Class Eligibility

You are a class member if you purchased a fridge with certain ice makers A “Gen 1 FDBM” is a refrigerator-freezer unit with dual refrigerator doors and the freezer compartment mounted below the refrigerator compartment that both:
  • Was manufactured by or for Electrolux, and Contains a Gen 1 Ice Maker.
  • A “Gen 1 Ice Maker” is an ice maker module that:
  • Is mounted in the refrigerator compartment,
  • Dispenses ice through the refrigerator door,
  • Creates ice cubes by cooling water to below freezing by means of liquid coolant circulating through metal “fingers” inserted vertically into cup-shape molds filled with water, and
  • Produces cylindrical ice cubes.
NOTE: If you have received a full refund of the purchase price for a qualifying refrigerator or if you received a free exchange refrigerator without a Gen 1 Ice Maker, you are not a Class Member of this Electrolux ice maker settlement.

Estimated Amount

$100 (or more if the class member incurred expenses)
Proof of Purchase
Case Name
In re: Electrolux Home Products Ice Maker Cases Case No. 1:12-cv-03341-NLH-AMD District Court for the District of New Jersey
Case Summary
The lawsuit accuses Frigidaire of acting deceptively when they sell, repair or feature a french door fridge with certain defects. Electrolux denies any wrongdoing but has agreed to settle the ice maker class action lawsuit to avoid the uncertainty, time and expense of further litigation.
Settlement Pool
Independent Claims Administrator P.O. Box 2446 Faribault, MN 55021-9140 1-877-315-9961

58 responses to “Electrolux Ice Maker Class Action Settlement”

  1. Judy Smith says:

    I bought his refrigerator for the reason that it had 2 icemakers, I continusually had to call for repairs on the icemaker in the door, Lowe’s finally replaced it and now the second one does the same thing, I asked for a different refrigerator and lowe’s said that I had to take the same one and could not change to a different type, so now this one has quit working also, so now I want to be compensated for all the ice I’ve had to buy and paid for this refrigerator and the ins I bought on it

  2. CECILE TYSON says:

    We purchased a Frigidaire French Door refridgerator in July of 2011. The icemaker failed to work and a new refridgerator was brought in. Continued to have icemaker problems and had to have Nichols Appliance service come in and try to fix the icemaker. Charge was $177.63, and we still have icemaker that fails to work properly. Totally disqusted with this whole mess!!!

  3. Gloria Frazier says:

    We had purchased all of our frigidiare appliances in 2011. Within a week, we had to have the refrigerator replaced because the icemaker quit working. Since then my husband has to continually fight to open the ice box because it freezes shut and no ice will come out. We had to have all of our frigidiare appliances either replaced or repaired. This has been the worst purchase we have made in our 47 years of marriage. We will never ever buy frigidiare again. What a joke and a terrible product.

    • Dale Smith says:

      We paid a lot for this fridge only to have the ice maker never work properly. Customer service from Electrolux was the worst ever. Every time I asked to speak to a supervisor I was told I could not speak to anyone other than the rep on the phone. After 5 service calls in 1 year and much inconvenience I called Electrolux and got a supervisor that answered the phone. He looked at our records and wondered why we did not get a new fridge. He set it up to get us a new fridge and that one worked for a while but started having the same problems. Now it doesn’t work at all. This $100 coupon towards another Electrolux product is a joke! I am going to take them to small claims court and try to get my money back or a fridge with a different ice maker. I hope they fired the engineer that designed this piece of crap! My GE refrigerator with ice maker lasted me 26 years without a problem.

  4. Arturo galano sr. says:

    I bought frigidaire model lfhb2741pf8a in dec 2015. I have repairs 4 times on ice maker problem. Now is bad again. I wish. That frigidaire will replace such unit or if there is a law suit going on i like to be part of complain.

    ADMIN – Hi Arturo,

    If your model is part of this settlement you may file a claim.

    • Doug Korzendorfer says:

      I have a frididare French door fridge that was bought early 2016 and have had 4 repairs to said ice maker and it’s down again. Called Frigidaire and they will cover 50% of parts. I’m pissed about this junk product.

  5. Robert says:

    Frigidaire/Elxtrolux sill has not corrected the problems with its icemaker – i purchased model FGHB2866PF Dec 19 2016 item made in 2016 and guess what – still a defective ice maker – warranty service three times since – still defective. You would think they learned their lesson from the lawsuit as well as paying out lawyer fees.

    • Melissa Mathis says:

      I have the same one! Can we file under the lawsuit?

      ADMIN – Hi Melissa,

      Yes if you have this equipment and you are within deadline you may file.

      • Glynn Mitchell says:

        Where can we get a claim form? It seems the websites have been taken dowm


        ADMIN – Hi Glynn,

        You can’t the deadline has passed and this is no longer available.

      • Karen says:

        I filed for the class action settlement a while ago. Have heard nothing back! What do I do now.

        ADMIN – Hi Karen,

        Reach out to the class action administrator. Their info is posted above.

    • Leon Hal says:

      I bought an FGHB2866PFGA on 02/13/2016 which so far has had to have a new compressor due to the “death rattle” and has had to have the gaskets around the ice maker replaced due to a bad enough leak to cause condensation and ice build up to the point that the fan would be chopping ice and water would drip out of the icemaker and onto the floor. When the tech pulled out the ice maker housing, there was about a half inch gap on once side of the seal that had filled in with ice. This second repair was done just days ago and I’ve already had to have them come back to look at the fan for the same noise. Had I known about the class action lawsuit I would have looked at a different brand altogether.

      ADMIN – Hi Leon,

      Always do your research before buying a high dollar item.

      • Leon Hall says:

        @ADMIN, Unfortunately research did not reveal any issues with the particular unit (look harder next time?). In fact, looking at the details of the settlement, this unit may not have been part of the lawsuit, as the model number is not listed nor does the unit produce “cylindrical ice cubes” but rather produces trapezoid shaped cubes.

        In reality though, it seems there are very few manufacturers if any that don’t have issues, like Samsung with their exploding washers and problemed refrigerators to Whirlpool and their shrinking and cracking plastic on just about everything they make or at least all of the appliances I had with reports of newer appliances with the same issues. LG isn’t without its own issues. And GE appliances sold out to the Chinese Haier Group and it’s unknown how that will change the quality.

        ADMIN – Hi Leon,

        Have you considered starting your own class action? You may want to talk to an attorney that specializes in class action settlements.

        • Moroni says:

          Leon, I also have this same model. with the same issue. From the looks of it this model is not part of the class action lawsuit prior to our fridges. I have had numerous issues with our fridge and electrolux is not backing it up.Have you done any more research into this issues and if our Fridge was part of the suit?

  6. Greg Joens says:

    Purchased a Frigidaire french door fridge 09/14.– 13 months after I purchased ( 1 month out of warranty )- the ice maker stopped working. I made numerous calls to Frigidaire and they suggested east Valley appliance. I’ve had Easy Valley out a total of 8 times and the last time they installed extra insulation and parts sent by Frigidaire. These were not replacement parts, but added parts due to a design flaw. This remedy worked for a little over a year, but now my ice maker ha frozen up once again. There is no doubt in my mind this is a defective product.

    • Herb says:

      Bought my around the same time, and problems started about a year later. Luckily, I purchased the 5 yr warranty. They have sent out 2 different repairmen, total of 7 visits so far. Only made ice for one day after the repairmen was here, Oct. 19, 2018. Called them today, they said they would send out another repairman. I replied the next time I need to call for the same repair the call will be made from an attorney. I am also filing a complaint to Consumer Protection Agency.

  7. Deborah Rawlings says:

    I had a previous model with the same issues to the point that Electrolux replaced the whole refrigerator. They replaced with the Electrolux Model: EL28BS65KS9 and have service calls and continuous problems. Right now the ice maker is dripping water into the inside cabinet of the refrigerator. I am so frustrated with this thing. If you go out of town for a month it totally freezes up. Hair dryer to defrost and several days later it begins producing ice again. I’ve never had an ice maker that didn’t have a mechanism that told the ice maker that it was at capacity ice storage and quit making ice.

  8. Hilda keller says:

    I’m not sure what the process is but I was never informed about this settlement. I have one of these defaulted refrigerator that have been “repaired” by a local repair company because Electrolux doesn’t have one in our area. What do I do to get my refrigerator replaced?

    ADMIN – Hi Hilda,

    You no longer have legal recourse as the deadline for this settlement has passed.

  9. Marie VanerBrink says:

    What about all the people who have been taken by Frigidaire? I have a 14 month old refrigerator with no ice maker. Can another class action law suit be brought against Frigidaire. It seems to me that there are a lot of people that are having the same problem.

    ADMIN – Hi Marie,

    If you believe there are grounds for additional class actions I encourage you to find a local class action attorney and explain your case.

    • Rhonda Coumas says:

      I agree Marie. I am furious with this company. My Electrolux after less than 6 years is shot. Problems with ice maker all year and now insulation is gone. Much condensation and runoff in the back. The entire back panel of the refrigerator is rusted and not repairable. There has got to be something we can do that they continue to sell a defective appliance. Now we have to buy another frige most likely this weekend after spending 4000.00 almost on this less than six years ago. I have had refrigerators in the past to last more than 25 years!!!! Let’s make some noise!!!!!

      • Lara Nyman says:

        This is exactly what happened to mine! Rusted right through the back of the fridge, they said the extended warranty did not cover it because they don’t cover rust because it’s “cosmetic “ ….I then asked if they covered holes because the rust ate through the fridge. They said it was not covered!Unbelieveable……

  10. Gloria Schneider says:

    I have the same Frigidaire and called about the ice maker while still under warranty. Service will only say to turn the entire refrigerator off for 24 hours and try it again. It has the same problem all over again. Bought it from Lowe’s in March 2016. Why are they still selling them?
    I say we mount a facebook campaign against all three (Electrolux, Frigidaire and Lowe’s) until those of us who missed the class action deadline get some restitution. Mine just went bad last month.

  11. reinhard volz says:

    1/17/2012 i purchased a ei27bs26js3 refrigerator the ice maker is the big problem,after it has been replaced 2 times during the warranty , we gave up on it.
    now the ice maker makes a clicking noise which drive me crazy,how can i turn that off.

    i tried to call electrolux , they’re in a training session and i can’t get any help, anybody knows what to do ??????

    ADMIN – Hi Reihard,

    Try calling when they are done with their training session.

  12. richard carlson says:

    i have a electrolux with a 5303918409 ice maker that has stopped working i called electrolux about this they said they stopped making this ice maker and there is no replacement one for this . dose any one know what i can do

    ADMIN – Hi Richard,

    Perhaps it is time for a new fridge.

  13. Robert vetter says:

    I had the defective ice maker problem, and recieved a 100.00 rebate coupon on a purchsae on a unit that that has a value of 499.00 only to find out now my rebate has been declined. How can they do this? This is fraud and I have been ripped off twice.

    ADMIN – Hi Robert,

    If you are having issues using your rebate contact the admin or class counsel.

  14. Pam Mac says:

    I have been having problems with the top ice maker about 1 year after I purchased it in 2012 from lowes, I also purchased their extended 4 year warranty. Does anyone know, the frigidaires warranty period? Is it one year? Wondering if my extended warranty kicks in after….the manufacturers warranty. My top ice maker wouldn’t shut off, thus overfilling and it was hard to open the ice bin. I had to turn it off and just use the bottom ice cube maker. Then water was coming out of the top and freezing in my fridge. Leaving me a chunk of ice. Causing my drawer not to fit in properly. The whole top maker had to be removed. The area where the top ice maker is suppose to be is full of frost. Appliance repair is scheduled for tomorrow. Wondering if I should reschedule ? In case it’s under warranty?

    ADMIN – Hi Pam,

    Your extended guarantee documents include an expiration date.

  15. Walker says:

    I purchased a Electrolux Refrigerator from Lowes in 2011 and had several repairs on the Ice Maker. During the Summer months we had to purchase bags of ice to keep our drink cold. Finally, the repairman asked if they would replace it with another frig. However, Lowes stated we had to get the /same brand. Now, we still are having problems with the ice maker and seals at the freezer level. I noted that the repair company will come out many times to do repairs so they can bill Electrolux before recommending REPLACEMENT!!!

  16. Gretchen Waters says:

    I purchased a French door, double ice maker Fridgedaire Refrigerator from Lowes in 2010, I finally got a replacement in 2012 after many complaints.
    That refrigerator is in garage. The top ice maker stopped working in less than a year. I then noticed the back of refrigerator, behind top ice maker, was rusting through. It frightened me that it may catch fire. I hope it is safe to use as long as both ice makers are off.
    An “NO, I did not purchase a Fridgedaire or an Electrolux for a replacement!”

  17. Estelle Green says:

    I just discovered that there was a class action suit against Electrolux. I too purchased a french door; the ice maker stopped working; I had a home warranty insurance policy and called and they had 4 different repair agents to come out; finally I was told that the year 2010 was a bad year that this model was first made and it was defective and that Electrolux was aware of it and that the ice maker could not be fixed. Then, the insurance company did not want to pay either and later they did not renew my policy. There should be something that can be done for all of the people that did not have an opportunity to be included in the settlement. I had to get an ice maker machine that sets on the counter next to the refrigerator.

    ADMIN – Hi Estelle,

    Sadly there is not a thing that can be done.

  18. John says:

    In case anyone is wondering if this is an old problem. We bought the Frigidaire Galley 9/2016 with a manufacturing date sticker of 9/2016. We have been fighting the same issue for over 6 months now with at least 5 services and even more stood up. We have had no help from Frigidaire or the store we purchased it from. I live in Ohio and will start looking into consumer protection laws.

  19. Loretta Fugate says:

    I was never informed of the suit
    Found out tonight at a party my neighbor was having. When I noticed we have the same frig
    He was part of suit. Mine has been worked on 4 times maybe more. Why wasn’t everyone informed who had bought this piece of junk, I paid 2400.00 for my unit.

    ADMIN – Hi Loretta,

    to avoid this problem in the future consider signing up for our newsletter.

  20. Brian Williams says:

    I bought a Frigidaire refrigerator model# LFHB2741PF4 in 2014 from Lowe”s and I’ve had nothing but problems with the ice maker. Shortly after I bought it, Frigidaire sent me a huge piece of insulation that covered the entire back of the refrigerator. This was suppose to prevent the ice maker from freezing over. Had a service techician at my home on 5 different occasions to repair ice maker. Continue to have problems and the service technician informed me this week that the insulation didn’t fix the problem and they have now identified that new part, a gasket set, which will cost an additional $306, might fix the problem. The technician stated that this might fix the problem, but is very risky. Damaged is possible during the repair that could damage the entire refrigerator and make is unusable.
    I would be more than willing to open a class action lawsuit with others that have experienced the same problem.

    • Rhonda Coumas says:

      There definitely should be another class action suit but if they are only going to pay $100 as they did the last one, it’s not even worth the effort. I want them put out of business. Our frige is less than 6 years (Electrolux) and now I know this icemaker issue has been going on a while and they knew it. I’m furious. Ours is not repairable. The entire back of frige is rusted completely out! After 4000.00 almost purchase we have to buy another frige this weekend.

      ADMIN – Hi Rhonda,

      That is a lot of money for a fridge!!

  21. Artie says:

    We bought this piece of crap from Bakers Appliances in LETHBRIDGE ALBERTA CANADA along with another 12000 dollars worth of stoves dishwashers etc in Mar of 2016, after 5 filters and 3 months of making ice and another 15 months of not making ice and repairmen and fighting with Electrolux and Bakers we have given up. This fridge and the store we bought it from are detestable, if I ran my business like these people do I would never lasted 40 years with a 2 year waiting list. It is sad that customer service has become a kick in the ass once the Visa rings through. Go to hell Electrolux.

  22. Anna Tohati says:

    I never got responded or any coupon my icemaker not working for a year or two

  23. Alison says:

    Found out about the recall/class action suit, two weeks ago. 🙁

    Torn about what to do, I have a repair company that will install the gasket kit. This will be the second freezer related problem. We purchased ours in May 2014.

    ADMIN – Hi Alison,

    You don’t have legal recourse under this settlement as the deadline has passed.

  24. Dolores Madere says:

    This Electrolux refrigerator is a lemon! Nothing but problems!not only has to the ice maker been replaced twice, but I found it that rust is falling in the ice! Also, everywhere that a hole was drilled in the baskets in the freezer, there was rust forming! I tried to contact the class action lawyers and got no reply!!

    ADMIN – Hi Dolores,

    That is because the deadline was in 2016

  25. Ursula pence says:

    I guess I’m not alone. I purchased my Electrolux stainless steel French door refrigerator in 2011. Piece of crap. I should of had lemon law. It would not have mattered. The new one would have done the same thing. I’m not going to recommend Frigidaire to any body that I like. Lol. I had ice for short periods of time. Purchased two extended warranties. Then was told that I’m not eligible to purchase a warranty because they settled the law suit in 2016. Whoopty doo. 100$ if you purchased a new refrigerator. What a joke. Do they think people are stupid enough to buy another. Obviously they should not be in the fridge business. I am descusted with Ellectrolux.

  26. Theresa says:

    I also have an Electrolux Refrigerator that was purchased in 2010. Came down one morning to find 2 big CEs on the display panel. Tried to reset with no success. Decided to unplug to reset. It was then that I saw the gaping rust hole through the back of the freezer panel. Fast ice feature leak like everyone else! Out of luck since the Class Action suit has ended. Had to purchase a new refrigerator and you can bet it wasn’t An Electrolux!

  27. Michelle Myers says:

    We have had the same problems with our Frigidaire Ice maker and refrigerator is not cold at all. It would not go below 49 and now has a EF where the temp should be (not sure what that means) The freezer won’t go below 54 at this time with many resets and service calls. This was bought in 12/2015 and promptly happened 1 month after warranty expired. The dishwasher bought with the set has also died. I can’t tell you how much money has been lost in food and service calls. It makes me sick especially because we have 3 kids and saved up to buy this set and now can’t afford another set. I went online several times and never saw the class action suit information. If anyone pursues anything regarding this, is there a way to find out because i don’t even know where to begin but this definitely seems criminal!

    ADMIN – Hi Michelle,

    So this won’t happen to you again with other products I would like to suggest two things:
    1. Always check reviews before buying.
    2. Follow our website, join us on Facebook and sign up for our newsletter that way you will never miss a settlement again.

  28. Bernie says:

    I filed my claim within the stated time period but have not received any payment. What is the current status of issuing payments for the claims? What is the contact information to get payment?

    ADMIN – Hi Bernie,

    The class action administrator has closed shop and finalized distribution for this settlement. You could always try class counsel but I doubt there is much they can do.

  29. Robert B Till says:

    Re: Electrolux French Door Refrigerator, Model #EW23BC85KS7
    We are currently undergoing a kitchen renovation. When our refrigerator, purchased April 5, 2014 from Home Depot, was moved from its niche, we found that the back panel was rusting through where the ice maker abuts the back of the refrigerator. Condensate is beading and rolling down panel, oxidation continues, and rust flakes off when fingertips are swiped across it. Although the damage was discovered the week of February 4, 2018 as the renovation began, given its extent, the corrosion has obviously been going on for some time.
    Today, an appliance service technician, referred to us by Electrolux assessed the damage and stated that it was caused by inadequate insulation, leading to condensate forming and the subsequent corrosion. Service Tech contacted Electrolux and reported that Electrolux would send “insulation” to be applied to the back of the refrigerator… The integrity of the refrigerator is compromised and they want to put a band-aid on it.

    I spoke with a Warranty Dep’t. supervisor, Jennifer, who officiously advised that rust isn’t covered. Rust isn’t the root cause of the problem. The problem is poor design/engineering and rust is its consequence. Another recent complainant reported a similar problem and, after removing the rear panel, found MOLD!

    ADMIN – Hi Robert,

    I encourage you to contact a class action attorney in your area to share your story.

  30. Ruben M. Saenz says:

    I had lost the card with all the info on the law suite and was unable to. know what was going on. I recently found the card and need to know if I still qualify.

    ADMIN – Hi Ruben,

    You don’t

  31. Karen says:

    I have dealt with the same ice maker issues mentioned. After so many repairs they gave me a second fridge but it was the same model with the same issues. Eventually they offered $2000 off of a new Electrolux but they still had the same ice maker so what was the point?
    All I want is a new ice maker! My repair guy said they have finally fixed them and now they work.
    This corporation treats customers like they are a nuisance. All we want is to get what we paid for!

    ADMIN – Hi Karen,

    You did better than many. This is the first time I hear about a full replacement.

  32. EILEEN M NEWELL says:

    Bought the Frigidaire model FGHB2886BFGA and almost immediately had problems with the ice maker. Four service calls later they replaced the entire ice maker. Same problem. Defective design. It is not working at all. The design is supposed to push the ice forward with a coil to dispense. However, the ice freezes in the back, around the coil that pushes the ice forward to the door. DEFECTIVE DESIGN!!! Please contact me if anyone wants to start another class action suit. We would not settle for a $100.00 coupon that’s for sure!

    • Leon Hall says:

      same issue. There appears to be no recourse once the settlement comes to a conclusion despite the manufacturer continuing to produce and distribute defective units and those units continuing to be sold at a premium with no disclosure of defects.

    • Moroni says:

      Eileen, I am having the same issues, Frigidare told me that our fridge was part of this lawsuit and they can’t do anything for me from this point. Besides well out of luck. I don’t see our model number FGHB2866PF as part of it. Have you looked any further into it at all?

  33. Sandy says:

    I am DISGUSTED with Electrolux/Frigidaire!! Believe it or not, two days ago Electrolux replaced my French door Refrigerator…this is the 4th…FOURTH…replacement in 7 YEARS!!!! Guess what…the NEW??? refrigerator isn’t cooling AT ALL and I lost a freezer full of food and perishables in the refrigerator! TWO DAYS OLD!!!??? A repairman is coming today…Electrolux does not cover lost food…all I can say is..Here we go again and I’m so done. Isn’t there someone out there who can legally stop the madness???

    ADMIN – Hi Sandy,

    You as a consumer by selecting other brands.

  34. Laura says:

    We also have had nothing but problems with our 2 door Frigidaire Gallery Series fridge – ice maker stopped working in the first 6 months, reported and fixed, stopped working again 2 months later, reported and fixed, stopped working again 5 months later, of course now we are outside of the 1 year manufacturer’s warranty, despite the fact that it is the same issue we have been dealing with since receiving the stupid fridge. Best they can offer they say is a 70% discount off a new Electrolux fridge….. why would anyone want another one of their crappy fridges? It is clear to me from my internet searches that Electrolux knows their ice makers don’t work and continue selling these fridges to unsuspecting customers. I intend to file a small claims suit against the company, I live in BC – would love to hear from any other Frigidaire customers out there having similar issues. Frustrated!

    ADMIN – Hi Laura,

    Glad you had an opportunity to vent. It sure sounds frustrating.

  35. Esther Pearson says:

    We too have had problems off and on with our ice maker. It seems to have a mind of it’s own sometimes off for weeks or sometimes over a month. Also concerned with the panel numbers for the freezer disappearing. only a straight line is left. No idea what the number is!

    ADMIN – Hi Esther,

    At this point there is not much that you can do about it.

  36. Nannette Culp says:

    I too have this piece of garbage now what is my recourse. My ice maker does not work at all. This is Bad Business. If there is another lawsuit I need to be included. Why would they allow the manufacturer to continue producing faulty parts?

    ADMIN – Hi Nannette,

    I don’t think there is a single manufacturer that makes bad parts intentionally.

  37. Jim Kirk says:

    Electolux refrig fixed 4 times replaced then fixed twice. Still does not work correctly. Ices up frequently, ice maker recently replaced. Plastic top in freezer door is cracked and falling off.
    Also have a Electrolux range control board replaced $600
    Microwave shorted out and replaced
    Dishwasher, Plastic impeller broke and was replaced.
    Paid $8500 for the cra,,

    ADMIN – Hi Jim,

    Super frustrating!

  38. Christina Freeman says:

    If there is another suit I want to be informed this time! I purchased said unit in 2014 and had repairs within the first 6 months. I call Frigidaire every so often to see if there’s been a recall and they never told me about the lawsuit. All they do is offer me 50% off of replacement parts. My despair man said no matter how many times we replace it, it will continue to freeze up and crack. He says the drain is too close to the compressor (I think that’s right) and causes the drained water to build up and eventually burst everything. Every month or so, even with the ice maker OFF it drops a huge chunk of 4 cubes stuck together. You can see the layers of freezing in the chunk. My concern is this is going to cause an issue with my drinking water, as it is still freezing. On my routine call yesterday to Frigidaire someone finally told me about the settlement. She suggested maybe I hadn’t registered the appliances when they were purchased. I asked her to look up my records and right there it showed I had service 6 mo. after purchase and so there was no question it was registered. As so many others have said on here I think they purposely did not contact everyone. I will look into another lawsuit for the rest of us.

    ADMIN – Hi Christina,

    As always I encourage you to locate a class action attorney in your area.

  39. jim wylie says:

    Nothing but problems with this icemaker

  40. Carollyne Beenham says:

    I am in Canada and found this website. I know you are not able to act for us but we purchased a brand new, Black SS Counterdepth 36” wide fridge, (for a brand new renovated kitchen) which was delivered late July 2018 and installed September 2018. We have yet to have ice. The repair company has been out twice, and Frigidaire will now supply three new parts, because they know what the problem is??? It hopefully will get fixed in 2019. Would not recommend this product.

    ADMIN – Hi Caroll,

    You might consider a local class action attorney

  41. Fred says:

    Sounds to me that these company’s are dumping there crappy stuff up here in Canada where there are no lawsuits and lemon laws to contend with!

    ADMIN – Hi Fred,

    I don’t think that is the case. You have your own class action settlement system in place

  42. Edward says:

    Boycott Frigidaire and all Electrolux products

  43. MARTIN KAPLAN says:

    Have French door-bottom freezer model FGHB2866PF. Back of unit rusting with hole having ice protruding. Service rep indicates evaporator coil alternating cooling and warm air causes melting. Found out problem when saw water puddle on floor. Insulation not adequate and problem not fixable. As many stated, why take $100 (in my case $190 – 10% my cost) and get new unit with same problem.