Class Eligibility

The Eagle Loan class action settlement includes all Ohio residents who borrowed money from the defendant between Aug. 2008 and Aug. 2015 with an interest rate higher than 21 percent.

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Case Name

Adams v. Eagle Financial Services, Inc.,
Case No. 1:12-cv-0729
District Court for the Southern District of Ohio

Case Summary

According to the plaintiffs Eagle loans charged Ohio customers an interest rate higher than 21 percent. Which is higher than what is permitted by state law

The defendants deny the allegations but have agreed to settle to avoid the cost and risk associated to a trial

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Eagle Loan Settlement Administrator
PO Box 3614
Minneapolis, MN 55403-0614

16 responses to “Eagle Loan Class Action Settlement (Ohio Only)”

  1. willie lee marshall says:

    I film claim with straight talk June 10 2015 having heard nothing from them.some said they have receive check.I having heard anything from them.I tide straight talk been with them about eight years.I still having probably with my internet running slow.I just bought 40 dollar card two days internet running slow.

  2. willie lee marshall says:

    I just want straight talk do Wright with people internet.just bought 45 dollar card two days internet running slow.I been with straight talk about eight years.I tide straight talk they getting over people.


    I mailed in the card regarding the class action suite against Eagle Loan with the appropriate dates of the two loans I had with Eagle Loan well before the November date. It is my understanding that this suit has been settled but I have yet to hear anything or receive anything pertaining to this. How do I receive my refund?

    ADMIN – Hi Lilian,

    Contact the class action administrator using the information we provide on this page.

  4. Patricia Robb says:

    Claim ID 00084072 – I too have not received or heard anything. Please reply. Thank you.

    ADMIN – Hi Patricia,

    We are not the class action administrator thus we are unable to follow up on your request.

  5. david anstine sherry atwell says:

    we have not recieved a seettlement can you let us know

    ADMIN – Hi David,

    I can’t let you know as I am not the admin for the settlement. You can contact the admin using the contact info we have conveniently provided.

  6. Gary Crews says:

    Ref claim#00093678-000020911 #952-562-3616 is not working no way to get update information on settlement I need to know after paying on loans since 2008 5 different loans including current loan Ohio gets short changed please reply ASAP to settle amount update as to when funds will be sent

    ADMIN – Hi Gary,

    Please note that we are an informational website and not the class action administrator or the lender. Please contact the class action administrator directly to address your inquiry.

  7. kellie says:

    Here it is 2017 and i havent heard or seen anything either. I will contact the administrator. Thanks so iam not the only one…

    ADMIN – Hi Kellie,

    You are not alone on this one.

  8. DeLorean Griffin says:


    I have not heard or seen anything. As a matter of fact, the attorney for Eagle loan is attempting to hold my employer in contempt of court for not garnishing me but they’re trying to charge me $25% which is clearly illegal.

  9. Barbara Perkins says:

    I have yet to hear anything as well or receive anything also and I’m getting so frustrated. I call the number for the admin and I get a recording for paying a credit card bill. It sounds like it has completely went away and no explanation to the ones that have not heard or gotten anything

    ADMIN – Hi Barbara,

    When we don’t have any luck with the class action admin we can try class counsel, their info is usually available in your long notice.

  10. Terri says:

    There still charging a high interest rate of 25.99 now

    ADMIN – Hi Terri,

    That is pretty high. I would never sign a contract for such high interest rate.

  11. Tim Bennett says:

    What if you were part of the settlement… and Eagle Loan is still sending collection letters stating ours important top contact them about money owed, with an employer name on the correspondence also?

    ADMIN – Hi Tim,

    This settlement is about usury, charging more interest than what the state law allows. It has nothing to do with collection letters.

  12. Daniel Sabrowski says:

    What if I had a loan with eagle during the period in question..charged an annual rate of 45% which is clearly against state laws allowance..but did NOT participate in the class action settlement against eagle loan. What, if any that u know of, rights do I have pertaining to seeking restitution for this exorbitant amount of interest I paid..and what level is the illegality of their actions in doing so? Thanks for any thoughts on the matter!

    ADMIN – Hi Daniel,

    We do not provide legal counsel. It is best if you contact a private attorney. There are situations where interest rates higher than 45% are sadly legal.

    • Daniel Sabrowski says:

      Thanks for the response!..and my apologies I didn’t fully realize conveying some poss facts constituted “counsel”.. though I have since contacted council and in the case of my secured loans with eagle, neither meet the allowable criteria for interest exceeding 25% per annum..state law was actually fairly clear on this and I assume what motivated Eagle to settle and try to avoid a MAJOR judgement. So to anyone out there who took a loan with eagle during the years noted in the CA suit yet didn’t make themself a member of the class..take this admins advice and speak with an attorney (with your loan documents in hand) they can tell you, pretty quickly, your specific situation and what action,if any, you could take. This company did a lot of people wrong who were looking for a financial option WITHOUT being taken advantage of, and while this suit appeared to have been a step towards big business actually answering for their actions (tho it’s also clear many are still having issues claiming their $40, just from reading this site), I’m certain there are yet more who have slipped through the cracks completely..good luck and God bless!

  13. Dorothea Newberry says:

    I have never heard any more about this settlement and have an account with Eagle Loan. Did it this just get swept under the rug?

    ADMIN – Hi Dorothea,

    I don’t think so. From what I recall this settlement was paid to qualified class members

  14. Chrissi Brammer says:

    I applied for a loan back in March of 2014 well when I went to make my first payment in April of that year I found out that someone else had hacked my checking account and I was unable to make my first payment and I had called the day I found out that my account was hacked nobody answered my phone calls and then the next thing I know they sent court papers to me for nonpayment when I tried to let them know what happened and then they were trying to charge me for more than what I was actually told to pay in the first place

  15. amy henry says:

    I got a loan in 2010 but don’t have my papers anymore. Can I still get them? Also, they have filed a lawsuit on me garnishing my wages, making me pay $5000 more than I borrowed. I do have that paper, anyone with info would be appreciated.

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