Class Eligibility

All persons who, between February 12, 2011 and March 21, 2017 made a purchase with a credit or debit card at any of The Body Shop’s retail locations in the United States where an electronically-printed receipt was received at the point of sale or in a transaction that displayed more than the last five digits of that person’s debit or credit card number. Notwithstanding the foregoing, all persons who are or have been enrolled in The Body Shop’s “Love Your BodyTM Loyalty Program” for whom The Body Shop has an e-mail or physical address, and who made a debit or credit card transaction at any of The Body Shop’s retail locations in the United States between April 23, 2014 and January 9, 2016, are included in the Settlement Class. If you did not receive notice by email or mail, you still may be a Settlement Class Member and you are encouraged to file

Estimated Amount

$12 gift card

Proof of Purchase


Case Name

Henry Lee v. Buth-Na-Bodhaige, Inc., d/b/a The Body Shop, S.D.N.Y.
Case No: 1:16-cv-01104-LTS
District Court, Southern District of New York

Case Summary

The Action alleges that Defendant willfully and intentionally violated the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act (15 U.S.C. § 1681 et seq.) (“FACTA”). FACTA requires that all but the last five digits of a consumer’s credit or debit card numbers be deleted from credit or debit card receipts presented to customers at the point of sale. Specifically, Lee alleges that Defendant violated FACTA by providing its customers with credit or debit card receipts displaying more than the last five digits of the card number.

Settlement Pool





Body Shop Settlement
c/o Dahl Administration
PO Box 3614
Minneapolis, MN 55403-0614

11 responses to “The Body Shop FACTA Class Action Settlement”

  1. stephanie cazares says:

    Made around 5 purchases showing my cards last numbers

  2. Deborah Fraterrigo says:

    I have shopped at The Body Shop between February 12, 2011 and March 21, 2017 using my credit/debit card. I am not a member of the Love My BodyTM Loyalty Program.

    ADMIN – Hi Deborah,

    I believe you still qualify. File a claim if more than 5 digits of your credit card showed on your receipt.

  3. sherri dishaw says:

    I purchased several products from the body shop and never noticed that on my receipt, but I didn’t look.

  4. Lisa perry says:

    Like the products

  5. Rae says:

    I buy from the Body Shop less than 2 miles from me. I never looked at my receipts except the price, never thought about the digits of my credit card being there? What should I do?

    ADMIN – Hi Rae,

    You should reach out to the admin and ask if your location was one where the receipts were printing too many digits.

  6. daniel yee says:

    Made 3 purchases and never noticed it until now

  7. Doug Taylor says:


  8. Gladys Arcega says:

    Bought items but didn’t kept the receipts

    ADMIN – Hi Gladys,

    Make it a point to keep your receipts.

  9. Jennifer Castillo says:

    I bought Vitamin E oil and use it every night. Disappointing.

  10. Mara says:

    I have a claim no 126443, have not received any info.

    ADMIN – Hi Mara,

    Have you reached out to the class action administrator?

  11. Cj Washington says:

    I have not rec’d any further notices. What was the final outcome?

    ADMIN – Hi CJ,

    Here is the last updated from the class action administrator

    UPDATE (1/23/18): Due to certain procedural issues that arose in the federal court, the Class Representative and Class Counsel determined that it was in the interest of the Settlement Class to dismiss the action pending in the United States District Court and to re-file the class action lawsuit in the Circuit Court of St. Clair County, Illinois.

    The Circuit Court of St. Clair County granted approval of the Motion for Final Approval Settlement on December 20, 2017.

    After the Court granted approval for the Motion for Final Approval, an appeal was filed. Settlement benefits cannot be distributed until the appeal is fully resolved. We anticipate that the appeals process will take at least several months.

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