Class Eligibility

You are a class member if you own one of the following holographic sight models:

EOTech HWS Models 400, 502, 511, 512, 512 CAMO, 512.XBOW, 512.LBC1, 516, 517, 518, 551, 552, 552.XR, 552.LBC1, 552.LBC2, 553, 555, 555.USMC, 556, 557, 557.4XFTS, 557.4XFXD, 557.3X.FTS, 557.G23.FTS, 558, EXPS2, EXPS3, HHS I, HHS II, MPO II, MPO III, XPS2, XPS2-RF, XPS2- Z, XPS2-Z2, XPS2-300,and XPS3 that were manufactured between January 1, 2005, and November 1, 2016, and purchased on or before the February 15, 2017 or who previously received a refund from EOTech for one of these HWS models.

The following are excluded:

governamental entities, individuals whose sight was provided by a governmental entity, subsidiary or affiliate of The Defendant, resident of a US territory, a judge handling the case, his family or immediate staff or the lawyers involved with this lawsuit.

Estimated Amount


The settlement amount can range from a $22.50 voucher to a full refund if you return the equipment

Proof of Purchase


Case Name

Andrew Tyler Foster, et al. v. L-3 Communications EOTech Inc.,
Case No. 6:15-cv-03519-BCW
District Court for the Western District of Missouri

Case Summary

The lawsuit claims that certain of Defendant’s HWS were defective and resulted in four different issues, which affected the performance of HWS under certain conditions. These four issues are “reticle dimming” from moisture incursion, movement of the reticle as the temperature changes known as “thermal drift,” parallax, and distortion of the reticle in cold weather. The class action lawsuit further contends that the value and utility of these HWS have been diminished as a result of these alleged issues. Defendant denies Plaintiffs’ claims asserted in the lawsuit. The parties agreed to resolve these matters before these issues were decided by the Court. The Settlement is not an admission of any wrongdoing.

Settlement Pool





Andrew Tyler Foster, et al. v. L-3 Communications EOTech, et al.
c/o Heffler Claims Group
P.O. Box 60255
Philadelphia, PA 19102-0255

8 responses to “EOTech Holographic Weapon Sights Class Action Settlement”

  1. Mike whealen says:


    I got so mad after a couple of faiks, I threw the thing away right in the trash!!

  2. MARIO CENTENO says:

    When can we expect the rebates/reimbursements for the sights???

    ADMIN – Hi Mario,

    You can call this number to ask 844-702-2787

  3. Johnny lazenby says:

    I called awhile back and they said the case would be heard June 30th . Then they said it could take up to 2 years for my refund. I would have never sent the sight in if I would have known this. Now been without a sight for along time. Would like to be informed of what’s going on. A 500.00 sight may not be a lot to you. But it is to me .

    ADMIN – Hi Johny,

    I am not the admin for this case but happy to keep you in the loop if I hear something.

  4. Kent B Peyre-Ferry says:

    What’s the latest?

    ADMIN – Hi Kent,

    For the latest you can call 844-702-2787

  5. Jeremy says:

    I called that number and it just says the call will be recorded for quality assurance. What is the scoop now? I tried emailing the lawyers off the website and they are very short and just give you a link to an outdated website. From what I’ve read online some articles are saying the lawyers are taking a $10 million dollar fee and I haven’t seen anything else for us or what we will get back. I requested my full refund and all I have is a unique identifier. I have no idea when I will get anything and all they said is September check our website.

    ADMIN – HI Jeremy,

    If they are telling you to check their website in September is because they intend to post updated info.

  6. Kelly Jones says:

    That phone number is useless. You press # for a representative and get the main menu again. I either want the refund or my sight back asap. Don’t appreciate the way we’re being handled!

    ADMIN – Hi Kelly,

    We are not associated with the class action admin so we are unable to solve your situation. Why don’t you try escalating to class counsel?

  7. Jason Stischak says:

    Hi I sent my eotech into you guys last year for a full refund and still haven’t received anything.
    Can you I’m form me what’s going on with it


    ADMIN – Hi Jason,

    We are not the class action administrators. We are simply a website that features class action settlements. If you scroll up you will locate the class admin info. Please contact them directly.

  8. Jonathan Stewart says:

    I work out of town and received the refund after it was already expired.
    I sent it back with a letter attached asking that a new check be made out.

    Is the number listed above still valid?

    ADMIN – Hi Jonathan,

    You are unlikely to get a replacement. Administrators are very strict when it comes to the 90 day period on the checks.

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