Class Eligibility

You are a class member if you are U.S. residents who were sent text spam from the company as part of a subscription-based program between Oct. 16, 2013 and Mar. 7, 2016.

Estimated Amount

$45 check plus $35 gift card Class Members are estimated to receive a cash pay-out of $45 as well as a Family Dollar gift card valued at $30. Depending on the number of valid Claim Forms, Class Members may receive up to $300 in cash as well as a Family Dollar gift card of $200.
Proof of Purchase
Cell Where The Text Was Received
Case Name
Reginald Moore v. Family Dollar Stores Inc., Case No. 4:14-CV-01542-JAR District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri, Eastern Division.
Case Summary
This settlement resolves a lawsuit in which the defendant is accused of sending spam text with our prior consent of those receiving the text. This practice is in violation of TCPA
Settlement Pool
Family Dollar TCPA Class Action Administrator 1-844-202-5254 1290 Avenue of the Americas 9th Floor New York, NY 10104

20 responses to “Family Dollar TCPA Class Action Settlement”

  1. Rena Harvey says:

    Mostly in the month of December 2015 I received these calls even after I asked them to put me on a no call list.

  2. Terrie W. Bledson says:

    I did get texts messages on 334-327-5312 and 334-327-1991 and 334-327-1888

    ADMIN – Hi Terrie,

    Good to hear that you are part of the class. To file please click on the orange link provided on the settlement page and follow the instructions carefully.

  3. Shena says:

    Received a claim card and I filed my claim on April 11, 2016.

  4. Beverly Hopkins says:

    I filed an claim and did not receive anything

  5. Jennifer Montano says:

    I filed my claim last year. Any idea when the payouts will take place?

    ADMIN – Hi Jennifer,

    This case was paid last year.

    • Lakewa Bailey says:

      If we didnt recieve a payout, but filed a claim, how do we check this?

      ADMIN – Hi Lakewa,

      This was paid many months ago. The admin has closed their desk and there is nothing you can do to get monies.

    • Cherella Neal says:

      Hi, I did not receive any payout even though I did fill out information to be in the settlement. I had received the card in the mail and did everything they asked. My information was there before the deadline. I have not received anything, my address did change. It was 13 Sesco Drive and now it is : 116 Ranalet Drive. Hampton, Va. 23664. I have been trying to get in contact with someone the settlement date was long ago. I would appreciate knowing what happened and why I did not receive my Payout. Cherella Neal

      ADMIN – Hi Cherella,

      You are escalating this too late.

  6. Tracy Martinez says:

    I too filed a claim and no moneys were received, why are so many people that have filed claims never paid? Not good,

    ADMIN – Hi Tracy,

    Often in a moment of carelessness you end up throwing the check in the garbage can thinking it is garbage.

    • Barry Adams says:

      I filed a claim for the family Dollar store it did not receive reimbursement yet.

      • Angelica (Admin) says:

        Hi Barry,

        I’m afraid you’ll have to contact the Claims Administrator directly for that info. We are only a class action newspaper, not the settlement administrator of this lawsuit. Please see the “Contact” details above. Best of luck.

  7. Barbara says:

    I am very careful with my mail. I did not receive anything from this settlement.

    ADMIN – Hi Barb,

    Nothing we can do about it. Sorry you missed out.

  8. Tim Trotter says:

    My claim number is 60063000601. I am still awaiting my award. Is there a way to see if it was mailed ? Sometimes our mail is lost.

    ADMIN – Hi Tim,

    I believe this was paid out a long time ago.

  9. Barbara says:

    There seem to be a lot of people that have not received their award. This should be looked into. It does not seem right, that we filed our claims according to your instructions properly, and received our responses with our claim numbers, and you are saying ” too bad, so sad”.
    Very unprofessional responses and lack of help on figuring out the problem.

    ADMIN – Hi Barbara,

    The best way to resolve issues like this is to contact the class action administrator within 30 days of distribution. In order to find out when the distribution takes place you can call administrators monthly or you can check out our Facebook page. It is entirely possible that your settlement was stolen in the mail which is outside the control of the admin.

  10. tywana says:

    I have not received mine as well. It can not be that everyone has had their settlement stolen

    ADMIN – Hi Tywana,

    Sadly the admin is no longer accepting escalations. In the future please check on our Facebook page frequently to make sure you are always in the loop.

  11. Lisa ing says:

    I find it ridiculous how everybody is getting mean and nasty because they didn’t get a set on it you got text messages on your phone you didn’t get into an accident you didn’t get bodily damage you didn’t lose any money this is something free give me a break so you lost out who cares you didn’t lose any money I’ll be around this is money not had that you were going to get well it’s gone who cares give me a break some people asked if they are owed this money owed nothing give me a break it’s ridiculous sometimes you can’t get everything free in life

    ADMIN – Hi Lisa,

    It can get a little bit too crazy at times.

  12. hilary says:

    Can I ask the status of this suit? I filed and have not received any updates or settlement.
    Thank you

    ADMIN – Hi Hilly,

    This was paid up many months ago.

  13. Greg Escobedo says:

    Hi all!! I have done a lot of filling for lawsuits and in some I win and on some I lose. What happens sometimes is that the checks are in a form of a small post card or a regular size check and if it’s the small post card it tends to get lost among all the mail that gets sorted out at the postal facilities. Which is beyond the administrators control. In this case I lost as I read they paid out last year.. oh well lets move on to the next. However you can either go on the websites or call the phone provided for updates. That’s what I do to keep on top of the claims.. Good Luck in future fillings and hope my info helped some..

  14. polly clay says:

    I filed a claim after I received a post card in the mail instructing me to do so, but I never received any money.

    ADMIN – Hi Polly,

    Most likely your check was misplaced or stolen. Too much time has passed since this was paid and you no longer have recourse.

  15. Beverly F. McGoy says:

    I have been carefully looking and did not received anything like !most of the people who commented before me let’s be real you never sent any checks out. Too many people said they never received a check. But I guess that is what happens when things are not right.

    ADMIN – Hi Beverly,

    Did you ever contact the class action administrator?

  16. Bernard Gutnick says:

    I never received anything

    ADMIN – Hi Bernard,

    Most likely your check was lost in the mail.