Class Eligibility
You are a Class Member of the Chase Bank TCPA settlement if you received collection calls or wrong-party automatic alerts. A wrong-party automatic alert refers to an automated call or text to a cell phone where the person who received the communication was not the intended recipient. Note that Cash payments are only available to Class Members who received collection calls from Chase or who received automatic alerts but were not the intended recipient of the communications. The call(s)must have been received between July 1, 2008 and Dec. 1, 2013. If you only received automatic alerts relating to your own Chase credit card or bank account, you are not eligible for a cash payment from the Chase TCPA class action settlement. However, you can opt out or withdraw your consent to receive these alerts
Estimated Amount
$20 to $40 (estimated) The total pool will be divided pro rata among qualified claims
Proof of Purchase
Not Required
Case Name
Jonathan I. Gehrich, et al. v. Chase Bank USA NA and JPMorgan Chase Bank NA, Case No 1:12-cv-05510 District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division
Case Summary
This settlement resolves a lawsuit where Chase is accused of violating the federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).The lawsuit against Chase alleges that Chase used an automatic telephone dialing system or prerecorded or artificial voice when placing cell phone calls and texts without prior express consent between July 1, 2008 and Dec. 31, 2013. Some of the recipients of these automated calls or texts were allegedly not Chase customers and/or were not the intended recipients of the communications These types of telephone calls and texts are illegal under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, which protects consumers from unwanted or harassing cell phone calls from companies. Chase has denied the allegations but has agreed to settle to avoid the expenses and uncertainty associated with a long litigation
Settlement Pool
Settlement Website
Gehrich TCPA Settlement c/o GCG P.O. Box 35112 Seattle, WA 98124-5112Denver, CO 80231 1-866-681-8023

173 responses to “Chase Bank TCPA Class Action Settlement”

  1. judy wharton says:

    Could you send me a chase claim form that is going through settlement

    • Wilbert J Fontenot says:

      I just received a notice of class action lawsuit how do I fill out a form. Name Wilbert j Fontenot 1021 Wendell st Lake Charles LA 70601

    • Cressida says:

      When will payments be mailed

      ADMIN – Hi Cressida,

      Please note that class actions take years to come to a happy conclusion. Be patient.

    • Hollie froelick says:

      Po box 92162,Atlanta,,Georgia 30314 Hollie froelick

    • Iris says:

      I got a whopping $9.80.
      Nothing to write home about

      • CHARLES SGOLD says:

        its better than nothing. Chase are bastards. they bought out Washington Mutual a few years ago.
        I hope they catch other JUNK CALLERS, AND FINE THEM ALSO.

    • Iris says:

      I got a whopping $9.80.

    • Laquanda v shockley says:

      Please send me money ninefivenine

      ADMIN – Hi Laquanda,

      Please follow the instructions to file a claim if applicable.

  2. A Daniel Oppie says:

    I recieved dozens of calls and text messages (from june 2010 to november 2013) from chase automated messages as they attempted to advertise their sub-prime products. i have never had a banking relationship with chase nor do i plan to create one in the future.

    • Elizabeth Bridgett says:

      [UNIQUE ID: 19733836]
      I’ve received more than over 100 calls on my cell phone (563)271-9027 I saved an blocked every number because of them harassing me concerning attempt to collect and alleged debt from all three FingerHut, Gettington, and many Paycheck Direct credit account. BE (05/19/1955)
      CONTACT NO. (563)505-8018. Email

      ADMIN – Hi Elizabeth,

      Leaving your info here does not constitute a claim. Click on the link that reads ” Click here to file a claim” and fill out your online claim.

  3. Tasha says:

    There is no claim form there where do I go?

    The claim form will be posted soon. Keep checking

    • Jon says:

      The deadline is passed now.
      Maybe they made the claim form unavailable on purpose.

      • Ron says:

        FYI – The deadline for submission of claims has been EXTENDED to September 10, 2015.

  4. tom says:

    where is the claim form!

    The claim form has not yet being loaded as of Sep 23. Please keep checking

  5. mirandal says:

    I have received several texts and calls to my home phone that are ADS from Chase! This is unbelievable that they even have my number! Ive never been a Chase customer!

  6. Nicholas Mele says:

    Yes, this also happened to me multiple times during my work day. Very unprofessional!

  7. Avis Williams says:

    Where is the claim form?

    Please keep checking eventually the administrator will update it accordingly.

  8. Dorothy Phillips says:

    I have received calls from Chase Bank. What do I do now?

  9. gillian says:

    This happened to me.

  10. Emm says:

    The claim form is still missing as of 08.Oct.2014.

  11. Barbara McCormick says:

    Chase had called me on numerous times

  12. Levi Bishop says:

    I received many calls when my account was in good standing.

  13. Christine says:

    Never received a card about the class action suit and I receive numerous calls weekly from them they are so annoying

  14. caitlyn gagnon says:

    I have gotten plenty of calls from chase that were not intended for me and when I asked for them to remove my number they still repeatedly called me

  15. Kathie Sandoval says:

    I need a claim form.

    Please keep checking on the link. Eventually the administrator will add the form.

  16. Victoria Morgan says:

    I have been called by Chase.

  17. Jerry S Giddins says:

    I have received numerous calls attempting to collect on balance due on a credit card collections. I have requested that my number be remove from there call list in that I don’t and have never had an account related to there inquiry for some person named Angela Watts.

  18. Evelyn Summit says:

    I have received numerous unwanted calls from this establishment as well and we like them to stop. Please assure my part on the settlement. Thank you

  19. Mary Lahaye says:

    I received at least 10 calls like this within a week.

  20. Jessica Olp says:

    I had to change my # due to the # of phone calls using up my minutes

  21. carly says:

    They sent me a claim form with control number. Only paying 20.00 dollars? They have done way more than 20.00 dollars damage. Cheap bastards

  22. Jeff says:

    Would call my house number all the time don’t care if it says cell an annoying call from them is an annoying call.

  23. Shane Englert says:

    I too have been called by Chase Bank. I do not bank with them, nor do I wish to, and have told them to remove me from their calling list. How do I take action? I couldn’t locate the rebate form.

  24. joyce Tracy says:

    I received calls from chase.

  25. denny cammock says:

    I have recieved tons of these calls

  26. tim hyames says:

    Ive recived many of these calls what do i need to do

    Please keep checking, the class action administrator has not yet loaded the online or printable form.

  27. Latoya stewart says:


  28. oswald collado says:

    I also have received call and a note from you office indicates that I was.

  29. chasity davis says:

    I also receive calls and TEXT

  30. LORETTA BURL says:

    I also have received calls and text from Chase.

  31. Gary Pearson says:

    I received calls from Chase and text messages.

  32. Gary Pearson says:

    I was called and received text messages from Chase.

  33. Susana Lacayo says:

    Dear Sir/Madam:

    I received numerous phone call and text messages from Chase. Please send me the appropriate claim form to my home located at 442 Doe Meadow Drive, Owings Mills, MD 21117. The issue went so far that when I was buying something from, I made the mistake of signing for Prime using my American Express Card and I am not sure how and all of the sudden I had this unsolicitied/unwanted Chase Account (mistake) from which apologized a million of times and I simply paid bill with Chase without never even receiving a bill from them. After this event , I received numerous call from Chase Bank offering me new credit cards. I expect to get a claim form since I can prove my case. I also receive multimple phone calls and e-mails from Chase Bank. I never had an account with them neither I plan on having one in the near future. Thanks for your time and consideration. Sincerely, SML

  34. michelle s says:

    Susana this is just a page that post settlements you have to write Chase and tell them about it.

  35. Obinna Atueyi says:

    I have received many calls and text messages from chase about this. I would like to be part of the settlement.
    Thank You.

  36. Maria Curran says:

    I fill out some form on line/ or something am I going to be include in this settlement??????

    Dear Maria,
    The class action administrator has not yet uploaded the form as of November 15 please keep checking.

  37. Paula good says:

    this, like the crazy calls, is not working. No claim form to be found. Help?

  38. Terry Douglas says:

    I have received text messages from Chase bank between july-November of 2014. The messages are not for me.

  39. Anthony Murray says:

    I have received phone calls to my cell phone regarding my account balance w/ JP Morgan-Chase account.

  40. Shepard Canton says:

    I have received so many calls i know the number by heart where is the form

  41. deborah mcguire says:

    Claim form is not found on official web site. When will the form be on line?

  42. Jaime Rivera says:


  43. sylvia orta says:


  44. sylvia orta says:


  45. LINDA LOVATO says:


  46. LINDA LOVATO says:


  47. Stella Duru says:

    Claim form please, they should check their records

  48. FRANK says:


  49. Tanya White says:

    Chase call me many of times, yes some times i was afraid to answer the telephone

  50. katherine giordano says:

    all they do is call even though you tell them to please stop

  51. Kiyiana Lyles says:

    I received many calls from chase bank and got tired of them. I need to file a claim.

  52. Michelle dodd says:

    Chase sucks all they do is call over and over again I hate to answer my phone it never stops day and night it lneeds to stop

  53. Sagi Alush says:

    I get calls from chase all the time

  54. Deborah Delgado says:

    I have received numerous calls from Chase.

  55. francisco martinez says:

    i received numerous calls from Chase ADS and ive never been a customer

  56. LaRicca Mathews says:

    I got lots texts calls

  57. Spencer G. Hedrick says:

    This also happened to me several times during my work day. Very unprofessional!

  58. yolanda fernandez says:

    Its Been Times That I have Been Losing over 300 Dollars from chase Numerous times

  59. Diane Creel says:

    I received numerous calls from J.P. Morgan Chase about a mortgage that was already paid in full. Not to mention the time they posted my payment to someone else’s account (never did get that straitened out). Would not this this place again if last one on earth.

  60. Andrew Ferrell says:

    Case is one of the main sources of telemarketer calls that plague me

  61. Irish Sampson says:

    I received dozens of call from Case.

  62. Esther Spivey says:

    i want to check n see if im eligable for any money

    Hi Esther,
    Utilize the claim form above or contact the administrator for this class action.

  63. Bill says:

    There was no way possible to file a claim on the official website yesterday (February 8) or today (February 9). This was all prior to the as-stated-on-the-settlement-website filing deadline of February 9. This is totally wrong on the part of the administrators for this settlement to prematurely remove the option of filing a claim online. They should have to answer for this and be held accountable forthwith.

  64. Stephanie Smith says:

    I have never had a chase bank account, but still get unsolicited calls on a regular from actual people or computers.

  65. Melinda Neal says:

    Yes,I did get a letter stating a class action & this was quite some time ago! Want to be paid!!

  66. Emily says:

    So, after hearing my friend chew on my ear telling me to change my bank over to Chase, I had finally given in after receiving a call from the back manager. I had no idea of why I had decided to switch over, because within the first transaction I had done it turned out to be a nightmare. I had lost all of a whole entire check..

  67. Michael Ktona says:

    I was getting calls every 15 min. my cell phone was destroyed, my credit has been destroyed, until i died in 2010 over the chase and other financial losses, only 20 dollars, who are you working for? I will sue them for millions, I have all the records to what they did, CFTC is looking into it also…

  68. tonya says:

    I filed a claim on line with you and never received no card or paper address is 276 mill st rocky comfort Mo 64861 /po box 101 Rocky Comfort Mo 64861.Am just wonder why you have people file out these forms on line and then we don’t here anything else in till to late.
    Thank you Tonya Cypret

  69. michael head says:

    I keep getting calls over and over mostly computer generated. i dont know what else to day

  70. Gena Harris says:

    I received multiple calls from Chase Bank even when my account was in good standards, & 2008 I was pregnant in I have a bad nervous problem, every time my phone would ring, I would like to think it’s my doctor,or a family member, Nope it would be a automated system.I kept getting calls.I even put them on the block list and somehow they still manage to get through I would never ever bank with them again

  71. LaShawnda Arrington says:

    I have received several calls and there was no form available when I first check this site.

  72. Robinson Njama says:

    Received several calls from Morgan Case Bank between that period. I did not find a form to fill.

  73. David Lott says:

    Received several calls

  74. Carla flowers says:

    Kept calling

  75. Carla flowers says:

    Too many messages

  76. cynthia grant says:

    will no longer bank with Chase

  77. max reynolds says:

    i received several calls all night and day call before you are due some time.

  78. Jamiee Smith says:

    I have been with Chase bank for over ten years now, I have received unwanted automated calls, mail, emails as well.

  79. hattie gillespie says:

    I received many. Calls, about Debit card. I had the card changed and they continue to call ,This kept. Me upset.

  80. Denise Rogers says:

    I have recd so many automated calls from Chase and I have been a customer for many years.

  81. joy chaney says:

    this has happened to me often.

  82. joy chaney says:

    This has happen to me several time. My identy has been breache 3 to 4 times.

  83. Cesar Rodriguez says:

    This happen to me several times to many messages about my account.

  84. Carol Beach says:

    Received several calls day & night.

  85. Lauren Penman says:

    Chase called me before i even had an account with them!!

  86. Rodney Young says:

    i never got a form about any thing. Antil now i’ll be good when all this is over.

  87. Jerry Rios says:

    I received auto-calls from 2010 until 2012 which is when I found out Chase Bank was charging me for inavtivity at about $12 per month at which time I closed my account and no longer do any business with Chase-Morgan or any affiliates.

  88. VershawnHarold says:

    Chase is not a good bank

  89. Fortunato Marquez says:

    I received a lot of calls anytime of the day, and find out that the collection people was pertaining to a different account when I asked the guy the last four diguts of ghe social number and it was not my account. I asked the guy not to call my cell phone. And he realized he was calling a different person.

  90. Roger Bolduc says:

    We advise to close the account so no one can take money that is not there now we do banking else where

  91. virgdean leggett says:

    Getting phone calls and never been with this bank

  92. Judie Moore says:

    I am getting these calls NOW! Wonder if there will be another settlement in the future.

    ADMIN-Hi Judie,
    If you are interested in filing a new class action I encourage you to contact class counsel.

  93. velvie green says:

    Getting text msg’s from this bank..Dunno whose account they keep reporting to me on..SMH crazyI can see evrytime this person uses her card

  94. Beverly A Salley says:

    I’ve gotten calls in the pass from this bank so what ever is do please submit, thank you very much.

  95. Jeff Jones says:

    I have received many calls from Chase bank and I do not have an account with them.

  96. LaTonya says:

    I have received many calls from Chase they do not reference a name, however they ask for someone to call them back. The people they are trying to reach are not me. This is very annoying if you are not the intended party. They should just ask for who they want, however I guess how could they when it is an automated system. It calls back to back. Annoying calls especially when you are not the one that owes them anything.

  97. Sammetra Daniels says:

    Met a chase employee in a social setting, had no idea he worked for Chase. He ended up looking up my acct info, and posing as a bill and collector for a debit that I never had with Chase.

  98. Brenda Davis hardy says:

    I was receiving call every week all times of the night it was crazy.i wish I had every deal with chase company

  99. Esdras cruz says:

    I received calls from Chase bank mornings afternoons or evenings even late it was crazy they kept calling and calling and calling

  100. Patricia Daniels says:

    Yes I received these phone calls as well, which was as at all times of the day and night . Thank God I no longer deal with them.

  101. Eyleen Bello says:

    The claim number sent to me on your postcard does not fit in the required form, its too long and the other number required to proceed is not even shown on the card. what is going on?

    ADMIN – Hi Eyleen,

    Please contact the class action admin for the Chase Bank TCPA class action using the information provided above and let them know you are having issues with the claim #.

  102. Thecla Sexius says:

    I did business with Chase Bank, and I closed my account because they were overcharging outrageous overdraft fees

  103. Deborah Seawright says:

    We’ve received many late night calls from chase bank.

  104. Deborah Seawright says:

    I’m glad we are longer with chase bank.

  105. Erika Keister says:

    I have received numerous calls from chase all hours of the day and night. I want to file a claim.

  106. Robert K. Cooper says:

    I have received many calls from them looking for a chong wooh vang and it is always a recording that calls us only once have we had a real person call looking for that person and we told them several times we don’t know that person and they hung up on us

  107. LeAnne Shankle says:

    I have been called, they even called my aunt and told her she was going to have to pay because she co-signed……….no one co-signed for me.

  108. Michael H Jordan says:

    I did received calls all hrs. I’m glade to be done with them !

  109. Rachel Jordan says:

    Myself and my husband were harassed by Chase auto calls . We did not know how to block calls at that time !

  110. Patricia a straight says:

    I’ve been called a couple times. Please send forms

    ADMIN – Hi Patricia,

    We don’t send forms. In order to secure information or documentation in association with a class action settlement you must contact the class action admin.

  111. Betty George says:

    I,received many of calls …. HOW CAN I GET A CLAIM FORM?

  112. edward & Marian Brunson says:

    We are chase credit card holders & are the plaintiffs against chase bank

  113. victor montufar says:

    I tried filling out the claim form online but eveytime I put the claim number it said its invalid..and im not sure which is the control number.. I received the notice by mail….and its shoews Claim # JPA-1200014081 167883

    Please let me know which is the claim and control number


    ADMIN – Hi Victor,

    Please contact the class action administrator using the information provided above to get clarification about your claim #

  114. jamesa johnson says:

    I received several calls from a chase representative and i repeatedly told them they jad the wrong number it took forever for tjem to stop calling my phone

  115. Nelson Peace says:

    I would recieved calls from a chase bank representative at lease three times a week it was so nerve wrecking i had to change my number.

  116. Joseph Lluvera says:

    I received countess calls from Chase bank since 2008 till today. I don’t owe them anything. But they harrass me on mostly all of my phones. I filled out a claim form in June 2015.

  117. Taunni Sanders says:

    I have received many calls from them.

  118. Rod Serp says:

    I’ve received many calls from them

  119. Maria I Vargas says:

    They called constantly, I had to change my number.


    I received many many advertising and calls and texts from CHASE BANK

  121. francine jones says:

    they texted and called me constantly

  122. Nida A. Hernaez says:

    Chase Bank has called my house phone (caller ID) but did not leave message.

  123. Mary says:

    Chase kept sending closing my account when I had it with them and they did not want to give me my money and the lady was rude. I want some money back at least $ 1500.00

  124. Lerchen L. Key says:

    Yes I rec. phone calls, and notes for about two years.

  125. Carol D Forteau says:

    I received numerous harassment calls from chase. I had an auto loan that was the result of predatory lending. I need all the money back from them for all the stress they caused me.

  126. Lorri says:

    Please send me a form for chase class action law suit

    ADMIN – Hi Lori,

    We don’t send forms. Please note that this class action settlement has expired.

  127. Michael Young Bey says:

    l received calls and texts from Chase Bank also

  128. Bill Honig says:

    Received many calls texts from chase. Glad it dropped.

  129. B Michael says:

    Is the claim form available? Don’t see it on here. Advise please!

    ADMIN – Hi B,

    The deadline for this case was September 10, 2015. You are no longer able to file.

  130. Mary E Viera-Moniz says:

    I recently moved, and while going through stacks if mail came across this Settlement mail. Yes, it is late…but can I still be considered for a cash award???
    I can forward to you any claim numbers and the control number off the postcard I have in my possession ….Thank you….

    ADMIN – Hi Mary,

    Once the deadline has passed you have no resource.

  131. V. Johnson says:

    When can we expect payment?

  132. Kathy Morrison says:

    Wow I recieved my form in the mail about this settlement. I ignored the first one. Then a couple of weeks later i recieved another one. I once again ignored it. Then when i recieved the third one, i told my self this class action suit is obviously big. So i readthe post card in full, and sent off for my claim form to file against chase bank, as i was a customer of theirs off and on for years.Yes they gave me numerous phone calls also. They over charged on a lot of things, took my money for using my own money out of their teller machines, the machine would half of the time eat my card, and i would have to wait for another one to arrive. Chase bank is a joke. I will never bank with them again. I filed my claim, got it in on time, and am just waiting for my part of the settlement to arrive. I am so glad after reading all of these peoples complaints against chase bank that i am not the only person who did not care for chase bank.

  133. lisa says:

    cim mt70005278, I never received my check

  134. Jeanette says:

    When am I supposed to be receiving my settlement check as i have not received it yet. I did the claim on time and just waiting to hear. Anyone else receive their check? Please let us all know as i could really use the money. Single parent and all. I have bills to pay. thank you.

    ADMIN – Hi Jeanette,

    The information you are requesting can be obtained by contacting the class action admin. We do not provide information regarding specific claims.

  135. Terryharpe1971 gmai says:

    I have a claim number and I lost a lot of money with chase even took my investment money and denied it 15k check to chase.Also 30k in my savings acct and claimed it was for credit I received from them and I was a military premier acct holder. Which waives check cashing fees. But they charged me for checks even set up a email acct that I have yet to get into plus they closed out my AAA allotment to cover my insurance Nov 17 2013 and caused me to get 2 evictions and fired every employee at the branch in Oklahoma city nw.122/may. Yet I have a $100,000,000 Insurance coverage but in 1month 90k to 3k and I still have’nt got a penny back in 2 1/2 yrs. Further more some website was receiving payments from my account and I continued to get drafts taken with no text alerts or anything. They closed out my account and turned around and asked me if I wanted to open up another account after all that mess!! Can any one help me please I have all the records Terry
    (Personal Information Removed)

    ADMIN – Hi Terry,

    We are in no position to help you. We suggest you seek private representation.

  136. patricia hevle says:

    My husband and I have never received a check either.Was this all a joke?

    ADMIN – Hi Patricia,

    Have you contacted the class action administrator? Make sure to refer to your claim number.

  137. lorenzo dorsey says:

    I receiving a card in the mail from gehrich tcpa settlement ann it have a claim number so what do I do to git my settlement

    ADMIN – Hi Lorenzo,

    You must file a claim using the link provided.

  138. Jon says:

    I just received a card in mail that has no date and it now is to late. It was October when I received it and it is to late to file.

    ADMIN – Hi Jon,

    Did you just receive it or did you receive it in late October?

  139. Shavette says:

    I have filed my claim submitted it and I have been waiting for further details and instructions I jave my claim # and control # what steps do i take next

    ADMIN – Hi Shavette,

    It is all about waiting patiently now.

  140. john davis says:

    Please tell me where my check is. It’s not much but I can use it. Thank You

    ADMIN – Hi John,

    Kindly contact the class action administrator.

  141. Mary Hankerson says:

    What is the class action number where you can speak to someone not an operator please

    ADMIN – Hi Mary,

    The deadline for this class action has passed. If you don’t get an answer from the admin your best chance rests in contacting class counsel. Class counsel can be reached at (206) 816-6603

  142. Eddie Randolph says:

    I’am a member of this class action lawsuit against chase bank. where is my name on this list, I most certainly sent messages and replies to you and proof of my statice, with you… I received a notice, and I responded. down the road aways, yet nevertheless within a timely manner… please have someone contact me as soon as possible at the following contact # , to counsel my wife and I on what to do next !,,,
    Thank You
    Eddie Randolph

    ADMIN – Hi Eddie,

    Please refer to the instructions on how jot file. Leaving your personal information is not helpful.

  143. Eddie Randolph says:

    what is jot file and where do we file it? please leave us intructions where to go.

    ADMIN – Hi Eddie,

    To file you must click on the orange link that reads “click here to file a claim” That opens another window. On that window you will complete a digital form and you will submit the form.

  144. CARRY CHONG says:

    Interesting discussion – I was enlightened by the points ! Does someone know where I could possibly obtain a sample AU Form 1008 document to use ?

  145. Robin Allen says:

    I Submitted my Claim form before deadline I received cslls that did not pertain to me yet I had s account with Chase and a Credit Card member I have been patiently waiting on my portion pf the Settlement How can I contact a live person concerning this matter

    ADMIN – Hi Robin,

    The admin managing this settlement is the Garden City Group. Their phone number is (800) 327-3664.

  146. Aqunaillia Johnson says:

    I sent my card in with all my information on it..And know one has contacted me about thisome matter…

    ADMIN – Hi Aqunaillia,

    If you are a qualified class member they will eventually send you a check.

  147. Susan G Paulson says:

    My Claim Number: 03714778 Control number: 2021496264
    I filled out all the forms online, however, due to some very tragic events I had to move very quickly. All of my business correspondence that had been dealt with was packed by a family member and went into storage. I moved two times since I filed concerning the settlement. I have received nothing, nor heard nothing concerning payment. I have tried to no avil to call the number given, contact via website to inform of my current address and there is NO WAY to reach anyone. This seems to be a giant rip off. I wish to alert you that if I was mailed a check, I NEVER received it. I will be happy to provide more information, such as current address via email.

    ADMIN – Hi Susan,

    When we are having trouble reaching the admin our best option is to reach out to class counsel.

  148. Nikol A De Riso says:

    I received my check. $9.80 Question its in my maiden name. I got married. What do I do?

    ADMIN – Hi Nikol,

    When I get checks like that I go to the bank with my old and my new ID

  149. bill kennedy says:


    ADMIN – Hi Bill,

    Did you tear the check at the wrong spot? It is impossible to print a check without the info you claim is missing.

  150. bill kennedy says:

    can you issue me a new one ?

    ADMIN – Hi Bill,

    I can’t. I am not the admin or the bank.

  151. bill kennedy says:

    I think I did tear it at the wrong spot .

  152. bill kennedy says:

    can I go to a chase bank to get a new check

    ADMIN – Hi Bill,

    I don’t think so. But you can contact the class action administrator.

  153. bill kennedy says:

    do you have a number I can call?



  154. bill kennedy says:

    a phone # to call

    ADMIN – Hi Bill,

    You can call 1-866-681-8023

  155. bill kennedy says:


  156. bill kennedy says:

    I found the other part of the check and cashed it .(the routing number #

  157. Laquanda Lvs Shockley says:

    Hi my name is:56496491 go ahead 7649649491 got canceled………….. Laquanda v.Shockley my check was $9.00 dollars for the second time the first time my check was $68.00 dollars i will like to have money.Can you put me on with my slab764964949 cause we all have an inquiry of bank debt.You can see if you can vouch me to not being homeless 7549491 life depends on living will at your location 79491 mail all inportants at my location P.O.Box 19187 chicago,illionis60619 put up all money in checks

    ADMIN – Hi Laquanda,

    I have no idea what you are trying to ask.

  158. Michael Ktona says:

    They rip-us-off 1000’s of calls blow-up my phone, lost my phone, HACK THEM JUST LIKE EQUIFAX! HACK THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE KNOW WHERE THEY LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!

    ADMIN – Hi Michael?

    Feeling angry?

  159. Laquanda Lvs Shockley says:

    Please I moved my number is 19187 cottage grove Chicago Illinois 60619 my mom is filing me joint so please can I have the settlement rounding $34,000.00 dollars to my room stay on stonyisland south shore roomed on 92 ND street 864969493 keys to me work child govern problem and more. ..

    ADMIN – Hi Aceacely,

    We are not the class action administrators and cannot update your contact info. You need to contact the admin directly. To get their info scroll up and look under the subheading titled “contact”.

  160. Irene says:

    I received a card stating that I was a class member – actually, I believe that I received two of them- and I submitted my form online, but never received anything. Are checks still being issued for this claim?

    ADMIN – Hi Irene,

    I believe this settlement was already finalized.

  161. Irene says:

    To the best of my recollection, it has been at least 2 years since I received a postcard with a claim number and submitted my claim online. Since then, I heard anything else about this case. Calling the number listed on this page led me to a different class action lawsuit reg. subprime car loans issued by Santander Bank. Is there any way to find out whether a check was ever issued to me, or of one will ever be issued? I have kept the original postcard for reference, but it this is a lost cause, I will just toss it in the trash. Thank you.

    ADMIN – Hi Irene,

    This was already distributed and you no longer have legal recourse.

  162. Laquanda Shockley says:

    There has been a scam the currency exchange on 71st and Jeffery took my chef took my check at 3:51p.m.put my money back she said no oh $5,590 must has gotten her jealous 36496919 go to delivery o.b
    Gun Oct 30 2018 I need something 96964864939 apply

    ADMIN – Hi Laquanda,

    What are you trying to warn us about??