Class Eligibility

Minnesota residents who took out loans issued by Western Sky Financial, LLC (“Western Sky”) that were purchased and serviced by CashCall, Inc. (“CashCall”) are entitled to relief from a settlement of a lawsuit obtained by the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office.

Estimated Amount


Depending on your situation you may be eligible for for debt cancellation, monetary restitution and/or credit history adjustment

Proof of Purchase


Case Name

State of Minnesota, by its Attorney General, Lori Swanson and its Commissioner of Commerce, Michael Rothman v. CashCall, Inc., et al.

Case Summary

This settlement resolves allegations that the defendant engaged in lending and advertising practices for their payday loans in violation of Minnesota laws. Specifically, the loans enticed consumers to take disadvantageous loans with high interest rates and excessive fees. The settlement provides debt cancellation for some class members and monetary compensation for others.

Settlement Pool





Minnesota CashCall Settlement Administrator
c/o Dahl Administration
PO Box 3614
Minneapolis, MN 55403-0614

8 responses to “Western Sky Financial, CashCall Payday Loans Class Action Settlement (Minnesota Only)”

  1. MonnaRae Moebakken says:

    When will i receive mt settlement?

    ADMIN – Hi Monna,

    This settlement has a very recent deadline. It will be a while before we know approximately when the checks will be issues.

  2. bonnie says:

    Do you have any idea how soon the checks will be sent? I could really use the money.

    ADMIN – Hi Bonnie,

    Not at this time.

  3. Carol says:

    The paperwork states a March distribution, will checks be distributed in March as the paperwork states. If so when?

    ADMIN – Hi Carol,

    We have no idea when distribution is likely to begin.

  4. Carol says:

    Eligible borrowers who submitted valid and timely claim forms were mailed a payment via First Class Mail on March 24, 2017.

    This is posted on

    Dahl Administrations are distributing the settlement.

  5. Keith Grace says:

    Hello: Just checking to see if my claim form was received? When will i get the check!! Thanks and have a bless day!

    ADMIN – Hi Keith,

    Scroll up and look for the contact info for the class action admin. Give them a call.

    • Keith Grace says:

      I live in Georgia what month will check goes out!!! Just checking!

      ADMIN – Hi Keith,

      Note that this settlement is for Minnesota

  6. Catherine Kendrick says:

    Hi, I’m in Ga. I would like to know when will checks be mailed in Ga?

    ADMIN – Hi Catherine,

    This settlement is not for Georgia. If you were a member of the class who lived in Minnesota but now lives in Georgia you should have received your settlement at the end of March. All checks were mailed on March 24 2017

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