Class Eligibility

Cablevision settlement Class Members include all New Jersey, Connecticut and New York residents who subscribed to Cablevision’s video services and paid a monthly fee to lease a set-top box at any time between Apr. 30, 2004 to Mar. 9, 2016.

Estimated Amount

$20 – $140

The Cablevision class action settlement offers Class Members between $50 to $140 in credits for services; a one-time bill credit ranging between $20 to $40; or a one-time cash payment between $20 to $40.

Proof of Purchase


Case Name

Marchese v. Cablevision Systems Corp.,
Case No. 2:10-cv-02190-MCA-MAH,
District Court for the District of New Jersey

Case Summary

The lawsuit alleges that Cablevision violated state and federal law when they required that subscribers to rent a set-top box in order to receive services.

Cablevision denies they did anything wrong but has agreed to settle.

Settlement Pool





Set-Top Box Claims Administrator
PO Box 3719
Portland, OR 97208-3719

32 responses to “Cablevision Box Class Action Settlement”

  1. Bertha Nelson says:

    good afternoon I put in for this settlement went i received the notice please check because i haven’t received any other information or a deduction,credit toward this request

    ADMIN – Hi Bertha,

    Please contact the class action administrator. They should be able to update you on the status of your claim.

  2. Ronald Semer says:

    I understand that a settlement was made in Sept. 2016. However I have yet to get any response as to the decision for an individual subscriber.

    I filed the appropriate paper on time, and received a confirmation code MB6DB8OU. but have received no further information.

    Can someone please contact me with the information that is beneficial to me.

    Thank You,

    Ronald Semer

    ADMIN – Hi Ronald,

    I can’t give you an update for your settlement and I encourage you to contact the class action administrator to obtain it. Here is the latest general update:

    UPDATE (1/17/17): Settlement Benefits to eligible Current and Former Subscribers will be disbursed beginning in February, 2017. If additional information was requested as part of your claim review process, Settlement Benefits may begin later as any new information you submit is processed.

  3. Bob Traeger says:

    Just received this from Optimum/Cablevision

    You are eligible to receive a free 4-month subscription to SundanceNow as a result of the Marchese v. Cablevision class action settlement. To activate your free trial please visit and use the promo code “OPTIMUM” at check out. You will be asked to enter your credit card information. At the end of the 4th month, your credit card will be charged the monthly rate unless you cancel your membership prior to the first billing cycle.

    Sounds like they are trying to use this to scam people to sign up for four months of a channel no one wants and hope that people will forget to cancel so they can then start charging them.

  4. Ray Desposito says:

    I was told I chose the stars an d showtime package as settlement when I already had it as a promotion.I never chose anything.

  5. Elaine pisano says:

    I received notification that I have 3 free months of Starz, Starz Encore, Showtime, and 4 Free months of sports and Sundance! Since I already have Showtime and DO NOT watch sports ever, I would like to request settlement be changed to money off my monthly bill!

    Thanking you in advance for your help!

    ADMIN – Hi Elaine,

    I don’t think that is possible at this point.

  6. Ray Desposito says:

    Never received a response from administrator.Was told by Optimum rep they don’t determine settlement but class action settlement does.

  7. Barbara Devine says:

    Is sundance just one station, or a group of stations like showtime?

    ADMIN – Hi Barbara,

    You can find more info about Sundance here:

  8. judith marshall says:

    i have sent the required information and have a copy on file. I understand other subscribers have received a check.

    ADMIN – Hi Judith,

    Allow the admin another week or so before you escalate.

  9. Shaquira Douglas says:

    The settlement that I received isn’t what I elected. how can I check? I would have never chosen 3 free months of Starz, Starz Encore, Showtime, and 4 Free months of sports and Sundance! Since I already have Showtime in my current package and don’t watch sports.

    Thanking you in advance for your help!

    ADMIN – Hi Shaqira,

    Please contact the class action admin to have them check your form.

  10. Michael Torres says:

    I haven’t received mine either! No deduction on my bill to date. Maybe we need to file a class action suit against this settled case, as it doesn’t seem to be monitored for correctness and fairness!

  11. Gerard N Cudzil says:

    I received a check in the mail for $30!
    When I completed the forms I requested a FREE DVR Cable box for 1-year.
    I contacted the class action administrator several times. They just answered and said, because Cablevision could not find my original account they issued me a check instead. I gave the Administrator all my account information since 2010 and my current account information. My account changed when I moved physical addresses, HOWEVER, I remained a Cablevision subscriber. I feel I have been given a smaller settlement which benefits Cablevision. This is unfair!!! The Administrator has washed their hands of my settlement and told me to contact Cablevision but gave me no info on how to contact them. This is a travesty. Another Class action needs to be started as they have circumvented their responsibilities to their most faithful customers.
    Any ideas how I should proceed?

    ADMIN – Hi Gerard,

    You contact Cablevision using their general phone. If you feel like starting a class action lawsuit it would be wise to contact a class action attorney and have them check if you actually have grounds for a lawsuit.

  12. M. Dolan says:

    I have been waiting over a year. My husband went to company and gave us a free box for 12
    Months. So we installed it in a room that use to have cable.
    Hooked it up NO service. Called the number on tv!! Get this are you ready??? It will cost us $80 to have opt online to come to our house to turn on the service for this particular room! They should be sued again for false settlement. Nothing is free with these thieves

  13. magno says:

    I haven’t received mine I supposed to get 2 packages (free DVR and showtime) from my previous apartment and for my new address..

    ADMIN – Hi Magno,

    Reach out to the class action admin.

  14. champagneyz says:

    My friends and I all filled out the paperwork and submitted online at the same time. We all chose the $40 statement credit. Why did they all get their statement credit but I did not get mine yet? Who can I contact and what is their contact info because when I called cablevision they didn’t know what i was talking about. Please provide me with someone to contact and information on how to contact them. Thank you.

    ADMIN – Hi Champagne,

    Here is the contact info:

    Set-Top Box Claims Administrator
    PO Box 3719
    Portland, OR 97208-3719

  15. Darkstar says:

    I have been a loyal cable customer in this house since 1989 & for 7 years at my 1st home!
    I applied to get the FREE DVR Cable box for 1-year & on Sept. 7th, 2017 received this reply
    Marchese v. Cablevision
    Thank you. Your Claim has been successfully submitted. Your Confirmation Code is: O6FEZHUF.

    ADMIN – Hi Darkstar,

    I hope you are not talking about us. We are an independent publication and we are not in charge of managing the settlement. Did you ever contact the class admin to check on the status of your claim?

  16. Seth Stern says:

    How do we contact the attorneys for the class in this case. My Multi-room DVR has not worked properly since I got it and Cablevision/Optimum/Altice, has done nothing to fix the problem over the almost 11 months that I have had it and been calling about it

    ADMIN – Hi Seth,

    You can simply contact a local class action attorney. But you are making the assumption that there are other people with DVR issues. A class action requires multiple individuals facing the exact same problem.

  17. virginia belyea says:

    I have completed a case settlement form. Confirmation Code UWNZ6CR8 about a year ago and have not received any rebate as of yet.

    ADMIN – Hi Virginia,

    This settlement was paid out a long time ago. You no longer have legal recourse. In the future please keep checking frequently in order to escalate concerns on a timely manner.

  18. Sylvia says:

    I filed the settlement claim in 2016 but I never received my credit. I’ve been in contact with the claims administrator at about this issue since 03/7/17, the last email I sent was on 12/10/17 and I got a reply on 12/13/17 informing me that they are still looking into the issue. However, I sent another email 2 days ago and that email is bouncing and when I go to, I get a message saying the site can’t be reached. How is it possible that neither Cablevision nor the claims administrator have been able to resolve a credit issue?

    ADMIN – Hi Sylvia,

    That is usually an indicator that the administrator has closed shop and has validated and released all payments and credits associated to this settlement. I don’t think there is much you can do now to recoup.

  19. Charlene says:

    This whole class action settlement was a waste of time. I submitted my claim when I received the card in the mail. When I was notified that the claim was accepted I contacted Cablevision asking when the credit was going to be applied. After several calls they said I should keep watching out for the credit as they are being processed throughout several months. This took place over one year with no one able to update me. The other day I tried to email and even called the 888-760-4871 number but both are no longer in service. I then filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and they couldn’t do anything to help but gave me another organization to file with. Last night I finally received a phone call from Cablevision and they are now telling me that I was given 11 months free multi-room DVR and not a credit (I was not notified that I was given this credit and the box I have is old and doesn’t have DVR capabilities). This is not what I selected when the claim was originally processed, I WANTED A REFUND. Now Cablevision will do nothing and are blaming the third party that handled this as a typo and said I need to contact them directly to straighten this out. How am I supposed to do this when the contact email and phone number are no longer valid? So much for Cablevision making sure the consumer is happy and satisfied with the service they are paying for and for a settlement that does not protect us consumers.

  20. Richard Giotta says:

    I filled in the Form in August of 2016 (Option C) to receive a DVR because I had been a subscriber for more
    than 72 months (actually since 05/02/2000). I made a discrete choice not to take a low cash payments
    available under what I now recall as Options A and or B. Since that time, I have heard nothing from
    either class counsel nor the Settlement Administrator, nor have I received a DVR, nor have I received
    any cash either directly or as a credit to my Cablevision bill. At this late date, is it possible to receive even
    a minimal payment, better than an unfulfilled promise made nearly 2 years ago.

    ADMIN – Hi Richard,

    Why did you wait so long to escalate? Now the administration is closed and you no longer have recourse. In the future please consider escalating as soon as you hear that other class members are receiving their payment.

  21. Kenny Chin says:

    I filed my claim and received a check for $40. But I just realized that I never cashed it and have the physical check in my hand. The check is dated 2/21/2017 but printed on the check “void if not negotiated within 120 days of date of issue”. How do I get another check that I can cash. Thank you.
    PS. The toll free phone number to contact the Claims Adminstrator at (888) 760-4871 is no longer in service. This is for the Marchese v Cablevision Civil Action No. 10-2190.
    Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

    ADMIN – Hi Kenny,

    You don’t. Usually any money left in the fund becomes part of a second distribution or is given to charity depending on the terms of the settlement.

  22. Ray Ranalli says:

    This must have been a SECRET Class Action Suit ! Despite being a CableVision victim even before the was a CableVision in my Town, I received nothing in the mail about this Class Action.
    It’s amazing that I get every Bill though !

    ADMIN – Hi Ray,

    Consider following us on Facebook that way you never miss the best settlements available.

  23. Cathy F. says:

    As others have stated here……I also did not receive my court ordered settlement from Cablevision. After receiving the settlement information, I went ahead and submitted my claim…..choosing a free DVR as my settlement choice. I have a copy of this claim form and proof that it was sent in on time (I believe the deadline was September 23, 2016). I have relentlessly pursued this matter with Cablevision beginning shortly after I submitted my claim, only to get the run around time after time. Phone call after phone call I was met with pure nonsense from customer service and management. Most of the time the rep on the phone denied knowing about the Class Action Settlement, or I was told that someone else would call me back from “another department” that was handling that. Never ever once was I able to get anyone on the phone who would agree to look into it…..nor was I ever called back. Even when I recently called to complain about Starz being cancelled and lowering my monthly bill…..and mentionied the fact that I was never given a free DVR as part of the settlement….I was told that the deadline to submit a claim on that settlement had passed…ignoring the fact that I stated I filed my claim BEFORE the deadline. It’s absolutely frustrating and very unfair that Cablevision is being allowed to shrug off the obligation to settle with all customers who filed claims on time….before the deadline passed. There should now be a Class Action suit brought against Cablevision for not fulfilling their court ordered settlement obligations on the first Class Action suit. Why bother having a Class Action if the company is not held accountable for settling with its customers. And simply shutting everything down, even though I’ve been pursuing this for years, is really not right or fair. The court should be made aware that Cablevision did not fulfill its settlement obligations to all who adhered to the settlement deadline.

    ADMIN – Hi Cathy,

    Sorry about your experience, usually the best way to escalate is not through customer service but via class action administration as well as class counsel.

  24. SethStern says:

    I opted for the 11 months of a free multi room dvr which has not worked properly since day 1. Cablevision admits there is a problem but is making a half hearted effort to fix it by bouncing me from department to department over 14.5 months with no luck solving the problem Who can I contact about this since I have truly not received 11 free months of a multi-room dvr.

    ADMIN – Hi Seth,

    If you believe lots of people were similarly affected you need to contact a class action attorney.

  25. carolann nixon says:

    i put in for this and still have not received anything yet. whats going on

    ADMIN – Hi Carolann,

    To check on the status of your claim reach out to the class action administrator.

    • Ashley says:

      How is she supposed to “reach out to the class action administrator” when all means of communication with them have been shut down?
      I also never received my payment. Cablevision is a terrible company and they deserve everything that will be coming to them as more and more families are paying way too much for way too little and terrible customer service. I am a proud Cablevision un-subscriber. 😉

      ADMIN – Hi Ashley,

      Usually by the time they turn off the phone all the funds have been distributed and you no longer have legal recourse. As far as speaking to a real person the attorneys that handled this settlement are

  26. JOHN NOWASKI says:


    ADMIN – Hi John,

    Did you ever try reaching out to the class action admin?

  27. Melissa says:

    I have never received anything more than the confirmation that my claim was submitted successfully. AND, YES, I have tried to contact the class action admin and I get error messages that the email is not valid and the phone number was always busy!!!

    ADMIN – Hi Melissa,

    It sounds like the admin closed shop. That generally means you no longer have any recourse for escalation. I am sorry.

  28. Terence Lein says:

    I just received The Movie Channel for free for the next 5 months. No explanation but I guess this is my settlement. Not that I remember requesting this. Ironically in the last few weeks I’ve been piecing together my options for “cutting the cable”. I got tired of nickle & dime fees, surcharges, and paying for services I will never use. My savings will be about $100 a month through a combination of selecting streaming services and owning and not renting my equipment.

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