Class Eligibility

You are a member of the Settlement Class if you purchased for personal consumption, and not for re- sale, one or more cardboard boxes of Jujyfruits®, Jujubes®, Now & Later®, Lemonhead®, Applehead®, Cherryhead®, Grapehead®, RedHots®, Trolli®, Chuckles®, Black Forest®, Jawbuster®, Jawbreaker®, Brach’s®, Boston Baked Beans®, Super Bubble®, Rainblo®, or Atomic Fireball candy, or any flavors or varieties of them, in the United States between February 21, 2013 and June 21, 2018.

Estimated Amount


Class members without proof of purchase may claim up to 15 boxes and receive up to 50 cents per box for a total of $7.50. Class members with proof of purchase may file unlimited claims

Proof of Purchase


Case Name

Iglesias Vs. Ferrara Candy
Case No. 3:17-cv-00849-VC
District Court for the Northern District of California

Case Summary

On February 21, 2017, the Plaintiff filed a legal action on behalf of himself and all others similarly situated alleging that he relied on allegedly oversized packaging of the Settlement Class products, and that such packaging violates state and federal packaging laws and state consumer protections laws (including California’s False Advertising Law (“FAL”), Cal. Bus. & Prof. Code § 17500, et. seq., California’s Unfair Competition Law (“UCL”), Cal. Bus. & Prof. Code § 17200, et. seq., and California’s Consumers Legal Remedies Act (“CLRA”), Civil Code § 1750, et seq.), and that as a direct result of such violations Plaintiff has been economically injured.

Settlement Pool





Ferrara Candy Claims Administrator
Digital Settlement Group, LLC
8001 Broadway, Suite 200
Merrillville, IN 46410
Phone: 1-877-452-8477

42 responses to “Ferrara Candy Boxed Movie Candy Class Action Settlement”

  1. Beth Sites says:

    i would like to be in this settlement

    ADMIN – Hi Beth,

    Use the link provided to file your claim.

  2. M. Pfaff says:

    Regularly have bought boxed candy products at various theaters.

    ADMIN – Hi M,

    Sounds like you are a member of the class.

  3. Doris J. Harris says:

    I have purchased Lemonheads, Grapeheads, and Cherryheads during the specified time. And I feel that I should be included in this lawsuit

    ADMIN – Hi Doris,

    I agree. File a claim using the link provided.

  4. Beverly Armeni says:

    That’s no right to miss lead people when they purchase a product

    ADMIN – Hi Beverly,

    Very sad indeed. Particularly with candy.

  5. teresa stedman says:

    could not get to submit. tried a different computer. ok.

    ADMIN – Hi Teresa,

    Did it work by using an alternate computer?



  7. Cheryl Taylor says:

    How do I file a claim for 15 boxes?. I purchased several different of the boxed candies.

    ADMIN – Hi Cheryl,

    With receipt

  8. Shelley Albritton says:

    I purchased 6 of these

    ADMIN – Hi Shelley,

    File your claim using the link we provide.

  9. Tamiko Conway says:

    So, what if you have proof of Six Children at the time, ages 11 to 18, would that count, IT SHOULD!!!

    ADMIN – Hi Tamiko,

    No, it does not count.

  10. Tamiko Conway says:

    Six Children at the time, ages 11 to 18, is my proof!!

    ADMIN – Hi Tamiko,

    LOL, adorable. File for the maximum without a receipt

  11. Michael J Preston says:

    i buy red hots everytime i go to the movies, how do i sign up for this.

    ADMIN – Hi Michael,

    Please use the link we provide.

  12. RCS says:

    Is it California only?

    ADMIN – Hi RCS,


  13. Stephanie Johnson says:

    I used to buy all these candies a lot but the jujube actually took a tooth out of my mouth the dentist tell me never to buy I’m again so I went to some of these other candies but I have purchased all of these for myself and my children and have ate more than one box a week which has damaged from the polling two of my teeth were messed up from these candies.

    ADMIN – Hi Stephanie,

    If you are a member of the class by all means file a claim.

  14. Mike says:

    How do I join this?

    ADMIN – Hi Mike,

    Please use the link provided.

  15. Colby Hobson says:

    I had bought nearly 100 boxes every other month!!! Never thought I would need the receipts..

    ADMIN – Hi Colby,

    I am speechless. Did you eat all of those by yourself?

    • Cee says:

      That’s a lot of candy. Maybe message the person who said the candy messed up their teeth. They don’t seem to have bought anywhere near as much as you though.

  16. Jennifer Castro says:

    I’ve purchased several of these candies. What do I need to do to file a claim?

    ADMIN – Hi Jennifer,

    You need to click on the link that reads: Click here to file a claim.

  17. Brandi Trawick says:

    I bought this candy all the time on my breaks while working at Walgreens. I wish I kept my receipts. I wonder how far back I can look in balance reward account?

    ADMIN – Hi Brandi,

    Always worth checking. Let us know what you find out.

  18. Sophia Wince says:

    I have purchased these candies for years. How do I become part of the lawsuit?

    ADMIN – Hi Sophia,

    File a claim using the link provided.

  19. Sharron Pollard says:

    I have bought that candy for years , have no proof now .

  20. Carolyn Mack says:

    purchased candy for years

  21. Myrtle Nichols says:

    I babysit four kids and purchase the products on a monthly basis.

    ADMIN – Hi Myrtle,

    If you believe you are a class member by all means file a claim.

  22. Ann McGillicuddy says:

    Hi. Ann M.
    Please advise as to signing up for a claim.
    Thank you!

    ADMIN – Hi Ann,

    Please use the link provided.

  23. Meko Fong says:

    Pls, add me!

    ADMIN – Hi Meko,

    Please follow the instructions above. Click on the link provided and file your claim.

  24. Sandy reeves says:

    Yes bought this candy different stores

    ADMIN – Hi Sandy,

    It sounds like you are a class member.

  25. Brian Leikam says:

    I’ve bought these candies at several locations.

    ADMIN – Hi Brian,

    Fantastic, It sounds like you are a class member.

  26. DaTecha Johnson says:

    have purchased Lemonheads, Grapeheads, and Cherryheads during the specified time. And I feel that I should be included in this lawsuit

  27. Travis Oldham says:

    I bought several different locations

    ADMIN – Hi Travis,

    Fantastic! Consider filing a claim.

  28. iris says:

    If I keep receipts for my favorite candy I purchased, I might have got all the money

  29. Lupe Martin says:

    I always buy these candies at Multiple locations for years

  30. Alisha Davis says:

    I have purchased this candy for family members and rewards for students. Please advise on how to claim. Thanks

    ADMIN – Hi Alisha,

    Click on the link we have provided for the claim form. Fill out the claim form. Click submit. Keep the confirmation email and patiently wait.

  31. R Day says:

    I used to like this candy until now

    ADMIN – Hi, R,

    This settlement has nothing to do with taste.

  32. Patrica Tomaso says:

    My go to candies

  33. Michele Washington says:

    Received my $1.00 check and it was returned do to insufficient funds! Do I have a case?

    ADMIN – Hi Michele, Sorry to hear that. After having received such a measly amount, it sounds like this nominal settlement is an open-and-shut case.

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