoya says:

    I purchase this product on a regular basis. I’m very disappointed, words can’t not express how I feel.

  34. Andrea faison says:

    We love these and have been mislead

  35. Tonja Williams says:

    When make the decision to have a healthier lifestyle, you choose products to purchase by the labels. Information on labels should be accurate. I love this brand and have for years.

  36. Patricia A. Howard says:

    OMG,. I am so confused and a little pissed off at this company. Even as of today, I. Still drink Blue Diamond Almond milk. To be exact I drink the 30 calorie unsweetened Almond milk, for the reason of health benefits. Is it still made with evaporated cane juice? I will check if I have any receipts, normally I throw my grocery receipts away. But I tell you this….I will never by this product again. Why is it still on the shelves in grocery stores?

  37. Diane Strickland says:

    I have bought your brand of products a lot!!

  38. Valencia Jenkins says:

    I know I deserve compensation. I’ve been buying this product for over a year thinking I was eating healthy. How do I file out the claim form?

    ADMIN – Hi Valencia,

    You click on the file a claim button.

  39. Latonya Carson says:

    I always purchase the brand and thought the label was trusted information, not errors. Makes me wonder what else is missing or misleading. I want to be reimbursed for my purchases.

    ADMIN – Hi Latonya,

    The intent of this class action is not a full reimbursement. It is solely intended to compensate you for false advertising.

  40. Lucille Budnick says:


  41. Jo Fazell says:

    I have been buying these products BECAUSE I thought they were Natural!!

  42. Mike Karam says:

    I purchase this brand all the time. I always thought they were a trusted market leader. Maybe not??

  43. carmen nieves says:

    i always buy almonds for my son to find out that they are not natural

  44. carmen nieves says:

    the only reason i bought them was because i thought they where natural

  45. MICHAEL DECOOK says:

    I thought this was a natural products. I’ve been eating these for years. How misleading. I want to be compensated

  46. Krystal says:

    I stopped purchasing the Silk brand because this was advertised to be natural with no question and it ultimately tasted better to me which made me believe the advertising… should have known that it wasn’t since it tasted so much better. Tricked again. Soon to learn how to make my own and stop relying on these lying companies! Oh and the nuts, I would eat them faithfully especially the dark chocolate ones… they helped curve my sugar cravings.

  47. Yesenia Portes says:

    I have brought this product for my spouse has he is military and we thought it was a good source of natural protein in which is not we deserve our money bank.

  48. Donna Gaffney says:

    I only purchase one to try it because i love the taste of almonds and i didn’t taste the almonds taste as advertised i thought it was me. But it was the product the entire time i didn’t even drink any more.

  49. JOHN CAVIOLA says:

    bought them thinking they were natural

  50. Robin Beck says:

    any updates on this settlement yet. I filed claim in february

    ADMIN – Hi Robin,

    I believe this one will get paid soon.

  51. Linda Olvera says:

    I, too, filed a claim in January and would like an update on this settlement.

    ADMIN – Hi Linda,

    No updates are available

  52. Jacqueline Moore says:

    I filed a claim in 2017. My Claim Filing Number is 3089618SJ6D6B and I have never heard anything. What happened to the claim?

    • Angelica (Admin) says:

      Hi Jacqueline, Please note that we ( are *not* the Settlement Administrator of this case. We only post opportunities for potential Class Members of various settlements on this website. Please contact the Settlement Administrator directly for any updates on your claim, if you haven’t already done so. The details are provided above; just scroll up. Thank you, and best of luck.