Class Eligibility

You are a member of the class if your Equifax File contained a Virginia General District Court civil judgment, between Jan. 1, 2003 and the date of preliminary approval of the settlement.

Estimated Amount

$180 or four years of credit monitoring (valued at $717)

Proof of Purchase

Court Case Number

Case Name

Soutter v. Equifax Information Services LLC,
Civil Action No. 3:10-cv-107
District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia

Case Summary

According to the lawsuit, Equifax continuously failed to update reports with data that indicated that a debt was: “satisfied, vacated, dismissed, or appealed in its credit reports,” thereby violating federal law.

Equifax denies the allegations and all liability, yet agreed to the terms of the settlement to avoid the burden, risk and expense of further litigation.

Settlement Pool





Soutter v. Equifax Information Services LLC
c/o Settlement Administrator
P.O. Box 1367
Blue Bell, PA 19422

5 responses to “Equifax FCRA Class Action Settlement”

  1. Leonard Milstein says:

    I need a claim for for the case being administered by Hernandez Settlement Administrator in Seattle, WA.
    Thank you.
    Leonard Milstein

    ADMIN – Hi Leonard,

    We are not the class action administrators, contact them directly.

  2. Leonard Milstein says:

    Please send claim form.

    ADMIN – Hi Leonard,

    We are not the administrators of this case thus we are unable to provide you with any forms.

  3. Elizabeth Lawerence says:

    I have no ideal if my name is on the equifax list that was just giving out my personal information. How do I get in there to check. If it is where do I go to get my case.Please let me know. I do keep checking equifax while I am trying to inprove my credit rating. Thank you for your time.

    ADMIN – Hi Elizabeth,

    To find out if you were affected by the most recent hack you must visit

  4. Addie James says:

    I filled out that form for the Settlement, I am asking my name be removed. I have went threw to much and still going threw a lot based on the Credit report action. I lost my home , Force to leave my home town of 67 years
    could not rent , Came down here 3 and half house away apppilled for a job womens clothing store ,I was told i had the skills ,But they had to check my credit report and they cant offer it to me .I went to purchase a used car ,I was turn down based on credit .So no i with Draw from your settlement $15-20 cant fix me and far from it . I with draw my form .

    ADMIN – Hi Addie,

    We are not the class action administrator and I don’t believe you have the option to withdraw.

  5. Christine Vasquez says:

    I was in this settelment so far i have only recived 1 of 3 checks how do i find out what happend to my other 2 checks.i haven’t heard a thing from anyone sence early 2016. We need to resolve this issue asap.christine Vasquez…. 619-698-0119

    ADMIN – Hi Christine,

    The class action administrator can probably help you out. Send them an email or give them a call.

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