Class Eligibility

You are a Class Member if you are a person, entity, or organization who currently resides in the United States (including its territories), and on or before April 25, 2017, you purchase(d), or lease(d) a 2011-2016 Ford Fiesta or 2012-2016 Ford Focus equipped with a PowerShift Transmission that was originally sold by Ford in the United States or its territories.

If, on or before April 25, 2017, while serving in the United States military overseas, you purchase(d), or lease(d) a 2011-2016 Ford Fiesta or 2012-2016 Ford Focus equipped with a PowerShift Transmission from a dealer under contract with the United States government, you are also a Class Member.

Estimated Amount


The amount you receive will depend on the number of repairs and your choice of cash or certificate

Proof of Purchase

Car Ownership

Case Name

Vargas v. Ford Motor Company, C.D. Cal.
Case No. 2:12-cv-08388-AB-FFM
United States District Court for the Central District of California

Case Summary

This Settlement resolves litigation against Ford alleging that Ford defectively designed the PowerShift Dual-Clutch Automatic Transmission in certain 2011-2016 Ford Fiesta and 2012-2016 Ford Focus vehicles (“Class Vehicles”).

The Actions allege that the PowerShift Transmission in the Class Vehicles was defectively designed and manufactured by Ford, causing it to slip, buck, kick, and/or jerk, resulting in the sudden or delayed acceleration of the vehicle. Plaintiffs have asserted nationwide claims under federal and state express and implied warranty laws and under consumer protection statutes.

Settlement Pool





Ford Transmission Settlement
P.O. Box 404000
Louisville, KY 40233-4000

68 responses to “Ford PowerShift Transmission Class Action Settlement (Focus & Fiesta)”

  1. Michelle souza says:

    I bought a ford fiesta that was dated 01/2017. Its stick shift and trannsmission, gears etc. Have felt something slip and has accelerated on its own accord. It kinda floats while driving. Feeling like big gusts of wind.

    ADMIN – Hi Michelle,

    The class eligibility reads as follows:

    You are a Class Member if you are a person, entity, or organization who currently resides in the United States (including its territories), and on or before April 25, 2017, you purchase(d), or lease(d) a 2011-2016 Ford Fiesta or 2012-2016 Ford Focus equipped with a PowerShift Transmission that was originally sold by Ford in the United States or its territories.

    Based on this you don’t qualify for this settlement.

  2. Felicia Rodriguez says:

    If my car is not paid off yet do I still qualify?
    How do i know if my car has power shift transmission?

    ADMIN – Hi Felicia,

    The majority of Focus and Fiesta have Powershift transmission but you can always stop by the dealer and ask. Yes you are still a class member even if you have not paid off your car.

  3. Ms Green says:

    I own a Ford Explorer 2011 and my power steering went while driving. Ford informed me there is a recall on my power steering, I’m now without a car for a week. Is there a class action for the explorer?

    ADMIN – Hi Ms. Green,

    There is not.

  4. Ed Fenton says:

    I sold my focus because of this problem do I qualify for this, I did take it for service and they told me that how it was, so I traded it in

    ADMIN – Hi Ed,

    If you own the car on or before 4/25 yes.

    • Sheree says:

      You get no benefit – if you’ve sold the car like I did – unless you can prove you had at least 2 software flashes performed. All the other “benefits” related to current car owners. That’s crappy because I sold my Focus 2 yrs ago because of this problem and you know the Chevy dealer knew of the problems and only gave me like $6k for a 2yr old Focus that had under 20k in mileage.

  5. Pat says:

    I purchased my NEW 2016 Ford Fiesta Hatchback on 9/21/16 & the following month I started to notice problems with the automatic shifting; I’ve owned enough new cars to know when something isn’t right.. I went to the dealer several times & the girl in the service dept drove the car around the lot & claimed she couldn’t find anything wrong & I should bring it back when I could ‘duplicate the problem’, guess that’s an auto dealer joke since these issues don’t make appointments before they happen.. I filed complaints with NHTSA about these issues & in June of 2017 I received my notice that I was included in the Class Action Settlement case & that Ford had notified all dealers of this problem during the year this was in litigation so IMO this car never should have been on the lot let alone sold to this senior..

  6. Linda says:

    I bought my 2012 Ford Focus 2/2012 with and $8000 down payment after the car kept jerking and rolling backward and after the ford dealership said it was ok I couldn’t take it I traded my car in on 12/2/2017 and had to come up with and additional $1500 deposit. Seems like there should be some type of reimbursements for my down payment I lost as a result of having to trade the car in because of the transmission. Any recourse for that?

    ADMIN – Hi Linda,
    You can always opt out or take it to arbitration

  7. Timm Belcher says:

    Does the 2014 Focus with an automatic transmission qualify? I see on the web site it list only manual transmissions. I have had this focus at the dealership 7 times and now again the dealership is replacing the clutch for the third time. Dealership is telling me this car does not qualify under the lawsuit according to the VIN number. Is this correct and if so, why not?

    ADMIN – Hi Tim,

    I am not privy to your vin number. The question to ask is if your car has PowerShift. If it does it most likely qualifies.

    • Timm Belcher says:

      Vin number is 1FADP3F23EL180447

      ADMIN – Hi Timm,

      I did not say I had the ability to check it. The dealership does. Go and ask if that VIN includes powershift.

      • Sheree says:

        If you do the “free VIN” search, this VIN shows up on a recall database. It looks (quick search) that your type of car had 3 types of transmissions – 2 (a 5 and a 6) manuals and 1 powershift automatic. (2L Flex Fuel I4). So if that’s your car, seems you qualify if you had an automatic. Not an expert tho

  8. Thomas Johnson says:

    I am part of another lawsuit for this. If I submit a claim on this one, does it affect my standing for the other?

    ADMIN – Hi Thomas,

    Please refer to question 49 of the official settlement FAQ

  9. Jen T says:

    I have had a very similar issue with my 2010 and 2014 Ford Mustangs with automatic transmissions. Is it possible to expand the suit to include other models?

    ADMIN – Hi Jen,

    Not possible. But you can always contact a class action attorney to see if you have a case.

  10. Daniel Dawso says:

    Do i qualify for any reimbursment for leasing the car but not having to have repairs? I didn’t buy the car because it was junk and I feel I lost a significant amount of money.

    ADMIN – Hi Daniel,

    You are a Class Member if you are a person, entity, or organization who currently resides in the United States (including its territories), and on or before April 25, 2017, you purchase(d), or lease(d) a 2011-2016 Ford Fiesta or 2012-2016 Ford Focus equipped with a PowerShift Transmission that was originally sold by Ford in the United States or its territories.

    If, on or before April 25, 2017, while serving in the United States military overseas, you purchase(d), or lease(d) a 2011-2016 Ford Fiesta or 2012-2016 Ford Focus equipped with a PowerShift Transmission from a dealer under contract with the United States government, you are also a Class Member.

  11. Lisa W says:

    Why is the cutoff date in April? I just bought one last month, a 12 Focus from dealership, unaware of problems but finding out firsthand.

    ADMIN – Hi Lisa,

    I am sorry about that. I am not sure how the cutoff was drafted by the lawyers but I do know that prior to purchasing a car it is smart to read reviews and recalls.

  12. Joseph Brown says:

    I have bought a 2016 ford focus hatchback in 2016 and the car had trouble shifting. We called it the shudder car because it shuddered. We took it to the dealership and they adjusted something but the problem just persited. We finally gave up and traded it in on a Subaru. Would I be intiled to anything?

    ADMIN – Hi Joseph,

    The terms read as follows:
    You are a Class Member if you are a person, entity, or organization who currently resides in the United States (including its territories), and on or before April 25, 2017, you purchase(d), or lease(d) a 2011-2016 Ford Fiesta or 2012-2016 Ford Focus equipped with a PowerShift Transmission that was originally sold by Ford in the United States or its territories.

    The requirement is to have purchased the vehicle on or before the indicated date. It does not have an exclusion for those that sold their car.

  13. Annette Pinckney says:

    I do not have any of my receipts but i took my car to Jones Ford and Tideland ford 8 times will i be able to get information from them, I really need to get rid of this car, I have already paid three years to much on this car, I just want my money so that I could get me a new car and not a ford. And when you call the number listed on the website they never return your call really.

    • Tom M says:

      Contact any Ford dealer service writer. They can give you a print out of the dealer repairs for the history of the vehicle. Bought a used Focus and found out the initial repair for this was when the original owner owned it.

  14. MCS says:

    Hello, I purchased a Focus Titanium in April of 2013. In June, I was in a bad accident and the car was totaled. Am I eligible for this class action? I have proof that I owned the vehicle though. Thanks.

    ADMIN – Hi MCS,

    The class eligibility includes the past tense which leads me to assume that you are included even when you don’t have the car anymore.

  15. Andrea Randle says:

    Will the 2013 Fusion eventually included in this suit? I puchased a 2013 Fusion in 2014.

    ADMIN – Hi Andrea,

    Lawsuits like this one don’t add extra cars. If you believe there is an issue with your car that is prevalent in all similar cars I encourage you to contact a class action attorney and get something started.

  16. Colene Kay Simpson says:

    Hi Andrea, I purchased my Ford Focus in March 2012, i have had problems with the Transmission and have had it in for service several times. What i have read Ford has reached a settlement, so now what do i do? Please let me know.
    Thank You,

    Colene Simpson

    ADMIN – Hi Colene,

    You now file a claim using the link provided.

  17. Ruth Kreneman says:

    Was the suit settlement approved by the judge? If so when will checks be sent out to claiments?

    ADMIN – Hi Ruth,

    On October 18, 2017, the Court granted Final Approval to the Settlement. Class members can now submit claims for benefits under the settlement, but please be aware that claims will not be processed or paid, and no arbitrations will take place, until after all appeals have been exhausted or expired. Please check this website frequently for updates.

  18. Sue Cox says:

    Question: – Is Ford going to FIX my car or not ? if not, are they going to buy it back ? ( I am not interested in getting a few dollars and keeping a rotten car !)

    ADMIN – Hi Sue,

    Ford has programs to fix the cars and to buy the cars back. Refer to the official page.

  19. Hector Abuyen says:

    I purchased a 2012 Ford Focus used in 2015. The car has 146000 miles already. I just recently had problems with the transmission on the way to work one morning. It doesn’t have a reverse now and shifts hard out of gear.
    The dealer cant take it to diagnose until 02/17/2018. Am I now out of the limitations for the settlement?

    ADMIN – Hi Hector,

    I don’t think there is a time limit for this.

  20. Mary Cottrell says:

    can a claim form be sent be mail?

    ADMIN – Hi Mary,

    If you need to file manually you may want to contact the class action administrator.

  21. Teresa says:

    Why are these cars being sold to the people anyway? Doesn’t it make sense not to sell a defective product? Surely Ford should realize a transmission problem would be detected. Shame on Ford!

    ADMIN – Hi Teresa,

    I believe they stopped selling the vehicles once they found out there was a problem that needed repairs.


      They haven’t stopped selling the defective cars.


        I was asked by a car sales man if I would like a 2016 Ford Fiesta. Which has the same transmission issue. He also stated let some other consumer deal with my issues with my current vehicle which is a 2015 Ford Fiesta. Dealership was Keller Ford in Hanford, Ca

  22. Jason graham says:

    Hello I had a 2013 Ford Focus with the power shift transmission and had nothing but problems with it so after numerous trips to the dealership and repair shop I finally just gave it back and they are still charging me for the balance of the loan even after they sold it to someone else. I can still be involved in the class action against ford correct.

    ADMIN – Hi Jason,

    I don’t know under what circumstances you gave it back or if you are still paying for it. Contact the class action administrator to obtain clarification.

  23. Irubio says:

    I had A 2012 Ford Focus I had several issues with this car. Each time i took It to the dealer they “fixed” whatever issue but the last time they refused to even check my car out because it was Saturday but mind you my car kept shutting off and i told Them i was Aware of a tranny problem, still refused to check my car out. Long story short as of 7/2017 the same day they wouldn’t even look at my car I went somewhere else and i dont have this car anymore, how do i file A claim for this? I dont Have my receipts for repairs on the car

    ADMIN – Hi Irubio,

    You can ask the dealership for duplicate receipts.

    • Irubio says:

      I got The post card in the mail about the claim does that mean i will Get something?

      ADMIN – Hi Irubio,

      It just means you qualify for the settlement. You need to file in order to get something.

    • Irubio says:

      Where can i get a copy of the card they sent me? Anyone know

      ADMIN – Hi Rubio,

      Reach out to the class action administrator.

  24. Virginia whitt says:

    I still have my 2012 focus we are still driving it!, it has so many shifting problems hesitation when pulling out!,, I received a notice in the mail about the class action but still haven’t received anything else!,, when should I receive a settlement?

    ADMIN – Hi Virginia,

    Did you file a claim?

  25. Donna Cabrera says:

    Bought a new 2013 Ford Fiesta , it had 9 miles on it . with in 6 months , it began to shudder , hesitatate in acceleration, took to TOWER FORD COOS BAY OREGON. 3 different incidents , of power loss, clutch slippage , transmission, jerking ,shuddering in going up hill. on paved hills,or paved coastal highway. The second time I had to have it done , 3x transmission and clutch replaced ,within “lemon law” 17,100.miles was on odometer, with the 2nd fix , a head mechanic at the TOWER FORD DEALERSHIP IN COOS BAY OREGON, named MIKE,told me , ” I bought a lemon” . , I had a witness ,and later his statement ,cohersed by his statement I got me a lawyer ,and I was alerted to” LemonLaw” , and i contacted head office and complained how I was concerned and wanted to find out how to relieve myself of this , Lemon,car ? A She was very matter of fact ,and said I would have to pat it off ,knowing how close it lagged when accelerating as I tried to include myself onto a freeway entrance ramp , I was almost run over by a semi truck fully loaded going 60 mph. coming up behind me , as l TRIED, to accelerate it slowed down by itself and pushing my foot on peddle to floor ,I could not increase speed ,at the last second it shot for ward ,and I couldn’t get it to regulate itself, I almost rammed a car in front of me.I was terrified and it affected my confidence , i never trusted that car again. The Ford management corporation didn’t care .so when I mentioned lawyer ,she hung up on me .I had another experience where my car had to be towed and I was given an 8 cylinder boat of a car as a loaner car., dirty , no gas, unvacuumed, it took 50.00 for 1/2tank. i drove home 1&1/2 hrs at night ,with no High Beam ‘ .ligh ts. so was told it would be over two’ weeks, before the parts would be in ,two or three days later they called and told me it was ready . had to take time off several times ,through out the 18,000.miles I had the car , lost wages, car rentals ,mental anxiety driving it wait ing for the fail …but my last repair at TOWER FORD , was the worse experience. I think FORD management had informed them I had an attorney counsel LemonLaw , the car had 17,100.miles on it when it was towed to them…I was told that the car was ready ,so I had to work & was unable to leave to early . I was told don’t be late,or I wouldn’t be able to have .my car till Monday . So i cancelled my afternoon clients (150.00 in hair clients) ,rushed to get there ,and they only handed my keys, and shoved me out the door since he said they had to close at 5pm. I got in my car turned the key over and EVERY LIGHT ON MY DASHBOARD WAS ON . THEY LET AIR OUT OF EVERY TIRE , THEY PUT 900 MILES ON MY CAR ODOMETER TO GET , THE LEMON GUIDELINES EXCEEDED, (18000). I HAD NO GAS ,IN MY TANK AND WHEN I LEFT IT THERE FOR FIXING , IT HAD A FULL TANK , AND IT WAS ONLY NEEDING A NEW CLUTCH , AND A NEW TRANSMISSION.. THEY DRAINED 1/2 THE LIQUIDS OF ALL THE LIQUIDS IN ALL UNITS UNDER MY HOOD.DRAINED MY GAS OUT AND RAN M Y MILEAGE UP 900 MILES , to dis qualify me from the LEMON LAW,luckily I snapped a picture before it left for repair . a week.later I drove it 2hrs to the original dealership ,demanded they take their LEMON back . they sold me a Nissan versa and EXCELLENT RELIABLE CAR. ….WITH NO CARRY OVER OF FIESTA ON NEW CONTRACT. H e said In 30 years he has never done that, I told him get ready for today will be your first!!! I drove away in a 2012 Nissan versa, with a full tank if gas ,a wash and the equity in the the fiesta , for a down payment . It was a horrible experience .

  26. LT says:

    I just bought my daughter a 2017 Ford Fiesta. I bought it 9/2017. Does that mean her new car won’t have this problem? Was it corrected in future manufacturing? I don’t want to think I bought a “new” car to avoid car repairs, only to now have to worry about it!!!?

    ADMIN – Hi LT,

    Per the class eligibility the models affected were manufactured from 2011 to 2016

  27. Sheila Craan says:

    I purchased my 2015 Ford Fiesta on May 14, 2017. I notice the car jerks as I am driving. I’ve had the clutch and transmission checked twice, once in July 2017 and on Feburary 2018. So far my car tests normal. The service tech said to watch it. Am I entitled to a settlement? I have 5 more years to pay off my car.

    ADMIN – Hi Sheila,

    You are a Class Member if you are a person, entity, or organization who currently resides in the United States (including its territories), and on or before April 25, 2017, you purchase(d), or lease(d) a 2011-2016 Ford Fiesta or 2012-2016 Ford Focus equipped with a PowerShift Transmission that was originally sold by Ford in the United States or its territories.

    So the answer is no. Your car was purchased after the qualifying date.

  28. Mercy says:

    I filed for arbitration, then my car was totaled recently… What do I do?

    ADMIN – Hi Mercy,

    Reach out to the class action administrator.

  29. Lou Ro says:

    I currently own a qualifying Ford Fiesta it’s 2013 and it does have a dps6 dual clutch transmission, and I have been to a ford dealership several times to have it serviced for transmission issues. What’s my next move? I chose to participate when I received the card in the mail. Where do I go? Or who do I need to talk to if I want my vehicle to be replaced?

    ADMIN – Hi Lou,

    Reach out to the class action administrator to obtain clarification on this matter.

  30. Maggie Williams says:

    When will I get my settlement? I had a 2016 Ford focus. Had an accident, the airbag did not deploy

    ADMIN – Hi Maggie,

    This settlement is a transmission settlement not an airbag settlement.

  31. Catherine Dominiak says:

    I was wondering if the class suit against Ford motor if and when will payments be made?

    ADMIN – Hi Catherine,

    I don’t have a firm date on this one.

  32. Katherine Hampton says:

    I purchased, outright, a new 2015 Ford Fiesta for my son and was in the shop 79 days in the beginning of 2017 for transmission “issues”. I contacted a Lemon Law firm and sent them all the service reports and they kept wanting me to take the car back in to another Ford service place “at least 80 miles away” to have it looked at…I said just forget it. Thy just called today and said Ford made an offer of $6000+ but the attorney fees were $3000+ so my check would be just over $3000.
    I was told that Ford must pay for the attorneys fees. What should I do?

    ADMIN – Hi Katherine,

    You should ask your attorney what to do.

  33. Gail Houle says:

    I purchased my 2016 Ford Focus last February. It had 2000 miles on it when I bought it. The dealer never clearly explained why. I have had the bucking, jerking, poor acceleration etc. problems from the get go. I’ve even had metallic clanking from the undercarriage several times. So far I have brought it in and had flashes done twice and clutch repairs and replacement twice, the most recent last month. The car is doing the same exact thing it was since I bought it. These “repairs” are doing nothing to fix the problem. Can I file a claim now? I need to take it back to the dealer for repair again. I’m really tired of this. All I want is a car that I don’t have to keep bringing to the shop for repairs and that I don’t have to notice how badly it behaves every single time I drive it. The dealer actually told me that “Ford has some of these issues built into it’s parameters” Are you kidding me?? thank you very much.

    ADMIN – Hi Gail,

    Have you looked to see if you qualify for buy back?

  34. Mary Morgan says:

    I mailed my paper work in before the first deadline how would I know if it was received? are who do I call to see if they got all my paper work so I don’t have to do this all over again thanks

    ADMIN – Hi Mary,

    Reach out to the class action administrator to check if they received your claim.

  35. Grady Lee Aker says:

    I had done paper work from the begining .Have been checking web sites regularly this is a new web to me. Just filed another claim form We have a lease car been in 3 or more times still doesn’t work corectly..

    ADMIN – Hi Grady,

    You mean a rental car?


    Sorry to bother… but has anyone even checked the earlier years focus. Like the alternators melting or stop functioning and needing to be replaced frequently? Mine is a 2006 zx3 And within a year of fully buying it i had to replace the alternator and I have had to replace it every 2 years to the present. I have heard of others having similar problems also.

    ADMIN – Hi Krystal

    Look for a class action attorney in your area that can review your case.

  37. AMANDA BLOUNT says:


    ADMIN – Hi Amanda,

    I believe your car registration office keeps records of prior owners.

  38. Patrick P. CONNOLLY says:

    I purchased a used 2015 Ford Focus on 02/18/2016 with 15,700 miles on it. After a few months we took it to local Ford dealer for service. Asked the service rep to check transmission for bucking and grinding. They gave us a sheet that explained their version of what was happening. Told us to keep driving it. This went on for a few months with dealership telling us nothing was wrong. In July on 2017 we took it back because it was no longer tolerable, they said they had to replace the clutch. (37829 milage) Transmission still did not shift right, Ford told us to drive it and it had to learn our driving methods. We asked then again to please check it they did not. One serice rep told us to “dump this car as quick as we could”. Fed up with the lack of Fords honesty we traded it at a great loss at that dealership. They did not write up that we reported transmission problems on all our invoices and that they flashed the transmission controller for each event. How can we prove that this was completed.

    ADMIN – Hi Patrick,

    Reach out to class counsel to consult.

  39. Taco Joe says:

    Not only did my 2013 Focus have a faulty transmission, but a “sizzled” stereo too, not my words but the mechanic who charged me $500 to replace it.
    How can they sell these things knowing they are big pieces of sh*t? Forget about the whole “business is business” bullsh*t, but damn…don’t these people have a conscious?
    Has anyone here accepted or turned down the offer? I’m still waiting and have been for almost 45 days. Just curious to see what their first offer is.
    Thanks. Peace, love and tacos.

  40. Gloria Thomas Metcalf says:

    PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!! I purchased my 2014 Ford Focus in 2015 with less than 5000 miles on it. When it started to jerk and shutter I learned that there was a recall and the TCM had issues. This car has been a nightmare for me and my family. Dealing with the Ford Motor Company has not been a piece of cake either. I have been constantly lied to, made to feel like the problem was all my fault, was told that the specs wasn’t high enough for the vehicle to be worked on AND was even told by a service technician that “ you need to drive the car like a Bat Out of Hell”. I am 60 years old and have not nor do I want to drive a car like that. I was told that there was going to be a Class Action Lawsuit regarding this and was advised that I needed to wait until everything was settled in court before anything could be done about this. I continued taking my car on numerous occasions to the Ford Dealership only to be told that Ford would never fix this problem and I would either have to live with it or just get rid of the car. I was told early on that when I first learned about the recall that this jerking, shuttering and stalling could potentially lead to a car accident. IS IT GOING TO TAKE SOMEONE LOOSING THEIR LIFE FOR FORD TO OWN UP TO THEIR MISTAKES? I DO NOT WANT TO BECOME A STATISTIC AND LOSE MY LIFE BY BEING INVOLVED IN A CATASTROPHIC ACCIDENT WHILE DRIVING THIS CAR. Please help me!! I just learned that there was a deadline in getting my name on the Class Action Lawsuit. I have been calling telephone numbers listed on the web sites and frantically trying to speak to a live person with my questions only to no avail. PLEASE PLEASE GIVE ME SOME ANSWERS ON WHAT TO DO ABOUT THIS!!!

    ADMIN – Hi Gloria,

    The only type of assistance we offer is in the way of information. The terms of the settlement are as follows: You are a Class Member if you are a person, entity, or organization who currently resides in the United States (including its territories), and on or before April 25, 2017, you purchase(d), or lease(d) a 2011-2016 Ford Fiesta or 2012-2016 Ford Focus equipped with a PowerShift Transmission that was originally sold by Ford in the United States or its territories.

    The settlement does not have an expiration date and you should be able to get a hold of the class action administrator using the # provided.


      Please give me the number of the class action Administrator please. I have a 2015 Ford Fiesta less than 40,000 miles. I started having issues at 15,000 miles & now the issue has started again. The shuddering, jerking etc… I have all of my work orders and maintenance records, original sales document. My left and right rear shocks have been replaced at 36,145 left and shortly right and brand new tires with too. 800.00 $. I follow dealerships maintenance schedule. Please help me.

      ADMIN – Hi Catherine,

      If you scroll up and carefully read this page you will get to a section sub-titled “contact”. That section contains all the contact information for the administrators.

  41. Kelly L Farrell says:

    I have a 2014 ford focus se hatchback purchased in feb 2016 i am still making payments but i have noticed the jerking and hesitation of transmission with shifting few times ive mentioned at service to dealerdhip was given excuses & told its normal i know its not but am in a contract am i eligible to file suit?

    ADMIN – Hi Kelly,

    You are a Class Member if you are a person, entity, or organization who currently resides in the United States (including its territories), and on or before April 25, 2017, you purchase(d), or lease(d) a 2011-2016 Ford Fiesta or 2012-2016 Ford Focus equipped with a PowerShift Transmission that was originally sold by Ford in the United States or its territories.



    ADMIN – Hi Catherine,

    That sounds super frustrating

  43. Jon Sleeper says:

    I bought a 2013 Focus Titanium Hatchback new five years ago. Due to these transmission problems I traded the car about two years later. It’s been years since I owned the vehicle, so I’m not sure if I’m eligible for this settlement.

    ADMIN – Hi Jon,

    It does not sound like you are a class member. Please refer to class eligibility.

  44. Katrina says:

    I have a 2013 Fiesta, been serval times for shifting modulator parts, reset by computer! My car goes about ever 10000 to 12000 with another issue! Been to two dealerships, most results happening from new dealership! But how many times they gonna fix my car, til warranty runs out! Now car half value n not worth trading! Am I able to be compensated at all!

    ADMIN – Hi Katrina,

    Please refer to the terms of the settlement. I believe there is a buy back option.

  45. Maryann Dali says:

    I have a Ford Focus 2017 that the power shift automatic transmission jerks and I encounter delayed acceleration. Should I bring it in to Ford. Did they correct this problem after 2016

    ADMIN – Hi Maryann,

    Your car is not part of the settlement but I am sure it is still under guarantee.

  46. David Butts says:

    I’m in the same boat as others here. Bought my 14 Focus new in September 2014 and almost immediately started experiencing issues with the PS trans.

    Was at the selling dealer more than 20 days in the first two years of ownership. TCM reflashed a couple times before it was eventually replace with no improvement.

    Took the car to another local Ford dealer and they replaced the clutches after a quick diagnosis that the other dealer was apparently incapable of.

    Ford has extended the warranty out to 10 years or 150,000 miles now which seems like an admission of fault to me.

    The car has been at the 2nd dealer a couple more times and was told the measured slippage does not meet Fords criteria for clutch replacement yet. ? There should be no slippage!

    Finally tired of the car I recently tried to trade it in on a new vehicle and that’s when I found that these cars have basically zero trade value due to the widely known trans issues. Thank you Ford Motor Company. I was offered less than half of what’s owed. Ford has got to be held accountable.

  47. Margaret Rhoades says:

    I purchased a Ford Focus last year in October and when we were driving home I told my granddaughter that the tranny did not sound right and was making jerky motions and bucking just all around was not right. I had my car taken back down after a couple of weeks and told them that the tranny was not right they checked it and said it was ok that is the way the tranny worked. We took it to tranny shop and they said it would take a couple of thousand to fix it so was stumped as to what to do I get hold of Ford Motor Co or just submit a claim form

    ADMIN – Hi Margaret,

    Try both ways. Contact Ford customer service and submit a claim.

  48. Brian H. Heath, ohio says:

    I literally drove my 2013 Fiesta to mathews ford dealership, head mechanic change tcm without permission, but claimed it was covered under warranty. Reprogrammed new tcm and now all of sudden car cant find neutral in program, car cannot be driven now off lot. Claims he has to pull transmission out and tear it apart just to see what is cause and that going to cost me $500. Because warranty doesnt cover them to pull transmission and find problem. He knows it’s an internal problem because he took apart the old TCM and seen signs of war. So after arguing back n forth he tells me “well I’ll just got back our there and put the old tcm back on and you can come get it out of here. Car cant drive now he changed part experience problem that I didn’t. And took another companies product and broke seals by opening it up to the internal parts. Now my fiancee cant make it to work and today is another day of money lost. What the hell can I do about this?

    ADMIN – Hi Brian,

    Perhaps secure a private lawyer?

  49. Katrina says:

    I have a 2013 been thru many issue with repairing the shifting modulator and flash texted! In mnth, I got no help from lawsuit! Can’t trade in worth less than owe! How is it I did everything to fix car and got no help from Ford but extending warranty! Thx for nothing lawsuit not helpful at all!

  50. Melissa says:

    I have a 2013 Focus and have had multiple clutch replacement and transmission module replacement. Now leaking fluids at clutch and transmission. Back in the shop. Salesman said he would like to help but doesn’t know what to do. This car is a death trap

  51. Laura E Estes says:

    I sent all my information to Ford in January 2018 for the Ford Settlement and I haven’t heard anything back. Should I send it again? I had all the necessary documentation and I mailed it. 2013 Ford Focus with more than 3 clutch replacements. There is no number to call to check on the status and I don’t know what to do.

    ADMIN – Hi Laura,

    I would reach out to the class action administrator.

  52. Sally and Roger Crowder says:

    What phone number can I call to be sure Ford got my claim ? Thank you and have a blessed day

    ADMIN – Hi Sally,


  53. Vivian Hamilton says:

    Vivian Hamilton, continued
    took car to local dealer, again, they were rude and said I did something wrong, kept the car for 2 weeks,I asked what did they repair and was told “whatever was covered, was only concerned with getting my signature before I could read everything, I read and signed, the car will only go up to 25 mph it jerks has a loud rattling sound , refused to replace the under cover that came off also minor front bumper damage, I am still paying for this car,,have not driven it since mid July, it is unsafe, do I qualify for this class Action

    ADMIN – Hi Vivian,

    The year of your car qualifies but please refer to the terms of the settlement before you file. Some people have opted to hire their own attorney instead.

  54. Susan cleaver says:

    My 2016 focus has been in shop 5 times. I started to file lemon law deadline 8/20/18 but car was repaired 8/8/18 I thought it was finally repaired untill 9/24/18 was stranded in grand junction co for 5 days. Can I still file for repurchase ?

    ADMIN – Hi Susan,

    I believe so, but double check with the class action administrator.

  55. Juanita Aguirre-Varela says:

    I have been looking at many websites to file my claim and find no area to file.
    My Fiesta was a 2014

    ADMIN – Hi Juanita

  56. R. MacAlpine says:

    I have a focus that qualifies, but was told by Ford and the settlement people that is does not qualify because the vehicle was not serviced enough times by the dealership. FORD WEASELING THERE WAY OUT OF PAYING UP OR FIXING THE PROBLEM. FORD=BUMS

  57. Earleen D Case says:

    I have a 2012 Ford Focus, I received post card in the mail about this, do i need to do anything else, i still have the car, , I’ve had 2 transmission issues, (recalls done to this car) do i need to do anything else?
    presently i been told there is a recall with something with the gas tank or in that general area. sorry i don’t have more info about this presently.
    thank you

    ADMIN – Hi Earleen,

    Please refer to the terms of the settlement. You might benefit from some of the remedies.

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