Class Eligibility

“Resellers qualify for money from this settlement if they indirectly purchased, for the purposes of resale, a CRT or product containing a CRT, such as a TV or computer monitor, in the following states:
  • Arizona, California, Florida, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, South Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont, West Virginia, Wisconsin or the District of Columbia between March 1, 1995 and November 25, 2007
  • Hawaii between June 25, 2002 and November 25, 2007
  • Nebraska between July 20, 2002 and November 25, 2007
  • Nevada between February 4, 1999 and November 25, 2007
To be eligible to make a claim, you must have purchased the CRT televisions, monitors or other CRT Products ‘indirectly’, meaning that you purchased the products from someone other than the defendant manufacturers or alleged co-conspirators.”

Estimated Amount

Proof of Purchase
Case Name
In re: Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) Antitrust Litigation Case No. 07-cv-05944-SC, MDL No. 1917 District Court for the Northern District of California
Case Summary
This settlement addresses allegations that Chunghwa Picture Tubes Ltd. engaged in price fixing of CRT (cathode ray tube) computer monitors and televisions so that they could charge consumers more for the products. Chunghwa continually denies the allegations of wrongdoing is entering into the settlement in order to avoid further risk, delays and costs of continued litigation.
Settlement Pool
CRT Claims c/o The Notice Company P.O. Box 778 Hingham, MA 02043 1-800-649-0963

37 responses to “CRT Antitrust Reseller Only Class Action Settlement”

  1. Barbara Dodd says:

    What is happening with this settlement?been couple of years filed the claim?

    ADMIN – Hi Barbara,

    This is the email you need to use to get additional details

  2. Coni Holden says:

    Yes, I had filed for the settlement and have not heard anything yet. What happened to This settlement?

    ADMIN – Hi Coni,

    I emailed the admin a few days ago to get a status. I will let you know when I hear from them

    • michele frederick says:

      I have also filed a claim but yet to hear anything via email or mail. Please let us know what is going on. Thanks.

      ADMIN – Hi Michele,

      Were you a reseller of TVs and computers?

  3. Allenpayne says:

    What happened to this claim nobody knows nothing

    ADMIN – Hi Mr. Payne,

    Are you a reseller?

  4. Fumeiko Nelson says:

    What’s the status as of now

    ADMIN – Hi Fumeiko,

    You can contact the class action administrator at to obtain an update.

  5. Lesley Gomez says:

    I received a letter from them last July to clarify information on receipts/claims and returned the info they wanted and have not seen anything posted lately. Last post I believe shows someone was disputing but that was about a month ago.

  6. Jerry Pollock says:

    Anyone know current status on this?

    ADMIN – Hi Jerry,

    The official page reads as follows:
    he judgment of the U.S. District Court granting final approval to the CRT indirect purchaser class action settlements has been appealed to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. No settlement funds have been distributed to claimants at this time. No date has been set for distribution. – Updated 10/23/2017

  7. what jackson says:

    When is pay day for this settlement

    ADMIN – Hi Jackson,

    You can contact the administrator via email at to ask about progress with this case.

  8. Michelle Brower says:

    what is update?

    ADMIN – Hi Michelle,

    The judgment of the U.S. District Court granting final approval to the CRT indirect purchaser class action settlements has been appealed to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. No settlement funds have been distributed to claimants at this time. No date has been set for distribution.

  9. billy the weed goat says:

    Damn the court systems are really delaying this one im hoping for the payday

  10. Michael says:

    Just received a check for this settlement $880!!!

  11. Sunshine says:

    What settlement

  12. James says:

    It would make sense as the remaining monies go to the end user for a late summer distribution. I read in court docs 3x the money stated on the reseller so after disbursment any remaining with uncashed all goes to the end user kitty for the consumer.

  13. Love says:

    Good day to all any update’s on the crt settlement when will check’s be mail out..

    ADMIN – Hi Love,

    I hear some resellers have received checks already.

    • A love says:

      Why don’t give update’s the case been settled about 6 month’s now..

      ADMIN – Hi Adrian,

      You can always reach out to class counsel for updates.

  14. Rip says:

    TCA are there any updates for resellers?

    ADMIN – Hi Rip,

    I have not seen any but I will double-check. I recall someone mentioning something on Facebook.

  15. Calandria Robinson says:

    Haven’t receive anything

  16. Londa says:

    Has anyone heard anything about distribution date yet

    ADMIN – Hi Londa,

    Nothing yet.

  17. A love says:

    I heard summer of 2018 it might be the end of summer…

  18. Tamiko Conway says:

    Im a reseller, have not received a check. Should i contact someone?

  19. Jess says:

    Why is it so hard to get information or updates on this litigation? You’d think they were exposing Area 51 top secret classified information, or something.
    I thought consumers had rights to public knowledge.

    ADMIN – Hi Jess,

    You do have the right to public information. To this end you would have to obtain the court records

    That is the tool you can use to conduct research.

  20. ROBERT BELL says:

    Have a Month and Date Bee Set For Chks Dispu???,

    ADMIN – Hi Robert,

    Not at the moment

  21. Me only says:

    I hear 2018 Fall, not Summer

  22. Scotty says:

    Summer is over…hopefully the continued appeals if lost, the party that appealed pays any additional costs of litigation…they waited too late to appeal this!

  23. Christine J Slager says:

    Model#917. 289260 Serial# 031109A006226 If these r in class action settlement u can email me Thanks

    ADMIN – Hi Christine,

    We can’t Please use the info provided to file your claim.

  24. Meredith McElroy says:

    Still patiently waiting! Any news on end user distributions?????

    ADMIN – Hi Meredith,

    None at the moment

  25. Brenda says:

    I’m waiting also, any word on when checks will be mailed?

    ADMIN – Hi Brenda,

    No new updates.

  26. A love says:

    good to all well they said nov are Dec 2018 i think they want more money because they sould have mail out the check’s three month’s ago

  27. Love says:

    I got a letter from CRT on 6/12/2020 saying I will get 4,000 Dollars from the case. The hearing is July 8th.

  28. ROBERT BELL says:

    Hi, Has a Date Been Set For The Checks To Be Mailed?

    • Angelica (Admin) says:

      Hi, Robert. I believe your message is for the Settlement/Claims Admin — not us (we are only a newspaper). The amount of time that it takes to get your rebate varies a lot. Sometimes it is as soon as 2 months after the settlement closing date. Sometimes it takes much longer. Again, please note that we ( are *not* the Settlement Administrator of this case. We only post opportunities for potential Class Members of various settlements on this website. If you filed a claim and are waiting for your check, please check the *Settlement website* for any updates on the issue, and/or contact the *Settlement Administrator* directly, if you haven’t already done so. The details are stated above; just scroll up. Thank you, and best of luck.