Class Eligibility

The Settlement includes all persons who, while residing in the United States, received one or more text messages sent by or on behalf of Caribou Coffee Company, Inc., at a cellular telephone number, between May 5, 2012, and July 28, 2017. These people are called the “Settlement Class” or “Settlement Class Members.”

Estimated Amount


You will get a pro rata share of the pool

Proof of Purchase

Cell #

Case Name

Kristie Farnham v. Caribou Coffee Company Inc.,
Case No. 3:16-cv-00295-WMC
District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin

Case Summary

The lawsuit alleges that Caribou Coffee Company, Inc., sent text messages to Plaintiff’s wireless telephone number without prior express written consent and in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, 47 U.S.C. § 227 (“TCPA”), and seeks statutory damages under the TCPA on behalf of the named Plaintiff and a class of all individuals in the United States who received one or more unsolicited text messages from or on behalf of Caribou Coffee Company, Inc., between May 5, 2012, and July 28, 2017.

Settlement Pool





Caribou Coffee
Settlement Administrator
P.O. Box 3076
Portland, OR 97208-3076

26 responses to “Caribou Coffee Text Message Class Action Settlement”

  1. Jacqueline Earl says:

    Drove me nuts not knowing who/what it was?

    ADMIN – Hi Jaqueline,

    The text messages where clearly identifiable as coming from Caribou.

  2. Kacy says:

    I dont get whats this for??

    ADMIN – Hi Kacy,

    This is for Caribou sending texts to your cell phone without your authorization.

  3. Dorothy Smith says:

    I had no idea who it was

    ADMIN – Dorothy,

    Without knowing who texted you I don’t think you can file.

  4. Robin Bohmbach says:

    Isn’t that part of their rewards program
    They would send out text and people would get free coffee deals.
    Maybe someone unwittingly signed up for this program.

    ADMIN – Hi Robin,

    This only applies for those who had not given direct permission to be contacted.

    • Jenny says:

      This states without prior written consent, signing up for perks in my mind doesn’t give prior written consent, am I wrong there?

      ADMIN – Hi Jenny,

      It depends. If the disclosure indicates you gave prior consent then it means prior consent. Always read the small print.

  5. Lilia Almazan says:

    What if we aren’t sure if we can file a claim?

    ADMIN – Hi Lilia,

    File if you believe in your heart you are a class member.

  6. Leora Smith says:

    I’ve received a plethora of texts from Caribou during the time frame in question. Problem is, I literally cannot recall whether I signed up for their text messaging or not. It was a long time ago now. How would a person verify?

    ADMIN – Hi Leora,

    Consider filing a claim. The admin will then check and deny you if needed.

  7. STEVEN YUEN says:


    ADMIN – Hi Steven,

    The question is: Did they text you?

  8. Cara says:

    I am looking thru my text history – what contact number (usually 6 digits) did they use to text people?

    ADMIN – Hi Cara,

    Please contact the class action administrator to obtain that info

  9. Karlene Cambisi says:

    Coffee was very bitter it made me sick

    ADMIN – Hi Karlene,

    The real question is: Did they text you without your permission?

  10. willie ann smith says:

    I have brought several of these produces for my house and for myself!!

    ADMIN – Hi Willie,

    Caribou does not sell produce and this settlement is not related to product performance.

  11. Sabrina Priebe says:

    They sent so many text messages as I usually preferred emails or checking their Facebook page for deals. They sent a few texts about free drinks, or certain priced drink specials but those did not match my Perks account deals I had. I had dispute it at the store and another time on Facebook I complained because they had to apologize for the text errors and no one in fact recieved a free drink. Instead I got bombarded with text and that had no value.

  12. Teresa says:

    When are we suppose to get our money?

    ADMIN – Hi Teresa,

    Once all the appeals have cleared and the judge has finalized the case.

  13. Naeem S Johnson says:

    Did they start sending checks? I’ve been waiting since November.

    ADMIN – Hi Naeem,

    Not yet.

  14. Emily says:

    Will we receive notice if our claim was accepted?

    ADMIN – Hello Emily,

    Generally no. The next time you hear from the class action admin is because you received a check or a denial.

  15. joe mason says:

    You all deleted my comment. But anyway when do we get our checks?

    ADMIN – Hi Joe,

    Don’t recall deleting any of your comments. The final fairness hearing was at the end of November. We now wait for appeals and then the checks should start showing up once all appeals are resolved.

  16. Jazmin says:

    Hi, is there an estimate by now of when the checks should start being sent out to us?

    ADMIN – Hi Jazmin,

    I have not seen updates on this one. I do know it is approved.

  17. Adele says:

    When do we receive our checks? And how much?

    ADMIN – Hi Adele,

    The class action administrator has not provided further updates

  18. Char says:

    Does anyone have the phone number other than the 888 auto line that doesn’t give you a opportunity to speak with someone?

    Thanks in advance

    ADMIN – Hi Char,

    Try this one 1 770 390 2700

  19. Bernadine Trammell says:

    I received multiple text messages from caribou coffee with different phone numbers I also put in claim form is there a list of names for checks also my email Bernadine 73@ thank you.

    ADMIN – HI Bernardine,

    Contact the class action administrator directly to find out if you will be getting a check. The checks were distributed about a week ago.

  20. Aileen Wyville says:

    I have a claim number but no check. I called the administrator and was told they sent me an email 12/1/17. They said email came back “address unknown”. I have no problems with my email. I asked what the email was concerning and she didn’t know. Said she’d call me back in a few days. Any advice? Should I put it in writing. What is the best was to handle a situation such as this,

    ADMIN – Hi Aileen,

    Have you tried reaching out to class counsel?

  21. Tom says:

    Really people get a life and work for a cup of coffee. I have had a lot of unsolicited text on my phone. Push delete and your done. The only people making the money are the lawyers. Wow you get $80 for what? So you can go back and get more coffee

    ADMIN – Hi Tom,

    Getting more coffee sounds like a good idea.

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