Class Eligibility:

FedEx account holders who paid one of the following types of fees between 8/28/08 and 7/13/2011 and have not already received a refund:

  • Residential delivery charge
  • Delivery area residential surcharge
  • Extended delivery area residential surcharge
  • Fuel surcharge
Estimated Amount:

$5 plus a pro rata share of the $16 MM settlement pool.

Proof of Purchase:

Not required

Claim Form: FedEx Fees Claim Form
Case Name: Gokare et al. v. Federal Express Corp et al.,
Case No.: 2:11-CV-2131 (W. Dist Tenn)
Case Summary:

The plaintiffs allege teh FedEx improperly charged fees such as residential delivery fees, extend delivery area surcharges, and fuel surcharges to customers. FedEx denies these charges. The case was settled before it was decided by the court.

Settlement Pool: $16,000,000
Settlement Website: FedEx Fees Class Action Settlement
Claim Form Deadline: December 12, 2013
Claims Administrator: Settlement Administrator,
PO Box 11943
Birmingham, AL 35202-1943
(888) 441-4821

31 responses to “FedEx Residential Fees Class Action Settlement”

  1. Stevestevep3112 says:

    What is the total amount of the ‘pro rate share’ of the $16m that most will receive?

  2. ROGELIN sMITH says:


  3. harley larsen says:

    fedx agian

  4. chris mcnair says:

    I was wronged by fedex

  5. Larry says:

    Why does the claim form say “Deadline to file is 12/9/13 and this article say “Deadline to file is 12/12/13? Some manager should not collect their paycheck.

  6. Laura McDonald says:

    I to, have been wronged by fed x.

  7. julio says:


  8. pepsigalrocks says:

    Got my rebate. Fed-ex check 5 bucks.

  9. Jen says:

    Did not receive check. How to I check on it?

  10. sweety075 says:

    Closing date on main page is incorrect 12/12/14, really is 12/12/13.

  11. Cheri says:

    Fed Ex still charges these fees. I was charged them last week.

  12. Doug says:

    what is the real date to file by? BTW, UPS is now doing this too n they should go after them also … they are charging steep residential delivery fees after the shipper has paid for the shipping! getting it on both ends … what fraud!

  13. bill rush says:

    i’m a fed ex user

  14. slick rick says:

    i got my check !

  15. Mason Gill says:

    Was charged for action figures I ordered for my children.

  16. Brigitte Bonoan says:

    I am a FedEx user

  17. Philip Suprise says:

    I use FedEX weekly for my business

  18. olene mccoy says:

    I was charged too , I always wondered what the fees were for. tks.

  19. Judy DeCollo says:

    I have used FedEx a number of times — both domestic and international

  20. Samntha says:

    they can never deliver on time

  21. Evelyn Summit says:

    I feel they not only overcharged me that they charged me double. I have received notice that I have not paid and repaid.

  22. Michael Rosenberg says:

    It’s about time!!

  23. rebecca says says:

    I think I was taken by a postal service. I stopped the Fed ex driver to get my mail out.
    I went to a mail service, he charged me $83 to send a letter to the court, I had to chase the Truck down and give him the envelope. I went a second time and caught the Fed EX as the postal service and again I was charged $83 dollars for one day air, he said that was the going rate for Fed Ex,
    The Postal service only charges $20 so I found out and than went there after that.
    Mail went from Hyde Park,NY to Kingman Az. a difference of $63. What a rip off.

    • Modearer Henry says:

      I use to work for FedEx as a sales person, you sound like you were checking First Overnight delivery by 8 am, and yes it is very expensive and not discounted.

  24. Carneisha Forney/Eric J Smith says:

    We have mailed numerous packages and have not received a dime of a refund. I have addresses if needed. Packages have ranged from $39- $89+ to ship from California to North Carolina.

  25. rita sue williams says:

    I ve recieved and sent packages fed x sent some papperwork couple years ago cost me 24 .00 just to send a small folder of papperwork also get alot of online purches delivered by fed x

  26. Dolores Soliz says:

    I’ve shipped and received packages and never received a refund.

  27. Katrina says:

    I paid one of those fees.

  28. ashram says:


  29. Charltte Graves says:

    Package left outside gate

  30. Tanya White says:

    yessss, in deed Fed x, has deliverd my house and will, leave packages, a many times and some even gotten stolen..

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