Note that this deadline is for future fires only. The deadline for all other categories has passed
Class Eligibility: You are a class member if you purchased or currently own certain models of free-standing clothes dryers manufactured by Electrolux in the United States between 1/1/2002 to 12/31/2011 Dryers covered by this Settlement have serial numbers that begin with the letters “XD” followed by the number 0,1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. The number located in the third character position stands for the year. For example, a dryer with a serial number beginning with XD6, indicates that it is a free-standing dryer that was manufactured in 2006. This dryer would be included in the Settlement, making you a Class Member.  Specific brands include:
  • Frigidaire
  • White Westinghouse
  • Kelvinator
  • Gibson
  • Tappan
  • Crosley
  • Kenmore
Estimated Amount: Subclass 1: Electrolux will provide a maximum of $350 off the purchase of a new Frigidaire or Electrolux brand clothes dryer or select Frigidaire or Electrolux home appliance. Class Members may receive one rebate for each Dryer owned. A 10% cash rebate will be provided for a new Frigidaire brand appliance and a 20% cash rebate will be provided for a new Electrolux brand appliance. Rebates may be used in addition to any other promotional offer or discount. For example, if a retailer is offering an eligible Frigidaire or Electrolux model at a discounted sale price, you can get the discounted sales price and the cash rebate from Electrolux. Subclass II:Electrolux will reimburse Past Dryer Fire Subclass Members and Future Dryer Fire Subclass Members (up to$1,300) for a Dryer fire that they experienced or may experience in the future. Reimbursements will be made for certain expenses if: (1) the fire occurred within the first 10 years of purchase; (2) you paid to repair or replace your Dryer or other property damaged by the fire or you paid an insurance deductible to cover the losses; and (3) you have not been fully reimbursed by Electrolux, your insurance carrier, or a third party. Reimbursements for documented, unreimbursed expenses will equal the amount you paid for your Dryer or $1,300, whichever is less. If you cannot provide any documentation showing your out- of-pocket expenses, but are able to show that you purchased a Dryer and that Dryer had a fire, Electrolux will reimburse you for the amount of unreimbursed expenses claimed or up to $300, whichever is less.
Proof of Purchase: Serial number of device (or other identifying information).
Claim Form: Electrolux Dryers Claim Form
Case Name: Shawn Roberts, et al. v. Electrolux Home Products Inc., Case No. 8:12-cv-01644-CAS-VBK U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, Western Division
Case Summary: The lawsuits alleges that Electrolux breached warranties by being negligent. Furthermore, they violated consumer protection laws and unlawfully profited from the sale of dryers known to cause fires due to lint buildup. Electrolux denies the allegations but has agreed to settle to avoid the costs and uncertainties of extended litigation.
Settlement Pool: N/A
Settlement Website: Electrolux Dryers Class Action Settlement Website
Claim Form Deadline: 12/21/2022 (FAQ #19: “If you have a Dryer fire in the future, you must complete and submit a Claim Form within 180 days after your Dryer caught fire and before December 31, 2022, either online or via U.S. Mail. Claim Forms are available for download and submission by clicking here,” by calling the number below or writing by email or to the address below.)
Claims Administrator: Electrolux Dryer Settlement Administrator P.O. Box 43268 Providence, RI 02940-3268

153 responses to “Electrolux Dryers Class Action Settlement”

  1. Carolyn Richardson says:

    I purchased a Frigidare Dryer 2008-2009

  2. Carol Parrish says:

    Please mail me a claim form
    Carol Parrish
    35 Park Dr.
    Woodstock, NY 12498

    Please contact the administrator for this settlement at:

  3. brenda lashbrook says:

    I purchased on of these dryers and it has never dryed clothes right; meaning it always takes two 55minute cycles to dryer couple of towels. I have noticed lint build-up and done everything possible to keep clean including sticking something down in front filter to try to get lint out and pulling dryer out and cleaning lint in back of dryer. None of these things ever seemed to help. It was not easy to get dryer out and get back there as I’m not in that line of work and I’m a single lady. According to what I read unless I’ve had a fire, all I’m entitled to is $350 off a new dryer. That sucks; you should have to get me a new dryer. I haven’t had a fire because I’ve done extreme measures to clean lint. I would just take a new free standing dryer of your choice. My serial # XD74104074. I paid more than $350 for that dryer.

    Hi Brenda,
    Please follow the instructions to file your claim or contact the claim administrator at

  4. Steve says:

    I purchased a Dryer within the time-frame — I never had issues with a fire per say, but would have problems drying heavy items, it would take hours, and at times would overheat. do I still qualify?

  5. Frigid sure says:

    Site and email do not respond to inquiries

  6. Winifred Holcombe says:

    My dryer caught fire and burned up on 07/01/14
    The serial number is xd71206957 (model #FER641F50)
    I need to file a claim with the class action suit.

    File your claim by clicking on the link above that points to the claim form. Or go directly to this website:

    • IowaMom says:

      S. number needs to start with XD or not one of the recalled ones.

      • francis m spiotta says:

        Is there anyone out there that can give anyone information on this settlement. Call any number and you speak to a computer! Sent my claim in on July 2nd , have never had any reply. I think we all need help!

        • Brian says:

          Yeah me too…We need a fridge bad and were waiting to hear about this rebate….What is going on???

        • james morgan says:

          I have lost the letter that was mailed to me about about me not signing my claim form, could you please send me another.

          ADMIN- Hi James,
          We can’t send you a letter. We are simply an informational website. You have to contact the class action admin to secure a duplicate letter.

  7. Susan Jimenez says:

    I agree with a previous post. I purchased a dryer and have had it serviced twice. Both times the service agent noticed a high build up of lint. I replaced the vent both times because he was unable to explain the reason for the build up. At one point I had to replace the rubber seal that the dryer drum rotates on because the build up caused it to break down. Now you are going to give me $350.00 dollars for my trouble. The dryer cost me more than that and the $350.00 won’t even cover the repairs so far. Help me to understand isn’t the purpose of a class action settlement to make the consumer whole. How is this making me whole? I paid for the dryer, I paid for the repairs, I have had this fire hazard in my new home with my family with no warning and you think $350.00 should cover me?

  8. Heather says:

    My xd52912402 kenmore dryer started on fire on 6/27/2014, scariest thing ever. Thank god I was home. Sears won’t do a thing for us. What should I do???

  9. I purchased a dryer on March 6th of 2010. I had a hard time of drying my clothes and often had to dry the clothes twice. In Jan of 2012, I was having problems with closing the dryer door. It would keep popping open and I had to place a heavy bucket (fulled with water) in front of the door to keep the dryer closed. Around June of 2012, I was not able to keep the dryer going after I purchased a lock for the dryer door. I had to pay someone to replace the item. Later in 2012, I would place clothes to dry and it would run for about 15 seconds and then stop. The message E-68 would appear on the led readout. I was not about to call another repairman so I just quit using the dryer. Being a single man with an adult son living with me, I just hung the wet clothes to dry in the wind.

  10. Patti Gonzalez says:

    I have the Electrolux Dryer that is being recalled. Mine has overheated on the top & outside since we purchased it probably never caught fire because we clean lint filter after ever load,
    . We think it is a disgrace that you only want to give customers $350.00. We bought the dryer & washer on credit because we could not afford to pay cash & paid them off on credit card payments. Now you want to only give us a small percentage of our hard earned money. We think a new dryer would be appropriate since this can burn down homes!! Then homeowners insurance companies would become involved. If you want to keep your customers happy & buying your products again I think new dryers would be the best way to go. Because I will not ever buy any brands you make if I am not truly a happy & satisfied consumer!! Sincerely, Patti Gonzalez

  11. Ann says:

    I owned a Frigidaire and had it serviced so many times because of heating elements going twice because of the long time it took to dry the clothes .to switches not allowing it to turn on because it over heated it melted .the dryer itself would get so hot to touch that i’d warn the kids don’t touch the dryer .that i just gave up and just purchased a new one last month .the scrap man just came 2 weeks ago or so to pick up the dryer .and i now get nothing that stinks.

  12. Maureen Tyillian says:

    I have a question concerning an extended warranty which we had to use prior to the recall. We had a certified technician look at our dryer before all of this came out and our dryer was filled with lint. Then we also had our outside vent cleaned professonly and nothing was found. The problem was the dryer. Is there any recourse to recover our costs since we did invest in an extended warranty?

    The class action for Electrolux has a subclass that covers for repairs. Contact the administrator to discuss your specific situation.

  13. Laughable says:

    How is $350 off another product anything resembling a penalty? It’s like getting a discount price on a second kick in the balls.

  14. Tony Sisk says:

    We have had nothing but trouble with our Frigedaire. Basically been a piece of junk.
    What you people don’t realize, this is not a guaranteed $350. The lawsuit says “UP TO” $350. Heck, it might be a $50 settlement…oh and by the way, you got to purchase a Electrolux or Frigedaire.

    Meanwhile, our dryer has now completely stopped. Forget it having heating issues. It has burnt out.
    No one will answer our call when we call for an update. We can’t wait any longer.
    Ask me if we will ever purchase or recommend another Electrolux or Frigidaire product.

  15. Sharon Clark says:

    I would like to know when I will receive my rebate check for $1300.00. This was a matched set. The best Electrolux Frigidaire Affinity on pedestals. They cost me over $2200.00. I’m without a Dryer for over a year. I’d like to have one before snow fly’s.
    Thank You
    Sharon Clark

    Hi Sharon please note that:
    Final approval hearing is Scheduled for August 18, 2014 at 10:00 a.m. PDT

    • andrea berry says:

      Did anyone get a rebate? If so what, how do I get one?

      • Janette Cejka says:

        I still haven’t received my rebate! Not sure why.
        Olive Madden/Janette Cejka

        ADMIN – Hi Jannette,

        Have you contacted the admin to ask about the status of your claim?

  16. Lucy Petermeier says:

    I think this a ridiculous class action settlement. The only people who are ahead in this settlement are the attorneys. I assume the attorneys are being paid in cash and not with a rebate to buy another inferior product.

  17. Bonnie Canelakes says:

    Still, better something than nothing from Electrolux.
    When I filled out the claim form, I had not yet had an issue with mine. But 3 weeks ago the element got so hot it almost caught fire; then took Sears 3 weeks to fix it. Glad my warranty is still in effect!

  18. sts_66 says:

    I filed out a claim form for the class action lawsuit to have my dryer serviced and cleaned several months ago – I have not received any form of communication since then. On Saturday I discovered a Bounce dryer sheet clogging the door of the exhaust line outside of my house, and a ton of lint also. I am seriously concerned that there is more debris in the dryer and exhaust line! I am disabled and cannot move the dryer and clean the line myself, but now I’m afraid of the fire hazard the dryer is causing – I need this free service done ASAP. How can I schedule an appt. for a service tech to come to my house, as the settlement allows for?

    Contact the class action administrator to get more details on how to schedule a repair

  19. Luis Tanaka says:

    I purchased a gas cloth dryer model GLG02152EEO, Serial # XD71712813, using manufacturing code BG or GB, claim does not recognize and can not continue to file my claim. I puchased somewhere 2008-2009

    Contact the electrolux class action administrator using the information provided above.

  20. sylvia gatza says:

    I have a Frigidaire dryer Have had repair man last year fix it because it was not drying the clothes, it was flashing E-68, it cost me $149.00 to fix, now it has started flashing E-68 again but is still working, I hit the cancel button twice and the error code goes off….is this a warning that it my catch on fire?

  21. Robert Berkman says:

    Is there a site to see the status of the rebate checks going out for those who filed a claim? My wife and I are moving next month and would like to be able to use the check to offset a new W/D we need to purchase.


    • carl leclair says:

      i bought a qualifying appliance and want t know how to apply for settlement rebate after registering a claim?

      Please contact the administrator for the Electrolux class action settlement. They can provide you with additional details regarding a claim.

  22. Barbara w hill says:

    I got my claim dryer was the cause my house caught on fire.and don’t have my serial or model number.but.i had a kenmore dryer @ kenmore stove, but I have fire report.and what I lost in my home.can I send those documents in.thanks barbara.

    ADMIN: Barbara, please contact the claims administrator with the specifics of your situation, just scroll up to locate their contact information.

    • Stephanie says:

      My mother in law told me about this website after a repair man came to her house to remove lint from her dryer. She filed a claim and notified me because we have the same dryer/washer sets. I am wondering because she is getting older and there has been family talks about her moving in with my husband and i and if this happens,

      Can she and I combine our $350.00 coupons to get one new appliance?

      We both spent alot of money on these dryers and it is a shame to only get a coupon for 350$. Now in order to get a replacement we have to put more money in the pocket of the company who wronged us in the first place? this doesn’t seem right to me.

  23. Carole Smiley says:

    I purchased a Frigidaire Affinity Washer and gas Dryer on 2/05/08 at Howard”s Appliance Center in La Habra, CA. I have had several problems with my dryer having wet clothes after 1 hour of drying time, to being told I need to have my air ducts blown out by a chimeny sweep. I did do this at a cost of $99.95. several years back. I have no receipts. It helped somewhat but I learned to just made my laundry loads smaller. When it over heats it sets wrinkles in my polyester slacks so bad that I have to take them to a dry cleaner to have pressed out. Please send me a claim form for a cleaning. My unit is old enough that I cant read the serial number as it has worn off. I have my sales contract with the model #AGQ6000ES. Thak you for your help in this matter

    • mike says:

      Hi Carole,I bought mine from Howards La Habra as well, it caught on fire, read my comment below

  24. Jen Jones says:

    I filed a claim almost two months ago and haven’t received any communication – when should I expect to get a response?

    ADMIN – Hi Jen,

    That is typical. The first communication you get is usually when you get your check which usually happens 3-6 months after the closing deadline. If you are concerned, call the Class Action Administrator on the number below.

  25. Ardith and James Nelson says:

    We have a Frigidaire dryer with the serial number XD63816757-wrote one letter to the company already with no reply to if we qualify for anything-have not had a fire in my dryer, but a concern to the future of a possibility-need some reply in regard to this concern

  26. Sybil Ohagwu says:

    I have an Electrolux Kenmore washer and dryer that I purchased after Katrina in that time frame. I knew nothing about problems with dryer, did receive a letter which I missplaced. The envelope has the claim #
    EXR-10448283701 900. The problem I have is that the washer has rusted all over the top of drum, and in
    outside the bleach compartment. A repair person came out when it was in warranty, wrote on my repair slip that the washer” needed to be replaced”. It was within the warranty period. I contacted Sears, and was told
    that it was my fault that it rusted. I am 65 years old, and have had washers and dryers all my life, but never
    have I had a machine to rust inside or outside.This was my first time buying any Sears products in my life.
    I have an autistic adult son living with me, and was busy trying to get my Mom who has alzheimers, and would get lost from wandering, into a nursing home for her safety. I let it go during that time period.
    Both these products are substandard. Now I discover that I could have an active fire as well. Too much. Please contact me. Thank you.

    Dear Sybil,
    Please contact the class action administrator for Electrolux directly

  27. mike says:

    I had a Frigidaire dryer from this time frame catch on fire, I threw the receipt away after my 5 year aftermarket warranty expired. All I have now are pictures from the fire and a report from the fire department. If you have one of these dryers, I would highly advise getting rid of it. I turned my dryer on and went to bed, I then smelled something funny and went into my smoke filled garage. The fire department said that I was very lucky that I did not fall asleep.

  28. Mary Hildebrand says:

    This dryer works like heck. It takes forever to dry clothes compared to my old one. You always have to have it on high heat, or you never get done drying. Then it shrinks clothes.

  29. Brenda hinton says:

    I purchased the fridgidaire washer dryer pair. The washer smells moldy all the time. I am constantly vaccuming the dryer. It never fully dries. The dryer also comes on without being touched.

  30. rebecca says says:

    even thou i clean the trap after each use, I still have a lint build up that goes beyound the screen door trap.
    I afraid it might catch on fire. I know what that is like because my daughter had a dryer that caught on fire.
    Turn the dryer on and when into the Kitchen while she was in the kitchen a fire broke out by the time the fire dept. got there the room was almost totally destroyed. everthing on the storage shelves were destroyed, everything got ruined, all christmas decorations and tree. many memories lost there.
    I don’t want to go thru that again. so I have to keep cleaning beyound the normal trap door. not easy to keep moving the dryer all the time.
    Not happy with the washer, Press button doesn’t seem to work well. the paint on this 1 year old washer is waring off on the top. I don’t scrub it, I only wipe it with a damp cloth or dry cloth, yet the paint is wearing down. can see the medal on the seems, I hope it doesn’t start to rust. i still have the receipts.

  31. francis m spiotta says:

    I purchased our dryer in June of 09. I mailed in forms on July 12, 2014. To date have had no reply. Would like to know what is happening with this case?
    Thank You
    Fran Spiotta

  32. Joshua says:

    My dryer just set on fire tonight. I tried to file a claim but it said I was to late.

  33. Laura says:

    Frigidaire sucks! I have lost so much money because it keeps tearing holes in my clothing. They have come out to fix several times and it’s still happening. NEVER WOULD I BUY ANOTHER FRIGIDAIRE PRODUCT AND I TELL EVERYONE ELSE THE SAME.

  34. tami says:

    What if I sold it—- now the people who have it in their home are in danger?

  35. tammyk says:

    got washer & dry er in 2003 first washer broke down then 3 years later dryer wouldn’t dry got both from Aarons paid cash brand new out of box(ge product) it states that this is also in class action ;thank God my husband don’t through any appliance papers away. had to have dryer repaired for lint ; after that my husband started cleaning lint trap and around motor and anywhere else there was lint; before he could clean it again it tried to catch fire I unplugged it and called fire department they recommend that I get a new one my husband agreed we got a different make all together. I sent all info I had on old unit that is sitting in my garage do I when will a hear from class action case about my claim

  36. tammyk says:

    previous post stated I had a ge dryer but that’s the new one ;the one sitting in garage is a white- westinghouse

  37. Kathryn Schipper says:

    Sent in paperwork in June 20-014 for my Frigidaire dryer. Used it still until last nite when I smelled something burning right after It was on for 5 minutes. I opened the door and the motor area was hot to the touch. I immediately turned it off and pulled the plug out of the wall. I was so thankful I was still in the basement. I will never use it again and have to buy a new dryer. Have not heard one word from anyone from Electrolux or to reach anyone on the 1888-541-4923. No PERSON to answer any questions. Very bad for a business to operate this way. My friends cannot believe it. .

  38. Donna says:

    I have the fridgedare Affinity Set. They have been great!
    The dryer does get the lint off but I clean it after every cycle. The key to no fires people!

    And the lint is not on the clothes.
    Thank You for your honesty with these units. I love Mine !

  39. Michael says:

    My fiancee already filled out an online claim form #60031252801 but for some reason she received a paper version to fill out in the mail the other day. Is it necessary to fill out the paper form if an online form has already been filled out?

    I tried calling the number but all that leads to is recorded prompts and not an actual person.

    ADMIN – Hi Michael,

    Unless otherwise instructed, you only need to do one version. They typically send out paper forms to anyone for whom they have contact forms, but they don’t care whether you do it on paper or online.

  40. deb p says:

    I sent in all my info but have not received any response that my info was received. How can I be sure. I have a claim number.
    thank you

  41. Raymond Siwiec says:

    I bought an Frigidaire Dryer around 2005 and another Frigidaire Dryer in 2006 for my 2 condos in Florida. One repair from overheating and replacing electronic unit in a stackable washer dryer cost me $650.00 and the other I had to replace with an LG dryer. Please help me in getting any compensation possible.
    Ray Siwiec

    received document from Electrolux Dryer Settlement Administrator

    EXR 029722

    claim # EXR-10559818501 29806

  42. Kelly Salasin says:

    Our dryer began burning last night. I’m not sure I understand how we can be reimbursed to replace it. Will we only receive 10% off a new dryer? I hope I have misunderstood this. It could have burned our house down. Everything in our laundry room, which is our bathroom, smells like burnt toast.

  43. Craig Peel says:

    Claim #60017110901
    How do I get the $350 toward purchase of a new dryer? Is it a coupon; a refund after the purchase; or what?

    Please contact the class action administrator directly with your question.

  44. JASON says:


    This class action is applicable if you have the serial number or proof of purchase that includes the serial number. If you no longer have the serial number you will be unable to file.

  45. Robert Hackman says:

    Claim#60006836901 I would like to have a professional cleaning before my dryer catches on fire. How do I do that? Also what is the status of the class action claim? When do I get my rebate check

    Dear Robert,
    Please complete a claim by following the orange link above. Keep in mind that today is the last day.

  46. Shelly Ware says:

    Our Frigidaire dryer which has one the serial numbers listed caught on fire December 10, 2014. How do I process a claim for the damages caused by the fire?

    Dear Shelly,
    Today is the last day to file. Follow the orange link above and complete your form.

  47. Kelly Salasin says:

    Today, at midnight?
    We are still trying to get all the receipts for the dryer we are in the process of replacing.

  48. Catherine says:

    I had a dryer fire in my 8-month-old Frigidaire dryer for which I had to call the fire department back in 2005. So this problem was around for a long time. I received the letter from Electrolux earlier this year and could not remember what kind of dryer it was but after the fire department gave me a copy of their report, it had the serial number that corresponded with the dryers listed. Had I not been in the basement, (dryer location) my house would have been severely damaged. As it was, the basement filled with smoke and as I could not see with the burning of my eyes, I called the fire department. (I had tried to put out the fire – very naïve thing to do) The dryer was a molten mass. I have sent in the report, but I have to question why something was not done years ago. I cannot have the only dryer that caught on fire. And this is almost 10 years ago.

    It was a very scary experience. I am thankful to fire departments.

  49. Arlene jackson says:

    Tried calling months ago. I bought a dryer years ago that is include with the settlement.what is the number where I can TALK to someone about this matter?

  50. Arlene jackson says:

    Want more information on dryer settlement

  51. kim says:

    December 22, 2014 11:56 am
    I bought a dryer years ago and i had a Kenmore and the heated elements keep going out of it and the clothes would not even get dry. So i had to scrap it but it had a xd. But i had to buy a new dryer to replace the old one and it was not cheap. I want to know about the dryer settlement

    • Phil says:

      If your house gets burned down because one of these dryers explodes, apparently you aren’t precluded from seeking a Tort claim against FRIGIDAIRE or ELECTROLUX. My neighbor’s house was destroyed by one of thes FRIGIDAIRE Dryers and her Homeowners Insurance Com[pany is suing the DRYER makers for Subrogation & my neighbor is suing on a Products Liability theory.

      • Jack Aiken says:

        My dryer caught fire 3mo. ago. I never saw a warning letter, I got $250,000 in home damage and shattered my foot from jumping 12ft. from the second story, now what?

        ADMIN – Hi Jack,

        Not sure what is the next step on your situation. This settlement has expired. We wish you prompt healing and are very sad about the fire.

  52. Mary Potts says:

    Recieved you letter. I have always had problems with this dryer. I am past the Dec. 15, 2014 date am I too late. I need to purchase a new dryer soon I must have mis read the letter I thought I had until January.Thank you Mary Potts

    Mrs. Potts,
    We are not the administrators for this class action settlement. Kindly contact the admin using the information provided above.

  53. FRANK says:


  54. Mary Davidson says:

    I purchased a Frigidaire dryer in October 2009 with the serial number XD094202011, the two problems that I have are the number of cycles it takes to dry a regular load of clothes and the way the lint falls back in the trap door when you’re removing the lint filter regardless to how much lint is on the filter. I clean my filter before each load hoping to help prevent any type of hazards.
    I recently moved and just ran across this notification again misreading the deadline date I would like to be considered for filing a claim since I have been a long standing customer of Frigidaire/Whirlpool products.

    We encourage you to contact the administrator directly or customer service for the manufacturer. Since the window for filing was so long there is almost no chance of receiving an extension.

  55. Gina says:

    I have a matching Fridgidaire Gallery set and they are junk. The washer had to be replaced while it was in warranty because it rusted out and the black rubber ring continuously gets gunky and gross. I have had repairmen out for it due to leakage issues on several occasions. As far as the dryer goes…..never dries the first time ever. Takes two to three times and I always clean the lint filter. I even stick my vacuum crevice tool down in there and vacuum out lint under the lint filter often and that should help, but doesn’t. I have had to have some sort of drum ring replaced on my dryer several times as well. It has ruined lots of my clothes and left brown stains that could not be removed that resembled rust. These expensive repair calls are uncalled for and so is having a fire hazard in your house. I filled out the form within the time frame and now we are all waiting for our checks or whatever we agreed to; most of us, the checks. Why are these not being mailed out in a timely manner? This is why I make my appliance purchases from people who care now. Please send me and all of these other people their checks so we can replace our defective appliances. This is ridiculous. Fires in homes! Absolutely absurd. That should be a legal case in and of itself. Each and every person who had a fire! OMG! I can’t imagine enduring that. How scary. People could have lost lives.

    Dear Dina,
    I encourage you to contact the class action administrator at Please contact the administrator for this settlement at:

  56. Helen Bowen says:

    I done everything I was instructed to do, I have already replaced the dryer, WHERE IS MY REBATE CODE???
    The appliance store is holding the balance open for $350. which I will have to pay by the end of January 2015. Please reply. Thank you

    Dear Helen,
    Have you contacted the class action administrator?

  57. Penny hanson says:

    When will we all be getting our 350 checks to purchase new dryers?? I’ve had to fix it twice because it wasn’t drying my cloths. Takes 2 hours to dry a load. I’m in need of a dryer NOW!!

    Hi Penny,
    We encourage you to contact the class action administrator.You can find their information above

    • Amanda says:

      You do not get $350.00 to purchase a new dyer

      I got mine today and it is either 10% or 20 % off your purchase price..and you have to send the receipt to them and wait for your you should not depend on the money from the rebate check right away

      unless your bought a new dyer for 1700 bucks you will not get 350.00..more like 50-100 bucks if you spend 500 or more on a dyer…..

      Sorry not what you wanted to hear!

  58. v sue kabasky says:

    I filled out the claim form and submitted it as req. on the website it said that I should have a response in Dec. or Jan. I haven,t heard back is there a reason? thank you

    We encourage you to contact the class action administrator using the information provided on this page. We are just an informational page.

  59. Michael says:

    Just received the joke of a rebate. These idiots are only awarding 10% on Frigidaire and 20% on Electrolux Dryers before tax. Meaning you have to spend an arm and a leg to get the $350 credit. They are expecting you to purchase a dryer first out of your pocket then submit the form for a dryer reimbursement UP TO $350. Meaning you would have to purchase a dryer that retails for $1750.00 pre tax to receive a reimbursement of $350. WHAT A DAMN JOKE!

    Don’t waste your time waiting for this supposed rebate coupon to come in the mail for you. Just go out and purchase a new dryer and flip these fucks the bird.

    • Amanda says:

      Received my rebate information today..sad…not even a return postage…guess all the money went to the lawyers!
      This rebate was a joke…does not replace the dryer…it’s more like a coupon!
      And we should have received the $ 350 to go towards purchasing a new dyer! Due to the fact that most people do not have the $800 or more to purchase a new dyer..since ours are a fire/death risk!

      What if this dyer causes a fire that leads to the death of a person..will they send another rebate to go towards replacing our children or pets ! sshhh

  60. John in Marion Indiana says:

    Filled out claim online and printed copy mo this ago also included repairs to laundry room where fore occurred. Not heard a word and they said checks were to be mailed in January. Still waiting and no Han at phone number, and mp response to email and on here admin just keeps telling everyont to co tact the suit administrator. How do we contact them when they dont respond. There is no new infor being posted anywhere I can find either.

    Hi John,
    This is the contact information for the admin of this class action:

  61. Mark says:

    We received a certificate entitling us to a free cleaning of the dryer “ball hitch”. The certificate has our dryer model number and serial number on it, so obviously it is a response the claim we filed. My wife called the phone number on the certificate and has been transferred mercilessly from number to number talking to people who nothing about nothing and can’t help her at all. Sounds like a good way to avoid making good on your class action settlement!

  62. joseph gramer says:

    i recived a letter claiming i was approved for a cash rebate filling out the form im stuck! what is a SKU an were is it

    Hi Joseph,
    A SKU (stock keeping unit) is a unique number that identifies a product. On a dryer the SKU is usually located on the back and it has a barcode. It can also be inside the door.

  63. joseph gramer says:

    got it thanks

  64. Neil Davis says:

    We just received a response and have only been offered a rebate on a new Frigidaire or Electrolux dryer or other appliance. Our understanding was that because of the current fire hazard with our existing installed dryer , we would receive a free cleaning of the exhaust system where the lint builds up. Whom do we call or email to schedule the free cleaning that addresses this defect in our dryer? Why was this addressed in the notification that we just received in the mail today. We are very concerned about the fire hazard that was addressed in the class action suit.

    • deb says:

      I actually had a fire in my dryer. Scariest day in my life, we could have lost our home. I received my settlement today and they offered me a cash rebate award for a new appliance!!!! I sent the fire report, the receipt for a new dryer etc. Even if it was a dryer on their list I would receive only 30 or 60 dollars with their offer.
      I am contacting the Settlement Administrator today asking why I am at least not being reimbursed for the dryer I had to purchase let alone a new fire extinguisher (thank God I had an extinguisher in my kitchen, the cost of cleaning up after the fire department had to rip out part of the wall behind the dryer and the cost of the items in the dryer.
      Obviously someone did not read through all the information I sent. I would suggest everyone contact their local consumer reporter to look into this issue.

  65. Neil Davis says:

    Sorry…I meant to say why was this NOT addressed in the notification that we just received in the mail today!
    Thanks in advance for your response.

    Hi Neil,
    I encourage you to contact the class action administrator with your question. Our website is purely informative in nature.

  66. Wayne Gunderson says:

    I received your settlement and want you to realize that it cost me more than the supposed settlement issued to me. I sent pictures, proof of purchase and all information you asked for. I am using this dryer on a wing and a prayer……………. I really need to replace it very soon……..It takes 90 minutes to dry a load and then it smells hot………..It needs to be replaced NOW……before I have a fire. By all the paper work and rebate award, you are taking blame for a fire to happen. In that case, you will hear from my lawyers. This will cost more that a new dryer. I will appreciate your looking into this and to try and understand where I am coming from. I will await a reply.

    Hi Wayne,
    We are just a third party website with information about class actions to contact the admin for this class action you need to call Call 1-888-541-4923

  67. Pam says:

    I just got a letter in the mail saying my claim has been approved. I am having trouble with the SKU , I looked inside the dryer door and it has bar code and two sets of numbers saying they are the model number and the serial number and that is all I can find. So my ? is what number do I use? I also have my receipt . This has a number before the word Elec Dryer followed by the model number of the dryer. Could this be the SKU number?

    Hi Pam,
    You can contact the class action administrator to get clarification on this matter at

  68. IVE WALKER says:


    Hi Ive,
    Kindly contact the class action administrator using their toll free number listed above to get the replacement form

  69. Laura Brown says:

    I have a cleaning certificate in hand, had the service company (scheduled by Electrolux) out yesterday, and they know nothing of the recall. They left without doing any work. They said that the “Ball-Hitch” has nothing to do with lint build up, and should not be looked at unless its making noise…. in addition they said that if they were to service the dryer at a future date, it was my responsibility to get the unstacked and the dryer on the floor where they could access it. If they are claiming it to be too hard to unstack my W&D, then how would I be able to do it? Help, Im not getting anywhere. Oh, and BTW the first service company that I was set up with Electrolux said they would expect payment even tho Electorlux called them and set up the appointment with the certificate.

    What is this certificate even good for…. cleaning the parts that I already clean near the filter?????

    • Meyling Lau says:

      Hi Laura,
      I encourage you to contact the class action administrator directly to voice your concerns. Just scroll up to the main page to find their toll-free number.

  70. Jeanine Padovano says:

    My frigidaire front loading dryer that I purchased in 2008 caught fire today. Fire was caused from lint build up in lint trap which i clean out every time I use ten dryer. Luckily no one was hurt. I found this site because I was looking for possible information on recalls or similar complaints. Need additional information about filing a claim

    Hi Jeanine,
    The deadline for this class action settlement has passed. You will not be able to file a claim.

  71. IVE WALKER says:


  72. Michael says:


    If you filed a claim purchase a new dryer. The rebate form is a joke. You have to purchase a dryer and fill out a form before you get any money back. Then it’s only 10% on Frigidaire and 20% on Electrolux.

  73. Kim S. says:

    I received the claim form. May I purchase one of the listed brands at a local retailer or must I purchase directly from the manufactures online website?

    Hi Kim
    Please contact the class action administrator directly with your question.

  74. DeborahB says:

    Unbelievably poor service from the Electrolux phone number listed to schedule a service as a result of the class action law suit! The system prompts for choices over and over. When you finally get a customer service representative they have no information on a service provider to remedy the class action suit issue. No way would I buy another Electrolux/Frigidaire product, with our without a rebate!

  75. Domenic says:

    So i lost my rebate form, and I have tried that 800 number and went through every option (cant get a live person), but there is no way for me to request a new rebate form. I bought a new frigidaire product but I need the rebate form to know where to send this info to.

  76. Robert Hadley says:

    So I got my rebate form, I get a few dollars if I buy another piece of junk? In other words THERE IS NO LEGITIMATE SETTLEMENT? I had to pay to dispose of this thing and bought a LG, now I am just screwed????

    • elva m eggins franklin says:

      yes they are full of bull, I was to have my dryer clean and to today is march 17,2015 and no one has showed and now my dryer on march 13, 2015 started smoking thanks to the heavenly father we got it on time I have no dryer and can not afford one like the others but what do I do now help 3612188132 help me someone do I need to sue are what help

  77. Elaine Hirsch says:

    I received a $350.00 certificate for a new Frigidaire appliance but I seem to have misplaced it. Is there any way I can get a replacement for that?

    Hi Elaine,
    Contact the class action administrator using the info provided above.

    • Elaine Hirsch says:

      How do I get to talk to someone about this problem. There is no operator to talk to. I have not been contacted about a cleaning either.

  78. angela goldsberry- litte says:

    when will payments be sent to eligible recipients of the settlement?

    Hi Angela,
    We understand payments and vouchers have been sent. Contact the class action administrator directly to ask about the status of your claim.

  79. Donna Kennedy says:

    My dryer caught on fire. The fire department came and the fire was put out. I was dislocated overnight and a lot of damage was done. I sent in pictures of the dryer, the serial number and proof of what I was out of pocket after my insurance paid. I received notice that I need to send in documentation but I had already sent in everything. I have contacted the administrator by email twice and keep getting the run-around. What do I do now? I cannot get anyone to help me and it has been months.

    • LauraLai says:

      I had the same thing happen to me. I sent in the required documentation and got a letter saying that I had not submitted it. So I sent it back in. LOL I took a picture of the dryer label and blew it up to the size of the page circling the model number in highlighter! I have heard nothing and when I call the number, you speak to a computer and that is it. I hit “0” or star, pound…nothing 🙁 Hoping for at least a $300 check. We did have a fire and I have to constantly watch it because thankfully I smelled the burning fabric and caught it in time! Now I have to be careful what I put in, but thankfully no other fires have happened…yet.

      • Crystal Behrens says:

        Did you ever get a response? Same thing happened to me and I have heard nothing. Thanks, Crystal

    • Phil says:

      Hire a Lawyer under a Consumer Fraud, product Liability theory & when you win you get 3 times the amount of all your out -f-pocket damages, including the cost of the defected product,, and they also pay your Attorney Fees.

    • Crystal Behrens says:

      Did you ever hear back? The very same thing happened to me. Please advise. Can I get that email address?


  80. Bernard Prasher says:

    I sent in all the documentation required for the law suit by the required date. As of this date (5/10/2015) I have not heard or received one word from your administration. This whole lawsuit process stinks. The financial burden is on the dryer owner by having to buy a new dryer while waiting for unknown partial compensation. A check should be issued to each participant so they can buy a product they want, not forced to buy a product with a tarnished reputation. I had to buy a new dryer because mine overheated two times.

    My next communication will be with the state’s (MN) Attorney Generals office.

  81. Phil says:

    The used to be the law, now any Attorney can habdle Consumer Fraud Cases. Your Attorney General isn’t going to hep you in this one.

  82. Erin Salerno says:

    Received a certificate for a free dryer cleaning. Service technician took the dryer apart and cleaned it. Dryer has not been working right since, dryer does not turn properly. The service center says that’s a different problem. Never an issue with the dryer! Beware they ruined my perfectly good working dryer

  83. Crystal Behrens says:

    I have twice submitted the necessary information as I experienced a dryer fire. First time I scanned in copies of receipts and model number info AND my fire report from the fire department. Then I was sent a letter asking for the same thing so again I mailed it in. I have heard nothing in return. It is a good thing I put the fire out before my house burned down. You know how embarrassing it is for people to tell you over and over that you need to clean the lint trap out as they assumed that was the reason for the fire. I cleaned the lint trap religiously. It was a relief to know I wasn’t the only one who experienced a dryer fire and that it was the model listed in the lawsuit. Now when will I get my settlement? Please advise.

    ADMIN-Hi Crystal,

    To obtain additional information about the settlement please contact the class action administrator for Electrolux.

    • Crystal Behrens says:

      How do we contact the class action administrator? Where can I find this information? Please advise.
      Thanks, Crystal

    • Crystal Behrens says:

      I have contacted the administrator repeatedly with no response. In fact, yesterday I received my cash rebate award for new appliance. I DID NOT receive the up $1300 reimbursement for those who had experienced a fire and loss. I don’t need new appliances as I replaced mine when the dryer caught fire and scorched my washer as well. This settlement has been a sham and I plan on seeking out a lawyer as I sent all necessary paperwork, receipts, and fire department report.

  84. Bob NY says:

    I received the necessary paperwork and received a claim form. I filled a claim form that they sent me several months ago and have not received anything yet. I purchased a new Electrolux dryer for $1000 aftermy old one smelled like it was on fire. Since I sent in the paperwork I have not heard one word from them. Is this a scam

  85. Bob NY says:

    I called electrolux and they are no help and there is no phone number for law firm.

  86. Bob NY says:

    I found the law firm

    The plaintiffs are represented by Edward A. Wallace, Amy E. Keller and Dawn M. Goulet of Wexler Wallace LLP; Gretchen M. Nelson of Kreindler & Kreindler LLP;

    New York 212-687-8181
    Boston 617-424-9100
    Los Angeles 213-622-6469

  87. paul maddux says:

    bought dryer. filed paper work. when is the rebate to be paid!

  88. Vanessa says:

    I have filed a claim several weeks ago and have been waiting for my rebate. I sent another email asking for confirmation that my claim was received. No response. I called the Claim Administrator and it is entirely automated. No option to talk to a human being. Has anybody contacted the lawyers?

  89. Debby, Wisconsin says:

    Thanks Bob NY for the attorney contact info (see above). I called the Boston office and was told that they are not handling the case but NY office is and was given their phone number. I called the NY office and was told that they are not handling the case but the LA office is, specifically Gretchen, and was given the office number and Gretchen’s direct line. I just hung up from calling the direct line to Gretchen where I got her voice mail, so I did leave a message saying that I was on this site with many of us all wondering what’s going on and who to call since calling the 1-888 number is strictly automated with no human person to talk to. I asked if she would please call me back with any information that I could pass on. So, as soon as I hear from her I will re-post here. Good luck everyone ,,,, I know I was real happy to see that there are others in the same boat as me … waiting n wondering what is going on & where is my rebate check!!!

  90. Jennifer says:

    Can you please tell me the PHONE NUMBER to call to get my dryer cleaned? I lost the paper I received in the mail a few months ago. Thank you!

    ADMIN-Hi Jennifer,
    Here is the number for the class action admin 1-888-541-4923 They can give you copies of your paperwork.

  91. Jim D says:

    I’ve had the same experience noted by Crystal Behrens above (June 4, 2015):

    1. Submitted claim online for my dryer fire with all documentation.
    2. Was mailed a notice that I was missing documentation, so I mailed in the documentation again by post office.

    And today I received in the mail a notice saying, “Your claim has been approved as eligible to receive a cash rebate from Electrolux.” I specifically requested the cash reimbursement in my claim form, so I’m not sure why I received a notice about a cash rebate rather than the cash reimbursement.

    I’ll email (email cited on to ask what’s going on, but I hope this doesn’t mean the administrator is refusing my cash reimbursement.

    Has anyone else had the same problem?


    • Crystal Behrens says:

      I finally got a response from administer’s email saying that I am still being considered for the fire claim. Not sure why it takes so long. Did you get a similar response?

      Thanks and regards,
      Crystal Behrens

  92. Dianne Reding says:

    Well, well, well. It looks like we will have to get the media and/or government involved to get something done about this. Why would I buy the same brand of dryer that almost burned my house down? AND, why would I wait over a year to buy it (replace it) in the first place!!! I was faithful to this brand because of the true value that it had to offer for my home and rental property. We all make mistakes and those mistakes can be forgiven (#moveon). But to treat consumers like this is a travesty and almost shows they are not even concerned with their customers’ very lives! Fortunately, I kept this dryer. Maybe I’ll need it for evidence. Come on guys, do the right thing here. We WANT to remain your customers. Why is this so hard? They said I hadn’t signed my request… I had a copy of it! That’s when I knew this was going to be a problem. This is as dangerous as the Takata airbags, in my opinion. How many Americans turn on the dryer and then go to bed!? I dry all my clothes/towels, etc. on the low setting but this dryer had a mind of its own and was on full heat despite my setting.

    Please do the right thing. I don’t want to call Tony Buzbee.

    Your once faithful and still hopeful customer, Dianne

  93. Vanessa says:

    Debby, (June 23), I also called the LA office and left a message. It’s been about two weeks and I have yet to hear back. Maybe we should bombard Gretchen (LA office) with phone calls. Power in numbers…..

  94. Calvin And Sharon says:

    It has now been 12 weeks since we have sent all documentation required to be refunded and we have NOT heard a damn thing I have emailed the company no response. How far do one have to go? Media newspaper

  95. Vanessa says:

    It is now August and I have not heard a peep regarding my rebate. I am amazed that a company of such status can get away with this. I think it’s time to take it to the media. Fire hazards are a huge risk to place upon customers. Something needs to be done. Any ideas as to where we can start?

    • Calvin And Sharon says:

      I spoke with a lady name jenny at 415 798 5969 that’s how I found out they won’t be sending us a dime!

  96. James says:

    I got my check for 350$ 3 days ago. Be on the lookout.

  97. Vanessa says:

    Calvin and Sharon, what was the reasoning for not receiving our rebates?

    James, how long did it take for you to receive your rebate?

  98. Barbara Hayes says:

    I received the letter of the settlement and the cash rebate for the appliances I had a question is it only the models that are listed on this list that we can get the rebate does the Frigidaire range that we wanted is the gallery and its an LLC real number I would like to know as soon as possible thank you very much

    ADMIN – Hi Barbara,

    To receive further clarification regarding the qualifying appliances you need to contact the class action administrator.

  99. barb koenig says:

    I received a class action notice from your company, I called about it and gave the model and serial,and was told that my model was under recall, i sent out a letter and at that time was having no problems.this was months ago.because i cleaned it every it’s not drying like it should, the cord was getting hot. now i have purchased a new one. from Menards in Manitowoc. and it was delivered on 10/17/2015. I sent your company a proof of purchase and serial and model no. total price/with new cord $516.78. i,m on SSD and had to get a credit card just to buy a new one. i was given till Dec of 2016 but the dyer did’nt last that long, i should of known things are to good to be true.been waiting and nothing getting but the run around like i see on all the letters above.Seems like most of the people got f——–.I was given this web site to send this to, over and over and over again i called every no i could find on all the papers i read and someone would give me the same no that i’ve been calling. what going on here or is this some scam.i have sent my copys to ELECTLUX Dryer Po box43268 Providence,RI 02940-3267 where the letter came from with all info.

    ADMIN – Hi Barb,

    Our website does not administer class actions. We simply post the ones most relevant to consumers. Chances are Electrolux will never read your comment unless you escalate through the proper channels.

  100. David Hrycyk says:

    Claim was submitted in July 2015 but never recieved a rebate. Tried calling Jeannie Trunella at 415 798 5969 but she never answers her phone and never return our call. She once left us a phone message saying that the check will be in the mail before end of November. We have not see anything in the mail and it’s now January 2016. Frustrating, making me beleive that someone is cashing all the rebates for him/herself. This should be investigated.

  101. VERNICE says:


    ADMIN – Hi Vernice,

    Please contact the class action administrator

  102. Carl Di Joseph says:

    I experienced a dry fire with my Frigidaire druer on January 9, 2016 and submitted a claim form which was mailed to the Claims Administrator on January 13. I have not received an acknowledgement or reply. What is the status of my claim?

    ADMIN – Hi Carl,

    We are not the class action administrators. We are simply an informational website. Scroll up to obtain the contact information for the admin and contact them directly.

  103. PAtrick Hoover says:

    One year from filing and still no check. Multiple emails early in the process to the administrator who assured me they had the paper work and processing . In November I called Jennie at 415 798 5969 and she told me that my claim had been approved and was scheduled for the December funds release. It is now Feb and no sign of a check.

    ADMIN – Hi Patrick,

    That is a very long time. Sorry to hear.

  104. DebbieA says:

    I have this dryer, sn# XD7…. & it sucks. The worst dryer I’ve ever owned in my life. I wasn’t notified of any rebate or recalls & started checking for a recall 6mos after I bought it. I’m retired & cant afford another dryer so I wear a egg timer to stop it every 10min, clean out the lint tray, let it cool 30min, run it 10min blah-blah-blah so it doesn’t burn my house down. I doubt I’d buy the same dryer again even with a 100% rebate but what about you folks that did buy one with your rebate, are the newer models any better?

  105. Kim Shrader says:

    I sent in ALL my information and never heard from anyone through the mail or by phone. I had to buy a new dryer because my defected one, just would not dry anymore. I would like to know if I will receive my settlement like you said. I read where you have already received millions to distribute to those that bought this expensive faulty dryer. Please. Let me know it has been too long already.

  106. Melanie Whitaker says:

    Purchased a new appliance that qualified for rebate. Submitted all required receipts, rebate form, etc. months ago in 2015. Have not received any rebate check or correspondence. Please let me know what my next action should be. Thank you.

    ADMIN – Hi Melanie,

    Your best bet is to contact the class action administrator using the information we provide on the main page for this settlement.

  107. Ennio Cavuoto says:

    Hi. I purchased a replacement dryer and submitted the preauthorized claim form and receipt to the Administrator’s address late 2015. I have yet received my rebate check and the administrator telephone number is a pre-recording with no option to leave a message. How long does it take to get the rebate check so I can close out my file? This question is not listed on the FAQ section.

    ADMIN – Hi Ennio,

    If you are not getting a response from the admin your best bet is to contact class counsel.

  108. Richard Cylinder says:

    I purchased new Frigidaire dryer August 11, 2005 and applied for a rebate June 9, 2014. for which I received by email stating “Your claim form has been submitted.” I have neither received the rebate nor heard any response to my claim.

    ADMIN – Hi Richard,

    Have you contacted the class action administrator?

    • Richard Cylinder says:

      How do I find Class Action Administrator, and why should I have to do so?

      ADMIN – Hi Richard,

      Our website is purely informational in nature. Think about it as a newspaper for class actions. The class action administrator has the duty to manage your claim and provide you updates when requested. To find their info you can scroll up and read under contact or you can refer to the long notice you received in the mail.

  109. patrick duffley says:

    Does anyone else see a pattern here?
    I submitted all relevant paperwork by the last day (per administrator that was Dec.15,2016 and the paperwork had a postal stamp guaranteeing it was mailed by that day) for a $350 rebate on an Electrolux Induction range. Per those initial e-mail contacts with the administrator I was told the tentative plan was to issue checks in January, 2017–I waited 3 weeks past January and have e-mailed them (twice) and haven’t received even a courtesy reply much less a check. Calling the 1-888-541-4923 # is fruitless. Another # was 1-415-798-5969 and when I finally was connected the help desk guy pretended he couldn’t hear me and and hung up–REALLY!
    Guess the only thing left is to contact Consumer Protection Feds, if Trump hasn’t de-funded them…

    ADMIN – Hi Patrick,

    I encourage you to contact class counsel. They may be able to help.

  110. al scaff says:

    I bought a Kenmore air dryer 2006 2007
    drying cycle does not stop. have to unplug from the wall. it takes two cycles to dry

  111. Henry Tucker says:

    It take to long on drying light clothes ,now Jean’s it takes forever ,I purchase the dryer in 2015 it shock a little when opening the door on it ,

  112. Amber whidden says:

    I own a kenmore purchased in 2008

  113. Cathy McHugh says:

    Please send me a claim form. I purchased an Electrolux dryer in June 2011. It runs 3 normal cycles to dry clothes and it is makes a very loud noise.

    ADMIN – Hi Cathy,

    Per the official website the deadline has passed and you may only claim for fires.

  114. Stephen Katicich says:

    Please send me an application I have a Frigidare affinittyfront door loader dryer. I have dad it cleaned once and now it gets so hot you can’t touch the back end.
    Stephen and Linda Katicich
    2935 Royal Oaks drive
    Tallahassee, FL. 32309

    ADMIN – Hi Stephen,

    We are not the class action administrator and we do not send applications. You must contact the class action admin directly

  115. Julie Miranda says:

    Wow! This is unbelievable! I purchased the Frigidaire Affinity gas washer & dryer in November 2012. The dryer has had the same problems that I have read in everyone else’s comments. It takes 3+ hours to dry light weight clothes on high, and only works on timed dry mode. The lint trap is faulty, and is a pain to clear. I am constantly having to dig down deep inside the appliance to clear the lint. Now the dryer is out of order and being kept unplugged because it started to catch on fire eight days ago on 2/16/18. I was at work at the time. My son was home drying his clothes. Thank God the smoke detectors went off and my son caught it just in time!! My house could’ve burned down with my son, my only child, and our dogs inside!!! My appliance serial number does not fall under the listed ones covered in this class action. I’d like to know why since the problems obviously were never corrected, and faulty appliances that are hazardous to life were continuing to be sold to unsuspecting customers post 2011… Now, the most affordable gas dryer I can find that will fit in my laundry room will cost me more than $900 when all is said and done, and it will not be a Frigidaire/Electrolux. I can’t risk myself or my loved ones being killed, or my home and belongings being destroyed. Antiques that have been in the family for over 150 years, photos, etc…. This is just unacceptable. I sure hope that the washer is safe to use…

    ADMIN – Hi Julie,

    I hope the washer is safe to use too. Sorry about your antiques.

    • Julie Miranda says:

      I almost forgot to mention that the inside of the dryer smells like a campfire, and the screen inside in the back look charred. My entire laundry room smells like smoke…

  116. Penny charles says:

    When will i get my rebates check from my dryer.i sent in an application two years ago

    ADMIN – Hi Penny,

    You might want to contact the class action administrator to check

  117. Mike Ellinger says:

    I experienced a dryer fire and according to the fire dep’t., it originated in the motor. Vents were clean as was the heating element. I have all of the pictures. What steps should I take next?

    • Angelica (Admin) says:

      Hi, Mike. Thanks for your message, and sorry to hear that. However, we ( are *not* the settlement/claims administrator of this case — we are only an online “newspaper” of various class action settlements involving various companies. In your case, unfortunately, the claims deadline already passed for previous fires. The 2022 claims deadline is for future fires. Please check the settlement website for any updates on the issue, and/or contact the Settlement Administrator directly, if you haven’t already done so. The details are stated above; just scroll up. Thank you, and best of luck.

  118. Sarah Bernal says:

    We knew nothing about this for the dryer or the washer which we just found massive mold in. We bought a model home with appliances with no paper work as the builder filled out I guess yet never used and sold home to us. Are we left to the cold?

  119. Suzanne Parker says:

    I purchased a “Frigidaire” Electrolux Model FFLE3900UWS in June of 2020. I immediately had lint in the door and all over my clothes and the washing machine doesn’t fill with a large load. The maintenance man said I need to vacuum out the door every time I use it and I need to push the rinse button to fill the tub. I have already purchased another washer/dryer combo. I am thinking of suing them in small claims court. Did anyone else sue them?