Class Eligibility: Owners of homes or other structures that have CertainTeed Weatherboards Fiber Cement Siding, Lap Siding, Vertical Siding, Shapes, Soffit, Porch Ceiling, and 7/16″ Trim as of September 30, 2013. You can see pictures of the siding here.
Estimated Amount: The amount of compensation depends on the area of siding, the damage to the siding, and the age of the siding. But, a typical claim would be around $7,000.
Proof of Purchase: Photos
Claim Form: CertainTeed Siding Claim Form
Case Name: In re: CertainTeed Fiber Cement Siding Litigation, MDL Docket No. 2270
Case Summary: The plaintiffs allege that the siding would shrink, warp, crack, bow, delaminate, and otherwise deteriorate in ways that did not meet their expectations for the product. CertainTeed denies the claims, but agreed to settle the case.
Settlement Pool: $104,000,000
Settlement Website: CertainTeed Siding Class Action Settlement
Claim Form Deadline: January 1, 2020 (estimated)
Claims Administrator: CertainTeed Fiber Cement Siding Litigation c/o BMC Group, Settlement Administrator, P.O. Box 2007 Chanhassen, MN 55317-2007
(855) 332-3413

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  2. Bobby says:

    Fiber Cement siding is not vinyl siding…they are VERY different.

  3. Sher Kirkpatrick says:

    Anyone know how long it takes to get reimburssed once it is determined siding is bad?

    • Lynne says:

      I just spoke live with the claims administrator, and today is September 16, 2014. She said there was an appeal back in August, but it was withdrawn. She said we will hear from them within 90-100 days with either a request for more information, or a check for our portion of the settlement. I asked her to clarify “a portion” or “our portion”. She said it comes in one check. I think August 11, 2014 was the appeal, so checks will leave their office 90-100 days after that holding time. FINALLY!

      • Gary Lynne says:

        Just wondering how your fiber cement board siding is holding up, relative to its’ age (when was you siding installed?) and, if you think it will be worth replacing the “bad boards.” We went through this once before, with the Louisiana-Pacific siding class action lawsuit. They in effect paid for “bad boards”… which we then proceeded to replace. The problem was, as we replaced boards, other boards were deteriorating. It was a completely futile process.

        This CertainTeed class action settlement also has us “counting boards” as though they are going to pay to replace boards. Also, one cannot even buy this Weatherboard anymore, as CertainTeed sold that Division to PlyCem.. and it is not at all clear they will be providing the same (looking) boards, so, what are we going to do? I guess just start over… tear if all off, and put on what?? I have lost faith in the siding materials out there!!

        • RON STUCK says:


          • Bill Holder says:

            Exactly the same thing here, and I was told my file was complete in Nov of 2013.

          • MamaL says:

            We had Certainteed come out and give us an inspection and they provided us with a letter stating how many boards needed to be replaced. This was then forwarded on to the administrator of the lawsuit. We filed our claim in 1/2014 and our check is just now getting approved. It was a very easy process, just took a long time to get the check approved.

          • John says:

            Just provide photos and the claim form online.

          • John says:

            Provide photos along with the online claim form.

          • jasona5150 says:

            I’ve gotten 3 sent back to me saying I am missing something and it’s something i’ve sent in every time.

          • John says:

            We filed early this year and they waited until exactly 90 days before they responded that we needed more information. We replied and provided the exact information they needed and another 60 days went by … we had to call them to finally figure out that they needed the siding Sq footage AND the photos had to be relabeled front, left side, right side and back (vs. North, East, West, South). We were also told that we would only get 50% upfront and the remaining amount would be paid after the claim submission timeframe ended in 2020!!!!!!

            A certainteed product will never find its way onto any future homes I own. My certainteed roofing is also under a claim status as well. 7 year old custom home with roof leaks, cracked and warped siding. WAY TO GO Certainteed! American ingenuity at its best!!!!

          • Paul Marso says:

            I am in the same boat Ron. I will be sending in my third set of pictures, amount of siding damaged, etc. I have boards that are cracked, shrinking, discoloring, blowing off the house. It is just a game of BS with these folks. I would agree that they are just trying to wear us down so we give up. The other question is, if all they give us is a few thousand bucks (or less) to replace the bad boards, where in the heck are we going to get them if they don’t make them anymore. And just replacing a board here and there will not fix the problem. Let me know what you find out about getting a group together and hiring an attorney.

          • Carl Fields says:

            Hi Ron please count me in !! I have had the same problem as many with sending in countless photos measurements everything that has been requested it’s been a total nightmare and now there asking for more of the same things that I’ve already sent in.I need some help please , Thanks Carl Fields

      • GDL says:

        One has to put in a very detailed claim, with pictures, and “board counts” and/or % of area damaged… looks to me like we will be “piece-mealed”, paid for a few boards here and there… while the rest of the boards continue to deteriorate.

    • joe says:

      I got my settlement in about 2 months after all the paperwork is in they are very fair with settlement amounts . You get 1/2 at first the 1/2 at the end of the settlement

      • Rebecca says:

        Hi Joe,
        I’m wondering if you got your check recently? Turned in all our paperwork August 20th 2015, called in Novemeber and told everything was good and our claim was valid, but have yet to see a check. I’m preparing to call again since at this point it’s exceeded 120 days, but you got me wondering if perhaps they just did a round a mailing.

  4. SuperMan says:

    I had filled out the claim over 2 months ago and no one has contacted me. I called the number and it says the ruling has been appealed. Emailed the claims administrator and haven’t heard anything back. Anyone know the status of this lawsuit?

  5. Vince says:

    Appeal has been withdrawn as of August 11th, 2014 – I you have filed your claim, expect a response in 90 days…

    • Gary says:

      We are filing tomorrow… fiber cement siding installed in May, 2010…warping, shrinking, etc. ..

      When are these big companies ever going to step forward and take responsibility?

  6. shrimpy says:

    Since I’ve filled for the settlement, I have received several offers to replace or repair my siding. Research of these companies certainly caused me to raise my brow. I questioned how in the heck did they know I was in need of such a service. To say the least, I do not want to get caught up in another scam or have the same guys who initially did the work redo it under a different name or company in an attempt to recoup a loss.

  7. Lynette johnson says:

    They suck

  8. alan says:

    For those of you wondering what to replace it with. HARDIBOARD. I started siding my house and garage 14 years ago. Those boards are still PERFECT. No shrinkage or warpage or cracking. Switched to CertainTeed because lumberyard said it was the same product but slightly cheaper. NOT!!. Should have stayed with Hardiboard. They are the original and the best.They are so similar even the CertainTeed rep couldn’t tell which was which. Now I will have to replace all of those defective boards. Problem is, because they overlap, its almost impossible to replace one board without damaging the one above it. Mine are screwed on with stainless screws not just nailed . Now its November and still have not heard anything about the settlement.

  9. Theresa says:

    Has anyone gotten a payment yet? The last time I called, I was told that the appeal was withdrawn Aug 11th and that payments should go out by Nov. 30th. I’ve seen nothing. I was told that perhaps 50% will be paid up front and 50% in 6 years (after claims filing ends), unless the court says they can issue 100% refunds up front. But, again, I’ve seen absolutely nothing.

  10. Rich says:

    We received out check today. The letter that accompanied the check said that it was for 50% of the claim and that the remainder would be paid at the end of the claim period based upon available funds. I guess we are waiting 6 years for the rest of the payment.

    • Bill Holder says:

      The kicker probably will be ” based upon available funds.” After legal fees, and administrative fees we will be lucky if there is any money left. I don’t have to worry about the other half because my cancer will have killed me by then.

  11. diana says:

    When did you submit your claim documents? I submitted mine on July 29th and still have not received anything.

  12. Dan says:

    I spoke with the administrator today December 11, 2014 and they said each person who filed a claim prior to August 2014 should be receiving a check before the month is over for the first part of the disbursement or a letter if anything further is needed.

  13. Brian says:

    I installed this on my residence myself in 2008 and have the cracking, warping and shrinkage. I never received a mailer, I assume because I did not register the product? I purchased this at a home center and was never even given warranty information. Any suggestions? Am I eligible?

    • shrimpy says:

      It may be that you are eligible, I suggest that you file a claim and submit the necessary photos. Be sure the pictures show detail product malfunction and not human error based on the fact that you did the work yourself. Not saying that your work may be the cause, but you want to eliminate any probability of them suggesting this. Be sure to include your measurements. Good luck

    • joe says:

      yes just fill out the paperwork with pictures it wasn’t hard

  14. shrimpy says:

    I was told today 12/19, that all checks and or letters will go out by the end of the month or the first week in January. Those that have already received compensation was done so based on their decision to reject payment or service reimbursement offered through the warranty.

    • Bill Holder says:

      Did they tell you the tooth fairy, or Santa Clause would be delivering the checks. I was told they would be issued last month.

  15. Bill Holder says:

    My house has had this defective siding for almost 3 years now. My claim was filed with photos, and all required many months ago. Every board is warping, and cracking to the point rain can enter my house. I have called several times, and asked when I can be sure it is approved. I don’t want to find out it still needed to be in place.

    If I read the settlement we will only receive half now, and the other half years later. I am sure the lawyers got their cut, and the settlement people are getting paid. I have a terminal form of Leukemia, and at the rate this settlement is moving I will not have the money to repair my home before I die.

  16. diana says:

    Update.. I was told today that they have no idea when the settlement checks are going to be mailed. Figures.

    • Bill Holder says:

      I wonder how they get paid ? The longer they stretch it out the more they get out of the settlement money ?

  17. Bill Holder says:

    Expecting a check in the mail, I just received a letter in the mail from Certainteed wanting more pictures. They wanted one showing the address, and speaking to a young lady she could read the address in the picture. I know I sent every angle they asked for Nov 2013, and they said it was complete at that time. Now they want pictures with a ruler on cracks so they can see the size. All of this siding is warped in addition to the cracks. They say the cracks has to be 5/15″ wide or more. Did anyone else read anything about this ? Looks like we are going to have to get together, and hire a lawyer for another suite. In common terms they are screwing with us.

    • Bill Holder says:

      After the settlement request I received today I sent the following Email with more pictures.:

      I am very angry right now because I sent everything you required in pictures Nov 2013, plus some. Talking with a young lady today she said you need some measurements of the crack. I took these pictures, and I know you have pictures of all of the house. She also said you need a picture that shows the address. I told her she should be able to see it on the many pictures of the entire house I originally sent. Looking at them she read back to me my house numbers on an original picture I sent.

      The siding was only placed on the east, and west side, of the upper floor on my earth contact home. The sq ft is simple because the upper floor with the siding is 40′ X 8′ like I showed on my original claim. I bought 4’x9′ boards, but I don’t need to dicker over the overlap inches. Do the math, 40′ w x 8′ tall on each of the two sides = 720 sq ft of this defective product placed. I showed this on my original submission.

      EVERY BOARD IS NOW CRACKING & WARPING. It has gotten worse since my original claim, and are you going to pay for water damage ? I know at the time I filed I asked what I should do, and they said I could go on & replace it. I did not because I figured there would be problems like this.

      If you don’t believe me then maybe you need to send an adjuster out to confirm what I say, and show. I have a terminal form of cancer, and I need this settled NOW

    • Ron Klock says:

      Did you ever hire an Attorney to go after CertainTeed? I would like to join your group as I am getting the run a round on their settlement and no way would it reimburse me for my damages. I am willing to pay a retainer as required.


      Ron KLock

  18. rob says:

    I also received a 2 page “1st Notice of Claims Deficiency” today. asking for much of the same information that was already provided online during the claims process. This is infuriating.

  19. Keli says:

    I received the letter on Jan 6th wanting more photos and measurements of each side of the house. This is due by Jan 31st. I called and was told there were 3 items missing from my claim. She said the house measurements of each side was not included in the first form by mistake so everyone has to complete this now. Why we are given “1st notice” when it was their error?? Also our siding was self installed, and we cannot verify the date of installation in the way they require. No building permit is issued for siding here. And we sent the receipt to the manufacturer in 2007 as our siding was starting to decline then, only months after installation. We did not complete the claim with them then as they basically (rudely) told us that if the siding is found to have been WET, soaked, they do not pay. Well we live in snow country and YES the siding gets and stays WET for months!

  20. Vince says:

    Has anyone actually been paid? I’ve been told (2) weeks… at least 5 times now since October! Hearing that folks are getting denied and asking for more info is unacceptable. I submitted my info early last year… but they can’t tell me where I am in the “list”…

    • MamaL says:

      I received my check today. We filed a warranty claim and refused the payment Certainteed offered us originally. All of our paperwork was submitted in 1/2014. I think it helped that we had Certainteed come out and inspect our house and do all the measurements for us first.

  21. Ed says:

    My sympathies to all. We built in 2004 and I submitted our form early 11/2014. At that time the on line forms asked for the gap measurment and I included that in my pictures. Also included the crazy photo with the street number and allot of defect photos. I also included some drawings with measurments from the original construction. We’ve not had any communication but we’re not quite 90 days yet. Appreciate reading everyones comments.
    I was hoping to have this sorted out over the winter months and pray there isn’t allot of back and forth yet to contend with.

  22. Ron says:

    I received a letter stating I did not give exact measurements. I sent photos, measurements etc at the time of the claim.. I was told this info was needed if I want to pursue the matter. Me claim was submitted Nov 2013. They hope to skim as much off the top as they can. We need tort reform to say the least. I would move to an Adobe Hut but the Adobe would probably be defective and the lawyers just as crooked.

  23. roy says:

    same question as Vince above: Has anyone received any part of the settlement yet??? When (if) you do, please post a reply for the rest of us so we know that there might be some hope in receiving ours. Thanks

    • Kathy bryant says:

      Had to replace all siding on 10-year home before could sell due to defective siding (cracking, shrinking and discoloring), received a partial payment and was told I would receive final payment fall of 2020… but do not believe it will cover the full cost of the replacement. Will have to wait and see. Very expensive replacement. The first installment came in fair time after all information along with pictures were received.

  24. Jillian says:

    I received my check today. I sent my claim in around July with all measurements and a hundred pictures with a ruler in each picture. I did have a written offer from Certainteed that I had not accepted so that probably helped. It does say that it is for half of the amount and the other half will be paid in six years IF funds are still available. It comes in one of those rip off the edges envelopes and doesn’t give any specifics about how the amount was calculated. It’s pretty close to what I thought it should be so I am running to the bank.

  25. Lee F says:

    I filed our claim in 9/2014 for many cracks and some gaps (with measurements) and some warping.

    I was told 90 days at the time, and then in December was told that they were finalizing the checks and responses.

    I did not hear further until today when I was told they are “reviewing” my claim. It may be that in December there was another block of claims submitted earlier in 2014 and 2013 that were being reviewed.

    Based on the ratio of checks to “need more info” reported here, I’m not holding my breath.

  26. Bill Holder says:

    I thought the attorneys were representing us, but it seems like they just represent themselves. Maybe we need to get together and hire an attorney to bring a case against the attorneys, and the adjusters.

    Originally people didn’t even have to still have this crappy siding on their house to make a claim. Mine should have been removed, and replaced a few months after it was installed. This was about the time I found out I have a very terminal form of leukemia, and I want to get this problem with the siding fixed soon.

    We are all getting jerked around by these people, and I am sure they are paying themselves very well so there will be no money left for a second payment.

  27. Hassen says:

    I filed a claim a year ago and showed them pics of all angles and they agreed to send the check, however heres the kicker they keep on postponing it and saying I’m not at the front of the list yet, how long does it take to own up to your mistake and take responsibilities for your actions. This is ridiculous.

  28. maureen wikel says:

    You received all info on Feb.20,2015.If you can help let me know.If not I will personally go after certain-teed,my self. THANK YOU

  29. Ron says:

    Received my settlement today. Half as stated with last half if funds available at end of deadline for filing. My claim was made around 11/2013.

  30. Bill Holder says:

    I just called, and checked again the status of my claim. I was told that they were missing the date of installation. I told the lady thanks for not telling me they needed something. Then I directed her to the purchase ticket for the siding I sent them in 2011. She then said that that was all they needed. The last time it was a matter of not having a picture of my house address, and I directed them to the picture that showed it.

    I am having a race to see if my terminal form of Leukemia kills me before I get my house fixed. Right now I am betting on the Leukemia.

  31. Keli says:

    Bill, so sorry to hear you have to deal with this during your illness! I called today to see when my check will be cut as they said (6 wks ago) in Jan that all is complete with my claim and that it was “updated” and ready for payment. Again they state they do not know when they will next process checks, much less when mine will be sent. And they state they cannot tell the amount awarded in my claim either. Said I should receive payment “in a few weeks”… the same thing said at the end of January.

  32. rob says:

    I received a check for 50% of my claim today. Good luck to everyone.

  33. Keli says:

    I finally received my check! It was slightly more than 1/2 of the estimate given by their online calculator.

  34. James says:

    The administrator is asking of information, so as not to have to pay out. They sent me a two page letter that I forward to the two attorney groups and the administrator. Than no word after I was informed the administrator would contact me. Now they want other information NOT APPROVED from the Judge. I since forward them an e-mail of the long form and the square footage requested. the administrator has not returned my e-mail.

    I firmly believe the administrator group is acting in bad faith to the class members.

    Who retains proof of purchase from 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 ????

  35. Kay says:

    We filed in Nov. 2013, got a notice of deficiency in mid January 2015 with a due date of 2 weeks. We sent copies of the original submissions with the additional copy of original invoice via Certified mail. We just got a check two weeks ago for half of estimated value with a note that other half will be paid when settlement is depleted. I see they are taking claims until 2020 so who knows if we end up with the other half of the settlement.

    Seems like any company stating a lifetime or 20+ year warranty on things are having class actions filed against them. We were going to go back to Hardy plank but they also have a lawsuit.

  36. Lin says:

    Is anyone having problems with your siding turning a chalky white all over? I just called the Settlement Administrator and she said that this is not covered under this class action. That is crazy. Our house looks terrible and we have no other option now other than painting, which defeats the purpose of fiber cement board, or replacing. Original cost for the back of our home was $26,000. This is crazy. I might have to hire an attorney.

    • Carole domasco says:

      Lin. We had Certainteed siding installed in 2011. Last year befpgan to see our siding on the southeast side of our home getting a chalky look to it. Called the company who factory painted it and they sent Sherwin Williams out to assess. They claimed it was efflorescence and recommended we clean it with white vinegar and water. It still had the chalky look. They gave us a product that is made to clean the siding and it is still chalky. Beginning to suspect either the siding contains a mix of something that is leeching into the paint or that maybe the sun exposure is causing the paint to fade. Did anyone tell you about efflorescence with this siding?

  37. LJN says:

    Hoping to get some guidance here. We filed our claim, and after hearing nothing back we followed up this week. We were told that we will be receiving a check for 50% of our approved claim, with the balance to be paid in 2020, but did not indicate the 50% balance would only be paid “if funds are available.” So that concerns me – I would anticipate that we will never receive the reamining 50% of our claim.

    That said, we need to fix the siding. Here are my questions:
    1) What are folks replacing the siding with? I see in the comments above that Hardiplank has a lawsuit against them too, so very concerned going that route.
    2) Are you removing the existing siding before putting up new siding? We are considering leaving up the siding and covering it with new siding? We would like to leave the siding up to retain the thermal mass.
    3) Is there a forum, other than comments to this article, where we can share experiences in the claim process and getting replacement siding installed? If you know of anything, please share here.
    Immensely frustrating. To quote someone above, “they suck.” Well said.

  38. LJN says:

    One last item – we’re thinking of replacing it with steel siding. Has anyone done this?

  39. Coleen says:

    My questions are similar to LJN’s. We are looking to rectify our problems but have serious concerns:

    1. Since not all our walls need to be redone, what product can we use to “match” replacement boards and our good mahogany finished cedar lap cement boards ?
    2. How do we refinish the old boards to match the finish on the new ones? Or should we expect the rest of the boards to have problems later? Should we replace all siding ? (This will cost A LOT of money!)
    3. We’re looking into a similar product called Allura. Does anyone have knowledge about or experience with this product?
    4. Can the white chalking be covered to match?

    I appreciate any suggestions.

    • Leah D. says:

      Regarding the chalking, file a claim with Certainteed directly. We did back in 2011 and they paid for paint and labor. Just called the claim admin and after clarifying the paint payment from Certainteed, they said I’m eligible for the warping and cracking repayment.

    • Mike Strehlow says:

      Allura is the name of the company that CertainTeed sold their siding business to in February of 2014. Not certain if Allura improved the product or not. Also not sure if Allura bought out left over product produced but not yet sold in the deal. Still looking into this. I was told by the builder that Allura was used on my house built in April 2014 even thought the supplier’s invoice specified CertainTeed. What a pain.

  40. Mike says:

    Yeah, it’s just a big scam to get people to give up. I’ve already replaced a bunch of boards that cracked and more continue to crack or bleach. What a scam…and what a scam company! Even if they replace the boards are they going to cover the labor?

  41. Darlene Taylor says:

    they haven replace anything.. what about the labor.. thanks

  42. Sarah says:

    This stuff sucks its all on the side of my home and warping+cracking after only a year 🙁

  43. Steve Knable says:

    I got my check in April 2015. 50% of the claim. I when ahead and fixed my siding. Biggest problem was the warping and shrinking where the board butted up. Went to Menards and they sell an aluminum insert that goes between each board. Then took stainless screws to secure. Can’t attached a picture here. E-mail me and I will send you a picture. Overall it worked out OK and I am happy with the result. More cost effective than removing all siding and putting up new.
    Steve Knable

  44. Matt says:

    Wow, $7,000. Thats far more than they will pay for their crummy shingles. 11 years and they are curling up. I replaced them myself with some help, but I don’t think I could do it again. The labor is where we get stiffed, the product is far less costly than the labor.

  45. Seth says:

    How do you get certainteed to come out for measurement can you provide number to call

    ADMIN – Hi Seth,

    Take a look at the “Ask a Question” feature on this page

  46. Allen Payne says:

    I filled a claim out never heard from this company at all. ?

    ADMIN – Hi Allen,

    Please contact the class action administrator to ask about the status of your claim.

  47. darlene Taylor says:

    never heard from the company again Thanks

    ADMIN – Hi Darlene,

    Contact the class action admin.

  48. Jim Patterson says:

    I spent over $8500 to replace this siding from my home over a year ago. I submitted all of the necessary information and heard nothing back from the attorney for a month. I again contacted them and was told they didn’t have my application, so I resent all of the forms again. After many attempts to get a resolution to this application, I contacted my attorney. He contacted the law firm handling this action and was told they do not have any information on my application. So in August of 2015, I sent it all for the third time. Here it is January of 2016 and they still have not contacted me. I think that the law firm Audet & partners, LLC has taken a powder and skipped out with all of the settlement funds.

  49. Tina says:

    We replaced original house siding with this then it didn’t even last year (some of it) ended up replacing with hardiplank with which we love.

  50. Rebecca says:

    Submitted claim in August 2015, I was told my claim was complete and valid. Called in November 90 days after submitting and was told they were hoping to mail checks soon. since then I’ve called in January and February of 2016, I’ve been told each time they submitted all the claims for payment but they were waiting for the attorneys to approve, the process that normally only takes a week or two has been dragging on for months now, and a claim that should have been processed and paid for has now reached the six month mark. Something smells fishy…

    • Eric says:

      I gotten every excuse possible that someone with no brain could come up with. I’ve been dealing with this for years now. I can’t provide them with anything else that could possibly be the deciding factor. They aren’t even willing to send their own tech to the homes to get the info they need. I am truly amazed nobody has been killed yet because of this BS. I contacted my mortgage and insurance company to see if they could help and they recommended me talking to attorney……

      ADMIN – Hi Eric,

      We have heard similar complaints. We are really sorry this has become an uphill battle for many. Keep us updated of your progress.

  51. Ron Klock says:

    I would like to join a group and hire a private Attorney to fight this. Anyone wants to join me? We are getting the run a round on this settlement and no way will it reimburse me for my true damages. I am willing to put up a retainer if necessary or join an existing lawsuit.

    • Craig says:


      Please contact me as I have been getting a similar run around, would be happy to work with you.

    • Cathy Friedl says:

      Hi Ron, we have had the same problem described by others and are interested in the attorney option. The siding started failing immediately and we cannot replace it or repair it. We carefully send in everything they ask for and they change the rules and ask for new proof. We’ve been working on our claim since the fall of 2014 and still have not finished. Very very frustrating!

      • Andrew Harmel says:

        Has anyone gotten attorneys on their own to start a second class action?

        ADMIN – Hi Andrew,

        I can’t think of any situation where that took place.

  52. Bruce Zehnder says:

    The stuff is junk much like the rest of the products they pawn off on the public! Is all I have gotten is a major
    run around. I would like to talk to you Ron.

  53. Rebecca says:

    Hi Ron,
    I would be interested to know what you find out. My claim has been approved but the administrator has been telling me for three months that they’re waiting to get approval to mail checks. By filing a claim did we relinquish our rights to pursue separate litigation? Or does that only happen once we cash the check?

  54. Craig says:

    Hi Ron, I am having issues with the claim as well, I would be interested in getting involved with you

  55. Karen says:

    I filed a claim on a home that we purchased. It was in the buy/sell agreement that the owner of the home would have this taken care of prior to closing. They put it off until the last minute not realizing how bad the problem was. The realtor is helping us with our claim… I submitted original claim in October. Got the request for additional information the other day. Sending it in. I am hopeful we will not get the run around everyone else has gotten…but I am not holding my breath!

  56. Jeff says:

    Installed in 2012. I’m having all the same issues. I just discovered this thread.

    Have you looked into separate lawsuit yet?

  57. Tabatha Watson says:

    Same problems

  58. Craig says:

    If any of you are still having issues collecting, contact me at I am willing to try and figure out how to get action from Certainteed vs keep submitting useless information that I have already submitted. My first submission of information was Sept 1, 2015, from there the letters kept coming about every other month regarding the missing information. I have submitted dozens of pictures, electronically as well as by snail mail. We are stronger as a group than individuals just posting our frustrations.

  59. Cathy Friedl says:

    We are interested in working with all of you on an alternative legal option, this has been ridiculous.

  60. Darcy Moore says:

    falling apart

  61. Jesse Jackson says:

    Wish beat me and my wife out our money, we spent hundred and ten dollars with them and things we order wasn’t it.They doing false advertising, me and my wife wrote them a told that we have that don’t benefit us and we won’t our money back they responded back and said they will give us our money back , it been two months going .wish is a scam they give you a unbelievable price to make you spend money your money and when order you get what you played for I want my money back I have kids.

  62. Jesse Jackson says:

    I want my money back they not right plus they cold with there’s

  63. Karen says:

    I filed my claim in October of 2015 and got my check today. 1/4 of the estimate of residing the entire home. Its not a lot but its something which is better than nothing. They send a little notice saying that we should get the other 1/4 in 2020 some time. I hope they follow through with that but I have to reside my house now. Just wanted to put out an update.

    ADMIN – Hi Karen,

    Thank you for the updated

  64. David says:

    I don’t know if they got someone new at the office administrating the settlement but I finally got some answers yesterday instead of having the usual run around!
    Here’s what you need to have a valid claim:

    – 2 documents for proof of ownership (one has to be a tax statement or a deed – the second can be a utility bill, a mortgage statement or a homeowner insurance statement)

    – 1 document showing when the siding was installed (invoice from the builder or the lumber yard, certificate of occupancy or building permit

    – 1 proof it is indeed CertainTeed siding – in my case the invoice I had provided was not stating the brand of the siding, so I thought I was screwed, but I was finally told yesterday that a picture of one of the specific CertainTeed knots would suffice – as long as it is clear it’s a picture I took of the siding installed on my house (
    – Pictures – and that part is also tricky but I got some clarification. For a regular size home like mine, they only need a set of 13 pictures:

    – 1 picture of each side showing the entire side – that will be used to estimate how much siding is installed on each side
    – 2 close ups of what they called Qualifying Damage – in my case it is mostly gaps between boards because that stupid stuff shrunk. So even if it obvious the gaps exceed the requirement they need a scale in the picture itself, so either the one on the claim form or I can even use my own tape measure. I have a few cracks too but for those I don’t need a scale. I just have to make sure all the pictures I submit are labelled per side – Front – Right – Back – Left
    – And the last picture which is completely ridiculous, is a picture of the house number – in my case I don’t have the house number on the house but I was told a picture of the mailbox or the fire number on the road would be good enough

    – The last thing are the measurements. They need, again, everything broken down per side. Even the know the original claim form was not requesting it that way. She mentioned an addendum that was included, but whatever, the bottom line is that I have to figure out how much siding is installed on each side and provide four different square footages. I told her I was not a builder so it would only be an estimate. She told me to do my best and to make sure to deduct any door or window or stuff that would not be Certain Teed. And that’s also why they need those pictures showing the entire sides, so they can compare them to the measurements we submit. They might end up adjusting them if need be.

    She reminded me that it is a settlement and not a warranty process or insurance claim stuff so it takes a while. And plus with that thing being approved with a two payment schedule, it gets even more ridiculous. But it what it is. A settlement kinda means CertainTeed almost got away with it. They are still denying any responsibility in the whole thing they just agreed to pay a very small amount compared to what they should have paid if it had gone beyond the settlement stage… So I guess anything we might be able to recover will be better than nothing.

    The last thing she told me is that if we can’t wait to replace that horrible siding, to make sure to take as many pictures as possible of damage, just in case they were to need more down the road, which I hope they won’t because I’ll submit everything she mentioned!

    I just thought that might help others who are going through the same ordeal! Good luck to all!

  65. Tammy Harris says:

    I’m having the same problems as everyone else, siding has been on my home for 6 years and started to show cracks about a year after installing. It now has shrinkage, cracks, white chalkiness and looks absolutely terrible.
    I cleaned it with vinegar and water yesterday as many of you have been told and to no avail. I was not aware of the lawsuit until today. I am reading all of your comments in pure disbelief that a company would leave so many people in this situation. I am wondering if it is even worth fighting? I live in the mountain area where we receive lots of snow and rain and if I leave the siding as is while fighting a claim my house will further deteriorate. Is this worth have further damage? I have purchased calk for the cracks and a very good paint and I was about to begin painting today to repair damages. I’m not sure what action to take, do I take pictures and get the information listed and go through all this as you have done or do I take the loss and go on? I am like many of you, I cannot afford the extra cost to replace the siding so I was going to repaint and repair hoping that the paint would help seal the siding as it appears that the finish used was very minor and I believe may be the cause of deterioration causing it to possibly attain water and thus warp and crack.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated. I am very discouraged reading everything everyone is going through and I am so sorry that companies like this do not stand behind their products. I wish you all good luck!

  66. Tammy Harris says:

    I was looking at other information just now and there was a link on your post David that I went to showing how to identify siding to prove it’s manufacture (
    I looked up CertainTeed and it says information is no longer available? This seems very odd don’t you think? How to identify product as being CertainTeed is no no longer available? I have proof of purchase so it doesn’t matter but I just found this as being very strange.

  67. Tammy Harris says:

    My mistake, the no longer available is referring to the product being no longer available. Pictures clearly show how to identify CertainTeed with the knots. It does say CertainTeed in the picture, thank you for this information David.

  68. Tammy Harris says:

    We have decided upon further inspection that we will repair and paint the damages. I took pictures as noted and then I went around and marked all cracks with blue tape. Standing back at a distance you can clearly see that most of the cracks appear to be on the lower half of the house. Damage is only found on portions that are in the direct sunlight, so theory that cold weather is possibly a factor is not possible. I live in the mountain range and get lots of snow and the North and East facing sides are not affected at all. There are no cracks or discoloration anywhere on those sides of the house. Issues are only found on South and West facing sides of my home where the sun fully reaches. So this tells us that the product is not holding up to the effects of the Sun, causing it to expand and contract extensively with heat and buckling to the point of cracking. These areas in the sun are also shrinking in many areas causing expansion joints to become wider then install.

    My husband was a former contractor and he installed our siding so it was done to installation recommendations. To fix the issue with cracks we are going to place Tar paper behind each crack to form a moisture barrier and place a screw to hold siding in place, leaving room for expansion and contraction. I will paint with a paint made to withstand the UV rays and I will let you all know what the result is. I am hoping through my experience some of you may be able to do repairs at a minimum cost out of pocket as it seems issues may result in further damage if not repaired and who knows how long it will be until CertainTeed stands up and does the right thing and refunds monies paid for obvious failed product.

    I will post soon to let you know how things turn out, again good luck to you all.

    • Wendy Wong says:

      Hello, I’m wondering what kind of paint that is? That offers UV protection … we have the worstcracking on the side that faces south…since they are so hung up on Front, back, side, etc. they would never figure out that probably everyone has the most significant damage on the south facing side!!!

  69. thomas mcdonald says:

    I started my Class action back in aug 2016. Tedious information and measurements and pictures and all the trail of paper work since My purchase of the stuff in 2012 . The process should not be so complicated. I finally got my first check of $3,400.00, which is approximately half of the settlement that I will be receiving. I filled out a warranty
    claim and got an Immediate response from certainteed saying that I need to submit a claim to The Class Action
    Lawsuit, WHICH I ALREADY HAVE DONE! Is there anyone out there that knows of an Attorney I can use on a contingency basis or what ever it takes to make this Warranty process with certainted a lot less agonizing? If so please do share. I am in Nashville , Tn .


  70. MARCUS CLOSE says:

    I’ve been having siding replaced since 2001 because of defects

  71. LOU Montana says:

    How fast are they to make settlement?

  72. Michele says:

    We are having warping and melting of siding on the east side of our home in Michigan. We were told by the CertainTeed rep that our neighbors windows have been reflecting the sun onto the siding and causing the issue.
    Our vinyl siding was installed in July of 2012. CertainTeed had replaced the neighbor’s screens with black screening and the issues continue. Now they are blaming it on the kitchens vent … so they painted that a lighter color. It seems ridiculous that my neighbors keep having to make adjustments to their home for CertainTeed siding. I’m not even sure how to enter the lawsuit. The company that installed the siding has been helpful in trying to resolve the issue but what if the neighbors decide to move and the new neighbors might not be as accommodating. I’m totally disgusted for the amount of money we spent this is just horrible !

  73. Jeff says:

    I mailed in my paperwork in May. I followed up with the law firm I sent it to 2 weeks later to confirm they received it. She told me to expect the process to take 18 months.

    • Ron says:

      Jeff, my claim was paid after 14 months with second half due in 2020. Lets hope they don’t run out of money. If you read the court decision, payments to the class action suite are made quarterly. We are at the Mercy of the lawyers.

  74. Jason Staudinger says:

    I originally submitted my claim in Ictober of 2016. After months of going back and forth with them they finally said I had submitted everything needed in June of 2017. I was then told that my disbursement would be paid by the end of the summer. That came and went. In October of 2017 I was told they were required by law to do a disbursement by the end of the year. I called again just a couple days ago and guess what….shockingly it is being held up again with no news on when a possible disbursement might take place. Every time I call there is an excuse from the same Asian woman who clearly does not speak English as her first language. This has become beyond frustrating. If anyone has any help they can provide please let me know. This is a disaster.

    ADMIN – Hi Jason,

    I encourage you to contact class counsel. Here is their info

    Michael McShane
    221 Main Street, Suite 1460
    San Francisco, CA 94105

    • Jason Staudinger says:


      Who is this lawyer? What is their role? Is there a phone number that can be called?

      ADMIN – Hi Jason,

      Michael McShane
      221 Main Street, Suite 1460
      San Francisco, CA 94105

      Shanon J. Carson
      H. Laddie Montague, Jr.
      1622 Locust Street
      Philadelphia, PA 19103

      • Jason says:

        So, shortly after I posted on this site I received a check for about $4,500. The problem with this is that when I spoke on the phone with the lady back in October she told me I would be getting about $9,000 on this first check and then an additional $9,000 when the class action period is over in 2020 or whenever that is. When I got the check I went ahead and cashed it cause we needed the money to cover some large expenses on our house. I assumed that maybe the rest of that $4,500 was coming soon. In hindsight, I’m thinking I shouldn’t have cashed the check as I’m now assuming I won’t see another dime even though my house has so many cracks that the painters I just had out said they’d never seen anything like it. Anyone have any thoughts or ideas on how to actually get what is deserved?

        • Pam Selden says:

          May I ask you how they came up with $9,000? Do you have the receipt for the siding, labor and paint? Did you give them pictures of the cracks in the siding? CertainTeed only agreed to give us the cost of the siding and some money toward paint. This amount does not include labor. Thank you, Pam

  75. Gary Scerni says:

    We have submitted everything as requested – I’ve been on the phone with them numerous times. The information on the website said they would review the claim within 90 days and let us know if everything was in order. It’s now been 6 months and they continue to give us the run around. The few times I’ve called they say it’s a long process and they will send me a letter once they have reviewed the claim so frustrating – you know it won’t be right the first time it will be a change here and there and waiting another 6 months. The siding is warped and coming off the house when the wind blows it smacks the house. I’m afraid the exterior under the siding is getting damaged from water. The settlement doesn’t include replacing the exterior sheathing under the siding. They aren’t going to replace all that as part of the settlement. The longer we wait the more we risk damage to the structure. I’ve said this to the women on the phone and she really doesn’t care she’s reading a script to keep you at bay as long as possible. So frustrating this is our dream home it’s just not right to treat people this way when the class action suit has been won and people are waiting on settlement. Someone’s somewhere is getting rich….

    ADMIN – Hi Gary,

    Have you tried reaching out to class counsel?

  76. Tim Isbell says:

    Any recommendations about the AlluraUSA fiber cement board. They bought out CertainTeed and our so called builder used it on several homes in subdivision after telling us it was CertainTeed. Mine had 40 boards on the sun side of the house crack just over 2 years on our home that was built in July 2015. We found out shortly after it was built AlluraUSA quit making it so there are no replacement boards.We were told you can special order it but what do you do if you want to sell your home and just need a few boards? I want to sue our damn builder for using what I think is some garbage Alside wanted to get rid of cheap. My home is not the only one that has cracks.

    ADMIN – Hi Tim,

    Consider reaching out to a class action attorney and have them evaluate your situation.

  77. Jennifer Sturkie says:

    It took over a year for us to get our first check. It was only 1/2 of what they will pay and other 1/2 will not be issued until sometime in 2020. It is a joke. The amount provided will not even cover to have the siding taken down, new siding purchased and installed. Then it has to be caulked and painted. Almost not worth all of the run around and resubmitting crap they put you thru!

  78. mina edmunds says:

    I have been waiting over a year for my settlement money, they keep asking me for the same stuff over and over It is so frustrating because they don’t help you. They just send out a letter every six months asking for what I already sent. Is anyone else having this problem?

  79. mina edmunds says:

    The people who answer the phone are no help. I call and we go through each thing and they say it is all fine, then I get a letter asking for the same thing I call and then they say they don’t have one of the things they need. They often have 3 or 4 things marked- I call them and confirm that I already sent those things in and we go over again and then they will acknowledge 3 of the 4 things as having but still need one thing. I ask them why do you say you need it if you already have it they don’t even reply really they will just pick one of the 4 things and say they don’t have it. So you send it they acknowledge you wait and 3 month go by and you get another letter. It has been 14 months and nothing but the run around. I don’t know what to do anymore my siding is failing like everyone else and I live in a rainy climate that makes it so much worse. I thought this was supposed to help us get our money instead it seems the opposite. Any suggestions?

    ADMIN – Hi Mina,

    Reach out to class counsel.

  80. kellie says:

    Well, we are on round 2 of submitting pictures and documents that we have already submitted once. Fingers crossed. We will see how it goes. We are having the same issues as everyone else. Has anyone else just paid to have it replaced and submitted the pictures and hoped for the pay out? I just cant let this stuff keep falling off my house. I am worried about leaks and such.

    ADMIN – Hi Kellie,

    Wishing you the best on this process.

    • Diane says:

      We had our siding installed in 2012 and three years later we started noticing cracks. They were so few that we caulked them. A year later, more cracks, gapping, delaminating. In 2015, we looked up Certainteed Fiber Cement online and found that there was a class action suit. We filed a claim and had to resubmit it with all the requests and pics three times sending all the info certified mail. In 2017 we received “our first check for cash payment” of which was 50% of the claim value. The “second” check payment will be made at the end of the claims period. This is the year. We’ll see what we get because the first check we got was a joke. We already resided two sides of the house last year because of all the cracks that keep multiplying and will have the remainder of the house done this year. $$$

  81. Lily Lund says:

    I bought an expensive and luxury house in 2013. Recently I have noted that there are so many severe damages/defects in the siding of my house. The damages/defects of the siding include shrinkage, warp, cracks, bow, detaching, and white stain. It looks absolutely terrible.

    As I was told by the builder in 2013 when I purchased this house that he used the high quality and permanent siding to build this house, I contacted the builder immediately after I found the problems. The builder told me that the siding materials used in my house were CertainTeed Fiber Cement Siding, which was a good one in the market when he built the house but this type of siding has a very bad reputation now. I was very disappointed by knowing what I learned from the builder.

    Since this is a very serious problem, which may cause further damage to my house due to the defective siding, I have to repair the siding.

    Today, I found the Class Action Rebates by google searching about CertainTeed Fiber Cement Siding. Since it is still under the claim deadline, I posted my case here.

    ADMIN – Hi Lily,

    Good luck with your claim

  82. Rock ungaro says:

    Has anyone come up with a way to get these attorneys to pay
    I have shown proof that i bought 630 pieces,
    over a hundred pictures ive sent them and nothing
    now my insurance wants to cancel because the siding is failing and
    letting the weather in to the framing. has anybody been successful in collecting?
    I sure would like to hear from you
    any services you can hire to help collect?
    Rocky Ungaro case number 2004225
    530 209 5510

  83. JM says:

    Just checked pics to see when my siding was installed. Go figure last week of December 2013. Neighbor just had his all his siding replaced and had to lay out 3g’s over settlement. Built before September 2013. I’ve had some cracks south and west walls, wider shrinkage South wall less on west an north wall. Heavy fading all walls and recently noticed mold on small section. Does anyone know when the recall notices were sent to distributors and suppliers? Hard to believe builder was not aware even after questioned in 2014!
    Any thoughts as how to proceed?

    ADMIN – Hi JM,

    All I can suggest is to contact the manufacturer and see if they will do it as a customer service issue.

  84. JM says:

    Any info on when distributors or retailers were told to stop selling this defective siding? Also how was the cutoff date Sept 2013 determined?

    ADMIN – Hi JM,

    You can reach out to the class action administration as well as class counsel to secure more info.

  85. PaulA says:

    This needs to be raised up to the Attorney Generals office which I will be doing shortly as consumers like all of us here should absolutely not have to deal with the absolute nonsense we are all enduring. I too mailed them via certified all the very detailed pictures, measurements, Etc. And they still haven’t responded. Absolutely ridiculous and totally unacceptable!! Can’t wait till they do a 20/20 investigative report on all of this….

    • Douglas Pekera says:

      That’s a great Idea , Not sure how builders have continued to install this garbage. We closed on our house in Dec 2014. WHY WAS THIS PRODUCT STILL BEING USED?????? We have a closing date of June 25th and now this crap comes up on inspection report. Pops , cracks , shrinkage , and massive discoloration. And I would almost guarantee our buyers will now walk away. We will be looking at anything that we can do at this point in regards to UNcertainteed as well as the Builder that installed this garbage. It never should have been placed on the house in the first place with the full knowledge of the class action suit.

    • Chris Stormont says:

      Have you had any success getting a settlement? Our siding was installed in 2007 and we realized it was failing on the sunny sides of the house and arranged to have our siding redone this past spring. And after googling, discovered this settlement and that we are covered by it and sent in our claim. We are getting the same run around everyone else has and are worried about getting this cleared before 1/1/2020 when they stop taking claims. Have you had any luck getting your settlement?

  86. David Cohen says:

    Does anybody in California have Allura siding issues?

  87. Beth Rokus says:

    We just found out about this issue with Certainteed. Our builder used this Cedar Lap Cement Siding on our hours in 2006. The only reason I found it was because we are building a new garage and wanted to match the siding color. I saved all the Spec sheets and material lists from when the house was built and sure enough it says Certainteed Siding. We will start the claim process but I’m not too hopeful.

  88. Michael Grady says:

    Construction of our home was completed in October 2014. We took occupancy on October 14, 2014. I would estimate that the Certainteed siding was installed in 2014. Based on the settlement documents, we are not eligible for a claim since the installation occurred after September 30, 2013.

    Does anyone know if builders in general knew of this defective product in 2013? Was Certainteed products selling at a discount due to the legal action being taken in 2013? Our home has numerous cracks and is less than 5 years old. We are trying to figure out what recourse we have other than the class action settlement.

  89. Tom B says:

    People haven’t posted in quite some time, has the process gotten any faster or more efficient? Originally filed several months ago and we too received the “delinquent” letter and promptly responded with all the necessary information, this was the response I received today: “Based on the information provided, the claim is in good order and will be included in the next wave of payments. No date has yet been set but you are welcome to check back with us periodically. Keep in mind that claims in good order are subject for reviews and audits and payments can take a considerable amount of time.”

  90. Janice Maitland says:

    We have submitted our claim information with pictures several times and we continue to get a notice of claim deficiency. This is extremely frustrating. I feel like they don’t want to pay out. What can we do? Will someone please contact me at 636-441-1691 or email

    • Angelica (Admin) says:

      Hi, Janice. Thanks for your message, and sorry to hear that. However, we ( are *not* the settlement/claims administrator of this case — we are only an online “newspaper” of various class action settlements involving various companies. Please check the settlement website for any updates on the issue, and/or contact the Settlement Administrator directly, if you haven’t already done so. The details are stated above; just scroll up. Thank you, and best of luck.