Class Eligibility

You are a member of the Class and affected by the Settlement if: You are included in the Settlement as a Settlement Class Member if you were the owner, subscriber, or user of a residential or cellular telephone line that received pre-recorded telemarketing calls between July of 2009 and March of 2014 that were initiated by RMG during which you were offered a free cruise with Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Norwegian cruise lines and your phone number is contained in the call records produced by RMG in this case. The Call Records contain all phone numbers that RMG used to initiate pre-recorded telemarketing calls to promote its business. Any person submitting a claim with a telephone number not found in the records of RMG is ineligible for distribution from the settlement fund.

Estimated Amount

Proof of Purchase
Cell #
Case Name
Charvat v. Carnival et al Case No. 1:12-cv-5746. United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois
Case Summary
The class action lawsuit claims that RMG made pre-recorded telemarketing calls to landlines and cell phones offering free cruises with Carnival, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian as promotions and that these calls violated the TCPA. The lawsuit alleges that Carnival, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian authorized RMG to make these calls on their behalf. Defendants deny all of the allegations made in the lawsuit and deny they did anything wrong.
Settlement Pool
RMG TCPA Settlement Administrator P.O. Box 404022 Louisville, KY 40233-4022 (855) 636-6134

435 responses to “Carnival Cruises TCPA Class Action Settlement”

  1. Sally Longsine says:

    They called us made an apt , we spent over 200.00
    On the different taxes etc , only to be completely ignored , they called us at 6612566553
    With horns and whistles about cruises for free just for showing up, we did, did not join their program , they led us on for months , I do have the records

    • Neil Patrick Harris says:

      Your Claim Number is 60901528001. Please retain this number for your records.

      ADMIN – Hi Neil,

      You are mean 😉

      • Stephanie L Robinson says:

        I put in the wrong telephone number took advice afterwards on here to locate all my phone numbers the one I put was incorrect It was off last four I tried contact someone what can I do as the claim has already been submitted?

        ADMIN – Hi Stephanie,

        You could try writing a certified letter to the class action administrator.

        • Jennifer (Jen) Manning says:

          My husband and I filed our claims online 10/13/17. We received the message your claim has been filed and our claim #’s.
          I went to check our status yesterday 10/31/17and the website advised our claim #’s do not match a claim # we have in our data base.
          I refilled online and received new claim #. But this time the website advised our claim was not yet submitted and we needed to mail in our claim form by 11/3/17????
          When I called 855-636-6134 I re entered our phone #’s and got the message our #s are not included, yet the website advised both our #s are included in the suit????
          I’m not getting much help by phone as it’s all automated responses.
          How can I have printed confirmation our claims were submitted online and now I get a claim # but we have to mail the forms in to submit our claims???? I printed the first submitted claims at the top reads: “thank you. Your claim form has been submitted. Please print this page as your receipt.”
          The second submission with new claim # provided reads:
          “Your claim has not been filed. If you wish to file a claim you must be sure to complete all sections of the claim form before mailing it.”
          How can I be sure our original claims were submitted and filed?

          ADMIN – Hi Jen,

          It seems you have a fully filed claim and one that not went through. Please remember that you are getting $6 or less so don’t worry too much about it.

          • Mickey Schwartzenburg says:

            I know you probably have a flood of emails. I am not sure where to check the progress or my claim or even if my claim has merit. My claim number is: 61316290001.
            If you could please provide information.

            ADMIN – Hi Mickey,

            Last I heard there were far more applicants than expected reducing the settlement to almost nothing. Literally pennies.

          • george pomponio says:

            Jen it’s all a big scam so the lawyers can collect more money for themselves if the number of claimants is kept low.

            ADMIN – Hi George,

            You got this all wrong. The bigger the class the more money lawyers stand to make. They don’t keep the difference.

          • Angela Austin says:

            $6??? What’s up with that??!!

            ADMIN – Hi Angela,

            Pro rata division of total pool.

          • Kristen Smith says:

            I agree with Mickey. Maybe we should file a suit against these scam attorneys for telling us we would get $300 per number up to $900… They lied to us just so they can win their case with the millions of people sending in claims as proof that they indeed received the calls. The attorneys are as much scam artists as the cruise line. Lets be honest- had everyone not jumped on board, they’d have have lost because they wouldn’t be able to 100% prove the calls were made bothering people.

            ADMIN – Hi Kristen,

            The attorneys had already won their case by the time they posted the settlement for you to file. They also indicated that the amount was based on the number of valid claims and used historical data of the percentage of people that normally file for a claim to provide the estimate. Bottomline they were honest in their disclosure.

          • Barb says:

            None of us stand to receive very much of anything. It shows more than 2,5000,000 claims were filed. After the attorneys grab their big chunk we will do good to gain $2 each. Do some estimations. It doesn’t look good.

          • Bob Muller says:

            Now that we need to document our claim, can anyone provide the phone numbers that were used by the automated promotional calls. with these numbers, we can track the inbound calls we received during the period. Thanks.

            ADMIN – Hi Bob,

            Have you tried contacting the class action administrator to secure this info?

          • Susan says:

            I will never again participate in a class action suit such as this. It is nothing more than a scam to tie up the courts and make the lawyers wealthier.

    • Dana Klokis says:

      Call 1855-636-6134, I just did that and my claim has been filed!!

    • Jesse says:

      Hey sally just had a ? Fill out a claim form was jw when everything will be coming to a conclusion and how will we be contacted thank u and have a great day

      • Keith Johns says:

        I just submitted my claim for the Robocall from cruise lines.
        How do I get a copy of the claim

        ADMIN – Hi Keith,

        Did you not print it after filing? You can always send a certified letter requesting your confirmation number.

  2. Torrin Oreacy Perry says:

    Claim site is not working

    • katanajo says:

      This claim site is not working. Page cannot load. I’ve tried for hours. How am I supposed to remember my cell phone numbers in 2009? I remember getting the call but we didn’t accept the offer, it sounded too good to be true. I have been relocated several times since 2009, heck if I remember my cell numbers.

      ADMIN – Hi Katanajo,

      Website appears to be working now.

      • Ashley Salgado says:

        most likely your credit reports will have old phone numbers associated with you

        your welcome

        • Thor says:


          ADMIN – Hi Thor,

          Again, you are in the wrong place if you have high grammatical expectations.

      • Donnelle Gallion says:

        I have a copy of my contract with the carrier and a bill w/account number but I can’t recall phone number and it’s on neither document. What am I to do?

        ADMIN – Hi Donelle,

        Submit what you have and hope for the best.

    • Susan says:


    • Megan Fuller says:

      Isn’t working for me either

      ADMIN – Hi Megan,

      To escalate website issues you need to contact the class action administrator for this settlement.

    • Patricia Garr says:

      Their site is rejecting the cell number and the claim number! Did you make progress?

  3. Joe says:

    I use to get robo calls with boat whistle and announcing I won a free cruise but dont know if it was Carnival, guess i’ll put in my old phone number and see if I’m a member of this group.

  4. Rosa Giddins says:

    I get these call on a regular basic and have ask them not to call me on my cell and land phone .and have ask them not to call but they continue. My cell number is 4435549364 land phone 4438693010 I would like to join this lawsuit

    ADMIN – Hi Rosa,

    Fantastic, as indicated above you must click the link that reads: “Click here to file a claim” Then you will enter your claim number as provided by the class action administrator or alternatively you will select the option that allows you to check if your telephone number is part of the settlement. Leaving your information here will not replace filing a claim.

    • Stephk says:

      It’s not a smart idea to post your phone numbers publicly either. ?

      ADMIN – Hi Stephk,

      Not smart at all

  5. Gene says:

    is there a way to find out if my number is in the database if i don’t remember?

    ADMIN – Hi Gene,

    When you click on the claim form there is an option to check your phone #

    • Michael McCree says:

      I misread the claim form and I filled 3 claims for the same number. How can I correct this error?

      ADMIN – Hi Michael,

      By sending a letter to the class action administrator.

    • Jim Martin says:

      When can we expect payment??

      ADMIN – Hi Jim,

      Please read my responses to other community members.

      • pearl latimore says:

        When will I receive information on my claim my refund. Claim #1070133

        ADMIN – Hi Pearl,

        This case is under appeals. You won’t be getting updates anytime soon. Also note that there were far more claims than expected so you won’t be receiving a ton of money.

      • cynthia phillips says:

        I WOULD LIKE to HAVE idea when the claim refund check will mailed . I did all the paper work when class action started ..
        Need info on this matter A.S.A.P. !!! .
        I live in Key West Fl , Survivor of Hurricane Irma…. it wiped us out . I am now living in a motel my house was destroyed… NEED $$$$ NOW . Please call or email me 305.294.0055.
        Thank you in advance ,
        Cynthia Phillips

        ADMIN – Hi Cynthia,

        You will probably get six dollars or so out of this settlement so don’t expect to remodel your house with it.

  6. gwen says:

    I have gotten a number of calls stated that I won a free cruise. I don’t recall the cruise lines but its pre-recorded and then someone comes on the line.

  7. Txgirl says:

    I submitted a claim but when I signed the form I thought it read birthdate not the actual date. I have have my claim number is there anything I need to do to change this?

    ADMIN – Hi TXgirl,

    email the admin including your claim number with a request of correction.

    • Vincent A. Keys Jr. says:

      What is the administration email address for corrections?

      ADMIN – Hi Vincent,

      This administrator has chosen to not have an email. To send corrections out you must do it via snail mail at:
      RMG TCPA Settlement Administrator
      P.O. Box 404022
      Louisville, KY 40233-4022
      (855) 636-6134

  8. Ernie Escobedo says:

    If it’s not a Cruise it’s a hotel stay, but Carnival seemed to be the most persistent of all around 2014.
    I am glad some smart lawyer finally got them to stop and maybe it will place other nasty companies on alert to avoid losing millions if hey think they can outsmart U.S. lawyers!
    My cell numbers are: 253-954-2155 and 253-883-9218.

    ADMIN – Hi Ernie,

    Instead of leaving your phones in the comment section consider filing a claim.

    • Scammer Chode says:

      It would be smart to take down your phone numbers so the world doesn’t see them along with your name Ernie Escobedo

      ADMIN – Hi Scammer,


    • Thor says:

      I doubt Bert would approve of having his telephone numbers posted publicly.

      ADMIN – Hello Thor,

      His name is Ernie. 😉

  9. Dol says:

    Thank you so much for this site. I have an old phone number included in this action and would never have known about it otherwise. I see so many odd comments and complaints, I wanted to take a moment to say thank you and keep up the great work!

    ADMIN – Hi Dol

    You are quite welcome. We hope you get a lovely check.

    • Jacqueria says:

      How much can u get back? And how can u prove it’s Ur phone number if it’s old and u don’t have it anymore?

      ADMIN – Hi Jacqueria,

      If you read the settlement info above you will know how much you are likely to get back. As for not having the number you can refer to old bills etc.

      • Paulette says:


        To piggyback off what Jacqueria asked will my credit report with these numbers listed work as proof?

        ADMIN – Hi Paulette,

        I think so.

        • Paulette Holder says:

          Sorry my name is Paulette Holder and thank you for this wonderful website if my sister Kathey Henry hadn’t told me about this site I would missed out on this settlement!

        • just me says:

          Why would your CREDIT REPORT have phone numbers on it??

          ADMIN – Hi Captain,

          So they can verify stuff???

          • Barbara starzec says:

            I have a claim number 61950354301 but when I enter it or my phone number it doesn’t recognize it . What’s up with that ?

            ADMIN – Hi Barbara,

            Where did you get that claim number from?

    • Sharon Trent says:

      Hello DOL, I upgraded my phone and my claim was deleted out. How I get my claim I have proof with my Att. Phone bill since 2005 I need hel before may 1st Thank you ST

      ADMIN – Hi Sharon,

      Reach out to the class action administrator.

  10. Maxi Jo says:

    I definitely recieved multiple calls from them, but my number is not included in the claim. Are there a bunch of people left out?

    ADMIN – Hi Maxi,

    You may have received calls from another campaign.

    • Wm. H says:

      I remember getting several calls for Cruises. Not robo call but a real person speaking broken English. My number isn’t on it either.

      ADMIN – Hi Wm,

      This settlement is for robocalls.

    • JOSE VALENTIN says:


      ADMIN – Hi Jose,

      Payments usually happen after deadlines and appeals have passed.

  11. Tyrone boyd says:

    I need information on the claim

    ADMIN – Hi Tyrone,

    All the information you need is provided in the long notice.

  12. KATHY MOSS says:

    How are they going to pay us the $300? I hope it’s not going to be on a Cruise.

    ADMIN – Hi Kathy,

    Via check

  13. Konni says:

    I remember several times the horn blowing! Very crazy. I would listen to it. It was so annoying though! I’m glad some sweet Attorney picked up on this! This kind of thing really needs to stop! Thank you so much for putting this up for people as myself! I have filed my claim! Thank you again!

  14. Konni says:

    I have a question. I seen on a different page you can file or claim up to 3 calls that was made to the same phone number. If this is true do I have to file up to 3 times? Or the list of phone numbers are on the list of Class Action Lawsuit does it give the number of times the phone number submitted had been called? I filed one claim but know I had a few calls and I wasnt sure if I was called several times is just one claim needed to be filed? Thank you for your time!

    ADMIN – Hi Konni,

    You file once for up to three calls

    • Konni says:

      So then you have the record if more than one call? Thank you a bunch!

      ADMIN – Hi Konni,


      • Konni says:

        Wonderful. Thank you again for your time! 🙂

      • Konni says:

        Sorry but I do have one more question. I was reading a comment and I wondered if there was anything else I need to do. It was Erik asking about he had a claim number and went on to say that when he has a claim number and he tried to file a claim it wouldnt take it? I have a claim number but do I have to file a claim with it? I thought when I have a claim number thats all I needed to do. Is there anything else that I need to do or submit a claim somewhere else as Erik was asking? I thought it was good to go after I got the claim number. Thank you again but want to make sure i’ve done all I need to do on my end. Thank you for your time.

        ADMIN – Hi Konni,

        Even with a claim number you still need to file.

        • Konni says:

          Ok. Thank you. Glad I seen that. If I cant find out where to file I will message again. Thank you.

      • Toby M says:

        Is there a way for us to know if we qualify for more than one call?

        ADMIN – Hi Toby,

        The admin will check your phone against his records.

    • Thor says:

      “Saw” “were”

      ADMIN – Hi Thor,

      Your expectations are not aligned with reality.

  15. Scammer Chode says:

    It’s amazing that people leave their phone numbers on a forum for the world to see and have the nerve to complain about getting unsolicited calls. How stupid do you have to be?

  16. john says:

    Like once every 3 months I get a call saying I can get a cruise for free. I always wonder it it really is free.
    I just know you have to pay taxes.
    I didn’t know what company called me. So it just put in my number to check it, and said I can claim. So I did.

    Are these claims, or any TCPA 1 claim per person. Or 1 claim per phone? Cause I was thinking what if they have a personal and a work phone? Or just more then 1 phone(for whatever reason).

    ADMIN – Hi John,

    One per phone number.

    • BarryM says:

      The telemarketers are now being moved offshore to call centers in countries such as India. Because of the WTO, a foreign call center can purchase large blocks of US based phone numbers in order to make massive numbers of calls via VOIP. The foreign entity is not subject to the “Do not call” list or other regulatory restrictions. The call lists are also offshore and difficult to obtain. Robocalls and harassment of US consumers is a big business in India now.

  17. *Barbara Werges says:

    Yes, my phone number has been 5735645038between July 23,02009 &March 8, 2014.

    ADMIN – Hi Barbara,

    File a claim as instructed above.

  18. *Barbara Werges says:

    My claim number is CQC-10376441001-371917.Thank you for the notification.

    ADMIN – Hi Barbara,

    Leaving a claim number here serves no purpose.

  19. Eleanor Logan says:

    Why must we give you are e-mail address and phone number? Why not just our e-mail address?

    ADMIN – Hi Eleanor,

    Because your phone number is the most expedient way to contact you.

  20. Marcus says:

    When are checks expected to be mailed out?

    ADMIN – Hi Marcus,

    The deadline has not even passed and you are already asking these questions?

    • sassy says:

      check the website it answers a lot of these questions also there is no reason to put your number or your claim number on here.

      • Christa Primrose says:

        Hi please help Yes My number is apart of the claim but I mass deleted alot of emails and that was one of them trying to contact my server to no avail… how can I retrieve my *claim number to submit for proof of my phone to number to receive payment.. agsin lost claim thru deleting the actual email..

        ADMIN – Hi Christa,

        You can email the class action administrator.

    • stephanie gulley says:

      Why the offense to the question?

      ADMIN – Hi Stephanie,

      No offense whatsoever, but questions such as that one are only expected after the case has at least closed the filing deadline.

    • Donna says:

      Marcus the deadline is November 3rd but from what I read April 4th2018 so you will probably get in April or May they are quick to send out checks But remember Don’t count on it Let it be a surprise

      ADMIN – Hi Donna,

      Thanks for the info. I love the surprise factor.

    • Melissa says:

      Hi, I was wondering if they had an estimate on when checks were to be mailed now. Thank you

      ADMIN – Hi Melissa,

      The case remains under appeals.

      • joanne Clay says:

        I got an email saying now they need proof of the phone call. How are we to know between 2009 and 2014 when we were called? I though checking if your number was on the list was enough. I mean really its not possible to have verification of the calls. Bills are paperless so how would i prove it?

        ADMIN – Hi Joanne,

        Contact your telephone company to obtain assistance.

        • Alan says:

          This is so illegal and not right how they did thi update to submit proof couple of days before deadline so you’ll can basically cut out %90 of the claims and not have to do the paperwork this is how our government works court legal system here is my proof middle fingers high

  21. Winter says:

    How long does it take to get the claim

    ADMIN – Hi Winter,

    Sometimes it takes years.

  22. Jimmy says:

    My number was on the call list, therefore I submitted my claim. When will I know if/when I will be receiving a check?

    ADMIN – Hi Jimmy,

    Most claims take months to years to be finalized.

  23. Mary Brooks says:

    Yes, I have gotten several calls from a travel agent about Cruise’s. I have asked them not to call me, but they continue to call me. I was in Bible study one even they called my new number is 7064640999. Thanks in advance for your time.

    ADMIN – Hi Mary,

    They called me during Bible study too. go ahead and file a claim.

  24. Conswalla says:

    I need to email the admin as I thought it said date of birth after the signature line not today’s date. Will that disqualify me for my claim? May I have an email address to send a correction? Thank you. cl

    ADMIN – HI Conswalla,

    I would contact the admin with a correction to my claim

  25. Lillian Miller says:

    I want to win

  26. Danny says:

    “Number not in database”. Wish i would have saved all those voicemails.

  27. Kitty says:

    If you have an old number that qualified but no longer own that number and that it may or does belong to someone else can you still claim? Will they go by the name on the phone now or just by the number that they have on the call list? I wouldn’t want to claim it if it’s not my number now and risk perjury. Please help answering this. Thanks!

    ADMIN – Hi Kitty,

    Yes if you can prove that the number belonged to you at the time.

  28. Scott says:

    I have a claim number but I was not able to download the form to complete. Please email a claim form to me.

    ADMIN – HI Scott,

    We can’t do that.

  29. Erik says:

    I did everything to file a claim and received a claim number. But when I enter my claim number to file a claim online. It States that my claim number isn’t in their system. What can I do?

    ADMIN – Hi Erik,

    Contact the class action administrator. Their info is listed above.

    • Pamela says:

      I received claim number and tried to do the same thing from above post and says this claim number doesn’t exist? Why is this seems like several people are having an issue. My phones ( 2 ) numbers were accepted and I was given Claim number however, how can it not exist if you all provided me with the claim number. This doesn’t make sense admin…

      ADMIN – Hi Pamela,

      Please note that we are not the class action administrator. To properly escalate you need to contact the admin at

  30. Marilyn G says:

    The *RECAPTCHA on the claim site is not working.
    You can’t move on to the next page.

    ADMIN – Hi Marilyn,

    I just tried it and it works on my side.

  31. Kim says:

    Curious, is it one claim per number up to 3 numbers or 3 claims per number? If it is 3 claims per number do I have to file 3 claims for the same number?

    ADMIN – Hi Kim,

    You file one claim.

  32. Suzette green says:

    They said my number didn’t qualify and they called me so many times will I still qualify

    ADMIN – Hi Suzette,

    No, if your number is not on the list you don’t qualify.

  33. tammy dubose says:

    I got calls from this all the time and it says that my number is in the list …but its asking for the number that called me …I do not remember the number or email that contacted me …is there a way to get that info

    ADMIN – Hi Tammy,

    Sadly there is not.

    • Christopher Anderson says:

      Its asking for your number they called at the time. Not there number they called from lol

  34. Amy Reed says:

    Haha…I feel sorry for you ADMIN. After the amount of repeat questions, you have gotten, I would be ending each of my replies, with “dumbass”. You have the patience of a saint. Good for you.

    ADMIN – Hi Amy,

    It can be challenging at times. This is particularly true when people ask me about their tuna and milk money.

    • Elicia says:

      Oh my that damn tuna… on a deal site people still ask about that silly tuna! Get over it people you are not getting your free 20 cans.
      But I do have to agree. I am over her reading these comments shaking my head and laughing at the same time at how people are so naive.
      I wonder how the heck did some people even find this site if they do not know how class actions work.

      ADMIN – Hi Alicia,

      Why are you bringing up the tuna on the Carnival Cruises page? You already know how I feel about tuna 😉

  35. Joseph Pontious says:

    My husband attempted to submit a form, but it did not accept the date because he was not able to submit it as such…08/15/2017 on his phone…he does not have the // symbols in his keyboard on the phone…please send us a form in the e-mail I have listed.

    ADMIN – Hi Joseph,

    I am not the class action admin thus I am unable to send you anything related to this settlement.

  36. Yanissa D says:

    I submitted my claim, but accidentally put my birthdate instead of putting today’s date after I signed online. With this make my settlement claim null/void?

    ADMIN – Hi Yanissa,

    Send a letter to the class action admin indicating you made an error and to please correct it.

  37. Lynne hruby says:

    Made a claim on website. Did receive claim number but could not print claim. How do I file the claim now.

    ADMIN – Hi Lynne,

    Contact the class action administrator.

  38. Lynne says:

    Need claim form

    ADMIN – Hi Lynne,

    Use the link provided.

  39. Shaun says:

    It’s obvious that more than just “listed numbers” got these calls. I for one got them both on my cell and land line but apparently I don’t qualify for either number, I remember a couple of times they called me at 6 in the morning.

  40. Malll says:

    My phone number comes up as eligible but when I fill out the claimost form online, it tells me to use the number associated with the calls, which I am.

    ADMIN – Hi Maill,

    What is your question?

  41. Pat says:

    When filling out the form, in the contact phone number, does it have to be the one the claim is filed on or can I use my cell # there?

    ADMIN – Hi Pat,

    Your claiming number or affected number can be different from your contact #

  42. Pat says:

    One more question. How do you go about filing a claim for more than one phone call per number? Do we have to prove it or just file a second and third claim? Cause I KNOW I received many more calls than that! Thanks

    ADMIN – Hi Pat,

    File one claim per number the admin will take care of the rest.

  43. Liz says:

    can’t download claim form – Carnival Cruise TCPA Claim Form – just spins and spins…for over 10 minutes…???

    ADMIN – Hi Liz,

    Try a different browser.

  44. Jay says:

    My old number is included, however the listed telephone line owner at the time is now deceased. Can a claim still be filed?

    ADMIN – Hi Jay,

    I believe you can.

  45. Celeste C Taylor says:

    August 15, 2017 at 8:00 pm

    I would like too have the list sent to me to see if my home number is listed, I certainly have received numerous calls offering a free cruise between the years 2009-2014. Please, let me know at your convenience. Thank you.

    ADMIN – Hi Celeste,

    To access the list you click on the link to file a claim.

  46. Celeste C Taylor says:

    August 15, 2017 at 8:14 pm

    My phone numbers are the following:

    home—–702 629-7675

    cell—–702 807-0033

    ADMIN – Hi Celeste,

    Giving us your phone number does not constitute a claim.

  47. Brenda says:

    Does the claim number generated reflect how many people have filed?

    ADMIN – Hi Brenda,

    I don’t think so.

  48. Justin says:

    I filed a claim with my old number i used to have in 2012 Do I need to provide proof for a number I had at the time but no longer have

    ADMIN – Hi Justin,

    I would keep proof handy just in case they ask.

  49. Stephanie Nibert says:

    Filed claims for 3 of my old cell phone numbers that was on the list.Glade someone is finally doing something about this the bugged me all the time.

  50. Daniel Dunham says:

    Hi, I have a Claim number, however, when I try to enter it to get the form, it tells me it is invalid, so then I have tried the phone number again and it says its invalid ??? Please advise

    ADMIN – Hi Daniel,

    Here is the email of the organization that is handling this settlement

  51. Brenda Watts says:

    Thank you my number was included and I have a claim number can I be mailed a form I have no way to print this?

    ADMIN – Hi Brenda,

    I am not able to print or send anything to you.

  52. A. Hunter says:

    I believe I was contacted but would like to search the list for my number to be sure. Where can I search it before submitting the claim?

    ADMIN – Hi Alice,

    Click on the link to file a claim and choose the option to check your number.

  53. Kerri says:

    I have a claim number, but the site is not working to fill out the claim. Is this just some kind of scam, just like the cruise calls I always get???

    ADMIN – Hi Kerri,

    Not a scam.

  54. M. Malan says:

    Just want to check my # … How to ?

    ADMIN – Hi M,

    Click on the link to file a claim and it will give you an option to check your number.

  55. says:

    Do you have an estimate of how many claimants? I realize that some opt out . Just curious. Thanks!

    ADMIN – Hi Me,

    Millions but I doubt people will file.

  56. Kyle wanke says:

    I have got probably 20 of these calls in the past couple years.

  57. Helen Littrell says:

    I got these calls at least a couple times a week on two separate numbers, my numbers are not on your list. How can I get them added?
    Helen L

    ADMIN – Hi Helen,

    You can’t. You were possibly called by a different company.

    • Angela Barlow says:

      I too recieve calls daily but I know my number is not in the database for this particular lawsuit. Are there other lawsuits as well for the robocall/ resort/cruise?

      ADMIN – Hi Angela,

      Not at the moment but we certainly hope there will be more.

  58. Mel says:

    Have a claim number but can download file any where giving me an error any solutions

    ADMIN – Hi Mel,

    Try a different browser.

  59. Jason says:

    Hi i thought i had to file 3 separate times will this affect my claim

    ADMIN – Hi Jason,

    Probably, contact the admin to inform them of your mistake.

  60. Melinda Asher says:

    I received a confirmation number online is that all I need to do?

    ADMIN – Hi Melinda,

    Yes that is all.

    • JJsEmail says:

      Now I’m confused. I’m reading that there is a 2nd step after a confirmation number is generated.

      And then I read, That’s all that is needed.

      I have confirmation numbers. Is there another step?

      ADMIN – Hi JJ,

      Step 2 is file a claim

    • Kowalski Whitaker says:

      My cell phone connection dropped before I copied my confirmation number. Can you please text or email it to me.

      ADMIN – Hi Kowalski,

      I can’t, you need to contact the class action administrator.

  61. ameerah withers says:

    My number was found in the settlement.. How long would it take to know if it was accepted?

    ADMIN – Hi Ameerah,

    If you filed a claim and received a confirmation you were accepted.

  62. Frances Riggs says:

    Would there be any cost to us at any point for filing this claim?

    ADMIN – Hi Frances,

    No, there are no costs associated to filing claims.

  63. Jimmy says:

    If the settlement has already be given 12,500,000 and the deadline has been established 11/03/2017. When will the checks be sent out to the people that qualified and had to deal with the phone calls?

    ADMIN – Hi Jimmy,

    If no appeals within months, if there are appeals it will take years.

    • Travis Hill says:

      That’s not true the dude who told me about it has already got a 900 hundred dollar check an the mail…

      ADMIN – Hi Travis,

      It must be from a prior case. Settlements are not paid until the open period to claim is finalized.

  64. Sean says:

    How many unique numbers are on the list? I’m guessing it is millions. If there are a million claims, does everyone realize you get $12.50? Pretty sure the lawyer is the only one getting much out of this.

    ADMIN – Hi Sean,

    Not every person with a valid number will file. But even if you only get $10 you should be happy. Two free lattes! #saynotohatingclassactionlawyers

    • Sean says:

      Not hating on them. Not sure why you were accusing me of hating on them. I’m just saying the lawyers are getting $4,166,666.66. Good for them. That is why they keep showing up for work.

  65. Shelley says:

    Both my landline and cell number are listed – can I submit a claim for both?

    ADMIN – Hi Shelley,


  66. Barbara Smith says:

    I RECEIVED calls but my number is not listed. Several times I just hung up phone without a response

    ADMIN – Hi Barbara,

    It may be from another campaign. Keep your eyes open for new class action settlements.

  67. Victoria Elder says:

    Just heard about this and I remember getting a cal on this. Not sure if it was this exactly but what do I need to do? Give my phone number? I had two different numbers. One 330 784-9649 and 330 245-6211

    ADMIN – Hi Victoria,

    Use the link we provided and verify your numbers then file your claim.

  68. Jason says:

    How do u contact admin

    ADMIN – Hi Jason,

    Scroll up and look for the subsection called contact. All their info is posted.

  69. Jeanne Carroll says:

    I remember getting these calls on my land line. I don’t have caller ID, but I remember these calls, just saw this on the news and thought I would give a response. I get these kind of calls all of the time. my Phone number is 702-386-8653. Thanks for looking into to this matter for me.

    ADMIN – Hi Jeanne,

    You can check on your own using the link we provided.

    • Frank V Morales jr says:

      Hello my name is Frank V Morales jr and I was wondering about my phone also it was a land line can’t remember my cell number my land line was 210-675- other land line was 210-675-1317 thank youg

      ADMIN – Hi Frank V Morales Jr,

      Please use the tool provided to check if your number is included.

  70. john aardsma says:

    they say my clam number is noy on file ?????

    ADMIN – Hi John,

    Then file again.

  71. Confused1 says:

    My husband, I and adult son all we’re on the list (hate thes calls!!). We all live in the same home, will this effect anything? Also is there a minimum payout? I know it said $300 but that’s before fees and depending on how many files, correct? What is the actual likely amount? I know you can’t say exactly but I mean compared to other suits like this? Thank!! I understand if you don’t know but would love to know what’s likely to happen. Thanks!

    PS I totally understand it would only be a estimate and not a guarantee. Also, will I need to click on anything in a email to confirm?

    ADMIN – Hi Confused,

    One claim per phone number. It can be more than one per household. I will be less than $300

  72. Nathan says:

    so what if you’ve gotten these calls but your number doesn’t show up when you type it in? I’ve gotten these calls on my work and personal cell. Spoken to representative and requested to be removed with no success. When i enter my 10 digit number it says I don’t qualify. There is something wrong here.

    ADMIN – Hi Nathan,

    There are multiple telemarketing campaigns that call for Carnival.

  73. Jason says:

    When u call it there is no way to speak to someone live

    ADMIN – Hi Jason,

    I am sorry about that.

  74. vic says:

    I am helping my mother fill out the claim form for the Carnival class action suit.

    Her phone number was shown as included in the suit and we filled out the form but when we tried to submit the form, we get an error message that says to review input and resubmit but every time we go back onto the site, we get the same message. As soon as we click the “check my phone number link” the error message pops up. Can you assist?

    ADMIN – Hi Vic,

    Try a different browser.

  75. JohnM says:

    Tried to file online, but the site says the claim number is not correct. Tried on Firefox and Chrome. Any suggestions?

  76. anita says:

    we don’t have our landline any more but our number. do we have to prove that we had our landline at that time?

    ADMIN – Hi Anita,

    Not for the initial claim.

  77. Tysheena says:

    Hi whats the email and or contact for an admin I accidentally signed my birthdate as Im now realizing it was suppose to be todays date????

    ADMIN – Hi Tysheena,

    This admin does not have an email. If you want to contact them you must go luddite and use snail mail.

  78. Melanie harrison says:

    Phone number 7520896, 9034057381

    ADMIN – Hi Melanie,

    Leaving your phone number here does not help anybody and it does not result in a valid claim.

  79. marilyne natkiel says:

    I do remember getting calls to both my land line & cell in the evening it was very annoying especially when your are taking a ill person at home.. I have gotten call from both Norwegian & Carnival cruises..
    How do I contact this claim.

    ADMIN – Hi Marilyne,

    What do you mean by contact this claim?

    • Matthew H says:

      I have 30 claims for my cell phones for the five year span and all were in the database and I claimed each 3 times. How do I find out if my claims were accepted in the lawsuit and can I get a loan on this structured settlement?
      (E.g JG Wentworth)

      ADMIN – Hi Matthew,

      I believe it was one claim per phone # then the admin would determine how many calls you have received up to three per phone. You will probably need to write to the admin to ask to void some of your claims before they perceive them as fraudulent .

  80. Jennifer Ducote says:

    I received phone calls stating that I received a free cruise.

  81. Amanda says:

    What if you don’t remember if you received a call and the number is on the list, is it okay to file the claim still?

    ADMIN – Hi Amanda,

    The class eligibility is not for those who remember. Is for those who were called.

  82. vicky woods says:

    I have received many calls around dinner hour, not sure if all if any were from Carnival at that time . JUST CHECKING TO SEE IF NUMBER IS ON LIST. THANK YOU

    ADMIN – Hi Vicky,

    Did you check?

  83. BOBBY Hodge says:

    I’ve went to several sites and I haven’t found where you enter your phone number which site do I need to go to

    ADMIN – Hi Bobby,

    If you click on the link to file a claim it will give you numerous options with radio dial buttons. Select the one to check your number. easy peasy.

  84. Sherri L Perry says:

    The web site does not work. This seems like a scam too

    ADMIN – Hi Sherri,

    Not a scam. The real thing

  85. Rob says:

    I never write these numbers down. How do I file
    Not knowing the number?

    ADMIN – Hi Rob,

    The number that called you or your own #?

  86. Eddwena says:

    Hi my name Eddwena I check my phone number but it didn’t show up but they always calling me even now so they not give this to everyone

    ADMIN – Hi Eddwena,

    This is for a single robocall campaign. It is entirely possible that your phone belongs to a different list.

  87. Jason says:

    Need to change my contact number for my claim. How to update that

    ADMIN – Hi Jason,

    You send a letter to the admin via snail mail using the address we provide above.

  88. Misty says:

    I need to correct something on my claim.. what is the Email to fix it? Thank You!

    ADMIN – Hi Misty,

    There is no email associated to this settlement. You must use snail mail.

  89. John says:

    I was contacted by Carnival cruises with a robocall many times I put my phone # in and it is not recognized I believe the counsel for the Plaintiffs has not done the job of discovering all the people in the class like myself. IO remember the calls because of the sound of the ships horn it was distinctive. I object to this representation because it has not included all of those affected the counsel for the Plaintiffs is just looking to cash in and doesn’t show concern for the class.

    ADMIN – Hi John,

    There are multiple campaigns similar to this one that are currently in the courts.

    • John says:

      Well if the subject is “: class action” that the suit is efficient in including members so affected by ” robo calls” it is strange to me if the purpose of class action is efficiency and this isn’t happening one of the purposes of class action is missing. Why aren’t those lawsuits involving TCPA under one umbrella and the lawyers coordinating when that is the purpose of class action?

      ADMIN – Hi John,

      There are many efforts to reform the way class actions are handled. If you have good ideas I encourage you partake in lobbying the laws that regulate this segment.

  90. Frank says:

    How long to get the check once filed complaints t

    ADMIN – Hi Frank,

    It can take months if not years.

  91. Luka says:

    There is a link to file a claim, and check if your phone number is included.
    Posting your number here doesn’t do anything other than making your information public to anyone in the world with internet access. Please be careful with your personal information before some shady company adds your conveniently offered phone number to their list of guaranteed victims to keep attempting to scam.

  92. Paula says:

    I have received these calls at 3 different phones numbers. Can I file a separate claim for each phone number? Thank you.

    ADMIN – Hi Paula,


  93. Jacquelyn says:

    I filed a claim and received a claim number will I be notified of the acceptance by email

    ADMIN – Hi Jacquelyn,

    Just keep your claim number for reference in a safe place.

  94. Sheila says:

    There are typos in my city and zip code. How can I go in and fix them. I have my claim number.

    ADMIN – Hi Sheila,

    Send snail mail certified to the class action admin with the corrections.

  95. Alicia says:

    I was the receptionist for a business receiving these calls. I answered multiples of these calls. The business has since closed but the phone number does qualify on the website. Phone number is currently being used by another business. Would I qualify as the “user” of the phone line receiving the calls at the time and file the claim? I don’t want to risk getting in trouble but also hate to see no one claim it either. I was the one getting the horn blasted in my ear, since I answered the calls. Thanks!

    ADMIN – Hi Alicia,

    Check with the admin but I believe you don’t qualify.

    • Matthew H says:

      In the settlement case they qualify people who were the users of the phone. If you answered the phone, they owe you money.

  96. Yanissa De La Cruz says:

    When I filled out my claim online, I mistakenly signed and dated my birthdate instead of today’s date. With that void my claim? And if so, how can and it be corrected?

    ADMIN – Hi Yanissa,

    You can send a letter to the admin via snail mail with your correction

  97. Heather B. says:

    Hi, I was on here yesterday and got a claim number but didn’t have access to a printer. How do I get that claim number again? Is there a lookup?

    ADMIN – Hi Heather,

    You can send a letter to the admin requesting your claim #

  98. Kayla says:

    I have a general question what if you dont have that phone anymore which I’m sure a lot of us dont will they have us to submit paperwork or anything like that? Also, What if many people have the same old number and both submit a claim because we all received calls? How would they handle that? We will all recieve part of the settlement since we all owned the phone at one point?

    ADMIN – Hi Kayla,

    The person that had the phone during the qualifying period. If two people had the phone during the period both will have to provide evidence.

  99. Mildred Askew says:

    we would block there number but they use another one

  100. Mildred Askew says:

    we woulld block their number tey would usu another number

  101. Kevin says:

    I answered the phone at my job and it was one of these calls. Am I eligible?

    ADMIN – Hi Kevin,

    I believe it reads residential or personal in class eligibility.

  102. Jill says:

    When do you anticipate the checks going out? I have 3 numbers on this list…

    ADMIN – Hi Jill,

    We first need to wait to make sure there are no appeals.

  103. Louis Vanegas says:

    Hello my number was found to be on file with those that were contacted however the file claim is asking for the number that called me I do not have the number they called from any suggestions and how I should proceed

    ADMIN – Hi Louis,

    I don’t think the form asks that. I think it is asking your phone #

  104. Karen says:

    I live with my mother. Can we both file a claim on the same phone #?

    ADMIN – Hi Karen,


  105. Diane Kobal says:

    I entered my dtrs phone since at the time we bought it and there is one in her name also, so now what happens?

    ADMIN – Hi Diana,

    Please word your question differently. I have no idea what you are trying to say.

  106. Jonathon says:

    My number is a part of the settlement and I have a claim number and filed securely online. How do I check to see if and when a check is coming..

    ADMIN – Hi Jonathan,

    If you filed the check will come. It will likely take months if not years but it will come.

  107. Lillian Roschel says:

    I filed a claim on my husband’s tablet and was unable to print the page. My claim number is not showing up when searched for. It was in the last hour. How do we proceed

    ADMIN – Hi Lilian,

    Contact the class action administrator to confirm receipt.

  108. Jimmie wallace says:

    Knowing that these calls were called all over, I received a couple of these calls explaining to the lady how did I get a free cruise and she started asking about my how many in my household,etc 860-995-4220

    ADMIN – Hi Jimmie,

    Thanks for telling us your story. Did you file a claim?

  109. Joe G says:

    Hi – I am having trouble accessing the rmgt site except on my iphone (using both IE and chrome).

    From what I see on my iphone, there is not a link to check if your number is on the list. Is there a new link to the database or list?

    Thank you.

    ADMIN – Hi Joe,

    I see the link from Safari and from Chrome.

  110. Margo angulo says:

    I have received numerous calls on home land line and cell phone with a taped recording saying I won. Then I could hear the ship in the background!!

    ADMIN – Hi Margo,

    Go check if your number is included.

  111. Crystal Smith says:

    I don’t see a list of phone#’s. How can I check if the calls I received were from this campaign?

    ADMIN – Hi Crystal,

    If you click on the link to file a claim you will see a choice to check your number.

  112. Robin says:

    My phone number qualifies, but I have only had it since 2012. Do I still qualify for this claim?

    ADMIN – Hi Robin,

    No, you don’t the prior owner of the line does. Refer to class eligibility.

  113. Megan says:

    How do I prove how many calls I received? Or is that something they can tell with my phone number?

    ADMIN – Hi Megan,

    They have records.

  114. Junie says:

    It happened to me too many times. I have traveled on Carnival so I thought it was them.

  115. N. Jean Ray says:

    How do you know if your cell number was on called list?

    ADMIN – Hi Jean,

    If you click on file a claim it will give you the option to check a number.

  116. Tammie says:

    Where do you go to check you number

    ADMIN – Hi Tammie,

    On the link that takes you to the claim form there is an option to check your phone

  117. Mary says:

    If I file this claim, am I not going to be allowed to take a cruise with these cruise lines?

    ADMIN – Hi Mary,

    You can take as many cruises as you want

  118. Jason says:

    When u call there is no way to speak to a live agent

    ADMIN – Hi Jason,

    This case does not have a live agent. You must use snail mail.

  119. Geral c breen says:

    Everyone who’s phone number that matches in the system from the control center is entitled a cash settlement . you enter your number then if its registered continue to the personal data info:
    Receive your claim number its kept in the record data base untill your check is sent to you ,once cashed your info will not be sold or marketed but will be deleted from the control center as your file will be marked settled ,the process is no get rich quick deal. Its a waiting game but email will be sent to update your address normally or a text letting you no how much is processed and should be mailed within the next 30 business days , I been thru something before similar , no need to be impatient ,this didn’t happen overnight and can not be resolved over night

    ADMIN – Hi Geral,

    Thanks for imparting some wisdom.

  120. Pam Kuspa says:

    Not getting the claim form after entering info. Says file not found. Did get a conf number. Is somerhing mailed?

    ADMIN – Hi Pam

    Please escalate your situation to the class action administrator.

  121. Dan says:

    Are Canadian phone numbers eligible?

    ADMIN – Hi Dan,

    If your number is on the list I guess it would be a part of the settlement. Have you checked?

    • Dan says:

      Yes I checked and it’s not on the list. I have received numerous calls but perhaps it was not from this campaign

      ADMIN – Hi Dan,

      Eventually they will all fall.

  122. Matthew Vogel says:

    Hello I know I received these annoying calls but my number is not eligible. That Horn blare was memorable how could I not forget. Did the call list delete numbers?

    ADMIN – Hi Matthew,

    I can’t answer that question.

  123. Oh Brother People says:

    people need to READ and stop posting your phone numbers and fill out the very small paper work or see if your phone number is even eligible….OMG! Hoping this is on the up and up, since has been on the news… What a wonderful win for the people! thank you…. Have a great day!

  124. BROOKE says:

    I received numerous calls, we finally signed up for their “free cruise” for 4 of us!!!

    ADMIN – Hi Brooke,

    Was it fun and free?

  125. Marilyn says:

    Not as easy to contact the administrator as you make it sound. The phone number has only automated options; can’t talk to a live person or leave a message. The only other option of contacting the administrator is writing to the PO Box number. Am I mistaken about this?

    ADMIN – Hi Marilyn,

    You are not mistaken, class action administrators run lean operations to make sure the bulk of the money is used to pay claims instead of using it to keep a call center staffed. You can also try calling class counsel. They are more likely to answer.

    • Marilyn says:

      Where would I find the number for class counsel?

      ADMIN – Hi Marilyn,

      On the tab titled documents open the document called long notice.

  126. Matt says:

    My current number is on the list but I did not own it at the time. Can I sign up since I’m the current owner?

    ADMIN – Hi Matt,

    The terms of the settlement are written in past tense. “You are included in the Settlement as a Settlement Class Member if you were the owner, subscriber, or user of a residential or cellular telephone line that received pre-recorded telemarketing calls between July of 2009 and March of 2014”

  127. Brian shiffer says:

    My work cell is coming up in this which I have had the same number since March 2009 to present. If I file a claim will my work get the money or me.


    ADMIN – Hi Brian,

    Per the terms of the settlement you are a member if you were the owner, subscriber or user of a phone affected by the robocalls.

  128. Dustin says:

    Hello, is there anu way to cancel a claim I filled out one for my mom but didn’t realize the whole time I was using my phone number which I already had a claim made for so no there are two claims with the seller number but different names.

    ADMIN – Hi Dustin,

    I would send a certified request via mail to the class action administrator.

  129. Cathy Rohal says:

    yes Carnival called and i told them i could not afford a cruise as i was taking care of my mother and they told me i won the cruise but i would have to pay for my mother. i filled out the claim and sent it in but never heard anymore about it. my home phone is 330-678-4401

    ADMIN – Hi Cathy,

    After completing a claim form it takes months if not years to get a check if you are a qualified class member.

  130. Jaymee says:

    PEOPLE STOP LEAVING YOUR PHONE NUMBERS!! And you wonder why you get calls. Thanks for the info I will do as the article says and click link and fill out form.

  131. Bob says:

    What if multiple claimants submit a claim referencing the same phone number?

    ADMIN – Hi Bob,

    I don’t know, I guess if I was the admin I would ask for proof of ownership of the line.

    • Christopher Anderson says:

      Its says in the documemts if there are more then 1 claim for the same number! That only the first claim filed first will be the one that will be accepted. So first come first serve it seems there doing!

  132. Wanda says:

    If I was contacted at work on a number that belongs to the company, can I as the employee file the claim?

    ADMIN – Hi Wanda,

    This is only applicable to residential or private customers per the class eligibility.

  133. Bob says:

    Please check my math: If the remaining settlement amount after legals fees are deducted (assuming the lawyers are compensated at the typical 33% rate) is approximately $8 million dollars, then in order for each claimant to be awarded $300 for a single call, the total number of claimants cannot exceed 26,666, otherwise, a lesser, pro-rated $ amount, will be awarded with each additional claim. ($8 mil divided by $300).

    ADMIN – Hi Bob,

    Don’t worry about the amount. It will be whatever it will be. Don’t fret over free money.

  134. Michelle says:

    Received a postcard in the mail about this. Made a change to name as it was under my maiden name and signed it. It states it is a claim form. Do I need to do anything else online or by mail.

    ADMIN – Hi Michelle,

    I don’t think so.

  135. amit says:

    I had a couple of questions.
    – If I file once, would it be automatically be considered for 3 calls or do I file 3 separate claims ? How and who would determine how many calls were made out ?

    – I filed the claim in which I entered my physical address. However I just noticed that, this court hearing date is early April 2018. What if I move from my rented apartment by then ? Is there a way, I can change my address ?

    ADMIN – Hi Amit

    1. Yes

    2 Report the address change to the class action administrator via snail mail.

  136. Shannon says:

    Every number I’ve had has gotten these calls, multiple times a day at times. Somewhere I still have cruise tickets from when my ex-husband made me do it, and then upgrade the tickets. Yet my phone number is not included??

    ADMIN – Hi Shannon,

    There are multiple campaigns, this is just one of many under litigation for TCPA violations.

  137. april peterson says:

    please remove claim
    61703030301 if an office phone number cannot be included. If it can, please leave the claim as filed

    ADMIN – Hi April,

    You need to write to the class action admin. The address is listed.

  138. Daniel Musick says:

    Why does my number not show up in the File a claim Check your number here. Yet I just got a call .

    ADMIN – HI Daniel,

    Probably a different marketing campaign by the same company.

  139. JJ says:

    My number US included, I filed online, got a case number, but couldn’t figure out how to save or print from my phone. Should I write to the administrator to get my case number?

    ADMIN – Hi JJ,

    I would.

  140. savannah says:

    it annoys me that I’ve gotten lots of calls for this but when I enter my phone number in it says I’m not eligible. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve hung up on important phone calls just to hear this junk message. i hang up on them saying “let me call you back i think one of my kids Drs are calling me.” those junk phone calls really messed things up because of them I never knew when the Drs were calling and when it was that stupid message saying I won. so when the Drs would call they would go to voicemail because id reject the call thinking it was the stupid message.

    ADMIN – Hi Savannah,

    There are many Carnival campaigns. It is entirely possible that you will qualify for a future settlement.

  141. Cerena Frazier says:

    It said approved at first then I went back out and now it says denied ?

    ADMIN – Hi Cerena,

    The class action admin is best qualified to answer why it changed status.

  142. A. Noid says:

    Used to get these stupid cruise horn calls all of the time but naturally my number isn’t listed. Geez. Back to my Bible.

    ADMIN – Hi A,

    Perhaps you may want to read Genesis 5. Beautiful narrative of the first cruise company ever!

  143. Shelli says:

    Oh, my… people, lets read and if you do not understand then read it again!

    ADMIN – I am sorry for your job.. but I will admit that I laughed hilariously at all of the posts/replies on here.

  144. Patricia Cosper says:

    I have tried numerous times to enter my Claim Numbers (2) and/or the phone numbers. All I get is the following statement: “The Claim Number you entered does not match a Claim Number we have in our Database.” Do you think they could make it any more difficult?? Where did the database claim numbers come from—I do not recall receiving any ‘junk mail’ about this subject. I suppose I will have to call that phone number to see if they can answer my questions, or probably give me the run-around. Robo-calls was the exact reason I deleted our land-line in May 2016. I sure hope the law cracks down on those foreigners calling about my computer problems and the ones ‘from IRS’ threatening to come and arrest me.

    ADMIN – Hi Patricia,

    It sure sounds frustrating. The email for the admin in charge of this settlement is

  145. Ronald Weaver says:

    I have a claim number 60852430001 however when I enter this claim number into the on-line system it says that this claim number does not match, please help me file my claim.


    ADMIN – Hi Ron,

    Contact the class action administrator

  146. Jason says:

    Hi Admin,

    I feel sorry for you reading some of the questions that you get on here… So I hope my question is not redudant or obvious.

    I have two numbers that qualify, am I able to submit 2 claims? Additionally, someone else that I live with has a qualifying number, can we have multiple claims sent to the same address or is there is a limit per household?


    ADMIN – Hi Jason,

    I don’t think there is a per household limit since the class includes residential as well as mobile. It appears it is one claim per number affected during the qualified period.

  147. Felicia Harry says:

    I did not print my claim form. Is there any way to retrieve my claim number?

    ADMIN – Hi Felicia,

    Probably by writing a certified letter to the class action administrator using the address posted above.

  148. Pamela says:

    This doesn’t make sense

  149. Tanya R Myers says:

    Claim site is not working. I was contacted twice in 2016. Once caller ID said Florida. And I believe my wife was contacted once also I 2016. How do I file if site is not working?

    ADMIN – Hi Tanya,

    The site appears to be working now.

  150. Khyrsten Wilson says:

    Hello. I have had several numbers during this period as we have moved alot or my phones would come to their untimely demise. Can I file multiple claims using each phone number that qualifies or can I only get reimbursed for one of the numbers even though I have a few that qualify?

    ADMIN – Hi Khyrsten,

    It appears you can file once per phone number that belonged to you during the qualified period.

  151. B. Clinton says:

    They called me over several times a day during the years of 14,15,16, and now just last week but when you start asking questions they try and get you off the subject and talk over you to in courage you more to take it.

  152. Bill Hausler says:

    My home phone has been called a number of times but not my cell. Do I qualify? Tel # 386 409 7419

    ADMIN – Hi Bill,

    Per the class eligibility posted above “You are included in the Settlement as a Settlement Class Member if you were the owner, subscriber, or user of a residential or cellular telephone line

  153. psj says:

    It worked for me, they need to get a law suit on these credit card robo calls to lower your interest rate.

  154. Brian says:

    I was getting these calls on my landline and cell but neither come back on the claims site. Is there something I can do to correct this?

    ADMIN – Hi Brian,

    Perhaps you were getting calls from a different Carnival campaign?

  155. Carla Sirmans says:

    Actually got vouchers, when I called it was no longer free, and when I said I wasn’t interested they kept trying to GE me to
    purchase magazines.

  156. Tony Williams says:

    When will the checks process and be mailed to me?

    ADMIN – Hi Tony,

    After the case is finalized.

  157. Brenda says:

    If I had several phone numbers that can be claimed can I snail mail them in the same envelope, probably a stupid question. Sorry.

    ADMIN – Hi Brenda,

    Sure, why not.

  158. Kaytee says:

    What if you a currently receiving these calls?

    ADMIN – Hi Kaytee,

    Like everyone else check to see if your number is in the database.

  159. Gene J says:

    HI. My number is in the database. I had this number for some of the time period at issue but not the entire time frame. Is there a way to check how many calls were received with the database during the time period that I had the number? How can i do that prior to the claim deadline expiration…thanks

    ADMIN – Hi Gene,

    File regardless. If your number is on the database go ahead and submit a claim.

  160. Henry says:

    This can’t be working right.. I remember several calls with a loud boat horn blowing then a recorded voice saying ” this is your caption speaking” and when I enter my number it says my number is not listed.. how is that possible?? I never remember even going on A carnival cruise..

    ADMIN – Hi Henry,

    I believe Carnival had many campaigns handled by a variety of companies. This is just for one campaign.

  161. James Hartline says:

    For anyone that was called by Carnival without your permission and your telephone number was on the Do Not Call registry you would be eligible for up to $900 maximum payment equivalent to $300 per violation for up to three calls. The settlement payment per victim would be a maximum of $900 depending upon how many actual victims are compensated. The settlement payments could be less depending upon the total number of victims being compensated. You ARE NOT a victim for compensation purposes just because you went to a Carnival event as a result of them calling you and you responded by showing up for a cruise. You are a victim if they called your telephone number that is on the Do Not Call registry without your permission. All affected victims for settlement purposes have their telephone numbers listed in the settlement database and all you have to do to file a claim is go on the settlement website and there is a link for those who do not have a claim number and you can enter your telephone number used during the period where Carnival violated the Do Not Call registry period as described in the case settlement. If your telephone number is listed in the database then you are eligible for a settlement payment and it will allow you to proceed with filing a claim. The deadline for filing is November 2017, NOT 2018 as incorrectly listed on this website. The final judicial review hearing is scheduled for early 2018. If your telephone number is not listed in the settlement database than you are not eligible for any settlement payments because Carnival did not call your telephone number even if you say otherwise.

  162. James Hartline says:

    When people answer calls to their telephone by a telemarketer or a legitimate business and they interact with the call or do business with them or show up for a cruise deal you void your rights under the Do Not Call registry. The purpose of the Do Not Call registry is give consumers privacy and the right to ignore and be free from intrusive telemarketers. Once you interact with the caller you void your rights under the FTC and Do Not Call Registry. That is why the Do Not Call registry specifically asks you when you file a complaint if you have asked the violating caller to stop calling you and if you have done business with them in the prior 18 months. You cannot claim to be a victim of Carnival if you took them up on an offer and showed up for a cruise trip. The purpose of class action lawsuits is to compensate victims who had their rights under the Do Not Call registry violate and to deter companies and telemarketers from future illegal behavior that violates the rights of consumers. The settlement is for consumers who were actual victims, who had no dealings with Carnival, who never asked for them to call their home, who never interacted with them and being on the Do Not Call registry had made it clear they never gave their permission to have any telemarketer call their home. True victims receive less compensation in class action settlements because greedy consumers file claims they are not entitled to and that dilutes the amount of the settlement payments that go out to the actual victims. I see people racing to find as many phone numbers as possible to file illegitimate claims to get money they are not entitled to and that is stealing from the actual victims. That makes some people just as bad as the telemarketers who violate the Do Not Call Registry.

  163. Kayla Eddy says:

    Is this a legitimate thing?

    ADMIN – Hi Kayla,

    Yes it is

  164. Bruce Brown says:

    Good day. I am wondering if this lawsuit settlement is a scam. I am not going crazy and know for a fact that I received more than 3 calls from these cruise lines listed in this settlement. The minute I answered the call on my landline the first thing I would hear is that loud cruise ship horn then a recorded voice saying that I won a cruise vacation but now when I check to see if my number is on the list it isn’t there. SMH.

    ADMIN – Hi Bruce,

    I believe this company has numerous campaigns using the same pitch. This settlement applies to only one campaign.

  165. Brian atzbach says:

    How do I find out how many times they called me

    ADMIN – Hi Brian,

    You file one claim and the admin will check how many times they called you.

  166. Louise jenkins says:

    Hi I need to know if my claim went through.

    ADMIN – Hi Louise,

    To check on your claim you need to contact the class action admin directly.

  167. margaret smith says:

    when are you going to do a class action suit against the robo calls that keeps calling for some home security and the ones that keep telling you that you credit is ok and the ones for gas and electric I get these calls daily and the caller id shows fake phone numbers

    ADMIN – Hi Margaret,

    There have been several class actions against alarm companies and gas companies. There will likely be more.

  168. Sheila says:

    I submitted a claim with my old cell number and it was excepted. But yesterday I received a to go call from them again!!! How are they still able to do this and already have a lawsuit against them?

    ADMIN – Hi Sheila,

    They have numerous campaigns from different vendors.

  169. BARBARA JOHNSON says:

    I received calls and received tickets as well stated we have won a cruise.

    ADMIN – Hi Barbara,

    How about you check your phone number using the tool available and file a claim?

  170. JOSEPH Johnson says:

    I have received calls and tickets.

    ADMIN – Hi Joseph,

    Consider checking if your number is part of the settlement.

  171. magda x Batle says:

    They made so many robocalls to me in the last few years.I lost copunt.

    ADMIN – Hi Magda,

    Unfortunately you can only receive compensation for up to three calls.

  172. Mirela Hadziomerovic says:

    They called my old cellphone number 5152103038 over hundred times until I changed my number also my house number 5152764237

    ADMIN – Hi Mirela,

    They are so persistent. Please file a claim.

  173. Miss forgetful Mary says:

    Ok in the percent of people who have a million diff numbers…. How do i go about it iifI DONT REM MY NUMBER?

    ADMIN – Hi Miss,

    How about you check your records?

  174. Jacob M. says:

    I wanted to say thank you for your hard work, and having to respond to a lot of clueless people just wanting money.

    ADMIN – Hi Jacob,

    Thank you for making my day.

    The Admin

  175. Lisa Workman says:

    They too had called my old phone number numerous times 603 242 3347 my claim number is 62777654101 well they’ll mail me something so I have it in writing

    ADMIN – Hi Lisa,

    If you have a claim number that is what you need.

  176. STEVEN YUEN says:


  177. STEVEN YUEN says:


  178. KELLY J WALTERS says:

    Hello. I checked my husband’s phone numbers and he had two separate lines that had both been approved as part of the claim. We received two Claim Numbers, but when I enter the claim numbers in the form above to file the actual claim, it says my claim numbers are not in the system. I don’t understand, can you assist?

    ADMIN – Hi Kelly,

    Check the format you are using and double check that you are typing the right numbers. If that does not work file a form through entering your phone number.

  179. Ashley Brillon says:

    I mailed off the paper i was sent, verifying my information, how do I know they got it and when do they start sending off money. Been waiting years for this “won” their cruise paid it off and then never heard from them again.

    ADMIN – Hi Ashley,

    You can contact the administrator in writing to see if they received your paperwork. I always suggest that paperwork associated to claim be mailed via certified mail to ensure the other party gets it. The settlement will be paid sometime after the deadline. I want to clarify that this has nothing to do with a cruise that you paid off. This settlement is about robocalls without your authorization.

  180. Khyrsten Wilson says:

    Are we able to file for multiple numbers? I have had a few phone numbers during this period and a few qualify. Would I need to file one for each number or can I only file for 1 total?

    ADMIN – Hi Khyrsten,

    One per number.

  181. Alethia Martinez says:

    I filled the claim, have a confirmation number… now what’s the next step?

    ADMIN – Hi Alethia,

    The next step is to wait for all appeals to be exhausted, the deadline to pass and the class action admin process of validating the claims to be completed.

  182. Jan says:

    I have a qualifying phone number, once I filed the claim – what is the next step? Do I have to wait for an approval process or does all qualifying number get a check?

    ADMIN – Hi Jan,

    Once you file a claim and receive a claim # you simply wait until the deadline has passed and all appeals are exhausted.

  183. Terrance Turner says:

    I have had over 6 different cell phone numbers during this timeline but I received multiple calls offering carnival cruises so I gave my name birthday but decided not to follow through with it. Am I eligible to partiscipate ?

    ADMIN – Hi Terrance,

    I believe you are.

  184. Amanda says:

    My number was apart of the claim and I got a claim number. What do I do now??

    ADMIN – Hi Amanda,

    If you filed a claim and receive a confirmation number all you do is wait.

  185. Heather says:

    I went online and searched for our phone numbers- filled out form and received claim numbers(there is more than one line) but I’m not sure what to do now? If I call the number it’s all computer recording- so my question is have I completed it just by having/receiving the claim number or do I need to do something else? (Also reading comments above I seen longer claim numbers the ones I have are both 11 digits.)

    ADMIN – Hi Heather,

    Now you wait until the deadline passes and the admin processes all valid claims.

  186. Rynita says:

    With horns and whistles about cruises for free just for showing up, we did, did not join their program , they led us on for months.

  187. Samuel muniz says:

    They calked me numerous time on where i changed my phone that i had for years 732 925 8746

    ADMIN – Hi Samuel,

    Did you check if your number is part of the settlement?

  188. Shannon businelle says:

    Yes I have spent over 800. 2 times and 200, and was promised I could change date for 24.95 to leave date open,husband had heart attack and then they told me we waited to long the 24.95 only put it off for 6 monthes,and they knew he had a transplanted valve it would be longer,and they promised it would be open,they suggested I go alone.

    ADMIN – Hi Shannon,

    This settlement has nothing to do with Carnival’s cancellation policy.

  189. James D McIntosh says:

    Hi my name is James I happen to be one of the people who received this number. How ever it was my old phone number I had which was 307-235-7919 In recent times I changed my number to 307-333-1002 and was sure how to contact you about this in case you needed to contact me with information. I did file my claim online over the summer so I am good there but if you need to speak with me my full name is James D Mcintosh and again my Phone number is 307-333-1002 now thank you.

    ADMIN – Hi James,

    We have no need to speak with you. We are simply an online publication that curates class action settlements. If you want to change your contact info with the class action admin you have to write to them via certified mail using the address above.

  190. Eldridge Cleaver says:

    So I’ve read that you can get $300 for up to 3 calls per number for a total of $900. However on the claims form I didn’t see any space to indicate how many times you were called. Do you think the administrator has this information and will provide the appropriate settlement?

    ADMIN – Hi Eldridge,

    Yes the admin has that info.

  191. anita soto says:

    i filled out claim what is the next step

    ADMIN – Hi Anita,

    The next step is to wait for the deadline. After that we wait for appeals finally we wait for the administrator to process and validate each submission.

  192. Jennifer Slusser says:

    Is this 300.00 for each call i received or 300.00 per phone number

    ADMIN – Hi Jennifer,

    You will get paid for up to three calls. As for the amount, that may vary based on the # of qualified claims.

  193. Marv H. says:

    ABC 123 Your phone list is outdated. ABC 123 Your phone listis not showing all phone numbers called abc 123 A lot of us folks out here are not shown in your database.

    ADMIN – Hi Marv,

    This settlement is for one campaign. Carnival has had multiple marketing campaigns.

  194. sally mae says:

    Your DB is outdated. I was called several times during this time period yet my number not in your list. What’s up?

    ADMIN – Hi Sally,

    I believe Carnival had multiple campaigns. This is just one of many.

  195. Olympia Ludovico says:


    ADMIN – Hi Olympia,

    I suspect there are several companies calling. Hopefully there will be settlements against them as well.

  196. Marty folks says:

    I get this crap all the time.

  197. Tanya Robinson says:

    I received several calls a day from these people stating I had won a free cruise that I just had to pay some excise tax and boarding taxes. I have not received them on my new number thank God, but they were getting really annoying.

  198. Carol Brown says:

    I received a call for a cruise but my number is not on the list why is that.

    ADMIN – Hi Carol,

    Carnival has had many campaigns. This settlement is specific to one marketing campaign.

  199. Jim C. says:

    I filed for my claim but haven’t heard anything after that. When do we get a response or payment?

    ADMIN – Hi Jim,

    Please take a moment to review my responses to other class members who have asked the same question.

  200. heather girard says:

    I filed a claim with home phone number (yes, I still have one of those lol) that was included in their records.
    Can we file for more than 1 number if calls were also received on a cell phone?


    ADMIN – Hi Heather,


  201. Leta Anne Thomas says:

    I filed a claim and received an email to go see my settlement options. However, I cannot find those options on this site and all other sites seem to be blocked when I try them. What are the options? Thanks

    ADMIN – Hi Leta,

    If you are having technical issues you need to contact the class action admin directly.

  202. Missy says:

    I have a claim number I received on August 16th, is there anything else I need to do?…I went on your website where it says up in your claim number to file a claim but it says its an invalid number but it’s correct.

    ADMIN – Hi Missy,

    Please reach out to the class action admin.

  203. John says:

    So I just got an email, saying.
    A federal court authorized this supplemental e-mail Notice.
    It is not a solicitation from a lawyer.
    • A Settlement has been reached in the Charvat v. Resort Marketing Group, Inc et al. class action lawsuit. A claim for recovery was submitted to and received by the Settlement Administrator that left this e-mail address as a means of contact.
    • The Court has authorized this supplemental e-mail Notice to inform consumers who have filed claims that, to date, over two million claims have been filed seeking to recover from a Settlement Fund expected to total $12.5 million.
    • Due to the large number of claims, the individual recovery per consumer will be a pro rata share of the Settlement Fund. The exact per consumer recovery is still unknown, but it is expected to amount to several dollars per Class Member.
    • Settlement Class Members interested in considering their options under these circumstances should visit and review the “Frequently Asked Questions” document that details the rights of Class Members.
    • Consumers have until November 3, 2017 to file a claim, to opt out of the Settlement or to object to the Settlement.

    So I’m guessing that we have to refile.
    So I go to refile. I go and use the claim ID in the email they sent. It said it cannot find that number. So then I go to use my phone number. Same thing, it says they cannot find my phone number.

    I already have proof that I already filed.
    I am going to email then to see if I have to refile. Because, based on the email, that what it sounds like.
    Maybe we
    ll get $5.

    ADMIN – Hi John,

    This is not a notice to file again. It is a notice indicating that you will get less money because the admin has received far more valid claims than what was originally estimated.

    • John says:

      OK, wasn’t sure. I emailed them, but never received a reply back.

      ADMIN – Hi John,

      If they are not taking care of you consider escalating to class counsel.

    • Cher says:

      So it went from $300 to about $6.25 , after all of that work……

      ADMIN – Hi Cher,

      What work did you do aside from filing a claim?

  204. Lily says:

    I received an email with my Claim ID but when I try to file the claim, the site says “The Claim Number you entered does Not match a Claim Number we have In our database. Please enter the Claim Number listed On your Notice.” I’m not sure how I’m supposed to file the claim if the system isn’t accepting my claim ID number.

    ADMIN- Hi Lily,

    Please reach out to the class action admin.

  205. Sharon says:

    I have a claim number and a valid cellphone number which appears in the Cell Records. On August 16, 2017, I filed a claim number and recieved a CLAIM # & FORM RECEIPT. Now, what do I do. I went to their website to finalize …. application for cash payment. For the last three days, this website requests completion of a form for cash payment is down. It also responds with the statments that MY claim # and MY cellphone number does not appear in their files—WHILE I am holding the email they sent to me with this claim # and recognition of cell # . How do I contact them to bypass what looks like a plan to exclude claims.?

    ADMIN – Hi Sharon,

    My understanding is that a form receipt is an indication that you already filed a claim and they have all they need from you. I encourage you to write to the class action administrator to make sure that is correct.

  206. Cecellia Gaines says:

    Initially, both my daughter and I check our cell phone numbers and submitted our names for the lawsuit. My daughter received an email with her claim number, but when she enters the number to file the claim, it states that “The Claim Number you entered does Not match a Claim Number we have In our database. Please enter the Claim Number listed On your Notice.” She tried printing the claim form, but you still have to enter the claim number, which doesn’t work.

    I haven’t received an email with my claim number at all.

    ADMIN – Hi Cecelia,

    Are you sure your daughter has a claim number and not a confirmation #? The way I understand this settlement once you enter your phone you have the option to fill out a form and it will in return send you a # indicating that you submitted. I encourage you to contact the class action admin to double-check.

  207. Diana Lynn Testa says:

    I have a claim number, but when I go to the web site to file a claim it tells me that my number is invalid or does not match a claim number in their cast a base. It gives me the same response when I use my cell number that I have previously entered to verify my eligibility.

    ADMIN – Hi Diana,

    Did you file previously?

  208. lady diana says:

    I have a claim number, but when I go to the web site to file a claim it tells me that my number is invalid or does not match a claim number in their cast a base. It gives me the same response when I use my cell number that I have previously entered to verify my eligibility.

    ADMIN – Hi Lady,

    Did you file before?

  209. Jennifer Drummond says:

    I received a robocall with my number about a free cruise with carnival cruise lines. I really like getting robocalls about things like because if I wanted to go on a cruise, I would pay for it myself.

  210. Dorothy Nicola says:

    I have received several calls saying have been given a free cruise. I have asked them to stop calling but they still call

  211. Mitchell says:

    When can we expect the settlement to be mailed?

    ADMIN – Hi Mitchell,

    We don’t have that info.

  212. duane says:

    i filed a month ago when will they pay the claim?

    ADMIN – Hi Duane,

    I have already answered this question numerous times. Please scroll up to read my response to other community members.

  213. Audra Laursen says:

    Is it a good idea to post my personal cell number on this page? Also, should I ask questions that a mild amount of research could answer if I really cared enough?

    ADMIN – Hi Audra,

    It is a terrible idea to post your cell phone here. This is particularly true if you have not yet filed your claim because someone could potentially borrow your number to file a fraudulent claim. As for asking questions that are easily answerable by clicking on a link, I will defer that response to someone who has a better grasp of the challenges experienced as a result of literacy and limited curiosity.

  214. Marie says:

    Hi, I have received several of these calls but my phone number is invalid. I would receive calls on my cell, home and work number. How do I fill out a claim without a valid number?

    ADMIN – Hi Marie,

    Without a valid number you don’t have a claim.

  215. Jacques G. says:

    Hello. I initially submitted my info using my iPhone browser. I put telephone number in and ultimately received a claim number. I took a screen shot of the claim number confirmation page. I am now attempting to file an electronic claim form and it is now reading claim number does not exist. I have the screen shot from August 16, 2017. Please help. Thank you.

    ADMIN – Hi Jacques,

    What you submitted was a claim and the number you received is the number that confirms your claim.

  216. Angela Farr says:

    When will the checks be sent out?

    ADMIN – Hi Angela,

    Most settlements are paid once the deadline has passed and all appeals have been resolved.

  217. Shanna grubbs says:

    I messed up and sent in my phone number I think more than once. Do I need to inform administrator or will it just show my number on list being called and disregard the other claim with same number on it?

    ADMIN – Hi Shanna,

    I encourage you to inform the admin of your mistake.

  218. Rachel says:

    Hello Folks, my biggest question is where is the data records coming from and how accurate are they? They have called several of our cell phone numbers and none of them are being accepted. It has actually come to my understanding that different telemarketing companies have sold out our numbers that are not even in the database. So what can we do at this point please? We have been suckered into so many of these calls and went to seminars with a bad feeling. Waste of time and money.
    Appreciate any help!

    ADMIN – Hi Rachel,

    You can contact a class action attorney. It is likely that they are willing to take another case against Carnival.

  219. ronald corley says:

    I get these carnival quite regularly ….

  220. Dakotah says:

    Hi, I checked our cell phone numbers and the only one that was included was my sons. So, I completed the claim form online. After printing the confirmation and actually reading it, I realized that we did not have my son’s phone number until after 2014. Which means, I shouldn’t be part of the settlement. I tried calling the number to get a person to remove my claim, but it is only an automated system. How can I delete my claim?

    ADMIN – Hi Dakotah,

    You can delete your claim by writing a letter to the class action administrator.

  221. Carole says:

    I cannot figure out how to file three calls to one number.. so I just filed three claims on the one number. Will two of the claims be declined? Can you tell me how to file 3 calls? There doesn’t seem to be a phone # to speak to anyone and today is the deadline.

    ADMIN – Hi Carole,

    You were supposed to file a single claim and it was up to the admin to determine the number of calls received in each phone. As it is you stand to have all your claims cancelled due to duplicates.

  222. Carole says:

    Also I noticed you told someone with a similar situation… multiple claims on one number to contact the Administrator. How do I contact the Administrator?

    ADMIN – Hi Carole,

    Simply scroll up and look for the section subtitled contact.

  223. Carole says:

    Aren’t you an administrator? And that phone number does not allow you to speak to anyone. Please advise.

    ADMIN – Hi Carole,

    I am the administrator to this website. The administrator to the class action settlement is this company

    • Carole says:

      Thank you for your assistance. I realize that if I had read through some of the hundreds of posts I would have found the answers you gave me. Which I did while awaiting your reply. I also located an email address you gave to someone to contact the Administrator. You’ve been very helpful.

  224. Dwayne Artis says:

    During that time period always received these unwanted calls. Thanks for your help

    ADMIN – Hi Dwayne,

    The deadline has passed and you may no longer submit a claim.

  225. sandra cripps says:

    i know ive recieved these irritating phone calle with the big horn when you answer the phone but how do i find out if my numbers are on their list i couldnt find a spot for that

    ADMIN – Hi Sandra,

    There was a tool to check but at this point it no longer matters. The settlement has closed.

  226. Kathy says:

    Since the closing date on this suit was 11/03/17 how long will it be before the settlement amounts are available for the claimants to review and know what to expect and when to start watching the mail?

    ADMIN – Hi Kathy,

    It will be months if not years. You should expect to get about $5 if that much.

    • CWMac says:

      why does the expected amount say $300 and you’re now saying $5.00 or less?

      ADMIN – Hi CW,

      The expected amount was based on historical participation in settlements. Basically the class action administrator assumed that only a small portion of those affected would file a claim. Because this settlement was widely publicized, far more class members submitted claims. The terms of the settlement indicate that the total amount of the settlement will be divided in equal portions among all valid claims. Note that expected or estimated does not mean guaranteed.

  227. Tyanne Hunt says:

    I filed a claim on August 15, 2017. I received a Claim Number 60237861901 but have heard nothing as to whether my claim is in processing, accepted, etc.

    ADMIN – Hi Tyanne,

    You should have received a confirmation # on your screen immediately after filing. That is all you are going to get until the settlement is finalized and paid.

  228. Miguel says:

    Has any body been contacted by RMG in mid summer about the settlement?

  229. Miguel says:

    By the way I did summit my claim form by November 3 20107 but they said it was going to be settle by Oct 16 2017? So its the final date really going to be April 2018?

    ADMIN – Hi Miguel,

    April of 2018 is just a target date. If there are appeals this will take way longer.

  230. EN says:

    Hello, I received a post card from this company/person filing this class action suit about a yr./2 ago, misplaced the card. Went to appointed website to input ph.# to see what f it was among the #’s/people to pass & file a claim prior to deadline. My phone number didn’t come up, said “error, this # is not on our list of clients…” in red ink.

    ADMIN – Hi En,

    At this point it no longer matters. The deadline has passed.

  231. Elleanor Alexander says:

    I filed claims for both of my numbers and when I called the status line it told me that there was not a number on file, I mailed my claims in and never received any confirmation or anything. Can someone please explain why no letter confirmation was sent, I had several numbers I had two numbers- Henry Alexander(601-624-4259) and Elleanor Alexander,(601-720-0272) and I also mailed in claims for my son Christopher Reed Jr.(601-278-4993)

    ADMIN – Hi Ellenor,

    We can’t assist you with specific claims. Think about us as the newspaper of class action settlements. We provide the info but not the management of the majority of settlements.

    • Elleanor Alexander says:

      My cards were mailed in way ahead of the deadline

      ADMIN – Hi Eleanor,

      Fantastic. Now patiently wait for your payment.

    • Elleanor Alexander says:

      these are the claim numbers given CQC60176223001 for 601-624-4259 and CQC60411808901 for 601-720-0272

      ADMIN – Hi Elleanor,

      I am not the class action administrator thus I am unable to help you. You need to contact them directly.

  232. Cathrine Howard says:

    I filed my claim in August and have not heard anything. Does anyone know when the settlement will be dispersed?

    ADMIN – Hi Katherine,

    I don’t know when but I do know members won’t get as much as they expected. You are likely to receive $6 or so

  233. Tyler C Duckworth says:

    When will checks be mailed?

    ADMIN – Hi Tyler,

    October 6, 2017 Update
    The Court has authorized this update to inform consumers who have filed claims that, to date, over two million claims have been filed seeking to recover from a Settlement Fund expected to total $12.5 million.
    Due to the large number of claims, the individual recovery per consumer will be a pro rata share of the Settlement Fund. The exact per consumer recovery is still unknown, but it is expected to amount to several dollars per Class Member.
    Settlement Class Members interested in considering their options under these circumstances should review the “Frequently Asked Questions” section of this website that details the rights of Class Members.
    Consumers have until November 3, 2017 to file a claim, to opt out of the Settlement or to object to the Settlement.

    • REGINA BROOME says:

      I rather have credited on my next cruise,, Let me get a Code to use instead,,, Carnival would appreciate me going on another Cruise After paying over$1300 ,

      ADMIN – Hi Regina,

      Me too.

  234. Frahnkie James says:

    still waiting on information to claim my refund. Calls are continuing as of today 11/27/17

    ADMIN – Hi Frankie,

    This settlement is under appeals and we don’t see it moving forward anytime soon.

  235. mary baron says:

    I am trying to find my confirmation number but the site is closed to enter my phone number…How can I recovery this information?

    ADMIN – Hi Mary,

    You can email the class action administrator using the info we provide above.

  236. DAVID L. KREBS says:

    Yes, I received a claim number but have not heard anything. My claim number is 61522654101. Phone number is 404 915-7025 and 404 579-3198. Thanks.

    ADMIN – Hi David,

    This settlement is currently under appeals.

  237. Nicole says:

    Any idea when the checks will be mailed out?

    ADMIN – Hi Nicole,

    I believe the case remains under appeals.

  238. Stephanie says:

    Received about 3 phone call a day with the whistle blowing horn blowing hole nine yards. Home number is 510 2680661

    ADMIN – Hi Stephanie,

    You are too late to file.

  239. Jennifer Riolo says:

    Will we be receiving any money from this lawsuit? And if so how much?

    ADMIN – Hi Jennifer,

    Yes in due time. Most likely about $6 if that much.

  240. Mia says:

    I am mia and still waiting on my money um from Memphis

    ADMIN – Hi Mia,

    The settlement has not been finalized. No checks have been issued.

  241. Diane says:

    Has anyone received payment yet? Or know when we will?

    ADMIN – Hi Diane,

    Nobody has received payment yet.

  242. Crystal Helton says:

    I was called several times . During the time period . I changed my phone number 3 times and still received calls on all 3 numbers.

    ADMIN – Hi Crystal,

    Hopefully you filed before the deadline. Now you are too late to file.

  243. Roni Burkett says:

    Any possible date of when settlement will be sent? I thought it was settled. If you were on the number list you got between $300-900

    ADMIN – Hi Roni,

    As it stands you will only get $6 once the appeals clear.

  244. Amy Knox says:

    My number is one of the numbers that is on the list. I did file a claim within a timely manner but I have not received any mail updating about this matter. Can you give me any updates and the amount each person will receive?

    ADMIN – Hi Amy,

    Settlement is under appeals. No timeline as to when people will receive payment.

  245. Trevor M. says:

    I already spent the $300 x 3 calls = $900 I was promised, when does my $900 check come in the mail? I may have to foreclose on my residence if I don’t get this check soon!!!

    ADMIN – Hi Trevor,

    That was a bad decision on your part. Chances are you will get like $3 for this settlement

  246. Trina Huddlestun says:

    That is gay as hell we were told $300 now it’s $6 wtf

    ADMIN – Hi Trina,

    The key word is “estimated” the estimations are made based on average number of submissions received for prior claims similar to the one in question. An estimation is not a promise.

  247. KC says:


  248. Mya says:

    Yes this is bogus to have all of us waiting for an estimated $300 plus and now you guys are stating $3-$6 dollars that’s pretty messed up.

    ADMIN – Hi Mya,

    Not bogus. The amounts are estimated based on participation When participation is high the shares decrease.

  249. Edna says:

    haven’t received my payment

    ADMIN – Hi Edna,

    Nobody has. The case is under appeals.

  250. maria a anderson says:

    it was just a scam to get people to file a claim. it was on the news and everything $300 per line,now its $6.00. better off just blocking the calls.

    ADMIN – Hi Maria,

    Not a scam. That is how settlements work.

  251. Tyra says:

    WOW! $300 to $3.00?

    ADMIN – Hi Tyra,

    Yes, that is what happens with pro rata settlements.

  252. Jc says:

    Please post the math…..It doesn’t add up! Current settlement (which is omitted from all visible documents) – Legal (which is listed at 50k) = ??

    ADMIN – Hi JC,

    Are you asking me to post the math?

  253. Eric says:

    What is the outcome of the ‘Final hearing’ that was scheduled for April 2, 2018 at 9am?

    ADMIN – Hi Eric,

    I don’t have an update yet.

  254. amir p says:

    Hi Admin.. So the deadline was yesterday for the settlement issue. Have you heard anything about how it went? I am planning on taking the Mrs out to McDonalds with my settlement.

    ADMIN – Hi Amir,

    No updates yet. Your date to Mcdonalds will not happen in the near future.

  255. Shenea says:

    Hi. I read that the final hearing was April 2, 2018 at 9:00am. Is there any word on what happened or when checks will be mailed?

    ADMIN – Hi Shenea,

    I have not received any updates. Please check in a couple of weeks.

    • Cindy says:

      I checked the settlement website and it now says the Final hearing will be July 24th, 2018. Our notices we got Did say April 2nd, 2018. If they moved the Final hearing date, why did they not contact the plaintiffs? We are all apart of it and have a right to know if the hearing was moved. But yet, no one received a notice.

      ADMIN – Hi Cindy,

      It is not customary to send updates beyond the notice.

  256. Pam Shields says:

    Is there a link to check the status of the claim

    ADMIN – Hi Pam,

    There is not. We wait until the final hearing in July.

  257. Terri Lowry says:

    I didn’t receive any emails requesting supplemental information to verify phone number. I have my claim #. what are my next steps? thank you

    ADMIN – Hi Terri,

    If the admin did not request supplemental information you can probably assume they had all they needed. You can always check by emailing them directly.

  258. Gwen says:

    Received an email from them today. Over 2 million claims were filed. “The Settlement Administrator has also informed the Court that an unknown but substantial number of claims filed in this manner may be fraudulent. To ensure that only valid claims are recognized, the Court has ordered that all recipients of this email must submit proof of their connection to the phone numbers at issue before their claims can be deemed valid. See Court Order Dated March 5, 2018, DE # 619.”
    We have until May 1, 2018 to submit this information. “Due to the need for the supplemental claims verification process as described above, the Final Approval Hearing has been reset for Tuesday, July 24, 2018, at 11:00 am CST”

    ADMIN – Hi Gwen,

    It sounds to me like they are asking you to prove that you own the phone number associated to their records.

  259. STEPHANIE J FLAGG says:

    I cannot locate my claim # and need to submit documentation can someone please help me!?

    ADMIN – Hi Stephanie,

    We cannot. We are simply an informational website.

  260. Laura says:

    In order to proceed with the settlement,we have to provide documentation/proof of the calls that were made. With that being said, does anyone know if there was a specific number that they would’ve called from or if anyone has any advice on how to locate this necessary information, it’d be very helpful. I don’t think blindly going through five years of phone bills is going to be productive in the least.

    ADMIN – Hi Laura,

    I would contact the administrator to ask.

  261. WIlliam Matthews says:

    I had 2 phone numbers that were identified when starting my claim so I have 2 case numbers but am unsure what phone number is attached to what claim. Is there a way to find out which phone number is attached to which claim?

    ADMIN – Hi William,

    Reach out to the class action administrator.

  262. Linda Panek says:

    Did anyone receive an email (April 9, 2018) they are requesting proof by May 1, 2018 (documents) submit proof of their connection to the phone numbers to support your claim they have called your number? I have contacted my provider and was told ” To obtain a list of calls from that long ago and over a 5 year period would require a subpeona. Your lawyer can contact our legal department to obtain the call logs once he has the subpeona ready”. This is impossible, so unless you can provide this information they will not have to pay you anything!

  263. Phil Krakowski says:

    Hello, we received an email from the claim admin today that is alleging there was fraud with the claims process and is now asking for claimants to submit proof of the calls. How are we supposed to know what phone #s they called us from, even if our cell providers are able to produce that info by the May 1 deadline??

    ADMIN – Hi Phil,

    I would totally submit copies of all my phone records for years.

    • Phil Krakowski says:

      LOL…all that for $6?

      ADMIN – Hi Phil

      Maybe $7 if you are lucky. But if a bunch of people fail to verify your payment may just go up exponentially.

  264. Marilyn says:

    I got an email today regarding this Class Action, but when I hovered my mouse over,
    the link was to
    Is this a scam email link?

    ADMIN – Hi Marilyn,

    I would not trust it myself. who was the email from?

  265. Heather Nunnelly says:

    Has there been an update

    ADMIN – Hi Heather,

    Not for a while.

  266. oddthomas2113 says:

    I received an email asking for proof since so many people claimed it. But I can’t send proof if I don’t know what phone numbers they used for the calls. Can you help?

    ADMIN – Hi Thomas,

    I can’t. You will need to contact the class action administrator directly to obtain a list of the numbers used.

  267. Miles Smith says:

    What are the phone numbers for “Resort Marketing Group” or what numbers did they call from to call me. I would like to check those phone numbers on my phone bills.

    ADMIN – Hi Miles,

    We don’t have that information. You will need to contact the class action administrator to secure it.

  268. Dianna says:

    I received an email today stating we have until May 1, 2018 to send proof of the connection to the phone numbers at issue. I researched through court records, complaints, and other resources and cannot find the “phone numbers at issue”.
    Can you please tell me what phone numbers they would have called from so I can get my phone records as proof?
    Thank you in advance.

    ADMIN – Hi Dianna,

    I can’t. You need to contact the class action administrator.

    • Dianna says:

      Ok, and how do I contact them? I have tried calling the phone number listed, only to receive an automated message and cannot get through to a person.

      ADMIN – Hi Dianna,

      This is their main website

  269. Cynthia Sanchez says:

    I filed last year and received a claim number 60948546501. I don’t remember what I did to mess up, but I refiled and received another number 61012945401. I recently received an email to confirm my telephone number at the time I was called by the cruise line. Trying to remember which number I used was not easy because I changed my number numerous times. And now that I have to reconfirm and send proof, I cannot remember the number I used.. I’m a disabled woman who is very sick and found notes in an old book where I wrote some info about the settlement and my claim number, but I didn’t save the telephone number that was used. Can you help, because it was confirmed that my number submitted was correct.
    Thank you Kindly,

    Cynthia Sanchez

    ADMIN – Hi Cynthia,

    I can’t. I am not the class action administrator and I do not have access to the list of phone numbers.

  270. WALT O'BRIEN says:


  271. Debra says:

    I got the request for a supplemental claim evidence along with my claim number which I feel was very strange (I don’t like clicking and opening aps that I haven’t requested or remember and I can’t be sure of where or who they are from). The only way I knew for sure I was among the class action was by submitting all my phone numbers I have had in the allowed time period and it was their program that confirmed which number or number’s were allowed to make the claim on. So what now and how would I prove I had that number or number’s? I would think they wouldn’t need us to resend our numbers again, after all it was ‘their program that ran our numbers and approved the ones that were called’. There should be a program that can pull out any duplicate addresses, email addresses or names.
    It is pretty easy to believe we are all being scammed and maybe a telemarketer is behind this request.

    ADMIN – Hi Debra,

    Not a scam, I believe the admin is trying to weed out fake claims.

  272. Andrea C Harris says:

    What is the address to send in your phone bill confirming that that number belongs to you

    ADMIN – Hi Andrea,

    Scroll up and read the subheading titled “contact”.

  273. Mia G says:

    I received the request to provide evidence. However, I pulled up my cell account and they only have the last 16 months/bills. In order for me to retrieve this information I would have to pay $5.00 per bill. July 23, 2009 through March 8, 2014 would cost a lot of money. Is there another suggestion on how to obtain the information requested?

    ADMIN – Hi Mia,

    Sadly I have no other suggestions.

    • Traci says:

      Apparently there are many here that lack basic reading comprehension skills. Also, who doesn’t save their monthly statements? I keep mine on file for 10 years.

      ADMIN – Hi Traci,

      Totally an overkill I only keep them for 4 years

    • BigV says:

      You only need to prove ownership of your phone number not evidence of the actual phone call(s).

  274. jch says:

    i contacted my old phone company. They were able to send me an email including all the phone numbers associated to my name and the dates the phone numbers were active. That should be all the administrator needs to verify that the phone number(s) was yours

  275. Sieukoomar Singh says:

    How can I get my confirmation number.

    ADMIN – Hi Sieu,

    You got one when you submitted your claim.

  276. Sheila says:

    Do you have to prove that you owned the phone number from July 2009 through March 2014?

    ADMIN – Hi Sheila,

    I believe so.

  277. Naomi says:

    I received an email stating that I have to show proof that I received a phone call from RMG. How am I expected to find this phone number from years ago? Is there at least a list of what phone numbers RMG was calling from so I can look on my phone bills?

    ADMIN – Hi Naomi,

    Contact the class action administrator

  278. Cynthia Spina says:

    How can I find out which phone number was part of this class action I used when I filed my claim in August 2017 ? I can not locate the document I printed after filing. I have the documents from my cellular phone to prove ownership but if it was my home phone number that was listed in this suit, I don’t have any documents anymore as I moved in 2011. Please check and advise which phone number so I can proceed with this claim # 61802733601. Thank you,

    ADMIN – Hi Cynthia,

    There is a chance your credit report contains evidence of prior phone #. Otherwise contact the class action admin.

  279. Midge Creamer says:

    I have never received any info re this settlement until yesterday (4/24/10). I put my claim # in and cannot go any further. I have no record of calls as I delete same if I do not recognize a #. I am on the Do Not Call List also. I do not know how to proceed now.

    Any suggestions?

    ADMIN – Hi Midge,

    If you did not file before the deadline there is nothing that you can do about.

  280. Sharleen Williams says:

    I cannot locate the claim number, I did forward an email this morning to the administrator with my email, address and phone number. What else do I need to do. Do I need to send an actual copy of the phone bill now as the company I used then was different. Verizon and now Frontier

    ADMIN – Hi Sharleen,

    You need to follow the instructions provided on the secondary request.

  281. GREG says:


    ADMIN – Hi Greg,

    Please reach out to the class action administrator.

    • Faviola says:

      I have called the admin number and it’s just a recording saying the same information. As the website. Gives no information on the number that would have called us. How are we suppose to look through our phone records if they dont provide us a number?

      ADMIN – Hi Faviola,

      This is the company handling the claims.

  282. Tiffany says:

    When we originally filed our claims they ran our numbers through their database right? And if it was matched with the list of numbers in the settlement then we were able to file a claim right? So tell me why would they need to weed out invalid claims? Wasn’t the system they had in place suppose to do that in the first place???

    ADMIN – Hi Tiffany,

    Many people filing for the same #

  283. Mattie says:

    My claim number is 62215886701 filed 8/20/2017. Due to be paid 5/2018, what is the status?

    ADMIN – Hi Mattie,

    To check on the status of claims check directly with the admin.

  284. Bambi Dyer says:

    How do we prove the number that called us?

    ADMIN – Hi Bambi,

    You need to prove that you are or were the rightful owner of your phone number. They already know which #s they called.

  285. Smith says:

    I have a claim and if I do not receive what was stipulated , Then it is a scam and I will be sueing the company who sent me the letter believe that.

    ADMIN – Hi Smith,

    Considering the stipulation is for a pro rata settlement I think you are likely to get your fair share.

  286. Lori says:

    H,i Both my husband and i got calls from the marketing company, we also received emails on the suit, It states that you have to have proof of the calls, how do we find the numbers on our monthly phone bills if we dont know when they called or what the numbers they called from? We were sent claim numbers. Thank you!

    ADMIN – Hi Lori,

    Contact the class action administrator to obtain clarification.

  287. JT says:

    They have asked for proof of these calls. Anyone know the numbers RMG, Carnival etc called us from. Looking through cell phone bills from 2009-2014 is a pain with no idea of what numbers to look for. Please reply ASAP if any idea of how I can get this info.

    ADMIN – Hi JT,

    They are not asking for the numbers they called from. They are asking for the number or numbers where you received your calls.

  288. Elizabeth Smith says:

    Hello, I have already filed my claim but I am trying to provide proof before the 30th.
    What is the number they would have called me on so I can look through my phone records?
    Thanks, Elizabeth

    ADMIN – Hi Elizabeth,

    What you need to prove is that you are the owner of the phone number you submitted.

  289. Nick says:

    How do you find out your original claim number? I have received over 15 emails, all referencing my name but different claim numbers. I did not write it down when i filed the claim originally. Am I SOL or do i reference every claim number that they referenced along with my cell phone ownership document. TIA

    ADMIN – Hi Nick,

    Reach out to the class action administrator.

  290. Susan McKinney says:

    how do I contact the admin for this? I filed my claim in timely fashion but have heard nothing back? I have my claim number

    ADMIN – Hi Susan,

    Scroll up and read under the section titled contact.

  291. tonya says:

    how are we to get the phone number associated with the cell phone I feel as long as your number was in the data base we should be honored

    ADMIN – Hi Tonya,

    From what I understand from other class members you are to prove that you were the owner of said phone number and not necessarily identify the numbers that contacted you.

  292. tonya says:

    could it be from a phone bill

    ADMIN – Hi Tonya,

    That is what I would turn in.

  293. Noel says:

    I did not receive an email. I already looked through my spam and deleted emails. I know I submitted a claim last year. What can I do?

    ADMIN – Hi Noel,

    You can try contacting the class action administrator via email.

  294. Patty says:

    If they want us to only send in one sheet of phone bill to prove we owned the phone number, how do we do that if we don’t know what month to send in? I have email the admin several times and have had no response. I have a claim number.

    ADMIN – Hi Patty,

    Try calling them. If that does not work try reaching out to class counsel.

    • Patty says:

      I have tried both. The number listed does not have anyplace to leave a message or get to a real person. I have also sent numerous emails to them. AT&T can’t supply me with anything that old.

      ADMIN – Hi Patty,

      Given the amount you are likely to get from this settlement I would just let it go.

  295. kevin d henshaw says:

    I can not get a bill that old from AT&T to show ownership of the phone number. I did however find two old emails one that was a receipt for purchase and the other that was a business email both of which have my name, date, and phone number on them. Will that be enough proof that I owned the number since 2006?

    ADMIN – Hi Kevin,

    You can certainly give it a try. When was the deadline to submit additional evidence? Has it not passed already?

  296. Karla D says:

    I do have phone bills from that period that show I owned the number. Problem is I never received notification that I needed to provide proof. Checked today because the suit was originally supposed to be settled by the end of April. How do I contact the administrator to be included in the settlement?

    ADMIN – Hi Karla,

    Scroll up, you will find the contact information posted on the main page.

  297. garrett hawley says:

    I lost my email with confirmation number. sent my ownership paper work without it

  298. Tammy Randolph says:

    I didn’t know about the deadline for further proof. I had previously filed a claim. Am I just Out of luck or what?

    ADMIN – Hi Tammy,

    Pretty much.

  299. Chris Hurst says:

    Kristen Smith If you go after these lawyers or hear about any one filing a suit against them I am on board

    • Latricia Rentsch says:

      I submitted a claim for 12 calls nearly ten years ago phone records and all. One of the 3 contact numbers I believe lobey and lobey attorneys said I listed 25 calls. FALSIFYING LEGAL DOCUMENTS ON MY BEHALF….CRIMINAL! Eldison pc says the cruise line acknowledged 3 calls. Countless hours spent looking for copies of my AT&T phone bill.

      ADMIN – Hi Latricia,

      That sure sounds frustrating.

  300. Virginia Hart says:

    Yes they just told one big fat lie, the people said the pay out would be April 2018 it’s now June.

  301. Deb Souders says:

    hello my friend got a check a few days ago for this suit. I have 2 claims in… how long does it take to get a payout? I filled these in August 27 2017

    ADMIN – Hi Deb,

    Are you sure it was for this lawsuit? How much did your friend receive?

  302. Carl Alexander says:

    So we filed a claim and we got our claim # but we did not receive a payment . Is there a new timeline ? Cause we was told April 2018 , but we didn’t get so much as a sorry letter nothing ! Anybody care to explain why ?

    ADMIN – Hi Carl,

    Nobody has yet received payment from this one. It is best if you contact the class action administrator.

  303. Jen says:

    Do you know if it when we will receive any money? And how much

    ADMIN – Hi Jen,

    Settlement is under appeals.

  304. Rachel says:

    This reminds me of “Bleak House” by Charles Dickens. Ten years from now, when everything is wrapped up, the money will have been appealed and scammed away. I think we’ve been took. Dont let them take your time too.

    ADMIN – Hi Rachel,

    Lengthy appeals are normal when it comes to class action settlements.

  305. Tara P Penny says:

    I submitted verification of phone number after the deadline via a canceled check that was old. Did not have a old phone number due to it being years ago and my number is now different. I was not aware of the deadline due to not having access to my email. I emailed the ADMIN. However, never got a response. What now?

    ADMIN – Hi Tara,

    I would not try too hard. You are likely to only get about $6 from this one.

  306. Steve says:

    Is there another appeal since the latest July 27th date? I heard a rumor it has been extended to Oct?

  307. Steve says:

    Found this. Looks like the “final” hearing will be in Sept. See upper right hand corner

  308. Jennifer P says:

    When is the next court date? Is the end anywhere in site?

    ADMIN – Hi Jennifer,

    Not posted on the site. As soon as I hear something I will update our Facebook page.

  309. Frank Kaman says:

    What has happened with this class action suit

    ADMIN – Hi Frank,

    This particular case remains under appeals.

  310. Richard and Mary Jordan says:

    I have claim number and sent proof of phone number *(by fax) during period stated as requested for additional information

    I also changed email address

    claim# 61386896101 filed 8-17-17

    Can you give us an update please!!!

    ADMIN – Hi Richard,

    The administrator has not updated the official page.

  311. Denise m Lane says:

    Could not get my phone records from ten years ago hope I still get my six dollars filed last year

    ADMIN – Hi Denise,

    Hopefully you will.

  312. Rebekah D Wager says:

    I filed claim #61325076001 and have not heard back. I uploaded documents and emailed documents but have not received anything. Where and how can I confirm?

    ADMIN – Hi Rebekah,

    This settlement remains under appeals.

  313. Cynthia Wilson Flournoy says:

    Is there a reason why we are asked to show proof of phone number more than once

    ADMIN – Hi Cynthia,

    Because there may have been a number of fraudulent claims.

  314. David Burns says:

    I received a letter asking for additional proof of ownership on phone number. Where do I send the information and what is the deadline?

    ADMIN – Hi David,

    When did you receive that request?

  315. Dianne says:

    Just checking in to see what happened at the last hearing 10/31/18.

    ADMIN – Hi Dianne,

    The admin has not posted any updates.

  316. Darlena says:

    Are there any updates on the case, I seen that there was supposed to be a final hearing on the 30th to decide.

    ADMIN – Hi Darlena,

    None at the moment.

  317. Tanya says:

    Why does it keep getting pushed off……I think they are going to need to add interest 9n for everyone thinking they would receive payment s almost a year ago….this is ridiculous and unacceptable!!!!!!

    ADMIN – Hi Tanya,

    That is how the process of appeals works.

  318. Tanya says:

    Why does it keep getting pushed off……I think they are going to need to add interest on for everyone thinking they would receive payment s almost a year ago….this is ridiculous and unacceptable!!!!!!

    ADMIN – Hi Tanya,

    That is what happens when someone submits appeals

  319. Kathy Niedermyer says:

    When will we hear about how much we are to receive?

    Thanks so kindly.


    Kathy Niedermyer

    ADMIN – Hi Kathy,

    This settlement is currently under appeals. Do not hold your breath.

  320. Persephone Brown says:

    My name is Persephone Brown am trying to make sure am in the settlement

    ADMIN – Hi Persephone,

    Please reach out to the class action administrator.

  321. Taken says:

    It appears that the final settlement will be $22 per claim per the most recent info. Far cry from the $900, but the attorney is asking for $3.1 mil, sooooo.

    • Tijuana Tete says:

      Hopefully the payout pool will be a bit higher, due to the fact that probably a large percentage of claims were unable to provide valid documentation for proof of ownership of their phone number(s). How many folks out there have easy access to phone bills from 2009-2014? There is probably also a big percentage of original claimants that never even heard that they were required to send in follow-up documentation and then there were those who knew about it but missed the deadline, incorrectly uploaded files, sent in wrong/invalid documents, etc. etc. Not that it would cause the payout to be a big chunk higher, but I have a hard time believing the majority of claimants were able to provide the right documents and within the deadline. Just some thoughts… but what do I know!? 🙂

  322. Edward Downey says:

    Have there been any distribution of funds yet? If not, then when will there be, and when can I expect to receive settlement?

    ADMIN – Hi Edward,

    This remains under appeals.

  323. Carol says:

    Any recent updates as of yet?? I know it won’t be much just curious.

    ADMIN – Hi Carol,

    Nothing significant.

  324. Lindsay says:

    any ideas on how much per person?

    ADMIN – Hi Lindsay,


  325. ronald helm says:

    i need my check any updates please relpy

    ADMIN – Hi Ronald,

    None at the moment.

  326. Pam Hubbard says:

    What is the website for us to check for when this is finally approved? I can’t find a link to the website to check even tho’ it says “check the website” for more info. Please provide the link to the website for us to check. Thanks

    ADMIN – Hi Pam,

    The official website. The link is available above. Just Scroll up

  327. Sjohnson says:

    Has the appeal been determined? Just curious

    ADMIN – Hi S,

    The admin has not yet posted an update regarding the mid-December hearing

  328. Brett L Grubb says:

    I like to know what’s going on with this thing? I’ve been waiting on money for over four years on this I had two different phone get attacked by the robo calling. Now you’re saying you don’t have my show phone number down in my account 918 402 2110 I really appreciate you somebody would get back with me and let me know what’s going on thank you

    ADMIN – Hi Brett,

    Remains under appeals.

    • Michael C says:

      This was the last update as of 12/19/2018. We’re close, another month or so.

      December 19, 2018 Update
      The Court held a status hearing on December 19, 2018. During that hearing the Court indicated that it anticipated issuing a ruling regarding the settlement by January 31, 2019. We will continue to update this website as soon as practicable as to developments in the case, including any ruling on the settlement.

  329. Barry M says:


    I’m not sure if this site is still up and running but I’m going to take a leap. The MGTCPASETTLEMENT.COM is useless and just refers you back to the website, so it’s a never ending loop to nowhere.

    I have Ten (10) claim number, all filed on 8/26/2017 (I have all the receipts)

    The problem is we never received any updates or legal notices whatsoever after the initial submission of claims.

    How do we find out if there has been any dispersal of funds or where do we go for information, other than their website of the listed telephone number.

    ADMIN – Hi Barry,

    It is my understanding that this settlement has not yet been distributed.

  330. Chase Iksonarg says:

    I received my check yesterday along with my friend…they are for $22…far from the $300 they touted…too many people joined.

  331. Lorraine B says:

    Has there been any settlement in this case?
    Case Code: CQC

    • Angelica (Admin) says:

      Hi, Lorraine. Thanks for your message. However, we ( are *not* the settlement/claims administrator of this case — we are only an online “newspaper” of various class action settlements involving various companies. Please check the settlement website for any updates on the issue, and/or contact the Settlement Administrator directly, if you haven’t already done so. The details are stated above; just scroll up. Thank you, and best of luck.

  332. Kimberly Moore says:

    The settlement website says payments should be mailed around August 7, 2020

  333. Lisa says:

    Well, mine was supposed to be in my mail Thursday (8/13/2020) — I check my mail daily through the informed delivery option on the usps website and it was not in my mailbox for that day. The post office said that it could come any day, still nothing. I am trying to get in touch with the class action administrator, but it is an automated system and I cannot get a new check mailed to me because mine is lost! Any phone number other than 855-636-6134?

  334. Edub says:

    I did not get a check either. Did anyone get a check yet? This is 1 month ast the Aug 07 date for mailing.

  335. Maria says:

    I never received my settlement payment. My claim was filed on 8/17/17 and I was given a claim number receipt. Is there a good contact number or address to inquire why I have not received a settlement check? I agree with previous comment, 855-636-6134 is an automated answering service and does not give any options to speak with an administrator or real person.

    • Angelica (Admin) says:

      Hi Maria,

      Sorry to hear that. However, I’m afraid you’ll still have to contact the Claims Administrator directly for that info. We are only a class action newspaper, not the settlement administrator of this lawsuit. Please see the “Contact” details as well as their website links above. Best of luck.