Class Eligibility

The Class consists of all residential and business (non-residential) ratepayers who received retail electric generation service from Duke Energy Corp. and/or Cinergy Corp. or their subsidiaries/affiliates at any time between January 1, 2005, and December 31, 2008 in the CG&E/Duke Energy Ohio electric service territory and who did not receive rebates under the side agreements.

Estimated Amount


It may be less or more depending on the number of valid claims submitted

Proof of Purchase


Case Name

nthony Williams, et al. v. Duke Energy International, Inc. et al
Case No. 1:08-cv-00046
Southern District of Ohio, Eastern Division

Case Summary

According to the plaintiffs between 2005 to 2008 the defendants unlawfully paid rebates through an affiliate to multiple commercial customers as a result of separate side agreements. according to the plaintiffs Duke violated two federal statutes, the Robinson-Patman Act and the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, and a state statute, Ohio’s Pattern of Corrupt Activity Act. The plaintiffs also assert common-law claims for fraud and civil conspiracy.

The defendants deny these allegations

Settlement Pool





Williams v. Duke Energy
c/o GCG
PO Box 10092
Dublin, OH 43017-6692

52 responses to “Duke Energy Class Action Settlement Ohio Only”

  1. Serraino says:

    36750 us hywy 19 unit 2346 bldg 8 acc# 92134 73092

    ADMIN – Hi Serraino,

    Please submit a claim. Leaving your address here does not constitute a claim.

    • Tina Mays says:

      Why did inot get a form to send in.

      Thank you scott mays

      ADMIN – Hi Tina,

      We are not the class action administrators, Perhaps you did get a notice but it was perceived as junk mail.

  2. Phyllis Joyce Ackley says:

    No comment – wanted t submit claim

  3. Phyllis Joyce Ackley says:

    Feel resident duke users are entitled to payment from claim-

  4. Donna j Geer says:

    Duke never gave me no rebates or a latter

  5. S. Bedinghaus says:

    Strongly feel Duke users should be entitled to payment, not going towards funding programs which we will never have use of.

  6. Ruth Kahr says:

    Been a customer since 2001

  7. Therese Capehart says:

    I would like a check sent to me instead of deductions from future billings.

    ADMIN – Hi Therese,

    In reading the terms it looks like that is what you are going to get. Why don’t you contact the class action admin so you can get additional details?

  8. Norman Ellis says:

    I have been customer since 1971 6647 Kennedy Ave 1971 – 1976
    3725 Congreve Ave 1976-Present My claim # misplaced

    ADMIN – Hi Norman,

    We are not the class action administrator. You Must contact the class action admin directly.

  9. Constance Simpson says:

    I need my bill paid

    ADMIN – Hi Constance,

    This settlement is not aimed at paying your bill.

  10. barbara hellmann says:

    want to join in class action

    ADMIN – Hi Barbara,

    If you believe you are a member of the class please file a claim form.

  11. Becky Lewallen says:

    i didnt recieve a letter or a post card

    ADMIN – Hi Becky,

    If you believe you are a member of the class click on the orange link that leads to the claim form, fill out the claim form and submit it via mail.

  12. gary rodehaver says:

    My Late Parents lived here and paid during those years…I now reside here…Am I entitled to this REFUND?

    ADMIN – Hi Gary,

    You probably are if you are the executor. Contact the class action administrator to check.

  13. Nathaniel Foster says:

    I request the funds that are due to me .

    ADMIN – Hi Nathaniel,

    Did you request the funds by filing a claim?

  14. larry caudill says:

    Where do I sign check?

    ADMIN – Hi Larry,

    You sign checks on the back.

  15. Patricia McGruder says:

    How do i fibd out my status ? I filled out and returned the form. But never had a reply .

    ADMIN – Hi Patricia,

    You need to contact the administrator using the information provided on this page.

  16. Mary Saunders says:

    I have moved since the class action case started, but I have always been a Duke customer. Will I receive a check and will it be forwarded to my new address, which I am still a Duke customer.

    ADMIN – Hi Mary,

    You need to contact the administrator to submit a change of address.

  17. Shirley Burnside says:

    Is it too late to enter as a class member? I just found out about this class action. I no longer live in Cincinnati moved in 2013. However, I lived there for 37 years and was a Duke Energy customer during 2005 through 2013?

    ADMIN – Hi Shirley,

    It is too late to file.

  18. Pamela J Young says:

    Good Evening,
    I had file for the law suit but I don’t remember if my application were accepted. How can I find out ??

    ADMIN – Hi Pamela,

    I encourage you to contact the admin using the information we provide on the main page.

  19. Antoinette says:

    I want to know how to find out if im getting a check and or if I’m eligible

    ADMIN – Hi Antoinette,

    Did you file?

  20. Richard Watson says:

    I received a postcard size check from Huntington showing my rebate amount. My question is, “Based on the size of this alleged check, is this for real and should I really take it to my bank and deposit it”? Usually, checks are bigger.

    ADMIN – Hi Richard,

    Many checks are postcard size.

  21. Joanna Estrada says:

    I didn’t even know a law suit existed. I was a Duke customer at this time. Let me know if I can still get a rebate?

    ADMIN – HI Joanna,

    I don’t think so but I encourage you to contact the admin.

    • Linda Thompson says:

      I saw the reply to Joanna Estrada from the Admin where they Admin says to contact the Admin. Well, how do you do that?

      ADMIN – Hi Linda,

      I am the administrator of this wonderful page. The administrator for the class action is listed at the bottom of each page under “contact”

  22. Diane Multner says:

    My husband and I never received a post card or claim form to fill out. Just now hearing on the news that checks are being mailed out and people are receiving their checks. We pay lots to Duke every month (and I know that you are not Duke Energy). We deserve to be part of this settlement. I do not think that if you are a Duke customer that a claim form should have to be automatically filled out. Every Duke Customer should be entitled to a refund if we were overcharged for electric. Which we apparently were.

  23. Sandra J Mays says:

    I file a claim then was told I didn’t qualified for a rebate in 2005 the account was in my late husband’s name he past away in 2006 and in 2007 I had the account put in my name so would like to know why I don’t qualified all you have to do is look at the account I’m should be entitle to one.

    ADMIN – HI Sandra,

    The administrator is best qualified to answer that question. Scroll up and look for “contact” to get their info.

  24. Linda Thompson says:

    So, if I didn’t submit a claim, I am not entitled to a rebate check even though I have been a paying customer of Duke Energy here in Southern Ohio long before it was Duke Energy? Since I evidently didn’t send back the paperwork, because I haven’t gotten a check.

    ADMIN – Hi Linda,


  25. Brandy Watson says:

    I filed a claim and was approved but have since moved. How do I find out if I will get it

    ADMIN – Hi Brandy,

    You reach out to the admin in writing to submit your new address.

  26. Dejuana Chapman says:

    February 14,2017 I called Duke Energy and spoke to someone by the name Vicky and she gave me the number 1-844-322-8220 and this # is to find out about your rebate check. I want to know where is my check they toll me I didn’t fill that’s a lie.

    ADMIN – Hi Dejuana,

    Our website is purely informational, we are not class action administrators. You need to reach out to the admin using this email

  27. Linda Susan Smith says:

    I received a post card a year or so ago , and I thought that it said that everyone was included in the class action lawsuit and you could opt out if you wanted too , but I didn’t opt out so I thought I was included.

    ADMIN – Hi Linda,

    Are you talking about the same case? This one clearly indicates that you must submit a claim.

  28. Betty L Clift says:

    I just want to know where my rebate check is for Duke Energy? It was suppose to be mailed out months ago according to the local News Media! Date is 03/04/2107. I cannot get a hold of anyone to answer this question.

    ADMIN – Hi Betty,

    We are purely informational in nature thus unable to help you.

  29. Lori Turney says:

    People are asking me if I received a check from Duke. I have not….what do I need to do.

    ADMIN – Hi Lori,

    You need to reach out to the admin of the settlement (not us)

  30. Darryl Holt says:

    I did respond to the claim…
    Where’s my check…

    ADMIN – Hi Darryl,

    Reach out to the class action administrator with your question.

  31. Valentyna F says:

    I just found , I still paying Cinergy. What I never sing any agreement with them . I call number and lady tell me is by my agreement. how this happens? What is my next step?

    ADMIN – Hi Valentyna,

    I have no idea what you are trying to ask thus I am able to help you.

  32. Rick L Brewer says:

    We received no info regarding this suit and we have been customers since approx. 2004

    ADMIN – Hi Rick,

    Unfortunately the deadline has passed and you no longer have legal recourse.

  33. Antoinette Ballew says:

    I need my check reissued sent in all info was received on the 26 was told to email to have the check sent

    ADMIN – Hi Antoinette,

    Writing a comment on our page is not the same as emailing the admin.

  34. Donnessa Mccall says:

    Re : Check reissue class action
    Donnessa Mccall 10066643
    2551 Bartlett Cincinnati Ohio 45214
    126 Glenwood Cincinnati Ohio 45217

    I did not receive my class action check can you please remail it to 126 Glenwood Cincinnati Ohio 45217

    ADMIN – Hi Donessa,

    I can’t. I am not the class action administrator.

  35. Allison Gail Rodgers says:

    Hi, I submitted my claim online, but never received the payment check. Is there anything that I can do?

    ADMIN – Hi Allison,

    This settlement was paid many months ago. Consider reaching out to the class action admin but I have the feeling you won’t be able to recoup.

  36. Garfield L. Garrett says:

    I am use to be a resident of Ohio but i moved to Alabama I was just informed of this settlement. I to went through Duke Energy for electric service. What do I need to do to get in on this settlement.

    ADMIN – Hi Garfield,

    The deadline has passed and you no longer have legal recourse.

  37. Mary Durbin says:

    I received my settlement and taxes were taken out. Will I get a 1099?

    ADMIN – Hi Mary,

    Please reach out to the class action administrator.

    • Mary Durbin says:

      Who is the administrator?

      ADMIN – Hi Mary,

      Scroll up and read the section titled, “contact”

      • Mary Durbin says:

        The number is no longer working.

        ADMIN – Hi Mary,

        That means the administration has closed shop and you no longer have legal recourse.

  38. Julie Wallace says:

    I never received my claim … honestly, I forgot about it until I came upon the paperwork and the claim number. Can someone check about my claim reimbursement? Happy to provide the claim number in a different place. Please advise. Thanks, Julie Wallace

    ADMIN – Hi Julie,

    You are way too late. The administration for this settlement has finalized distribution and closed shop.

    • Julie Wallace says:

      As an aside, I went up to the top of this string and sent an email to the address listed – but I got a failure to send, as it is not a valid email address. I will call the number listed above tomorrow, but I am not hopeful it is still active. Do you have any details available that may be new or updated? Thanks, Julie Wallace

      ADMIN – Hi Julie,

      This case was paid and finalized several years ago. You no longer have legal recourse.

  39. TOM SZANTI says:



    ADMIN – Hi Tom,

    I don’t have that information. You need to contact the admin directly.

  40. Dave Miller says:

    I need proof of the payment Duke sent me. The IRS is now sending me a bill unless I can prove how much the check I received was for, Who do I contact to get this information?

    ADMIN – Hi Dave,

    You can reach out to the class action administrator.

    • Dave Miller says:

      How do I contact the administrator?

      ADMIN – Hi Dave,

      Their contact info is posted above. If that is not working try reaching out to class counsel

  41. Dave Miller says:

    Still not working. How do I contact class counsel?

    ADMIN – Hi Dave,

    This is the name of the firm handling it

    Markovits, Stock & DeMarco, LLC and Freking Myers & Reul, LLC

  42. Beverly Foley says:

    I just now found my settlement check. Can they reissue it or how can I cash it?

    ADMIN- Hi Beverly,

    No. Checks are generally not reissued. That is money that is lost forever.

  43. Tom Davey says:

    I never received a settlement check although I filed a claim online on 12/30/15. This has been hanging on my bulletin board for 4 years. How do I find out what happened?

    • Angelica (Admin) says:

      Hi, Tom. Thanks for your message, and sorry to hear that. However, we ( are *not* the settlement/claims administrator of this case — we are only an online “newspaper” of various class action settlements involving various companies. Please contact the Settlement Administrator directly, if you haven’t already done so. The details are stated above. Thank you.

  44. Adrienne Onley says:

    I did not get my check at all. Who do I contact? Specifics, please!

    • Angelica (Admin) says:

      Hi, Adrienne. Thanks for your message. However, we ( are *not* the settlement/claims administrator of this case — we are only an online “newspaper” of various class action settlements involving various companies. Please contact the Settlement Administrator directly, if you haven’t already done so. The details are stated above. Thank you.

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