Class Eligibility

You are a class member if you

Used a credit card issued for consumer credit purposes to purchase goods from a Burlington Retail Store in the State of California during the period of time from February 14, 2010 through January 28, 2015 (“Class Period”); and

  • A Burlington employee requested and recorded your telephone number in conjunction with the credit card transaction, unless one of the following applies (“Excluded Transactions”):
  • You used a credit card issued to a business
  • The information was requested in connection with a special order, delivery, cash advance or layaway, tailoring or alterations, installation, tax exempt transactions, or gift registry
  • The transaction was a return or exchange of purchased merchandise.

Estimated Amount

$10 cash or $25 voucher

Proof of Purchase


Case Name

Burlington Coat Factory Song-Beverly Cases,
Case No. JCCP 4681
Superior Court of California Orange County

Case Summary

According to the lawsuit Burlington violated California Civil Code section 1747.08 by requesting and recording telephone numbers from customers who paid for merchandise with a credit card at Retail Stores located in California. Burlington denied that it violated California Civil Code section 1747.08.

Both sides agreed to settle to minimize the risk and cost associated to a lengthy trial

Settlement Pool





Claims Administrator
Burlington Class Action Settlement Claims Administrator
P.O. Box 43391
Providence, RI 02940-3391

34 responses to “Burlington Coat Factory Song-Beverly Class Action Settlement”

  1. Dawn Kelley says:

    I have this happen all the time at the Burlington in Ga. Is there anyway we can extended this lawsuit outside of California. Please send me some information.

    ADMIN- HI Dawn,

    You may want to contact class counsel to see if you have a case.

  2. Marc Schmidt says:

    Re:claim BBV-11073540701-852453. I have never shopped at Burlington Coat Factory.To my knowledge, I do not recall any transaction on any credit card statement. Please provide me with the date and amount of the transaction and store location, and credit card bank ASAP. Thanks.

    ADMIN – Hi Marc,

    We are not the claim administrator and cannot provide you with the info you requested. Contact the claim administrator to secure that info. In the interim we suggest you pull a credit report.

  3. Noele Malone says:

    yes it happened to me

  4. Susan says:

    Yes they always ask for the phone number to purchase or return.

  5. Mary Elizabeth smith says:

    Yes this happened to me

  6. Mary Elizabeth smith says:

    Send me info on this

    ADMIN – Hi Mary Elizabeth,

    All the information you need to know is available on this post or by reading the long notice. If you require more details we encourage you to contact you the class action administrator.

  7. Cynthia Hughes says:

    Happened on several occasions in Indiana

  8. nah says:

    As an ex-employee of Burlingotn, I have to say that we are FORCED to ask for your phone number. People are fired over not recording enough customer phone numbers in a given pay period. I agree that the lawsuit should go nationwide, but if this is not illegal outside of CA then there is nothing we can do on a legal threshold.

    make $7.25 an hour, work 39 hours a week, get fired for not badgering customers for phone numbers

    That’s how it was for me at least.

  9. zelma LeBlue says:

    yes it has also happen to me in November 2015

  10. keith w boggess says:

    no good

  11. jfw says:

    This happen to me in New York and in SC

  12. Karen Miller says:

    I questioned the cashier, her reply, the manage told us to get them when using a credit card

  13. Deiondre johnson says:

    I buy my wife clothes there all the time

  14. malaika houston says:

    I buy my clothes there with a credit card all the time.

  15. Angela Wynkoop says:

    I have shopped at Burlington Coat Factory many times over the years for all different items and used my credit card and debit card and gave my phone number,

  16. Linda Knowles says:

    I shopped there once and I don’t remember them asking for my phone #. The phone # on the form sent me from Patterson Law Group, is not, nor has it ever been, my phone #. What should my next step be?

    ADMIN – Hi Linda,

    If that is not your phone chances are it was a clerical mistake.

  17. Terre Owens says:

    This happens here in Arizona. It is to the extent that the cashiers actually attempt to make me feel as if I am required to provide my phone number, zip code and some times even my address in order to get the sale pricing that is already marked. It never makes a difference in the sale and it is intruding, bothersome and unnecessary.

  18. Frances Dobbins says:


  19. Delores cook says:

    This happens every time we shop there and we are in Florida.

  20. Teresa Harris says:

    They also ask for your number in Birmingham, Alabama. Is this a problem here also.

  21. mark l knapp says:

    i hate giving out my info

  22. Gilda Cureton says:

    It happened to me

  23. darlene Taylor says:

    yess this happen to me in Baltimore md reistertown plaza baltimore

  24. Irene Kay says:

    When will I receive the $25 voucher that I was notified about?

    ADMIN – Hi Irene,

    We have no idea. Some settlements take years to come to completion. Contact the admin to find out if there is any progress on this one

  25. BRENDA Caratachea says:

    When will I received the settlement

    ADMIN – Hi Brenda,

    If I recall correctly this was paid last year.

  26. Ashley says:

    Does the claim certificate expire? Does it matter if you change your address? I moved.

    ADMIN – Hi Ashley,

    When you change your address you should always notify the class action administrator. As for expiration date the answer is generally yes.

  27. R. Upright says:

    How can we receive a status update on our claim? I submit my claim before the deadline but have not received anything. The website and phone number do not address this request. Can someone help?

    ADMIN – Hi Upright,

    You can contact the class action admin.

  28. S. Woodward says:

    I received a Burlington merchandise claim certificate with the claim #BBV-11295601401-296959. I haven’t shopped at a Burlington store in more than 10 years. Is this a legitimate claim settlement?

    ADMIN – Hi S,

    Given the qualifying claim period you should be concerned that someone is using your credit.

  29. Antonia says:

    do you know how long the certificates are good for? There is no date written on it.

    ADMIN – Hi Antonia,

    I don’t.

  30. Edna Walker says:

    I received the following:

    1. $25.00 Merchandise Claim Certificate, Claim Certificate # 0110194147458599
    2. $8.16 Merchandise Claim Certificate, Claim Certificate # 011041227035689,

    I went to Burlington to use these Certificates and I was unable to use either of them. The cashier told me to contact you so you can re-issue both Certificates.
    Your prompt response to this matter is greatly appreciated.

    ADMIN – Hi Edna,

    I am not the class action administrator. You need to contact them. Their info is posted above.

    • Edna Walker says:

      Do you have a telephone number where I could speak to a live person

      ADMIN – Hi Edna,

      You can call class counsel at (619) 756-6990

  31. Brenda Taylor says:

    I live in the south and received a $7.50 rebate certificate. How do I get my 5.00 rebate check ??? You can mail my little check to me. Thanks for your time.

    ADMIN – Hi Brenda,

    This settlement was paid out a long time ago and you no longer have legal recourse.

  32. Mary Jane Pollard says:

    Hi there how come i never received anything from this store I sent my form. Please advice…

    ADMIN – Hi Mary Jane,

    This settlement was paid out long time ago. Your settlement must have been lost in the mail. At this point you no longer have recourse.

  33. CECELIA RUBIO says:


    ADMIN – Hi Cecelia,

    This is the company that managed the case

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