Class Eligibility

This settlement includes all persons called by Convergent that:

  • had been reported to Convergent as a wrong number;
  • previously requested Convergent not to call such telephone number;
  • called after providing to Convergent notice of bankruptcy;
  • called after entry by Convergent of an internal attorney handling code; or
  • had been called on a cell number obtained via third-party skip tracing, on or after October 26, 2008 through May 10, 2016.

Class Counsel estimates that there are approximately 503,644 unique cellular telephone numbers in this Settlement Class.

Estimated Amount


Proof of Purchase

Cell #

Case Name

In re Convergent Telephone Consumer Protection Act LitigationCase No. 3:13-md-02478-AWT; MDL No. 2478

United States District Court for the District of Connecticut

Case Summary

According to the plaintiffs the defendant violated the TCPA when he generated calls via an automatic dialer and using an automated message

Settlement Pool





In re Convergent TCPA Litigation
c/o Claims Administrator
PO Box 4087
Portland, OR 97208-4087
1-844-804-4360 (toll-free)

10 responses to “Convergent TCPA Class Action Settlements”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I tried to cash my settlement but heb said it was denied how do I cash the check

    ADMIN – Hi Abelle,

    Contact the administrator to ask about your situation.

  2. Tonja Jones says:

    How much will be issued how often

    ADMIN – Hi Tonja,

    The settlement is estimated to be $125 per class member and it is a one time payment.

  3. Hafiza Karim says:

    Hello I am unable to cash my check.

    ADMIN – Hi Hafiza,

    Have you tried depositing the check to your bank account?

  4. Sharon says:

    I have not yet received a settlement check. Are the checks being disbursed periodically or should I already have one? Thank you

    ADMIN – Hi Sharon,

    This is the number you need to contact to obtain the most updated info.

  5. Lawrence Ebel says:

    I have not yet received a check. When can I expect to get the check?

    ADMIN – Hi Lawrence,

    You can email the admin here

  6. Sarahi Rodriguez says:

    I only received $15.74 that’s not the amount that I was supposed to get

    ADMIN – Hi Sarahi,

    This was a pro rata settlement so you probably received your fair share

  7. Linda jean says:

    I only received a 15.74, that’s not the amount I was suppose to get

    ADMIN – Hi Linda,

    That appears to be the pro rata share.

  8. Alisha butler says:

    Hi I received my settlement check at my old address the check has finally gotten to me but it is past the 120days how do I go about getting the check reissued? I call the 844-804-4360 toll free number but it doesn’t give me a option not does it let me speak to a live person.

    ADMIN – Hi Alisha,

    The admin closes shop after the 120 days indicated on the check. They do not reissue checks. Depending on the terms of the settlement the money may go to a charity or it goes to your local treasurer where you can get it back after filing some paperwork.

  9. Lazerick Mcnease says:

    I’ll need my money

    ADMIN – Hi Lazer,

    I hope you get your money soon.

  10. kj says:

    have located treasurer unclaimed property and no monies found. please contact via messaging address provided asap. issued 013017.. thank you.

    ADMIN – Hi KJ,

    We are simply an informational website are unable to contact you back.

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