Class Eligibility

All females who were videotaped by Rabbi Bernard Freundel AND/OR who disrobed, either partially or completely, in the ritual bath and/or associated facilities operated by the National Capital Mikvah, Inc. (regardless of whether they were videotaped) between July 1, 2005, and October 14, 2014 (the day when Freundel was arrested).

Estimated Amount


Proof of Purchase


Case Name

ane Doe 2, et al. v. The Georgetown Synagogue – Kesher Israel Congregation, et al.,
Case No. 2014 CA 8073 B,
Superior Court for the District of Columbia

Case Summary

This class action lawsuit arises from Rabbi Bernard Freundel’s secret videotaping of females without their consent at the National Capital Mikvah (“National Capital Mikvah” or the “Mikvah”) in Washington, D.C. The class action is brought against Freundel and four religious organizations that are alleged to be liable for acts and omissions concerning Freundel. These organizations are: the Georgetown Synagogue – Kesher Israel Congregation; the National Capital Mikvah, Inc.; the Rabbinical Council of America, Inc.; the Beth Din of the United States of America, Inc.

Settlement Pool





Mikvah Settlement
RG/2 Claims Administration LLC
P.O. Box 59479
Philadelphia, PA 19102-9479
Phone: (866) 742-4955
Fax: (215) 827-5551

5 responses to “National Capital Mikvah Class Action Settlement”

  1. E Jones says:

    The Rabbi secretly filmed me too. But I’m a man. Can I still claim?

    ADMIN – Hi Mr. Jones,

    I don’t think you can but you can certainly consult with a lawyer about starting a new class action lawsuit.

  2. Kurtz-Johnson says:

    I am sure he videotaped both me and my two daughters. I am going to submit a claim, but the daughters are in Israel with their dad. I do NOT want them upset.

    We were at the Synagog on various occasions when the girls were here visiting, in July 2013 to late 13.

    ADMIN – Hi Kurtz,

    If you are a class member consider filing a claim.

  3. SONIA says:


    ADMIN – Hi Sonia,

    I am deeply sorry you had such a terrible experience.

  4. EL BEE says:

    Settlement base pay checks were mailed Nov 26, 2018

  5. Coujaunia Morris says:

    I filed timely and was only acknowledged that my claim form was received and that it will be processed accordingly. But I have not heard anything else since November. I would like to know what is going on. No one has contacted me by phone or via email. I need to find out what’s going on. I was only following the claim for the $2,500 payment, not for the big base payment and I still have not heard anything.

    ADMIN – Hi Coujaunia, Did you check with the Settlement Administrator directly? Their Contact information is listed above. You could have also checked the Settlement website directly for any updates pertinent to your claim.

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