Class Eligibility

You are a Class Member if you purchased any BrainStrong Products, including: BrainStrong Toddler, BrainStrong Kids, and BrainStrong Adult in the United States between January 1, 2011 and March 4, 2016.

Estimated Amount

Up to full refund for those with receipt

Those without a receipt may claim up to one product per person or two per household and will receive $4 cash or $6.50 voucher

Proof of Purchase


Case Name

Amy Jovel and Michael Yee v. i-Health Inc.
Case No. 1:12-cv-05614-MDG
District Court for the Eastern District of New York

Case Summary

The lawsuit alleges violations of consumer protection and warranty laws, and claims that i-Health misrepresented the efficacy of BrainStrong Products, which contained Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) algal oil. i-Health denies it did anything wrong, and the Court has not made any ruling on the merits of the allegations of the lawsuit. i-Health, however, has chosen to provide its customers with a cash payment and/or vouchers for BrainStrong Products rather than spending additional money on litigation.

Settlement Pool





Jovel v. i-Health Claims Administrator
P.O. Box 40007
College Station, TX 77842-4007

15 responses to “BrainStrong DHA Supplement Class Action Settlement”

  1. Jeffery Cooper says:

    I used the Brainstrong Adult at least 3 different times. didn’t do crap for me.

  2. STNLEY RING says:

    Did nothing for me

  3. andre says:

    where you guys from?

    ADMIN – Hi Andre,

    Are you asking me?

  4. Patsy Hojnowski says:

    They made my children have severe HeadAces and my husband died of brain cancer

  5. diane venezia says:

    OMG I am angry! I bought bottles for everyone.

  6. Aida Medeiros says:

    Gave Me Migraines, Awful

  7. Shantesia Glass says:

    I brought a bottle for my aunt

  8. tippannee henson says:

    I brought my family give us an upset stomach and dizziness head to stop

  9. Efrain Natal says:

    I didn’t see results. Very disappointed.

  10. Tracy hooks says:

    I purchased 2 bottles for my son. Nothing

  11. Nicki says:

    It worked for me when I lost my bottle of Adderall.

  12. rozalen pober says:

    no updates to date on the I-health, inc. website

  13. rozalen pober says:

    no updates on I-health, inc. website

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