Class Eligibility

You are a member of the class if you posted a “Good Til Cancelled” listings on eBay during the qualifying period

Under the terms of the eBay class action settlement, “Disputed Fees” means the Insertion Fees and Optional Feature Fees incurred by Class Members after the initial 30-day listing period of a Good Til Cancelled listing, less any amounts already credited or refunded by eBay.

NOTE: Class Members of the eBay Good Til Cancelled settlement should have received a notice via email or postal mail service. If your eBay user ID or other account information has changed since Sept. 16, 2008, you will need to update your information on the settlement website.

Estimated Amount


Proof of Purchase

Ebay Account Information

Case Name

Richard Noll and Rhythm Motor Sports LLC v. eBay Inc.,
Case No. 5:11-cv-04585
District Court for the Northern District of California

Case Summary

According to the class action Ebay failed to properly explain to its users that the Insertion Fees and Optional Feature Fees for GTC listings would be charged on a recurring basis for 30 days.

Ebay denies the allegations but has agreed to settle to avoid the expenses and uncertainty associated with a trial

Settlement Pool





Noll v. eBay Class Action
Claims Administrator
c/o Dahl Administration
P.O. Box 3616
Minneapolis, MN 55403-0616

13 responses to “eBay ‘Good Til Cancelled’ Class Action Settlement”

  1. teneka ray says:

    Ebay has very shady practices. They will. Cancel you at anytime n still charge u. Uu can gogle millions of people this had happened to n 6 million is not enough

    • Jon says:

      That happened to me and I haven’t even posted anything about it.
      For all the millions of people you’ve heard about being suspended for no reason from Ebay,
      you should double that…because for every one of them there are several more who don’t speak up about it.

  2. Crystalbelle Greenhalgh says:

    Had the same issue, suspension for exorbitant fees. Still have not paid ebay as a result.

  3. Elaine Guido says:

    I had the same problem, suspension for exorbitant fees. I still hav’t paid ebay.

  4. Pam Taylors says:

    Ebay is good at confusing you. They are simply a listing agent. Yet they act like Big Brother. Always changing rules, fees and when there is a problem YOU are punished. They simply want sales so they get their cut. They don’t care about the seller at all and ALWAYS side with the buyer. My account was ‘hacked’ and listings not mine were added. When I told ebay they cancelled over 100 of my listings. They are always ‘fixing’ your listings so you are ‘in line’ with ebays provisions. Again big brotherish. I have wished for years for another site to list which gets the attention ebay gets. I don’t know why other sites haven’t flourished possibly because they are more honest? I have many many friends who are sellers who have left ebay because the listing rules get more and more complicated and time consuming.

  5. Kimberly Chase says:

    Long time eBay member and store! Very upsetting.

  6. Wendy says:

    I have been charged several times!!

  7. Patricia Stone says:

    Ebay doesn’t care about the Seller only the Buyer. They really don’t try to solve problems just sell, sell, sell!

  8. Melissa Paul says:

    I sold on ebay for a year and a half, I was charged my normal charge of 55.00 a month and then all of a sudden I go to log into my account and it is locked and I called the 1-800 number to speak to them thinking someone tried to hack into my account and the lady that I spoke with said that I didn’t pay the 74.00 remaining and she could not explain to me how I received those chargers but the only thing she could tell me is if I wanted to continue to sell on ebay I needed to pay the fee immediately, to this day I still cannot use ebay cause I refused to pay a fee that I was not responsible for!

  9. Carla flowers says:

    I’ve been charged several time

  10. legal like,shysters.. says:

    eBay lock my account also and why I’ll kind of information from now and money, that I don’t know why!! but I’m not responding and I’ll sell out of my garage..

  11. fed up with ebay says:

    I sold on eBay from 2006 to 2013 – I hated the fees and I hated it when buyers could only be painted in glowing colors – but you could be painted as lack of patience or an idiot or whatever the buyer was feeling. I got 4 negatives and couldn’t get eBay to remove not even 1.

    I hate that both pay pal and eBay (the same company) charges a % off the shipping. Now, I can see it if it is excessive shipping your making a profit on. But when you mail through eBay or pay pal they know the exact cost of the shipping – yet they still charge you.

    They say they do that to encourage the seller to give free shipping. So one of my charm soda cans sells for $1.60 and the can costs me 80 cents and eBay gets fees of 36¢ (listing and selling fees) that should leave me a little profit – right? Then I charge $1.75 for shipping which is the cost of mailing and delivery conformation (which they say you must have as proof of mailing) & they take another 18¢ from that – which comes out of your profit on the can. Now, were down to 26¢ profit per can! But, not to worry – EBay has plans on take that to – maybe in store costs or other fees. So where do I get the money for free shipping? Of yes, I’m suppose to take a total loss – if I wanted to give it away – I would go down to the food bank thrift store and do that!

    My awakening call came when the tax man said I didn’t have enough profit to tax in 2013 on my eBay sales. I demanded to know why (maybe I am an idiot – lol). He told me I had not made a profit and as close as he could see I was minus $94.13 in the whole for all of 2012!! I quit selling on eBay the next day.

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