Class Eligibility
You are a class member if you were called by by Defendant, released parties, or a third party dialing company on behalf of Defendant or the released parties, using an automatic telephone dialing system and/or an artificial or prerecorded voice, without consent, from August 1, 2010 through May 26, 2014, excluding those persons whose telephone number/s were marked with a ‘wrong number’ code in Defendant’s database.” Calls Marked as Wrong Number Do Not Qualify If your cell phone number is marked as a “wrong number” in Comenity Bank’s records, you are not eligible for a payment from the TCPA class action settlement because there is a separate Comenity Bank class action lawsuit that involves wrong number calls.
Estimated Amount
$15 to $35
Proof of Purchase
Phone # for verification (note that the # must be part of the settlement administrator list.
Case Name
Carrie Couser v. Comenity Bank Case No. 3:12-cv-02484-MMA-BGS District Court for the Southern District of California
Case Summary
This lawsuit was against Comenity Bank which owns a large number of store credit cards including Abercrombie & Fitch, Victoria’s Secret, Crate & Barrel, Ann Taylor, The Limited and dozens of others. According to the documents supporting the lawsuit The plaintiffs allege that Comenity Bank violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). by calling persons on their cell phones with either an automated dialing system or by an artificial or prerecorded voice message or robocall without having secured the express approval of those receiving the calls. Comenity denies the allegations but has agreed to settle to avoid the expenses risks and uncertainties associated with a long trial.
Settlement Pool
Couser v. Comenity Bank Claims Administrator P.O. Box 43315 Providence, RI 02940-3315 1-888-939-8042

144 responses to “Comenity Bank TCPA Class Action Settlement”

  1. Ronald Ross says:

    I received such calls from Comenity Bank via their West Elm Credit Card. I was put into panic mode because of their own recklessness.

  2. Danyelle Weiss says:

    I have had many calls from my Victoria secret card

  3. melissa duprey says:

    Yes I remember recieving MANY calls from these people! They were so harassing I even told my mother about it because it was so bothersome! It was definitely a nuisance for sure!

  4. Hassen says:

    These people called me nonstop and keep on harassing me I kept on telling them to remove me from there calling list but it seems like they just ignored my request every time.

  5. Christie Frierson says:

    I received multiple calls from Victoria Secret. Each time, I would ask them to please take my number off their list. I was told it was taken care of but then the next time they called, it was the same conversation all over again.

  6. sheree louden says:

    I send postcard via certified mail and never got the green card back. I found number online and registered for settlement it was after 29 th when I called but well before 29th when postcard was mailed. My phone number is 8105156035 I would like to receive my settlement because comenity babk automated phone system called me day in and day out for along time. Very annoying

  7. Lillie Shelly says:

    Don’t understand why these people just call and never leave a message and when they do they either sit on the phone with a very long message or say nothing or either just hello and click. Crazy! I haven’t heard anything about my settlement yet.

  8. Sandy Johnson says:

    FYI for everyone. Today, 03-02-2015, just received via US mail, notice from Comenity the APRs are being increased ‘due to changes in market conditions. Huh?

  9. Barbara Freed says:

    They called at all hours even past the hours the government set for them to call. Told them I was on Do Not Call List and to cease calling …they did not cease.

  10. dianna Sullivan says:

    as soon as they purchased the avenue i noticed more calls and texts almost every day. sent them certified letter to stop calling so now they only call once a week with some nonsense about reorganization and fees.

  11. lynda lyons says:

    They will calls my cell phone their call is labeled “private number” when I do not answer, because I do not answer my cell without a call back number, they will call my work number. I have ask several time not to call my job and please call me at home, they still do. They just will not comply with my request.

  12. Andrea Laroche says:

    I had a lot of trouble with them calling my cell phone numerous times after asking them to stop. My cell phone number has changed 4 or 5 times as I switched carriers, but I know for a fact they called and harassed me many times about my lane Bryant account. It is a shame I did not know about this before it was too late. They told me because my cell was the only contact number for me, they had every right to call it. The funny thing is, It was NEVER a live person, it was always a pre-recorded message. They would also call all hours, even after 9pm. Almost as bad as Verizon wireless and their annoying re-recorded calls when my bill is due or payment is a few days late. They call like 10 times per week if your bill is just a few days late. SO ANNOYING.

    • Harold Landry says:

      They harrased me too but they actually had live overseas operators. I wish I would have went through a lawyer instead because I would have gotten a lot more money.

  13. candice says:

    I hate how they call all day long and just wait for me to pick up and then hang up they need to take responsibility for there actions

  14. Anelise says:

    These people called me nonstop all day and night, saturday and sunday they harassing me. They calling from VSecret .

  15. Kelly says:

    I think there needs to be another class action filed against them for violation of the Consumer Protection Act. They call me non stop day in and at all times, sometimes three times an hour from different numbers. I have told them to take me off their call list, to cease calling and they continue to call. Who is with me on filing another class action?
    Shoot me your email

    • jaime fields says:


    • Sherre says:

      Kelly I agreed they call non stop and have called my ex as well as my parents and those are not numbers even associated with account and left ugly messages for me. Embarrassing to say the lest.

    • Harold Landry says:

      they called me 11 times a day everyday for a month

    • L. Latimer says:

      I absolutely agree with you and am down for the cause. The past few years have definitely been a nuisance. Justice is long overdue.

    • Sue Dansereau says:

      I am, they’re relentless

    • jean grimes says:

      ADMIN – Hi Jean,

      Please refer to the instructions when filing a claim. Leaving your email address on the screen is not a valid way to participate in a settlement.

  16. tammy says:

    I think it’s funny these people call for years, and you want to compensate me 15-35 dollars…how about the hundreds of times they called my phone? How about the 50 plus times I’ve replied DO NOT CALL? Maybe you should reconsider the 2 million that you are paying for the attorney’s and perhaps pay more for the people they violated!!!

  17. Lindsey says:

    How do I claim this I’ve already sent in my claim so what do I do next?

    Admin-Hi Lindsey
    After filing a claim you wait. In some cases you wait for years.

    • Harold Landry says:

      The FAQs area on there website has a common questions list and one was about when will I get a check or get paid and furthermore says they were supposed to pay people within 60 after the finalization of the case which was may 20th. I think somebody needs too contact the judge about what was said on there website .

    • Harold Landry says:

      apparently you didnt read the websites faqs menu

  18. Cyndi says:

    So when are we supposed to receive this money? This company constantly called……..

  19. izale turner says:

    i had foot looker call me back

  20. Abir says:

    I remember I got plenty of calls from victoriasecret day and night! Very annoying and they kept harassing even after I told them not to!!

  21. karen jackson says:

    I received so many calls from comenity bank. Once I talk a rep from the company and she told me I was on auto redail every 20 mins. I had to put them on my reject list.

  22. Donna Parker says:

    Yes, I have rec’d many calls for several different accounts held by them.

  23. Janice Cooper says:

    I recieved a card in the mail for phone call from clemenity bank on account of bylane.I sent card back approximately in Nov.2014 or Dec.2014.I did not receive verification. that it was rrecieved. IT WAS SENT BACK IN PLENTY
    OF TIME BEFORE 1/23/2015.And would. Like my settlement. Thank you Janice Cooper.

    ADMIN-Hi Janice,
    To participate in class action settlements you must file a claim. Leaving a comment on our website does not replace filing the required forms.

  24. Denice says:

    I want to know how to update update my information.

    ADMIN- Hi Denise,

    To update your information you must contact the class action administrator for each class action. You can do so by calling them or emailing them. Their contact information is posted on each class action landing page.

  25. betty says:

    I send my card back in plenty Of time and i have not yet receive My money

  26. Allison says:

    I filed my claim as well before the deadline and I’ve gotten no verification that it was recieved or heard anything about it.

  27. Sonya Fulgham says:

    I think of the documentation that was required of me to participate in this class action complaint I have not heard. I do realize that court was held on April 20, 2015 at 2:30 I would like more information at this time thank you

    ADMIN-Hi Sonya,
    To get more information you must contact the class action administrator directly.

  28. Sonya Fulgham says:

    Autocorrect printed incorrectly. My statement was I completed the proper documentation to participate in this class action lawsuit and have not heard anything even though I am aware that court hearing was held on April 20

  29. janet griffin says:

    I have submitted my claim. Said it was submitted and my phone number was verified. But when entering in my information, my address got skipped over. Who can i contact by phone where i can speak to a person and not a machine.

    ADMIN-Hi Janet,
    Contact the class action administrator. You will have to go through a machine first.

  30. Kelly H. says:

    Yes they called everyday all hours of day and night. Saturday and Sunday’s early morning. It wasn’t always a prerecorded automative thing either. They were very rude. I only had a couple of cards through them that I had made arrangements to pay. And they still called!

  31. Kelly H. says:

    As soon as someone hears or receives their money please post. So everyone will know what to do.

    • Nikki P says:

      I received my check for $14.28 today. I’m now wondering if it is safe to cash and this is not some scam to getting my bank information. What do you think?

      ADMIN – Hi Nikki,

      Checks from class action settlements are generally safe to cash.

  32. kim edwards says:

    it’s May 3, 2015 whr r the checks. how do i get through to talk to the class action adminstrator?

    ADMIN-Hi Kim,
    Scroll up to the main page and look for the class action administrator contact information to obtain the latest update.

  33. kim edwards says:

    correction May 13, 205

  34. JoEllen Jarvis says:

    Whats up with this settlement?

  35. R.Stanton says:

    For anyone wondering what is going on with the settlement should go to: as stipulated on the postcard you originally received

    • Amy says:

      I tried to go to the website and my computer stopped me saying it was unsafe possibly hackers trying to refirect me. Might just be me or my computer bc I’ve been to the site before. Just thought it was interesting. I will keep checking to see if it is safe however.

      ADMIN-Hi Amy,
      The website is working on our side but the deadline for this class action has passed.

  36. kim edwards says:

    I think u guys are misleading us there’s no information at the top of the page on how to contact the administrator. Have everything been settled yet, if so when should we expect our checks. Aw by the way the web site has not been updated.

  37. Pamela Carter says:

    I submitted claim form prior to the deadline date and have not heard anything. I am inquiring about the settlement payout.

  38. Terry V says:

    I HAD 2 credit cards with Women Within and Romans. I had payments set up by my bank to pay them at least 14 days prior to the due date and would get notification of the payment being sent and received. 2 days after the due date on the cards I would get calls telling me I was late and would be charged $35 for a late fee!! I was getting this on both cards! I would call and have a drag out fight with the rep and half the time they didn’t speak English. When told that I had proof that the payments where made 2 weeks prior to the due date I was told I would not be charged the $35 late fee. When I called the credit line again a few days later SURPRISE the payment was there. This happened to me for 3 months until I got fed up and paid off the cards and then cancelled them. A few weeks later they sent me NEW updated PREFFERED cards with a notice thanking for being a great customer (or something to that effect!!) I cut them up.

  39. Robin stone says:

    Harassing phone calls even after bill was paid.

  40. Robin stone says:

    Received harassing call after bill was paid, not really good customer service.

  41. Aleida says:

    Sick of these people where are the checks!!!!!!

  42. ransom gooden says:

    when will I receive my payment? has two post cards and claim number

    ADMIN-Hi Ransom,

    Kindly contact the class action administrator to obtain additional information about the timelines to receive your check.

  43. ransom gooden says:

    can never get to speak to a live person only old recording

  44. Coco833115 says:

    I received a post card saying I qualified to submit a claim I did it the same day by phone I didn’t hear anything thought the claim by phone wasn’t not submitted and did it again online only to be ignores going on 7 months later

  45. Carla says:

    When will checks get mailed and the amount

    ADMIN-Hi Carla,

    Please contact the class action administrator to get an approximation as to when the checks will be mailed and how much you should expect from this class action settlement.

  46. jane orm says:

    They harassed me all the time. I dropped their card (Victoria secret and Macy’s)

  47. Class member says:

    Hi all,
    I have been in contact with the claim administrator office for the past few weeks to get the status of my claim. At this point, all requests are only being handled through email. My claim form was mailed out way before the deadline. One email reply stated that they were unable to locate my claim form, then nothing. I need to know if I should contact the court and write to the judge who presided over this case. Please help me!

    ADMIN-Dear Class Member,
    If you feel your situation should be escalated to the judge by all means contact both the judge and class counsel. Make sure you have your case number handy.

  48. Patricia Smith says:

    I filed three claims by Jan. 29 deadline. When will these claims be paid?

    ADMIN-Hi Patricia,
    We hear the deadline for this class action settlement has been extended.It may be a while before you get your payout.

  49. Karen Phillips says:

    Can you tell me where my settlement payment is? I received a postcard and submitted an online claim form on January 26, 2015. I would like to know when to expect the settlement as it was supposed to have been settled out of court in April 2015. It is somewhat annoying that you have to search to find how to even leave a message as the general website given on the card will take you all over the place. Equally annoying and even moreso, is the fact that you cannot speak with a person! I simply want to know the status of my claim. Please help!

    ADMIN-Hi Karen,

    Class Action Rebates is simply an informational website. We are not the administrators of this class action and cannot assist you with your request. We can tell you that most settlements take a very long time. Be patient.

  50. darcey nelson says:

    what date did it get extended to and do they know how much checks will be? I mailed my card in january. I havent heard any news about this.

    ADMIN-Hi Darcey,
    The filing deadline has passed now. Be patient. In some instances a class action settlement can take years to get your settlement monies.

  51. kim edwards says:

    Hey class members, I was able to speak with someone about the case….it was finalized May 30, 2015 if no one appeals it then checks will be mail out sometime in August 2015

    if you have any questions feel free to email me

    • Harold Landry says:

      I read the part final hearing notice and it said April 20th and it said 30 days after that is May 20 is when i thought the checks were supposed to be mailed within 60 days

  52. Valerie Johnson says:

    I have moved. How do I change my address since we cannot speak to a real person? Thank you.

    You can contact class counsel or send them a notification via snail mail.

  53. kim edwards says:

    I’m so tired of you all saying contact class counsel who are they and how do you get in contact with them

    ADMIN-Hi Kim,
    Class counsel are the attorneys that handled the case. You can obtain their contact information by reading the long notice on the website corresponding to each class action. Generally speaking you only contact class counsel if all your efforts to reach out to class admin have failed.

  54. Carla Rawls says:

    Still haven’t received my check. What’s going on?

    ADMIN-Hi Carla,

    Class action settlements can sometimes take years to be finalized. Contact class action administrator with specific questions about your claim.

  55. Michele Rehor says:

    I am still waiting on my check. How long do I have wait?

    ADMIN – Hi Michele,
    The class action administrator should be able to give you some idea as to how long it will take to receive your check.

  56. Harold Landry says:

    i sent my postcard to be processed and i was reading about when people were supposed to receive a check. They said within 60 day from may 20th. I am still waiting for a check myself.

  57. Harold Landry says:

    they called me 11 times every day for over a month

  58. Erica says:

    I’m waiting also for my check. How long till we get it. We should of gotten it by now.

  59. Jennifer Ensign says:

    Have the settlement checks been processed yet? When can i expect may portion of the settlement? Who and what number can I phone to check on the status of the claim. I cannot find any number or email to get information on the settlement? HELP PLEASE

    ADMIN – Hi Jennifer,

    To get the latest about this class action settlement you need to contact the class action administrator directly.

  60. Harold Landry says:

    Some lady got robo calls from time Warner cable and got over 200,000 she received like 153 calls from time Warner cable. I received twice as many calls and I probably won’t see that kind of money from this settlement. She did have to pay for the lawyer which was probably half of her settlement I would have been more then happy with $100,000.

  61. Harold Landry says:

    A lot of the replys say go to the website that the postcard says. There website hasn’t updated anything since I first sent my claim form in.

  62. Charlie Day says:

    I sent my claim in 11-7-14 by phone

  63. Linda Pedersen says:

    I haven’t received my payment yet. When will it arrive?

    ADMIN – Hi Linda,

    To get additional information regarding your claim please contact the class action administrator at 888-939-8042.

  64. Catherine Patterson says:

    I am still waiting too for my check. Where is it? Please let me know ASAP. I also sent
    in my claim form within the deadline.

    ADMIN – Hi Catherine,
    You may contact the class action administrator by calling 888-939-8042. They will check on the status of your claim.

  65. Beckie Erwin says:

    Anyone know when this is going to pay? I sent my form in last November within the time frame and still haven’t heard anything. It’s been almost 9 months.

    ADMIN – Hi Beckie,

    Have you contacted the admin via email to ask?

  66. Harold Landry says:

    How do you contact the administrator by email

  67. Delinda Bevelle says:

    When I get my check? Called that number 888-939-8042 was not helpful as to when my check will be mailed

    ADMIN – Hi Delinda,

    We are sorry you did not get to speak to a representative. We are purely an informational website and have not direct connection with the class action administrator. As a last resort you can contact the attorneys in charge.

  68. amy says:

    I spoke to the lawyers several times in the last few months. Wad told the checks are being mailed out in august. So everyone, they are coming. Basically it’s free money and it settled way faster than normal suits, so I’m not sure what all the hurry is for.

  69. Harold Landry says:

    the settlement website said the checks were mailed yesterday

  70. Harold Landry says:

    Got my 1st check if you want to call it that $14.28 I think everybody is getting the same amount 99 cents per call

  71. vicki says:

    Harold, got my check today. Same amount as yours.

  72. cory says:

    I just got a check for $14.28! Are you kidding me? I am pretty sure I received several of those post cards that we had to send back so how did I only get this?!

  73. Jackie says:

    My “check” came today its more like a postcard

  74. Layla says:

    Ha ha. I got the check for $14.28. But now they send me weekly e-mails. How annoying…they now go to my SPAM folder. So, they still get away with it and we get about a 1/4 tank of gas; a gallon of milk, loaf of bread and a dozen eggs; or one ticket to the movies. woo hoo!!

  75. Harold Landry says:

    Guess nobody likes to advertise how much they got or how little but I am still waiting for last check. Hopefully its bigger then first one should be.

    • nesha says:

      How many checks are we supposed to get?

      ADMIN – Hi Nesha,

      Generally speaking class members receive one check for a class action settlement.

  76. Dlanor Hicks says:

    I mailed in taim on the before deadline. But when I fill out card was not sure if I but the right number. I have had my number changed many times. Will I still qualify For payout.

    ADMIN – Hi Dianor,

    If the number you entered is not part of the master list of affected numbers chances are you will not receive a check.

  77. kim edwards says:

    I got my $14.28 Saturday….Harold what are you talking about 1ST check, how many checks are we getting

  78. nesha says:

    I received my 14.28 today not what I expected but oh well it’ll buy my lunch tomorrow….

  79. Megan zeller says:

    I got my 14.28. Where am I supposed to endorse the check?

    ADMIN – Hi Megan,

    Even when a check does not have a line indicating an area for endorsement you may sign the back of it.

  80. Jenifer says:

    Is this check legitimate? No place to endorse.

    ADMIN – HI Jenifer,

    When a check does not have a place to endorse you may sign the back on the same side as the name.

  81. Harold Landry says:

    I got 2 claim forms each claim form means you get a check

  82. vanessa seymore says:

    Got my check of 14.28 , can not cash it even at my credit union. Tried that one phone number 1-888-939-8042 not helpful at all

  83. jer lor says:

    I received a “check” of 14.28 but in a party card form, confused on how to even cash this thing and if it’s legit.

  84. Harold Landry says:

    I got on the tail end of the settlement March n April

  85. Harold Landry says:

    Each claim form has a claim number and the first I got matched 1 of 2 claim forms. I was in a dennings v clear wire class action lawsuit very similar to this one and I got 2 claim forms and 2 checks.

  86. Harold Landry says:

    I cashed my check with no problem and so far my bank hasn’t contacted me saying it was a fraudalent check

  87. Tonya Stephens-Tai says:

    I received check # 263375 in the amount of $14.28. I tried to mobile deposit it and I could not. It said the check had already been submitted for payment. What is going on?

    ADMIN – Hi Tonya,

    Contact the class action administrator to report the issue.

  88. Harold Landry says:

    I am pretty sure that if a person got more then 1 claim form they will get more then 1 check because the 1st check I received doesn’t even come close to the agreed amount they are supposed to be paying people. I received over 300 calls on my cell phone. The minimum pay was 99cents to $35.

  89. Tan says:

    got my check last night, $14.28. I guessed this is the same amount for everyone here.



    Edited for privacy

    ADMIN – Hi Bertha,

    We are not the administrators for this class action. You Need to contact the class action admin. Scroll up to locate their info.

    • Harold Landry says:

      why do you people keep posting these things there is no way to contact anybody your not leaving numbers to call or a link

  91. Harold Landry says:

    Depending on how people actually are waiting for checks it can take awhile because the settlement website said there was 4 million people involved in the settlement

  92. Chelsea says:

    I moved recently from the address they sent the claim form, will they send my check to my new address or how will I get it now?

    ADMIN – Hi Chelsea,

    You can contact the class action admin with a change or address or submit a request to forward all mail with your post office.

  93. Jeff says:

    I did nothing. I did not return the card, so I missed out on a whopping $14.28 apparently. But now, since I did not receive compensation in the class action, I’m thinking I’ll contact an attorney to file on my own behalf for the $500-$1500 per call. I received probably hundreds of calls from them. Perhaps I can get a much larger payout than $14.28.

  94. Toya says:

    I received my check end of July and still can not get it cashed. THE CHECK IS FAKE.?

    ADMIN – Hi Toya,

    Have you contacted the class action admin to receive a new replacement check?

    • Harold Landry says:

      the check is not fake i cashed mine for $14.28 but i am starting to wonder how much longer its gonna take for my other check

  95. Harold Landry says:

    I think the judge that presided over this settlement needs to be contacted to make sure things are staying legit. Been reading a lot of the posts and people been having problems cashing there checks .

  96. Harold Landry says:

    nobody has explained how to get in touch with the administrator

    ADMIN – Hi Harold,

    The information is available above on the main page but I am writing it below for your convenience:


    Couser v. Comenity Bank Claims Administrator

    P.O. Box 43315
    Providence, RI 02940-3315

    • Harold Landry says:

      that still doesnt tell what i want to know. what part of the prerecorded message are you supposed to actually get to talk to a human being.

      ADMIN – Hi Harold,

      We are not in a position to force the class action administrator to have a live operator. If you have a concern about their contact number you can contact class counsel to complain. Their phone # is 877-619-8966

  97. Harold Landry says:

    I think that’s all everybody wanted to know that there was nobody to actually speak too. So many people asked that question before so why even bother putting a phone number on the website. I didn’t use the word force or complain.

  98. Harold Landry says:

    does anybody remember if there check for $14.28 had a expiration date of 60 days

  99. Penny Ruddle says:

    I have been receiving calls even today…they call early before 9 a.m. then Bout 30 minutes later….I have tried to be nice….I have now BLOCKED their calls. Never have received a check of any kind, just annoying calls.

  100. Harold Landry says:

    The is a on the bottom right hand corner of the settlement website. You can call them an actually talk to someone. I did talk to someone and they said that the check I got for $14.28 was a prorated amount as far how many people had entered this settlement. If you read the settlement it says people were supposed be paid .99cents to $35 per call. Somebody is not being truthful about this settlement. I called Todd M. Friedman one of the lawyers on the settlement and he told me that it was about how many people entered not per phone call. Somebody needs to get there story straight.

  101. Harold Landry says:

    Who else is under the impression that this settlement was going to pay 99cents to $35 dollars per phone call. I talked to one of the lawyers in this settlement and he said it was about how people had entered this settlement. Todd M. Friedman was one of the lawyers in this settlement and that’s what he told me. He said it wasn’t about getting paid per phone call.

  102. Harold Landry says:

    the settlement did state that they were going by how many people had submitted valid claim forms which means i might get lucky and get another check for $14.28. i should not have wasted my time sending the forms back.

  103. Suzanne Longley says:

    Your comments are so valid, I’ve been experiencing all of the above with this COMPANY”.
    my Response: REFUSAL TO TAKE “AUTOMATED CALLS” reinforced “I was scammed “.
    I have since tried to fax my information, however, the fax number “does not respond” as documented by Pac Mail
    (sent 3 times). I have sent all my documentation via Certified Mail with signature REQUIRED with required response. I will post ALL correspondence with Comenity

  104. Jim says:

    Can not cash check. Has no account on check. BMO Bank, Chicago Il. Said the check was a fraud,no good without an account number on the check

    ADMIN – Hi Jim,

    Contact the class action admin to receive a replacement check. It may have been an error in printing.

  105. Sonia Green says:

    Received this “check” and could not cash it. The check is part of the actual card and the bank won’t accept it.

    ADMIN – Hi Sonia,

    Contact the class action admin. The check should be accepted by your bank.

  106. Harold Landry says:

    This whole lawsuit was a joke for the amount of $14.28

  107. Marilyn C says:

    At least you guys only got calls…. I got someone trying to open up a credit account with ambercrombie and Fitch in my name…. I don’t even shop there fraud to the max.

  108. Victoria says:

    Clearly the settlement didn’t teach them anything…

    They called my cell phone this morning.

    Further, they are already treating this as a “collections” lawsuit – not even 24 hours after I missed a payment (the first time I’ve been late on a payment in my life).

    As soon as I pay this off, I won’t ever be using this card again… I don’t care how many points they give me.

    I’m going to send a Cease and Desist letter via certified mail. If it continues, I’ll be filing another suit.

  109. Nancy McDonald says:

    Herbergers! Never ever purchased anything! Now they say they have “written off ??”a $300& in assure protection that I never signed up for! & late fees& INTEREST/know they need to remove this debt and pay me that $300‼️⁉️?

  110. bonnie Qualls says:

    never received my check have reported it several times with my claim number

  111. Lynetta Humphrey says:

    I have a check for 14.28 put it has expired. Check no 129146 can you resend it.

    ADMIN – Hi Lynetta,

    Usually by the time a check expires the administrator has closed shop and is no longer able to reissue.

  112. heidi says:

    They are still doing this. I get them all the time from this company. This suit has done nothing to stop them. So how is a $14 check going to help when this company doesn’t change their ways.

    ADMIN – Hi Heidi,

    Keep records of unwanted contact and reach out to class counsel to start a new lawsuit.

  113. Michele says:

    I just learned of a lawsuit against this bank i receive over six calls a day from this company it is a hassle can someone please help? what should i do?

    ADMIN – Hi Michelle,

    The deadline for this case has passed, You may no longer file.

  114. kris park says:

    when are these checks going to be issued?

    ADMIN – Hi Kris,

    I believe this settlement was paid out already.

  115. Carla says:

    They are still calling from all different numbers at all hours 7 days a week. It doesn’t sound like the lawsuit affected them at all. They told me to borrow money to pay them. Is there going to be another class action?

    ADMIN – Hi Carla,

    You can always reach out to a class action attorney and check if there is a possibility for a second class action settlement.

  116. Kimberly says:

    To this date, I have never received anything ! What do I do?

    ADMIN – Hi Kimberly

    I believe this was paid a long time ago. You no longer have recourse.

  117. Kevin Snow says:

    How do I file a claim?
    my cell phone # is (630) 329-1802

    ADMIN – Hi Kevin,

    The deadline for this settlement has passed and you may no longer file.

  118. Mary says:

    They are still doing it too, lawsuit aside. I have been receiving call after call, some caught by my nomorobo, some listed as “unavailable” some with out of area area codes, and some that clearly show as “Comenity Bank.” When I have picked up the ones showing the bank’s name, they say, this is a call for “unknown stranger” (substitute said stranger’s name) an an option to press 2 if it is a wrong number. Then they respond with a different number I am supposed to call at my own expense. I am handicapped and the constant calling affects my arthritic knee when I have to jump up to answer these calls. I have a Comenity Bank Card through Loft. I will be contacting Loft Managemet to express my anger, then cancelling the card.

    ADMIN – Hi Mary,

    In light of your health condition you might want to use a cell phone instead and carry it in your pocket that way you don’t have to be jumping up to answer the phone. Also, keep track of the numbers and organizations calling you that way you can effectively participate in class action settlements.