Class Eligibility

Members of the class include all individuals who between June 1, 2009 and August 28, 2014 you agreed to return to Mexico while being detained by U.S. Border Patrol or U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Southern California and you then returned to Mexico, subject to the following restrictions:

All Individuals who returned to Mexico pursuant to a Qualifying Voluntary Return, and who are described in both paragraphs (a) and (b) of this section:

Based on the facts as they existed at the time of his or her Qualifying Voluntary Return, the Individual:

Last entered the United States with inspection prior to his or her Qualifying Voluntary Return and satisfied the non-discretionary criteria for submitting an approvable application to adjust status under 8 U.S.C. § 1255(a), based on a bona fide immediate relative relationship defined in 8 U.S.C. § 1151(b)(2)(A)(i); Was the beneficiary of a properly filed Form I-130 Petition for Alien Relative based on a bona fide family relationship, which was pending or approved at the time of the Qualifying Voluntary Return;

Satisfied the non-discretionary criteria to apply for cancellation of removal under 8 U.S.C. § 1229b; or

His or her Qualifying Voluntary Return occurred on or after June 15, 2012, and at that time he or she satisfied the bulleted criteria for consideration for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (“DACA”) listed on page one of the June 15, 2012 memorandum from former Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano; and

At the time of application for class membership, the Individual: Is physically present within Mexico; and Is inadmissible under 8 U.S.C. § 1182(a)(9)(B), due to his or her Qualifying Voluntary Return, except that this requirement does not apply to an Individual seeking recognition as a Class Member under Paragraph (a)(i) above.

The term “Qualifying Voluntary Return” means any Voluntary Return that occurred within the Relevant Area during the period starting June 1, 2009, and ending on August 28, 2014. The term “Voluntary Return” means the process by which an Individual in the custody of ICE or Border Patrol admits being unlawfully present in the United States, and returns to his or her country of citizenship or nationality under 8 U.S.C. § 1229c(a), in lieu of formal removal proceedings. This term does not include voluntary departure granted by an immigration judge during or at the conclusion of formal removal proceedings. The term “Relevant Area” means the geographic area covered by Border Patrol’s San Diego Sector and ICE’s San Diego and Los Angeles Field Offices.

Estimated Amount

Eligibility to return to the United States subject to certain restrictions

Proof of Purchase

This is not a purchase-based settlement class members must apply

Case Name

Lopez-Venegas v. Johnson,
Case No. 13-cv-03972

U.S. District Court for the Central District of California

Case Summary

The class action alleges that the defendants failed to disclose the consequences of accepting the conditions of Voluntary Return and failed to provide non-citizens with access to legal representation while they decided whether or not they needed to agree to Voluntary Return.

Settlement Pool



It is estimated that the window to apply will run from June 9, 2015 through Dec. 6, 2015.


Lopez-Venegas Settlement Administrator
c/o Dahl Administration
P.O. Box 3614
Minneapolis, MN 55403-0614

32 responses to “Voluntary Return Deportation Class Action Settlement”

  1. Allen Payne says:

    Nobody that is illegal and in there write mind would fill out a dum form like this and go back again to Mexico you people are nuts

  2. JOE says:

    Another Illegal Act by the OBAMA Administration !!! Most Corrupt in American History !!!

    • Rachel says:

      And what makes you an expert? Live and let other people live. You are just a petty member of Republican Party of hate.

      • Jim says:

        This settlement comes from your tax dollars. As if we dont give enough freebies to people who illegally enter the country!!!! When will we stop paying people to break the law? Pretty obvious Obummer wants to give them all drivers licenses so they will vote in more democrats, wake up people!

      • JOE says:

        Hey Rachel- Did you ever hear of something called the law!!! Live and let other people live is fine-but what about when they break the law ?? Call me a Republican that is fine-whatever !!! You sound like a typical LIBERAL – where there is No Wrong or Right- Just always a Victim !!!

    • Onyx says:

      Oh right because the government just started being corrupt in 2008 *side eye*

  3. 'Merica Baby says:

    Really need to seal the border up, pronto.

  4. CMPEIFFER says:


    • ad says:

      Haven’t you heard of the Universal Declaration Of Human rights? People have rights that are irrevocable on the basis of man made borders.

      • Robert says:

        Human right for all refers to treating people just and with proper courtesy without be inhuman.These right also entail criminals in custody or prisoners of war. If you break the law you will be disciplined and sometimes deported if you are not here legally. There are lawful ways to enter the USA and if you do not follow these laws you should be punished,,, just as YOU would if you broke a law. Remember, these are people who “voluntarily” returned to Mexico and now the government is going to settle with them??? There is so much this country does that makes absolutely no sense. The current administration is only a part of the problem. The major problem are the zombies that keep electing them. Most believe to vote a certain party line and would never stray.Look at Clinton and her attitude towards accountability as Secretary of State. She knowingly used personal accounts for communication and deleted emails “she” felt were not relevant. Thats not her call but there will be no recourse for those actions due to lack of leadership. We could go on, and on, and on,,,,,,,

        • joe says:

          Robert- Very well put.. Look what liberals stand for .They are making a mess of this country !! Lead by the Obama administration-which runs unchecked by the national media!!!

        • Js says:

          Just to clarify, this is not designed to permit illegal immigrants or access or entitle them to money. This is regarding people who legally could enter the USA but were denied access to legal representation which would have made them aware of that fact. Instead they were convinced to “optionally” volunteer for deportation. This is not a case of making illegal immigrants legal, it is a case of correcting occasions when legal immigrants were deported as through they were illegal.

          Please read before speaking

        • LiberalTruth says:

          Did you even read what the lawsuit is about? Clearly, we need to do more for our educational system. Because you are a citizen I suppose and it did not seem to help you!

          • joe says:

            Liberal Truth-oh you are just so smart !!! Keep telling yourself that !!! Hey do you actually know what the word LEGAL means?? LIBERAL Truth -wow now that is almost funny. LIBERALS= Never a right or wrong -just allow everything even if it is destroying the fabric of a country.

    • Jennifer says:

      They actually do pay taxes. I am pretty sure you do not know not ONE illegal person living here. But, don’t you worry, because they aren’t going anywhere!

      • joe says:

        Jennifer- Why did you use the word Illegal for? Could it be that it is because they broke the law ??

      • Pat says:

        Oh please, you need to own up to the fact that there are many illegal aliens who do not pay taxes and work cash jobs and receive help. That is the truth. I can walk outside into the real world (not sure if you have ever been there) on a daily basis and converse with people who are not here legally. While I don’t feel the need to turn them in, they are breaking the law. It has nothing to do with hatred, politics or race. If you enter a country illegally you should not benefit in any way. Plain and simple. And, yes, our tax dollars do fund things that concern illegal aliens. As for being legal myself, I am Native and proud. I have picked cotton and I have hoed fields. I have picked corn and fed hogs and done the work that some say we have to have illegal aliens for. I have mucked stalls. I have cleaned houses. I have done same of the same things that people love to claim only illegal aliens do. That is politics for you. That was when people got off their butt and worked because they had to. And they would do it again if they had to.

        People in the good old USofA have been conditioned to agree with perversion of the law by those in power so they can remain in power. Those top Liberals who push their agenda are not as Liberal as you think you are. They are wealthy, not simply rich. They protect their wealth and power by giving away the tax dollars of the middle class to anyone who will vote Democrat. And if you don’t realize that, I feel truly sorry for you. That you have been sold a bill of goods and don’t even realize what it has cost you. The two sides putting on the grand old play called political fighting are actually just two sides of the same coin. A coin to place in the ride that we are all stuck on.

  5. Bill Farthing says:

    Rewarding illegals for breaking the law sounds just like something the Obama regime would do.

  6. Connie Hopper says:

    You have got to be kidding me!!!!!! Yes I am a republican and damn proud of it.

  7. Dustin says:

    Just to clarify, this is not designed to permit illegal immigrants or access or entitle them to money. This is regarding people who legally could enter the USA but were denied access to legal representation which would have made them aware of that fact. Instead they were convinced to “optionally” volunteer for deportation. This is not a case of making illegal immigrants legal, it is a case of correcting occasions when legal immigrants were deported as through they were illegal.

    • LiberalTruth says:

      Crazy thing is Americans go to other countries all the time to live and expect to not be treated the way we treat Hispanics. We even treat Puerto Ricans like they are illegal. So much hate on this thread. Thank you for being a voice of reason!

  8. Allen Payne says:

    I say keep all there asses in Mexico where they belong.

  9. UnLawful says:

    This is wrong on so many levels. In other countries Americans without documentation are considered illegal and their life endangered could be held in prison and God knows what else!, why only in America do we give a hand out to anyone crossing over?

  10. Delbert Cutsinger says:

    I can’t help but wonder if this was switched and a citizen of the USA entered Mexico illegally would Mexico’s legal system and its politicians allow a law suit like this to happen? yah, probably not…

  11. Joe says:

    This is not a monetary settlement,it’s about eligibility to return to the United States subject to certain restrictions.Stop the hate,learn how to read and how to spell !

  12. samella bradley says:

    this is wrong….

  13. Delia Arroyo says:

    This is hilarious!!!! I can bet money that the majority if not all of you are not 100% “American”. But really if these “illegals” go back home as you all want them to, who will scrub your floors, go to the fields and pick your vegetables and do cheap labor, because I’m sure that you all at one point or another have used them for cheap labor! So come on now I bet you all will not go out in the hot sun picking fruit and vegetables do the dirty work with cheap labor!! Look some of your finest doctors, nurses, peace officers and men and women that fight for our country families came from illegals. I agree those who commit serious crimes should not be allowed to remain in this country, but this is not what this settlement is about, so STOP read and pay close attention to what you are reading to be able to understand! By the way make sure to use spell check because when your bashing people and words are misspelled you look really dumb!

    • LiberalTruth says:

      Preach!!! There was so much hate on this thread. It was nice to see a few educated responses! Thank you!

      • joe says:

        LIberal Truth- Oh you are so wise!!! You have so much Logic. You must be a Doctor or something close to that. Then again -why are you on this Trial-Lawyer Class Action web-site. I did it because I saw this article on Google news. You probably did it to get a FREE Handout from some Bogus Lawsuit !!!! Typical LIBERAL !!!!

    • Jackie says:

      WELL SAID!

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