Class Eligibility
Members of this class include current or previous subscriber of Comcast or any of their subsidiaries and affiliates that received cable TV services (above and beyond basic cable) between Jan. 1, 2003 to Dec. 31, 2008 The services must have been provided in one of the following Pennsylvania counties: Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, or Philadelphia..
Estimated Amount
$15 for former subscribers Current subscribers can claim for one of the following benefits: -A one-time credit of $15 off your Comcast bill -Free pay-per-view movies (an estimated $35.94 value) -Two free months of The Movie Channel (an estimated $43.90 value); or -Xfinity high speed Internet service subscribers may elect to receive four months free upgrade in Internet service from Performance Level to Blast! service (an estimated $40 value), or one free month upgrade from Blast! service to Extreme 105 service (an estimated $38 value).
Proof of Purchase
address where service was or is currently provided
Case Name
Glaberson v. Comcast Corp, Case No. 2:03-cv-06604-JP District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania
Case Summary
The plaintiffs allege that Comcast unlawfully monopolized the Philadelphia television markets Comcast denies the allegations but has agreed to settle to reduce the cost of proceedings and trials
Settlement Pool
Cable Settlement Administrator P.O. Box 2207 Faribault, MN 55021-1607 1-866-863-9450

17 responses to “Comcast Monopoly Class Action Settlement (Philadelphia Only)”

  1. Michael Girod says:

    I was a previous customer and a current customer.

  2. Gloria Wilson says:

    I live in the state of Illinois and was wondering, if there is a claim for my state as well?

    Presently there is not a claim for Illinois. If one comes up we will post it.

  3. Carolyn kohn says:

    What about Mississippi? We are being ripped off everyday by comcast

  4. M Brown says:

    Is there a claim for Massachusetts ?

    Not presently.

  5. kim velasquez says:

    I live in colorado and have been disputing charges for unsatisfactory services for months with the BBB and would love to speak to someone about starting a suit in colorado they are a corporate giant and they monopolize the market and provide horrible service while taking advantage of millions of people!

  6. kathy bachak says:

    I was a former customer of Comcast in the state of pa. We had terrible service and feel we should be a part of this class action.

  7. janet heinis says:

    I have moved out of my comcast area of Chester county, PA can I receive a payment for past service, I used Comcast for year and have complained continously that it is a monopoly.

    Hi Janet,
    Contact the class action administrator directly with your question.

    • Yvonnr McCoy says:


      It is indeed a monopoly. I called AT&T in an attempt to switch and AT& T could not come into this area as it belong to Comcast.

      Ft Lauderdale, Florida

  8. j. d. warg says:

    Here’s something interesting:
    I’ve tried to down-load the claim settlement form from two different web sites but I can’t
    connect to the link. I live and work in Philadelphia and I have Comcast as my ISP.
    I’m not making any accusations but Hmmm, what a coincidence…

  9. Shari strabley-brodt says:

    Comcast was a nightmare,couldn’t switch service made it very difficult…they always had issues with the service

  10. Paulette Cannon says:

    Will Georgia have a chance to voice their opinion concerning the horrible service we have gotten from Comcast for a class action in our area? They are just as bad here and extremely high.

    ADMIN – Hi Paulette,

    If you are interested in starting a class action for similar issues in your area contact class counsel.

  11. Aidan says:

    We lived just outside of Philadelphia, in Springfield, can we still file a claim?

    ADMIN – Hi Aidan,

    Do you live in one of these counties Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, or Philadelphia?

  12. TIM WEITZEL says:

    i just spoke with a supervisor joe yesterday @ comcast berks county pa seems somebody put me into a two year contract with comcast without my permission i did not give anybody authorization …why would i do a 2 year contract when i call every other month complaining about my outragous bill //WAITing for a reply from comcast i am prepared to sue comcast

  13. Jillienne says:

    I currently live in Washington State, however, I used to reside in Tennessee and would like to file a claim. Is TN included or how do I contact class counsel to initiate a claim for TN and now WA? Comcast tries to monopolize yet provide the most unprofessional customer service.

    ADMIN – Hi Jillienne,

    To contact the class action administrator scroll up to the main page. Here is the website for class counsel.

  14. michael says:

    I live in VA and you can definitely say monopoly. No other companies services reach out here and they know it. Terrible service and they just raised our monthly rate by 40 bucks. Smh terrible company

  15. allison says:

    hello we have had Comcast since 2005 and it after a couple year got so bad we are paying 200 if not more for it every month and it seems like they add another month before it is even there . also it jumps around never the same bill they add on so many fees I don’t know what I am surpose to pay we even have a thing on our bill about paying something for sports and we don’t even have sports ? someone really needs to look into Comcast before it gets too bad

  16. Tracy l.collins says:

    Can’t wait for Texas to get in on this…I hate comcast .A horrible!e company .

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