Class Eligibility

You are a member of the class if you are a person or entity who paid for Chewable Tablets between October 31, 2007 and December 31, 2015 (the “Class Period”), branded “Qualitest Pharmaceuticals,” “Vintage Pharmaceuticals,” or “Physicians Total Care,” purportedly containing doses of fluoride of 1 mg., .5 mg., or .25 mg. (‘the Class”) are Class Members and are eligible for a payment from the Settlement. The Class includes both consumers and third-party payors.

Estimated Amount


This is a pro rata settlement. The pool will be divided among qualified claims

Proof of Purchase


Unless you are claiming more than $250

Case Name

Mahoney v. Endo Health Solutions, Inc., et al.
Case No. 15-cv-9841 (DLC)
United States District Court Southern District of New York

Case Summary

The Chewable Tablets are prescription multivitamin tablets. The lawsuit claims the labeling of the Chewable Tablets misrepresented the amount of fluoride contained

Settlement Pool





Fluoride Tablet Settlement
c/o A.B. Data, Ltd.
P.O. Box 173017 Milwaukee, WI 53217

80 responses to “Fluoride Chewable Tablets Class Action Settlement”

  1. Tayrn Goodman says:

    I bought these several times for my son.

  2. Dara Fotias says:

    I purchased the fluoride tablets for my daughters.

  3. LEONA I TANNER says:

    I have also purchased these, sad that they are misrepresented.

  4. kenneth mayberry says:

    i am interested in filing this claim

    ADMIN – Hi Kenneth,

    Please use the link we provided.

    • Tanya Peters says:

      I have got these for all four of my kids. Sad it was misrepresented.

    • Tanya Peters says:

      I have got these for all four of my kids. Sad it was misrepresented. How do I file a claim it won’t allow me to on the link?

      ADMIN – Hi Tanya,

      I just tested the link and it appears to be working.

  5. Andrea Williams says:

    I have 8 kids. I bought these many times over as we tend to drink a lot of Deer Park water

    ADMIN – Hi Andrea,

    I encourage you to submit a claim.

  6. Shannon says:

    If you have purchased these every month for your children for the entire duration but don’t have slips should you claim up to the $250.00?

    ADMIN – Hi Shannon,

    Your best approach to this type of settlement is to contact your pharmacy and obtain evidence of past prescriptions. Pharmacies keep many years of records.

  7. christina barquet says:

    I purchased theese for my children multiple times.

  8. Vivian L. WHITE says:

    I bought this several times for my son

  9. Jamie Hayden says:

    All 3 of my children are grown now and we are military we lived in California when we purchased the Floride tablets for the full duration of our time in California which was four years! My husband has since retired from the military and we now live in Virginia our last assignment station. The military doesn’t keep the records that far back. What can I do to get the whole refund I’m entitled to?

    ADMIN – Hi Jamie,

    Military pharmacies do keep records. Contact your prior base pharmacy to request your records.

  10. Lisa Forrest says:

    Can u mail a claim form to me at 913 Kent Court Sanlorenzo , Ca 94580

    ADMIN – Hi Lisa,

    I can’t. The form is printable.

  11. Nelly nel says:

    Should you file a claim if they covered by your health insurance because I made premium payments to health insurance?!? Also I’m interested in finding out how they were able to figure out the amount of fluoride that’s actually in them!!! I personally never felt comfortable giving my children these when I did but you trust the doctors and pharmaceutical co in hope that they are working with you for the best interest of our children 🙁

    ADMIN – Hi Nelly,

    Both, you and the insurance can claim.

  12. Windell Russell says:

    I Windell Russell been taking them since I was a baby I stop taking them since 2015

  13. Mark Sokolofsky says:

    I purchased t\hese someimes for myself and my children

  14. Mark Sokolofsky says:

    flouride content wewe misrepresentited

  15. Katelynn Ahn says:

    So my son took these for a while. I had a copay, but he was covered by state insurance. We have changed Dr’s since then and the pharmacy in the small town we lived in is now closed….. Now what? If I received a notice in the mail, does that mean they already have the info from the Dr? I have no proof of purchase nor time frame when he was on them…. (2011-2013)

    ADMIN – Hi Katelynn,

    I don’t think you have much in the way of recourse but I encourage you to contact the admin to see if there is someway to secure evidence. The info for the admin is on this page under the heading “contact”.

  16. Mindy Chmielewski says:

    My daughter was on the 2011-2015

  17. Mindy Chmielewski says:

    She was prescribed them from her doctor

  18. Angie says:

    Is there a name brand

    ADMIN – Hi Angie,
    “Qualitest Pharmaceuticals,” “Vintage Pharmaceuticals,” or “Physicians Total Care,”

  19. al. lundy says:

    I brought these for my son and daughter every 30days are when they ran out up until they graduated from high school

  20. Jessica Donovan says:

    I putchased a couple times
    So sad to see this.

  21. Ninoska Gutierrez says:

    Hi I used for my daughter of Dr. Gastrointerology give me the prescription I don’t remember how much I give to my daughter. My question is what wrong with this? Know I worry.

    ADMIN – Hi Ninoska,

    The pills do not contain the amount of fluoride listed.

  22. Michelle Harkins says:

    I bought these for my sons for years.

  23. Angie says:

    I used this on my children but its was the drops. Can i still fill up the form?

  24. DONNA WOLDEN says:

    L used these for my 3 kids

  25. Sherri says:

    My son has been taking them since he was four years old he took them until he was 12.

  26. Nicole Kim says:

    Is this a health concern? Is it that there was too little fluoride in the tablet?

    ADMIN – Hi Nicole,

    Yes it is a health concern. that is why there is a settlement.

  27. Brenda Nixon says:

    gave these to my kids on advice of dentist

  28. marie Zatkowski says:

    Could this be why my daughter has white spots on her adult teeth

  29. Maribel Pagan says:

    I have given this to my two children as a very good recommendation from their pediatrician, until they turn 16, just because the water did not contain fluoride, and I had to supplement, this is sad.

  30. Jayne Cardone says:

    I bought these for my son –

  31. Lisa Corbelle says:

    gave them to my children

  32. Peggi Dial says:

    My somn was prescribed these fluoride pills. A month ago he had to have the rest of his teeth pulled and dentures made. He just turned 18 last week. Every dentist basically called me a liar after they checked his teeth and saw how bad his teeth were.

  33. Roberta brown says:

    Hello my grandson has been taking them since 2009 and his health insurance has been paying for them now will he still be able to get the settlement and if so do I need to fill out the form

    ADMIN – Hi Roberta,

    My understanding is that you can only claim for the portion that you paid via your deductible.

  34. Proclaim the truth says:

    10 years ago? My goodness… How convenient to tell people the truth after the period of time they have no proof for the settlement about this poison. It was too late for me to find out about fluoride. I was religiously giving this poison to my daughter because I thought it was good for her. Had I known this truth before…. I would never even listened to the doctors who promote big pharma! PEOPLE, throw away all your fluoride toothpastes and brush your teeth with baking soda and peroxide! WAKE up! FLUORIDE is poison!

    • Who's going to pay for future dental bills? says:

      I remember talking with my friends about the benefits/risks of fluoride. I guess BIG PHARMA did us a favor, one could look at it that way. 10 yrs ago we did not have the information we have now about this “poison”. I am a bit grateful that they did not put the full amount of fluoride into the vitamin tabs they said they did.
      Sadly, we paid the price and will for years to come, in my opinion.
      Now and past years I have opted out of fluoride at the dentist office because, I assumed plenty was given as a child. We have been mislead by this BIG PHARMA and I do not see this as a win for parents. I see it as a win for BIG Pharma. Wouldn’t it be nice to have them pay in today’s prices?
      I think parents have enough trouble trying to be sure their children floss/brush properly, adding baking soda and peroxide in our home probably would not fly. ICK, I agree it works, but ICK. It is more important to floss and I recommend a pea size of tooth paste, do not cover the entire tooth brush with tooth paste.
      I am one that did not receive any info about this law suit until a few pennies came in the mail.
      I would love to hear of a follow up study of the kids who did and did not have fluoride as children. I applaud you for speaking out and I wish you good luck!! 🙂

      ADMIN – Hi Miss Cyrus,

      This settlement had nothing to do with fluoride being dangerous. The reason for the settlement was that the tablets did not disclose correctly the amount of fluoride contained on each.

    • Amy Lewis says:

      I too did this to my son! I have not been educated on how bad this stuff is. Our home is now toxic free!!

  35. tanisha bradsher says:

    I cant fill out form on line

    ADMIN – Hi Tanisha,

    We are sorry about that. Perhaps you need to try a different browser.

  36. Nicole Craft says:

    I have purchased this multiple times and I dont have a printer how do I go about filing a claim?

    ADMIN – Hi Nicole,

    Go to the library or a UPS store and pay for the right to use their printers.

  37. Sean Bennett says:

    I purchased these many times for my child.

  38. Brigette says:

    I have purchased chewable tablets in the past f oe my daughter.

  39. Kathy vanderheyden says:

    I got them for my kids

  40. Lakshmi says:

    I purchased these several times for my son from a CVS pharmacy after his pediatrician prescribed it roughly between 2005 and until 2012. Apparently, there is a record service fee for obtaining past records. Does anyone have any idea how much all this might cost? Also, I would like to know whether the pharmaceutical company’s mislabeling might have caused my son any harm. Thanks!

  41. Mark says:

    I wasn’t charged a fee when I got mine from CVS. The records came with NDC numbers that you can match with what is posted on the website.

  42. Nancy Axelrod says:

    I received two post cards regarding fluoride tablet settlement. Today I submitted form online. I have two children that took the tablets when they were younger. I did not submit any poof of purchases because it was so many years ago and I do not have them anymore. By not submitting any proof will that mean I will not receive any settlement. Shouldn’t the fact that I received two post cards mean they know that I did purchase the tablets.

    ADMIN – Hi Nancy,

    Lots of people contacted their pharmacy to obtain records. I am not sure how they will handle claims of individuals who received a card but had no proof of purchase.

  43. Julio C Rojas says:

    I just received the post cards over the past weekend,
    My son Julio C. Rojas Jr, we purchase table for my son, between 2005 to 2012

    ADMIN – Hi Julio,

    The deadline for this settlement has passed.

  44. Adriana Austin says:

    Hi, my name is Adriana Austin I filed a claim for the flouride settlement, became my daughter was taking this product for several months. How can I get an update on the settlement???

    ADMIN – Hi Adriana,

    You can get an update by contacting the class action administrator.

  45. S.Johnson says:

    When can you expect payment from the settlement

    ADMIN – Hi Mr. Johnson,

    You need to contact to ask

  46. S.Johnson says:

    Is there a telephone number to call

    ADMIN – Hi S,


  47. S.Johnson says:

    What was the ruling of the court in reference to the lawsuit

    ADMIN – Hi S,

    I just emailed the admin to find out.

  48. Cat Riley says:

    Last comment on their website: Pursuant to Court Order, the final Fairness Hearing has been rescheduled to Friday, June 16, 2017 at 9:30 a.m.

    Is there an update about the Final Fairness Hearing, and what the ruling of the court in reference to it is? And when to expect refunds? Thank you!

    ADMIN – Hi Cat,

    No updates at the moment

  49. Robin Beck says:

    Is there an update about the Final Fairness Hearing, and what the ruling of the court in reference to it is? And when to expect refunds? Thank you!

    ADMIN – Hi Robin,

    Nothing at the moment.

  50. Angela says:

    When are the checks going to come?

    ADMIN – Hi Angela,

    We don’t have any updates on this settlement.

  51. Angela says:

    Still nothing on when payments will be sent out?

    ADMIN – Hi Angela,

    It looks like Denise Cote the District Judge assigned to this case still has two pending claims, (2) breach of express warranty; and (3) the fraud and fraudulent concealment claims. One these claims are resolved the settlement will move forward.

  52. Stacey Johnson says:

    How do you if your claim has been received?

    ADMIN – Hi Stacey,

    You can reach out to the class action admin and they can check their database.

  53. kc says:

    Official site says checks were mailed today

    ADMIN – Hi KC,

    Yes, the checks are for about $40

  54. Serena Grantham says:

    Anyone received their settlement check? My USPS informed delivery shows mine is coming today, curious on the amounts.

  55. TK says:

    Informed Delivery showing checks are in the mail.

    ADMIN – Hi TK

    Yay! Stop by and tell me the amount when you receive it.

  56. Sharon Martinez says:

    I just received a check for 47.25 Thank you for the help!

    ADMIN – Hi Sharon,

    My pleasure.

  57. bob curtis says:

    Still no checks for me and my 2 friends. I called and they can’t find my name. Huh, wonder what is going on here.

    ADMIN – Hi Bob,

    Perhaps you were not a qualified class member?

  58. Who's going to pay for future dental bills? says:

    Well water with no fluoride and we find this out NOW that these pills were junk.
    Who’s going to pay for our future dental bills? No wonder we are having so many problems.
    NO post card or cards were received, just a check in the mail yesterday in my child’s name and No claim was filed.
    We thought it was a scam, until we started reading up via the web. Maybe it is a scam…
    Why would one put a child’s name on a check? A CHILD does not carry their insurance, their parents do.
    Why isn’t this ongoing instead of a limited date of 4/17 to file the claim?
    Just another thought, 10 yrs ago….they should be paying us TODAY’S cost for the RX and our checks would be bigger to help with the problems BIG PHARMA has created. I really do not think that ridiculous check is going to cover our “health concern.”

    ADMIN – Hi Miss Cyrus,

    What is your health concern?

    • ag says:

      Good question. My children have been riddled with cavities. Me, never.

      ADMIN – Hi Ag,

      I am cavity-free also. Lucky us!

  59. james todd says:

    i received 2 checks for 50 apiece

  60. ag says:

    Received claim today. Only received $56.00 of the 250.00 I claimed without having to provide receipts. If that was going to happen I would looked for receipts. How do I get the rest on money owed?

    ADMIN – Hi Ag,

    You don’t. You cannot appeal the amount once it has been issued. The amount for those without receipts was adjusted pro-rata based on the number of valid claims.

  61. Maureen says:

    i have 7 children, the middle and the youngest received a check, I am just wonder why those two and none of the others

    ADMIN – Hi Maureen,

    If you have claim numbers for the others you can always contact the class action administrator.

  62. Mark Vogel says:

    My daughter got her check yesterday. $2.13 – what a joke. Don’t waste my time. I love class action lawsuits. Lawyers make all the money. The people that get abused buy the company then get used buy the lawyers.

    ADMIN – Hi Mark,

    The pool remained the same. What changed was the number of applicants with a valid claim.

  63. Kris says:

    $15.5, how many people did this effect? How many claims on the lawsuit? Just curious as to how much is involved for the actual consumer.

    ADMIN – Hi Kris,

    You can write to the class action administrator to obtain the info you are eager to find out.

  64. JULIE l VUOLO says:

    after buying this every month for 12 years i just got a check for $1.25 . What was the problem ? To little fluoride ? Now she can have a mouth of weak teeth

    ADMIN – Hi Julie,

    Please refer to the final disposition to check how the monies were distributed.

  65. Jeanne says:

    I recieved a ck for $16…seriously. I guess 15 million people were awarded what a joke

    ADMIN – Hi Jeanne,

    The settlement offered a pro rata of the pool after attorneys and administration got paid. Once the expenses were covered they had ten million left. They gave priority to claims with backup documentation of over $250. But even if they had divided the money equally you are looking at just about 625,000 class members. Considering that there are 74 million people under 18 in the United States having only a little over half million class members is actually pretty low.

    You are always encouraged to donate your settlement if the amount is too small you find it offensive.

  66. g says:

    i read that there was a misprint about the fluoride and i would like to know was the dosage MORE than it was printed. I did not see that answer at all.

    ADMIN – Hi G,

    In the case of this settlement the dose was less than what it was disclosed.

  67. M says:

    The comments on this board is pure entertainment

    ADMIN – Hi M,

    Happy to be part of your hours of leisure.

  68. Jeff says:

    I haven’t received payment for both of my kids yet. Is there something else I need to do?

    ADMIN – Hi Jeff,

    The distribution for this settlement was in October. Email the class action administrator at to try to figure out why you did not receive a check.

  69. Sanjeev Bhandari says:

    I have moved and recently have received expired check for $16.31 forwarded to me at me new address after six months. I have original expired check. Please advise

    ADMIN – Hi Sanjeev,

    Contact the class action administrator to see if they are willing to reissue.

  70. Sanjeev Bhandari says:

    it is withdrawn in favor of my son Abishek Bhandari

    ADMIN – Hi Sanjeev,

    If you need to have the check reissued you need to contact the class action administrator.

  71. Jennifer says:

    Informed Delivery shows I am getting a check today

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