Class Eligibility

You may be in the Settlement Class if, on or after August 18, 2011, you received a pre-recorded call by or on behalf of Central Payment Co., LLC (โ€œCentral Paymentโ€).

Estimated Amount

$100 to $150

Proof of Purchase

Tel #

Case Name

Heidarpour v. Central Payment Co., LLC
Case No. 4:15-cv-139 (CDL)
United States District Court for the Middle District of Georgia

Case Summary

The plaintiffs allege that third parties hired by Central Payment caused pre-recorded calls to be placed. Central Payment denies any wrongdoing, has asserted defenses, and in agreeing to settle, does not admit any wrongdoing.

Settlement Pool





Central Payment Settlement Administrator,
P.O. Box 421, Claysburg, PA 16625

154 responses to “Central Payment TCPA Class Action Settlement”

  1. mary cassidy says:

    yes I received phone calls from them

  2. Kay F. Morgan says:

    Re Midland TCPA Claim#MDD-13901477901 filed 2’1-16. Haven’t rcvd Settlement to date. What status of my refund. Kay F. Morgan.

    ADMIN – Hi Kay,

    Please submit your inquiry to the admin.

  3. Craig Eaton says:

    Yes, I received phone calls from them.

    • Michelle Daniels says:

      Hi Craig, I received multiple calls as well but never received my check. Seems to have been lost in the mail. Anyway to cancel that and reissue me a new one???

      ADMIN – Hi Michelle,

      You would have to contact the class action administrator.

  4. Ahmed mohamed says:

    Receved A court Authorized

  5. Wayne says:

    These wretched people have pestered me unendingly for years! I finally just turned off my ringer and let every call go to voice mail. I tried over and over again pleading with them to take me off their phone list all to no avail. Scammers are very persistent. Good Riddance to Central Payment Company LLC!

  6. Richard E Mansfield says:

    received calls from them

  7. Cindy Roberts says:

    Is this the same company who calls and says, “Hi this is ????. Your credit card is not in trouble at this time,”?
    I get several of these a month from a different number every time.

    ADMIN – Hi Cindy,

    I don’t think you are talking about the same company. this has to do with collection actions so they would tell you that you are in fact in trouble.

  8. Beth says:

    I was being contacted by several at this point. I am unsure if they are one of them. is it suggested to file if I am unsure?

    ADMIN – Hi Beth,

    I would suggest you contact the admin to ask if you are included. The class action administrator info is available by scrolling up.

  9. regina says:

    Oh my God..I received so many call from them that it is just a shame!!!!

  10. Dyana Barron says:

    Yes. I was contacted from this company,

  11. Jack Robinson says:

    I am almost positive that I have received calls, but I am such a target that I receive calls from everybody.

  12. Ralph Miller says:

    Many of the recorded contacts ended w/ this is your final notice !!

  13. Theresa garcia says:

    I’m sure I was contacted by them. I get so many robo calls, it’s amazing.

  14. Jamie Hayden says:

    They have never sent me an ID number for my claim form

    ADMIN – Hi Jamie,

    Contact the admin using the info we provide on the main page.

  15. Taylor says:

    For the non-believers, if you submit a claim (and hopefully you’re being honest when you do it), when the case is settled, you WILL be paid.

    The payout amount varies according to the number of claimants. The more claims made, the less there is for each individual. But you WILL get something.

    I buy a LOT of stuff and so I file claims when I see one for something I did buy. I’ve gotten checks as low as a few dollars but I also got one for $147 last year right before Christmas.

  16. Celeste HOpkins says:

    yes I received calls from them at all hours

  17. michael dixon says:

    why do the lawyers get 2 million and we have to split it all up maybe nobody else will file and I can have around 4 million this could be a game changer for me thank you central payment I will await the multi million dollar check I cant wait please everybody don’t send in the claim form or tell them to please cancel your claim and I get it all thanks so much

  18. Seaun Campbell says:

    Yes too many calls had to change my number.

  19. Wanda banner says:

    Sent form in call my no

  20. Patricia Reynolds says:

    Receive calls on cell phones

  21. Sandra Harrell says:

    I received calls all the time.

  22. sheila says:

    WE both have but it doesnt allow me to do anything

  23. Jk says:

    I don’t see the claim ID here, could you provide it please?

    ADMIN – Hi JK,

    The claim ID came via postcard in the mail.

  24. Cindy T says:

    The class action website doesn’t work…at least not today 3/20

    ADMIN – Hi Cindy,

    It is working for me.

  25. mirian Brown says:

    Yes!! Received Calls from them too!!!:(

  26. mirian Brown says:

    many times , many calls from them!!!::(((

  27. anita Temple says:

    I have gotten so many of these calls until it makes no since for companies to call your phone like that and it does not
    matter f your on the no call list.

  28. HEATHER KRAPP says:


    ADMIN – Hi Heather,

    I just tested the claim form and it appears to be working.

  29. Traci Nicole says:

    Hi there,
    I submitted my claim, but didn’t receive a confirmation number.?.

    ADMIN – Hi Traci,

    Contact the class action administrator.

  30. Michelle says:

    the website doesn’t seem to be working and the phone number they give does not connect to a rep. any advise?

    ADMIN – Hi Michelle,

    Try to contact class counsel.

  31. Michelle Hollie says:

    I received a lot of messages from them

  32. Michelle Hollie says:

    Who do I talk to about a check I received it cashed one I sent the other one back they misspelled my last name wrong

    ADMIN – Hi Michelle,

    You contact the class action administrator.

  33. Tony Gaines says:

    I received a lot of calls from them!!

  34. Laura Cervantes says:

    online claim form doesn’t work…fishy..??

    ADMIN – Hi Laura,

    Form appears to work for me.

  35. Jesus Christ says:

    Just received check for 106.82… Do not laugh. It is real.

    ADMIN – Hi Jesus,

    I had no idea you had a cell. Can we all have it so we can call you?

    • Jsb1113 says:

      Yup, just received & opened mine, too. Surprise, surprise!

      Can I get an AMEN? LOL!

    • Stephanie Berry says:

      Was it in the form of a post card I got one too

    • Tonia says:

      Received a check today for $106.82 as well

    • mad says:

      I received my check for $106.82 today and it’s right on time … FIESTA

    • PhilKay says:

      Got a weird looking postcard check in the mail but banks won’t accept it .

    • PhilKay says:

      Got a weird looking postcard check for 106.83 in the mail but banks won’t accept it .

      ADMIN – Hi Phil,

      Banks do accept these checks.

    • V.Mary says:

      Hey what up J.C. …. WWJD with that check?! Lol

      Got my check today too, same amount!
      Yes, Jesus IS my homeboy!! ?

    • Natasha Stewart-Metcalf says:

      JC I received the same check for $106.82, but I don’t think that it is real. It’s smaller than a postcard written on postcard paper and there is no place on the back to sign!!

      ADMIN – Hi Natasha,

      If Jesus was able to cash his so can you.

    • KRC says:

      Does your check have no signature line on the back and looks different on the back from other checks?

    • Madi says:

      Those who received the check were you able to cash it since it was printed on card stock and the back of the check is the outside of the envelope with your address on it? Doesnt seem like a bank will let you cash it.

      ADMIN – Hi Made,

      For a check to be valid it does not need to be printed in a particular format.

    • Karie says:

      Ha! Admin’s got jokes, that’s funny and nice to see. But seriously, I need THAT number! ; )

      ADMIN – Hi Karie,

      I don’t have additional contact #s

  36. Paulie says:

    Anybody have a phone number to contact class admin, the phone number listed above is automated info only. Thanks.

  37. Mary says:

    Just received a check for 106.82 and it appears to be real from PNC Bank in Philadelphia.

  38. R. U. Feduptoo says:

    Just got a check for $106.82.
    So that’s how much twenty years of robocall abuse is worth.

  39. Guy says:

    Just got mine of 106.82

  40. SF Goryan says:

    Just received $106.82 today by check…..SO glad I saw that suit and filed a claim! I also had to change my phone number with these constant calls…

  41. Elisa says:

    Just got one also on a postcard though?? Ive never seen anything like it for the same amount 106.82

  42. Stephanie Berry says:

    I got post card today stating it looks to be a check but no where for me to sign it !!!!! It’s for 106.82 is there gonna be another check issued

    ADMIN – Hi Stephanie,

    Sign in the back of the card.

  43. $$$ says:

    Just received my check in Wisconsin today. I am not Jesus but I am happy to receive and cash that check!!

  44. Pastor O. says:

    I just received a check drawn on PCN Bank. I will be taking it to them not my bank. If it’s funny it will be their loss and not mine.

  45. MommyO3 says:

    Got money today! $106.82! Definitely needed it this week!

  46. Angryveteran75 says:

    received my check today for just over $100

  47. Deb says:

    Got check for $106.82 in NY. Thank you

  48. Tony M. says:

    I also received a check in the mail today for $106.82. That’ll pay for a couple rounds of golf.

  49. Mel says:

    I also just got a check today from them for $106.82

  50. God says:

    My son speaks the truth. Got mine today. $106.82

  51. Brie says:

    I tried to cash the check i got at 3 different places and no one will cash it! Where can i cash this check? No local PNC banks.

    ADMIN – Hi Brie,

    I heard someone cashed theirs at Wells Fargo and paid $10

  52. CP Shipman says:

    Just received mine for $106. Didn’t realize I should have claimed my other phone numbers they called as well. Too late now I guess ?

  53. DJ says:

    I just got a check in the mail and was wondering if it is legal or a scam. Anyone Know??

  54. Shai says:

    I got my check today as well!

  55. Laurie Hammond says:

    Got my check for 106..82 today

  56. Karen Lyvers says:

    Also received a check today from this settlement in the amount of $106.82. Void after 10/5/17

  57. Richard S. says:

    I do not really recall joining or opting out of this but today (07-10-2017) I received a suspicious perforated envelope in the mail. Opened it and inside is a check from PNC Bank in the amount of $106.82.. Since it was mailed from Sin City, NV I am going to wait to speak to a rep from PNC Bank tomorrow to make sure that it is real and some Nigerian peasant isn’t going to deplete my bank account this week.

    ADMIN – Hi Richard,

    I suspect your check is good.

  58. Andrea Moore says:

    how can I find a claim form so I can mail it in?

    ADMIN – Hi Andrea,

    You may no longer file for this settlement

  59. Kim says:

    It’s real I got my check today 106.82

  60. littlemama9999 says:

    Just got my check today for $106.82!!!

  61. Carl Anderson says:

    Just received a check for $106! So this is for real?! Lol

  62. Rhonda says:

    Received my check today. $106.32

  63. julia johnson says:

    I received a check to for 106.82

  64. Jessica Lajoie says:

    Won’t allow me to fill firm out

    ADMIN – Hi Jessica,

    The deadline has passed

  65. A. Lewis says:

    Just checked mail from the weekend & both mine & my boyfriend’s were in there. $106.82 each. I forgot all about this one.

  66. GAIL THOMPSON says:

    $107.00 arrived on a cute tiny CHECK yesterday

    ADMIN – Hi Gail,

    I love cute tiny checks too!

    • Kim says:

      How do you deposit the check? I did not think it was legit when I opened it today. There is no where to endorse

      ADMIN – Hi Kim,

      You simply sign in the back of the check where you normally see the endorsement lines.

  67. Hey hey I'm a believer says:

    Got my check yesterday! $106.82, same as Jesus Christ above. Amazing. That’s actual money. ๐Ÿ™‚

    ADMIN – Hi There,

    So glad Jesus and his believers are getting checks!!

  68. AJ Lemaire says:

    I was never able to fill a claim for this out because every time I tried, the page either didn’t load or wouldn’t let me “submit” what I finally filled out. Boo!!!

  69. Boom boom got paid says:

    Got my check today. But my question is there’s no where on back to sign this check. Is this legit?


    Hi, yes it is legitimate.

  70. Sean says:

    Got my check for $106.82 just as I was out of money for the week. God if good.

  71. john says:

    I got mine yesterday. Went to PNC bank to cash it. They charged me $10 to process it. Because I don’t have an account with them. In in the end, I gotten $96.

  72. He's The says:

    My Czech, had Void written on it.

    ADMIN – Hi He,

    Contact the admin to have it reissued.

  73. D. Wigtil says:

    I just got a check for the same amount as the other folks, $106.82.
    I thought I would just get coupons for stays at hotels I’ve never heard of, or discounts on flights I would never take. That was my part of settlement for other class action suits I have been a part of.
    Just desserts for receiving many calls from bill collectors that would not listen and just yell at me.

  74. Nicole B. says:

    I received a check yesterday also for $106.82.

    However, is anyone else having trouble cashing it due to it being printed on the inside of a postcard & there being no formal endorsement/signature box on the back?

    Any advice?

    ADMIN – Hi Nicole,

    Most people have cashed theirs without a problem

  75. Mr tompson says:

    Got a check for 106.82. PNC bank

  76. Jessica says:

    My check came with no where to endorse. I was trying to do a remote deposit, and it declined– anyone else having this issue??

    ADMIN – Hi Jessica,

    I have deposited checks with no endorsement before and it works for me.

  77. yaani says:

    I received my check today for $106.82, it is on a folded postcard so be sure not to throw it in the trash before you open it!!!! It looks like junk mail!

  78. L M Barley says:

    Just received my check today. $106.82.

  79. Mere W says:

    Thanks everyone. I googled to make sure it was a real check. Excited to help put these scammers out of business and a little green in my pocket.

  80. Carolyn says:

    Received check thought it was a scan. I thank all of you for your commentime this was also post card no where to endorse but you all received the same and said was light and where to sign so will try see what happens. OH PNC WILL NOTVALIDATE CHECK IF YOU CALL,IF YOU GO TO THEM TO SEE IF GOOD,THEY WILL CHARGE YOU. SO GLAD NO ACCOUNT WITH THEM.GO WELLS FARGO.

  81. Carolyn says:

    Oh boy last comment good ol spell check, anyway thanks to you all of you

  82. Rachel says:

    So the checks are still coming in as of today? Wonder if they are going out in batches and we just wait?

    ADMIN – Hi Rachel,

    I would wait a little longer.

  83. Charley says:

    Nothing for me 7/13/17 mail arrived.

  84. Dave says:

    Got a check today!

  85. Duane Merrick says:

    I money in mail today 106.82 hot dog on my way to bank thank central

  86. Edwina says:

    Don’t have a Wells Fargo on Little Rock AR I bank with CU and they will not cash they are requiring a 10 hold and states check is not reading in their system, what are my other options?

    ADMIN – Hi Edwina,

    The most common way is to deposit the check in your banking account.

  87. Richard Johnsen says:

    Got my check for $106.82 today, thank you, but not one for the wife.

    ADMIN – Hi Richard,

    Have you checked if this was a per household settlement?

  88. Rachel says:

    Is there a way to contact the claims admin about your claim #? Email or Phone please? Thanks folks! Don’t want to be expecting something that is not coming in.

    ADMIN – Hi Rachel,

    If you scroll up you will see the contact information for the admin.

  89. Tara m Tull says:

    i saw on my USPS mail preview that I was receiving my check..but somehow it never made it to my mailbox! I rcvd the other three items but not this check…is there a number or email I can contact to get the check reissued or see if my check has been stolen?

    ADMIN – Hi Tara,

    I would wait one more day, then follow with a complaint to the postmaster and then a contact to the class action admin to request a check replacement.

    • Derek Forrester says:

      I received my check, but somehow have misplaced it and cannot find it. Is there any way to get the cake reissued?

      ADMIN – Derek,


    • Tara says:

      I filed a complaint to USPS as thisail was lost..they have no idea what happened to it. The TCPA email just bounces back, there is no way to reissue this check or even see of it was cashed!

      ADMIN – Hi Tara,

      I am sorry about your situation.

  90. Ben says:

    I never received the check but my mom did (I don’t live with her so it’s different household). Should I contact them or wait longer? Are checks still coming in? Thanks!

    ADMIN – Hi Ben,

    I would totally contact them.

    • Ben says:

      The phone number listed toward the top of page is handled by an automated system. There’s no option to transfer to speak to someone and no directions on what to do if the check was not received.

      ADMIN – Hi Ben,

      Contact class counsel

      • Ben says:

        What is class counsel? How do I contact them? Thank you!

        ADMIN – Hi Ben,

        Class counsel is the team of attorneys that represented the class in a lawsuit. Their information is listed in the long notice. The long notice is filed in the tab titled documents within the settlement page.

  91. Anon says:

    For reissues:
    You can write to Claysburg or Las Vegas. You can email

    • Tara says:

      This email doesn’t work

      ADMIN – Hi Tara,

      That means the administration has closed shop you no longer have recourse.

  92. Quashera Hawthorne says:

    I still haven’t received anything

    ADMIN – Hi Quashera,

    Here is the latest:

    Update: The claims filing deadline has passed in this matter and checks have been disbursed to eligible class members. You may contact the administrator at if you have any inquiries. Please note that only one claim payment was allowed per person, and telephone number verification and IP address verification (for online claims) were completed as part of claims processing.

  93. Sasha says:

    I received a post card stating that my check was mailed and that I have not yet cashed it and that I have until March 1, 2018 to cash the check. I have never received my check. I called the 1800 number they had on the post card and updated my address. I spoke to one CSR and she mentioned that I will receive a reissued check within 7-10 buisness days. I called since than to check this status and another CSR mentioned to me it could take a month. I need an update please.

    ADMIN – Hi Sasha,

    To obtain updates specific to your claim you need to contact the class action administrator.

  94. Nunya says:

    2nd disbursement today $7.07.

  95. Jamie says:

    I too got my 2nd disbursement today; $7.07

  96. Rusty Fennders says:

    The only people who win these suits are the phucken lawyers. Today received my check for $7.07 ! Whatta country !

    ADMIN – Hi Rusty,

    This is the second distribution of the leftover funds. The initial check was for $106 and you should have received it about a year or so ago.

  97. George Crenshaw says:

    Got both checks $106.82, now 2nd check $7.07, Nice.

  98. George Crenshaw says:

    Got check $106.82, 2nd check $7.07, nice.๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  99. Shelly says:

    I only received 7.07 today Whyyyyyy??? Only 7.07 I wonder!

    ADMIN – Hi Shelly,

    I believe this is a secondary distribution.

  100. Kim says:

    I heard we have a 2nd round of checks being issued but unable to confirm thid

    ADMIN – Hi Kim,


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