Class Eligibility

The Settlement Class includes all individuals who dined at one of the Fogle Restaurants (Fall Creek Steak and Catfish House, Great American Steak and Chicken House, Whipper Snappers, Peppercorn, Baldknobbers, or Plantation), between February 28, 2009 and February 28, 2014, for non-business-related purposes and who paid a CDF Fee. Meaning, if you only dined at one of the Fogle Restaurants while at a company lunch or for another business-related purpose, you are not part of the Settlement Class.

Estimated Amount

Full Reimbursment

Class members who fail to submit a receipt displaying a CDF fee charge, they will be paid either 1 percent of the bill if they dined at a Fogle restaurant between Feb. 28, 2009 and June 1, 2011, or 1.5 percent of the bill if they dined at a Fogle restaurant between June 2, 2011 and Feb. 28, 2014.

Proof of Purchase



Case Name

Richard McMillin v. Fogle Enterprises Inc., et al.,
ase No. 14AF-CC00154-01
Circuit Court of Christian County, Missouri

Case Summary

The lawsuit claims that Defendants included a 1-1.5% charge (the “CDF Fee”) on each of its customers’ bills without properly disclosing the presence of the fee or that the funds collected were used for non-charitable purposes. The lawsuit claims Defendants were not legally authorized to charge the CDF Fee.

Settlement Pool





Fogle Settlement Administrator
c/o Angeion Group
1650 Arch Street, Suite 2210
Philadelphia, PA 19103

10 responses to “Branson MO. Fogle Restaurants Class Action Settlement”

  1. Travis Oldham says:

    I was charge the cdf fee in 2010.

  2. Jamac Ali Farax says:

    Yes i’m

    ADMIN – Hi Jamac,

    File your claim if you qualify.

  3. Lisa perez says:

    Yes I’m in

    ADMIN – Hi Lisa,

    If you are a class member please file your claim using the link provided.

  4. Celestine Cokely says:

    The catfish House
    March 20 2013

    ADMIN – Hi Celestine,

    If you are a class member by all means file a claim.

  5. Poopeas says:

    I eat there and get sick. Please send the money now.

    ADMIN – Hi P,

    Please refer to class eligibility.

  6. Bridget Richardson says:

    Yes I was charged a cdc fee

    ADMIN – Hi Bridget,

    Sounds like you are a member of the class. Consider filing a claim.

  7. Jamie says:

    Hi back in 2009/2010 was charged the cdf fee several times (approx 18x between June 2011 and April 2012 and I didnt notice the extra charge till after eating there several times. Who can i get on touch with to speak to (and a number or email to contact them) since I got rid of my proof a long time ago thankyou.

    ADMIN – Hi Jamie,

    If you believe you are a class member by all means file a claim.

  8. Jason Datko says:

    Im filing a suit

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