Class Eligibility: You are a Class Member of the call recording class action settlement if you received a telephone call from Capital One between July 13, 2006 and March 31, 2012
  • You must have lived in one of the following states: California, Florida, Maryland, Nevada or New Hampshire
  • You did not receive a notice that the call may be recorded
Estimated Amount: A pro-rated amount based on the number of valid claims in the form of cash or credit to your statement or forgiveness of debt
Proof of Purchase: Cell Phone Number where you received the calls and provide.
Claim Form: Capital One Recording Claim Form
Case Name: Stanley Nader v. Capital One Bank USA NA,, Case No. 2:12-cv-01265-DSF-RZ District Court for the Central District of California
Case Summary: This settlement resolves a class action lawsuit that alleges Capital One recorded outbound calls with their customer without a disclosure of intent to record. Capital One denies these allegations but has agreed to settle the case.
Settlement Pool: $3,000,000
Settlement Website: Capital OneClass Action Settlement
Claim Form Deadline: October 7 2014
Claims Administrator: Nader v. Capital One Bank (USA) Claims Administrator P.O. Box 25219 Richmond, VA 23260 1-888-346-6227

20 responses to “Capital One Call Recording Class Action Settlement”

  1. Brian Varnado says:

    need a claim form

    Click here to complete the form

  2. Alvaro says:

    So many calls

  3. Christine says:

    The claim form asks for the last 4 of your social. Not sure if I want to be at risk yet again. does anyone else feel this way ?

  4. Jill DoreenShamblin says:

    I CANT RECALL HOW MANY TIMES THEy HAD CALLED FROM 2005 TO 2010 but they called several times a month for several months in 2006.
    The never once told me I was being recorded.
    I had called them back numerous times as well and the
    Hey never told me I was being recorded.

  5. beverly lewis says:

    Same here. Was never told I was being recorded. Had to change phone numbers thats how bad the calls got

  6. Barbara McCormick says:

    I received calls from capital one

  7. AutoFill Michael shirocky says:

    So many calls

  8. Debra Abercrombie says:

    I. Received. Various. Calls. During. The. Suite. Time period.

  9. Allisia Gant says:

    i have recieve calls form several times. asking about my information.but never known that i was been recorded. i can not trust capital bank. ive already had hostory of my identity been abuse.. i hope they fix this action…and lesson learn …now im a little bit worry

  10. cynthia says:

    Wow so long ago, but definitely remember calls and many of them, and like all thee above I don’t remember being told I was being recorded. Received a claim form, felt a little uneasy with the last four of the social being needed, but have to wait and see how this one plays out!

  11. regina taylor, bolton says:

    I had so maney calls I did not wont to even take my phone they are still calling me to thiss very day snd their afileatts .

  12. regina taylor, bolton says:

    I all so tried to make a smaller payment they wod not see reson im sick and can never work again.

  13. Debra Louise says:

    Received mine today!

  14. Sherykdesart says:

    Got mind today

  15. Eliza Reid says:

    Received my last week, but one problem, it has a wrong name—-But right last name, now how does this happen? WOW — I have been trying to contact them through email’s and leaving messages after messages, after emails as well. and no one has returned my calls nor email’s what should I do with this check……….can I still cash it since it has my last name correct.?????? IF only someone could return my emails or messages? I can get an answer as to what I should do in this case—has anyone had this problem? What did you do?

    ADMIN – Hi Eliza,

    To get the check reissued you can contact the class action admin.

  16. B. Martin says:

    I was hacked, 15,000.00 after a phone call was made to cancel my visa.!!!! They still ask for your information, social security number, when they have the information in front of them. Account number, they made threats, said I would not be able to purchase any large items, because it would show up a negative. I called the fraud department and told them about the threat. and the missing money!

  17. Lori Koss says:

    I was involved in the class action suit regarding debt collection calls to my cell phone. I received notice#24930-36285-82652. I sent back the information on 8/25/14 but have not heard back. Please advise the status. My name is Lori Koss. Please let me know what else you need. Thank you.

    ADMIN – Hi Lori,

    You need to check directly with the admin. Just scroll up to find their contact info.

  18. Charlene Reed says:

    Capital one cancelled all three of my credit cards without notice and applied miles I was saving for a trip to my balance. Out of the blue. Said I did not conform to normal usage. I was never late and paid in full every month until the last 2 months. Still send much more than due. Is this

    ADMIN – Hi Charlene,

    We do not provide legal advice. If you want to know if something is legal you must contact a lawyer

  19. Kenneth L. Coffman says:

    I received a card in the mail about a Capitol One settlement, I did file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy a few years ago and thought I would notify you to see if I qualify to be part of this settlement.Thank You.

    • Angelica (Admin) says:

      Hi Kenneth, Please check the settlement website for your personal eligibility as a customer, and for any updates on the issue. I’m afraid we cannot help you in that; we are only a newspaper of class action settlements.