Class Eligibility

The Settlement Class includes all persons who, in the United States and its territories, from January 1, 2004 through December 31, 2011: (a) purchased a new Class Washer; (b) acquired a Class Washer as part of the purchase or remodel of a home; or (c) received a new Class Washer as a gift.

Estimated Amount


As a class member you can receive one of several benefits which include a $50 check or $20% rebate on the purchase of certain replacement appliances or reimbursements for repairs of up to $500

Proof of Purchase


Case Name

Grasso, et al. v. Electrolux Home Products Inc.,
Case No. 8:16-cv-00911
District Court for the Middle District of Florida

Case Summary

The lawsuits claim that the Class Washers fail to self-clean and tend to accumulate bacteria and mold, resulting in mold, mildew and Odor Issues and damaged garments and other fabrics. The lawsuits further claim that the defendant breached warranties, was negligent, and violated various state consumer protection statutes in connection with the manufacture and sale of the Class Washers.

Settlement Pool





Electrolux Front-Loading Washers Settlement
c/o Angeion Group
1801 Market Street, Suite 660
Philadelphia, PA 19103

44 responses to “Electrolux, Frigidaire & Kenmore Moldy Washer Class Action Settlement”

  1. Sharon Riley says:

    We have a front loading Sears Kenmore washer. The rubber seal inside the door is covered in mold and if we aren’t carefully loading or unloading and touch our clothes to that area, we will get mold on them which is hard to removed.

    ADMIN – Hi Sharon,

    Sounds like you are a class member.

  2. Michael says:

    I acquired a home in 2013 that was already equipped with a washer purchased during the time period. Am I a member?

    ADMIN – Hi Michael,

    The Settlement Class includes all persons who, in the United States and its territories, from January 1, 2004 through December 31, 2011: (a) purchased a new Class Washer; (b) acquired a Class Washer as part of the purchase or remodel of a home; or (c) received a new Class Washer as a gift.

  3. Val says:

    Does this include Maytag? I believe they’re made by Kenmore

    ADMIN – Hi Val,

    Please refer to the list provided by the class action administrator on the official settlement page.

  4. walter l stewart says:


    ADMIN – Hi Walter,

    It sounds like you are a class member.

  5. Pamela Stangl says:

    Received a post card from Sears indicating we were qualified as part of a class action suit. Filled out the card with all the pertinent information required and mailed it in. Its been over a year and we have heard nothing. Can you explain?

    ADMIN – Hi Pamela,

    I can’t but I am sure the class action administrator can. Give them a call.

  6. dawn thambash says:

    Hi my sears kenmore washer keeps alot of scum under the rubber washer i have to get a rag to wipe it out. i dont have my original receipt but i can upload photos….

    ADMIN – Hi Dawn,

    The claim form has the option to upload photos when filing a claim.

  7. Brigette says:

    I’ve tried filling out the online claim form and they require proof that you own the said washer, so they want photo’s of it and even though I’m uploading them in the format they require – it won’t attach the photo (I’ve tried jpg and gif). I’ve changed the size of the photo in case it was too large also – they online form simply will not upload the photo’s and so I can’t complete the form.

    ADMIN – Hi Brigette,

    I just tried myself and it appears to work correctly.

    • Cyndi Everetts says:

      Try zipping/compressing the file. It may just be too big. There’s almost always a size limit on electronic uploads.

    • SONIA OVIEDO says:

      I did the same thing it would only let me upload one photo. I have tried to do it several times with no luck. I also have not gotten a response as to when we would know something about rebates since I would like to replace my moldy, smelly washer.
      I never got a confirmation showing that you all rec’d everything needed for claim.

      ADMIN – Hi Sonia,

      I am not the class action administrator thus I am unable to help you with this. You need to contact them directly.

  8. Debra Carpenter says:

    Does this include the Whirlpool duet washer? Mine has the same issue.

    ADMIN – Hi Debra,

    Is the duet front loading?

    • Debra Carpenter says:

      Yes the duet is front loading.

      ADMIN – Hi Debra,

      Refer to the chart provided by the admin. If the Duet is there file your claim ASAP

  9. Lynn R says:

    does this include GE front loading washers?

    ADMIN – Hi Lynn,

    No. A GE is not an Electrolux or a Frigidaire or a Kenmore.

  10. Denise meyer says:

    We had bought a brand new kenmore washer and dryer. It was full of mold and wouldn’t go away I tried bleach and everything. Dryer wouldn’t dry unless it ran for 2 hours or more. Had sears come to service twice and it never worked. I got rid of them both and we got top loads instead brand new from sears. What do I have to

    ADMIN – Hi Denise,

    File a claim. Most likely Sears has your serial # they keep records of everything.

  11. Patricia pierce says:

    My front end washer has mold buildup on the rubber part this causes the clothes to stink.

    ADMIN – Hi Patricia,

    If you meet class eligibility please file a claim

  12. Sarah Jung says:

    Where do you find the affected appliances? It’s a frigidaire front loader bought in 08. Saved my receipt.

    ADMIN – Hi Sarah,

    • Kara says:

      I took a look at the list suggested, i do not see and kenmores on the list. Why does the title include Kenmore but there arent any eligible kenmore washers?

      ADMIN – Hi Kara,

      Perhaps you need to contact the class action administrator for clarification

  13. Brenda L Brisco says:

    Have a Frigidaire front loader model #fafw3801lw5 Dec 2014 made recvd thru sce

  14. linda baumert says:

    I have a kenmore dishwasher and it always smells .. and has a black goo.. that I have to try and clean. Very disappointed!

    ADMIN – Hi Linda,

    Many of us are facing the same problem. Hopefully you qualified for the settlement.

  15. karen says:

    Hello, I received a card that I am part of this class and have a claim number however the website it send you too my computer will not allow me to access it ? Thanks

    ADMIN – Hi Karen,

    Call the phone provided on the card.

  16. Patricia Webster says:


    ADMIN – Hi Patricia,

    The settlement can’t get you a new washer.

    • Ombudsman for Patricia says:


      ADMIN – Hi Ombu,

      I would but I just gave away the last one I had. I do have an extra towel that I am happy to share.

  17. Louis Pirilli says:

    I remember having problems with my washer. I have all of the manuals on the washer. However since it was so long ago, I now have a different washer machine. And I wouldn’t know where to begin to look for a proof of purchase. Is there anything on these two manuals that would prove that I once purchased a Frigidaire front loader washer. It was also a stackable.

    ADMIN – Hi Louis,

    I believe you can use the serial number.

  18. O F says:

    Is Kenmore Elite eligible?
    How do I get a proof of purchase if I purchased it 13 years ago?

    ADMIN – Hi OF,

    January 1, 2004 through December 31, 2011 are the eligibility dates. As for the models involved there is a list in the official page that you can check to see if yours is included.

  19. Cyndi Everetts says:

    2 questions:
    I have an LG front loading machine with the issue subject of the claim. Is my machine included as a subsidiary brand of the listed companies?

    The announcement says proof of purchase is required, yet it seems as though photos of the machine in your home suffice. Can you confirm?

    Thank you

    ADMIN – Hi Cyndi
    You can take a picture of the serial number. There is a list on the official page with all the models included. You can go check there.

  20. Hurley D. Cunningham Sr says:

    I purchased a matching pair (Washer and Dryer) Kenmore Elite in 2014 and have been having the mold forming on the front seal. We wipe it down and use the cleaner for front load washers to keep it clean but the mold is still forming. We have sprayed the seal with a mold killer but it does not help. Our clothes have a smell to them unless we use a scented softener. I think this year should be included in the settlement.
    The dryer also has problems. When we dry a comforter or big load of bedding it will blow the sensors and we have to get replaced. I have done the replacement twice already and we have to take the heavy things some where to dry them. Consumer reports rated them the best when we bought them but my Samsung set lasted a lot longer with less problems. Hurley

    ADMIN – Hi Hurley,

    If you believe there is the potential for a class action for this particular model I encourage you to the a hold of a class action attorney.

  21. Maxine Richards says:

    I have a duet whirlpool washer that smells and I live in Canada, will I qualify?

    ADMIN – Hi Maxine,

    No. This is for United States only.

  22. Diana Branche says:

    I sent my paperwork in on the washer class action. When can I expect to receive the 20% rebate because I am in need of a new washer now. Not only does it have a mold smell but the spin cycles don’t work. This would be the second time probably replacing the circuit board for this issue and I refuse to do it. The machine is terrible.

    ADMIN – Hi Diana,

    I can’t answer your question. You need to contact the class action administrator directly.

  23. Carolyn Bowman says:

    I have to leave my washer open at all times when not in use due to the musty smell.

    ADMIN – Hi Carolyn,

    All front loaders are designed to be left open.

  24. Barb Tornquist says:

    My Electrolux front loader was purchased in 2013 and has a horrible mold issue all the way around the front gasket. Do you know of any lawsuits that fit my purchase date? This is my THIRD front load washer that has a mold issue, the first two being Maytag’s.

    ADMIN – Hi Barb,
    I don’t

  25. Frank John says:

    I have received your notice for Claim Number ID10288719. Please advise.

    ADMIN – Hi Frank,

    We are not the class action administrators, we are simply an informational website. Please contact the class action administrator if you require additional clarification or direction.

  26. Virginia Ryan says:

    I submitted a claim for the washer settlement; when would I receive the electronic check? Do you know?

    ADMIN – Hi Virginia,

    Settlements are not finalized until the deadline has passed and all appeals have cleared.

  27. Lisa Anderson says:

    What about the LG models

    ADMIN – Hi Lisa,

    Not included.

  28. SandraHicks says:

    how do I check my claim number and confirmation code?

    ADMIN – Hi Sandra,

    You reach out to the class action administrator.

  29. Virginia ryan says:

    I do not have a receipt for the washer and had to replace mine, am I still eligible for the $50 rebate – the serial number was part of the claim and confirmation code? How do we get notified of the claim results?

    ADMIN – Hi Virginia,

    I don’t think you can file for a rebate without a receipt. Are you telling me you had already filed a claim?

  30. Virginia Ryan says:

    No – I did not file a claim, but I bought the washer in 2010, and I don’t have the receipt anymore. That was seven years ago. Not fair. The date of the purchase, serial no and model were part of the claim details.

    ADMIN – Hi Virginia,

    I know, but a deadline is a deadline.

  31. Linda Bellamy says:

    I filed a claim on 12.29.17 (frigidaire) and have not yet received payment. What is the delay? Confirmation no. E00016995.

    ADMIN – Hi Linda,

    Please use the official contact information to reach out to the class action administrator

  32. Maria Lopez says:

    I would like to get an update on the settlement. I submitted a claim on Jan 1, 2018. My confirmation # is E00020014.

    Is there a date when we can expect a check.
    WAsher ATF6700FS2
    Serial XC85208029
    Thank you.

    ADMIN – Hi Maria,

    I am not the class action administrator thus I am unable to provide you with specifics. You need to contact them directly.

  33. George Hightower says:

    I have received an email from Electrolux FLW Settlement fund, it is an electronic check for $50.00, before I have this sent to my checking account I need some assurance this is not a scam, can you please verify.

    ADMIN – Hi George,

    Without looking at your email I cannot verify a thing. Your best bet is to print it out and take it to your bank for verification.

    • Randy says:

      I got the same e-mail and have the same skepticism. The email says not to try photographing or printing the check to deposit it since it is intentionally incomplete and not valid. The only way to proceed is to click the links and log in to your bank or enter the routing and account numbers manually. I sent an email to the address in the notice asking how I can get a paper check. Waiting for a response…

      ADMIN – Hi Randy,

      That is strange. I just emailed the admin to ask.

      ADMIN – Hi Randy,

      This is what I got from the admin:

      Thank you for contacting us. The digital checks were issued from our office and they are legit and yes, the digital checks are to be electronically deposited into your account.

      Thank you,
      Settlement Administrator
      Electrolux Settlement

      • Katie says:

        So just because they say it is legit, we are to believe that??

        ADMIN – Hi Katie,

        You could also contact the admin yourself.

  34. George A Simpson Sr says:

    I received a letter a couple of weeks ago stating that I need to submit additional information along with the letter. However I have misplaced the letter and I have no idea where to submit the info, or what? Is it possible for you to mail or email me a copy of the letter.


    ADMIN – Hi George,

    Scroll up. Under contact you will have the info for the class action administrator.

  35. Tiffany Cole says:

    I submitted my information. And still have received anything. Have they issued the checks?

    ADMIN – Hi Tiffany,

    It would be best if you contact class counsel.

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