Class Eligibility

You are a class member if you are a current or former owner and lessee of the following vehicles in the United States, if the vehicles have a 5.4 liter 3-valve engine: 2004-2008 Ford F-150 trucks, 2005-2008 Ford F-Super Duty trucks (e.g., F-250 and F-350), 2005-2008 Ford Expeditions, 2005-2008 Lincoln Navigators and 2006-2008 Lincoln Mark LTs (“Vehicles”).

Estimated Amount


Proof of Purchase


Case Name

Case No. Case No. 1:12-md-2316.
District Court for the District of Northern District of Ohio

Case Summary

According to the lawsuit Ford should have had knowledge that the two-piece spark plugs used in these engines had a proclivity to become stuck and break in the engine during the removal process, making the broken spark plugs more difficult and expensive to remove.

The defendant denies the allegations

Settlement Pool



08/25/16-Deadline for submitting claims for Spark Plug Replacements performed before October 23, 2015

02/27/17-Deadline for submitting claims for Spark Plug Replacements performed on or after October 23, 2015


Renkim Corporation, Ford Spark Plug Claim Center
PO Box 1968, Southgate,
MI 48195-0968.

164 responses to “Ford Spark Plug Defect Class Action Settlement”

  1. Ramiro Palacios says:

    Went to dealership and they told me to call you first to see how much would be paid and by who

    ADMIN – Hi Ramiro,

    You should not call me first. You should contact the class action admin. You can find their info at the bottom of the listing. Also note that this is only valid if your plugs broke.

    • jack chendo says:

      When are the payouts coming? anyone know?

      • Jeanette R says:

        Has anyone been paid out?

        • monroe hubbard says:

          only thing I can find says “please be patient”. beginning to wonder if payments are even going to happen.

          ADMIN – Hi Monroe,

          Some users have reported checks in the mail.

        • Dan Kinsley says:

          I received a check in the mail last week! I spent $495.00 for a tune up on my 04 f150 and an additional $897.00 to extract/remove 7 broken plugs. My settlement check was a whopping $ 10.71 amazing how they do the math !

        • Meatwagon2005 says:

          I did all the work myself. Using the Lisle tool, I was able to extract 4 broken plugs. The other 4 came out without any issues. I submitted a non-standard claim form before the deadline (since I had no receipts for any labor). I Received a letter from 2/28/17 stating “The out-of-pocket” costs were too low to be eligible for reimbursement. It also stated to visit for further info – and the site is down.

          Oh well, I tried to recoup some of my costs and now am getting crap.

        • Linda Solich says:

          We received a check for $30.62 on Thursday of last week from Comerica Bank in Ann Arbor for the spark plug settlement. I deposited the check in my bank account that day. Today I received notice from my bank that there were “insufficient funds” and the check bounced. My bank charged me $12.50. ?I have the check because I deposited it digitally, but threw away the paperwork that came with it. I am not sure where to go from here.

          ADMIN – Hi Linda,

          Please contact the class action admin. The info is posted on this page.

          • E Brown says:

            Linda, Thanks so much! I got my check yesterday and was going to deposit it today. I filed in November of 2015 and it took 16 months to get to me. If it bounces, I am going to blow a gasket!

          • Steve says:

            My check also bounced. I called 844-881-0285 and it was just a recording. How can I cash this check?

            ADMIN – Hi Steve,

            Try class counsel

            James C. Shah
            Shepherd, Finkelman, Miller & Shah, LLP 35 E. State Street
            Media, PA, 19063
            Telephone: 877/891-9880

          • Over it says:

            The lawyers spent it we need a class action against lawyers why shpuld they get more money then the people

            ADMIN – Hi There,

            Because without them the people would get nothing.

        • Natasha A says:

          We received a check today for a whopping $5.71. Seven out of the eight plugs broke but our dealer only charged us the removal fee for four, still, we paid out $709.94. Per the FAQ Class Member Pays At Least $500 and Less Than $1,000 to Replace 8 Spark Plugs Ford will reimburse the Class Member $5.00 per replaced plug plus 50% of the actual amount paid that is in excess of $500. So, 5*8=40 and 209.94*.50= 104.97 + 40 we should have been paid 144.97 NOT 5.71.. So I’ve submitted an appeal, but from things I’ve been reading others have had their small checks returned as NSF… We’ll see but I’m not holding my breath.

          • D K says:

            Seems like settlements are off by a factor of 10. I got a whopping $60 after spending over $1000.

        • Lisa says:

          I just received a check for $16.00 totally crazy I spent $1000 having all coils and spark plugs changed not because I wanted to but because I had to

        • Rick says:

          Mailed my clain 8/15/2016 – Mailed it certified and it was received. Since then I have heard nothing…

          ADMIN – Hi Rick,

          Reach out to the class action administrator.

      • H. V. Grundy says:

        I submitted a claim within 2 weeks of receiving the form ,, as of this date, about a year later, I have not received any payment, nor can I find out anything about my claim….what do I do next? HVG

        ADMIN – Hi Mr. Grundy,

        You contact the class action administrator.

        • Sue Korpai says:

          I submitted a form last April (2016)-met all requirements for our 2006 F150-and haven’t heard a thing. I have called the Admin. # several times and just get a recording indicating to be patient. After leaving many messages, I got a return message saying that my claim form had been received-that’s it!!! 11 months for reimbursement is too long for the hundreds of dollars we had to spend twice to replace the faulty plugs, towing, and inconvenience we have endured due to the poor performance of the truck while driving!!! We have had Fords for years and loved them. We are so disappointed. Never again! We will stop buying Ford products and will contact the media about the poor response/customer service. This is a travesty. I guess Ford doesn’t care if they get sued again. No wonder their stock is down!!!

          • Joann says:

            I called there lawyers i just got my check i was waiting a long time also when i finally got a lett r from them they said it wasn’t enough so i resent them more copies and they still said it wasn’t clear enough so I called their lawyers and sent them through email everything and 2 weeks later I received my check

        • Jen and Bill Gaines says:

          Submitted ours well over a year or so ago. Haven’t received anything… called and just get recording… ?

          ADMIN – Hi Jen,

          Reach out in writing via certified mail.

        • Joann says:

          I called their lawyers . I was getting the run around ,I kept getting letters saying I didn’t have the papers,so I got I touch with their lawyers and just received my check in the mail today

          • Kathy says:

            What’s the lawyers name or number?

          • Delfina says:

            Hi Joann my name Delfina castilla and am going thru the same process with them now could you please give me the number to their lawyer please at

            ADMIN – Hi Delfina,

            The number to the lawyers of this case is in the long notice.

      • M says:

        I have not. Just got a lettER stating they need “documentation that identifies the claimant as the person incurred the out of pocket costs” who dI’d they think paid for it to get fixed?

        • Timothy Ray says:

          I had the same delay tactic. Well past any payment dates and still nothing.

        • Michael G says:

          I received a letter as well stating they needed proof that the invoice was paid. I had an invoice from my mechanic shop stating all the work that was performed. Do they think the work was done for free. Extremely frustrated on how long this process is taking.

  2. GREG says:


    • Tracy says:

      Greg, what year/model truck? Husband had same thing happen to his 2008 F-250. Dealership misdiagnosed first time. Three service visits later they told him he had to replace the engine.

  3. Eleanor Carden says:

    Owned a 2004 F 150 purchased several spark plugs over the years

  4. Juan says:

    Have had issues often and just recently with sparkplugs. My mechanic told me about it. I own 2004 f150

  5. Jim says:

    We bought a brand new f250/super duty 2014/
    It stalled constantly/had to be towed back to dealer several times! We had to pay AAA to tow it back at our cost!
    It was a nightmare! Ford did nothing! The dealership never mentioned spark plug problem which would make sense! They said it was the battery!

  6. Kimberley Kerszy says:

    Are they giving out multiple rebates. I own a f 150 and expedition all within the descrives years all ynder 120K miles and I have receipts for spark plug replacement on both. I am assuming I can submit multiple claims????

    ADMIN – Hi Kimberley,

    It appears you can.

  7. Vincent Buonocore says:

    I had a 2006 Ford F-250 Super Duty truck. I had significant performance issues to the point it had to be towed 4 times for repair. Each time I was told the cause of the issues were things ranging from the gas cap, battery, computer issues, etc. I Finally became so frustrated I sought to trade the vehicle. A friend who was a former mechanic for ford told me of this problem and it was fixed. I have since sold the vehicle.

  8. Sandra M. Anderson says:

    Bought a 2006 Loaded Lincoln Navigator, brand new. At 42,000+ miles the vehicle started choking and seem to be misfiring. When I took it in the Lincoln Dealer in Fayetteville, NC they explained that it was the spark plugs and that there was a problem with them but the manufacturer was not covering it. He warned me that if the spark plug broke when trying to get them out he would need to pull the engine. The bill ended up being 1,200+ and I wrote a letter to Lincoln regarding such an absurd situation. This should never happen. How do I register for any kind of reimbursement???

    ADMIN – Hi Sandra,

    You file a claim per the instructions.

  9. Kyle says:

    If my vehicle was at 126k does that completely rule out any rebate after all?

    ADMIN – Hi Kyle,

    It appears so, per the terms of the settlement 120k miles or less.

  10. Nancy says:

    Is this the only class action lawsuit regarding this issue? I received a letter, but I have misplaced it. I want to make sure this is the same class action lawsuit.

    ADMIN – Hi Nancy,

    Even if it was not if you claim meets all the requirements disclosed you can file.

  11. Diana Paz says:

    Had issues with spark plugs

  12. Jorge Angulo says:

    Yo le cambie las bujillas a Mi truka ford 250 2006 does verses y no se le apagaba el check egain y le tube que cambiar el catalico comberte y 4 sensors Del oxygen.

  13. D Mitch says:

    I just want to know something my truck is a 2007 F150 with only 54,000 miles should I have my spark plugs change now or at 75,000 so far I have been bless with no problem.

    ADMIN – Hi Mitch,

    We are not qualified to give you maintenance advice.

    • scott says:

      i changed mine at 80,000 miles the sooner the better cant say you wont have problems but you might be able to get plugs out faster cost me 1700 for a tune up

  14. D Mitch says:

    5.4 engine

  15. Nicole Gamez says:

    Yes had to replace spark plugs 3x in 2 years on 2006 Lincoln Navigator
    Also 1x on ford f-350

  16. Nicole Gamez says:

    And I have my receipts go all as well

  17. nakeysha bates says:

    I hadn’t had many problems besides my spark plugs ,my brother had to change them about 3 times

  18. william langill says:

    changed twice in six months

  19. why do none of you bother to read says:

    Dont any of you read the descriptions…..

    2004-2008 Ford F-150 trucks, 2005-2008 Ford F-Super Duty trucks (e.g., F-250 and F-350), 2005-2008 Ford Expeditions, 2005-2008 Lincoln Navigators and 2006-2008 Lincoln Mark LTs

    And it is ONLY if your plugs broke off in the engine, on their OWN…

    • frank long says:

      if you had to replace plugs multiple times in a very short period I would err on the side of caution and file, obviously they were defective, having been a mechanic for many years if there are problems like this there are most likely more and the company is gambling they wont get caught. Remember Firestone tires?

    • Joann says:

      Not true my plugs didn’t break the were just misfiring had to change them at 75,000 miles from Lincoln I got a check from the settlement

  20. La' Nitra Rucker says:

    I had to replace spark plugs 3x in 2 years on 2001 Lincoln Navigator.

  21. Angela Wynkoop says:

    I currently own a Ford Edge with I purchased 11/01/2015, I had to take it back 3 times within the last 3 months and pay for repairs out my pocket that I thought was covered in my warranty I paid for 2 dialogistic test in one day

  22. Randy Bowen says:

    Am a little frustrated by the lack of communication regarding the website or through my local dealer. Hoping to get an answer to a question regarding the settlement that is not addressed.
    My pickup is involved in this Class Action Settlement. 2007 F-150, 5.4 V8, 118,000 miles

    Knowing that there is a hearing scheduled for Jan. 25, 2016 “on whether to approve the settlement, including the amount of attorneys’ fees and expenses and what Contribution Award, if any, should be given to the Class Representatives.”

    Does this mean that if I have my truck taken care of prior to the Jan.25 hearing that I “may not” receive reimbursement for the work done?
    – or –
    Are the current %’s quoted on “Standard Claim Form – Claim No. BO30936766” guaranteed to be paid regardless of the outcome of the Jan.25 hearing?

    ADMIN – Hi Randy,

    To get the answers to your questions you need to contact the class action administrator. Their contact information is available on the main page for this settlement.

  23. Josh says:

    owned a 2008 F-250. and had this issue.

  24. Emma Smith says:

    I have 2006 F-150 and my spark plugs was giving me problems and we had to keep coming out of our pockets to get repairs and the payouts wasnt’ cheap .

  25. Don Dorn says:

    I sent in all my paperwork for my rebate back around Nov. 8th. How long does it take to get your rebate check?

    ADMIN – Hi Don,

    We are an informational website and not administrators of this settlement. To ask questions regarding the settlement you can call 844-881-0285.

  26. Bekki Brown says:

    What if I bought a 01 f150 supercrew I haven’t had to change spark plug but I think it needs it dealer never told me anything about having to take to dealer because of breakage risk nor the cost to change spark plugs. I already went through class action with my 05 f350 6.0 deisl engine and got screwed never even received the little bit that they had to pay just got run around they wouldn’t even take as trade in why I bought another Ford I don’t know just stupid of me. Guaranteed I’m going back to Chevy.

    ADMIN – Hi Bekki,
    We are unable to direct you on this matter. If the car needs a spark plug change by all means take it to get it done.

  27. Jeff says:

    I have a 2004 F150 5.4 3v Triton with 48k miles – bought new. Guess I should look into getting my plugs changed soon!

    ADMIN – Hi Jeff,

    Sounds like a great plan.

  28. Alex says:

    Why isn’t this offered for Ford Escapes?

    My plugs go out so often. I’ve replaced mine 5 times because they keep going out..

    Then those dicks cover 3 of the plugs with the intake so it’s time consuming as hell to actually replace.

    I’ve been a Ford owner my entire life but the headaches from this one have made me look at other brands.

    ADMIN – Hi Alex,

    If you believe there is a defect that applies to a large number of consumers I encourage you to contact a class action attorney and check if there is the potential for a case.

  29. Lisa wallace says:

    I had a Ford f150 2008 and my husband had to change my spark plugs a lot it made quit truck quit

  30. Kathi says:

    I had this exact same problem with my Ford F-150, however mine in a 1992, and still has less than 120,000 miles. Can I still file a claim?

    ADMIN – Hi Kathi,
    Please refer to class eligibility. 1992 is not included.

  31. Stephanie Jones says:

    I th out I was getting a quality product. I can not afford to contine to by sparks plus that aren’t worth the money that it cost to make them come American how about your brother man.

  32. jack chendo says:

    when would payouts begin?

    ADMIN – Hi Jack,

    As soon as we hear something we will post it on our Facebook. Meanwhile I encourage to contact the class action administrator.

  33. Joaquin says:

    How can I get reimbursed for the money I have spent on my F-150 . My check engine light was on so I had a mechanic get a reading and the reading said that I needed a catalytic converter.. he said that I needed two of them for over $3000. I took it to another mechanic and he said that it was the sparkplugs. He has changed them because they were all broken but my truck has over 50,000 miles.. do I still qualify for a reimbursement? HELP

    ADMIN – Hi Joaquin,

    This settlement reimburses you for additional expenses associated with effective spark plugs. If the error on your engine light was specific to that issue I encourage you to submit a claim and the supporting paperwork.

  34. Judith Peace says:

    We submitted a claim on claim No. BE04875189. Can you give us an idea when this claim will be paid?

    ADMIN – Hi Judy,

    I can’t but I am certain the class action administrator can provide you with some guidance. Call them. Their phone number is listed on this page for your convenience.

  35. emilio sciortino says:

    please take note the online form for the spark plug claim is not working correctly when you hit the send link
    A run time era shows up so potential clients cant send there information
    I am a client and would like to have the ability to use the online form thank you for your help

    ADMIN – Hi Emilio

    I just tried the form and it appears to be working.

  36. cindy clem says:

    I want to pay for what I get not generic spark plugs

    ADMIN – Hi Cindy,

    This has nothing to do with branding or a generic tag.

  37. robert briton says:

    hi i bought my f150 2006 in Canada had to spend over $3000 to fix spark plug problems can i claim through you
    thank you robert

    ADMIN – Hi Robert,

    You are a class member if you are a current or former owner and lessee of the following vehicles in the United States. It appears you are not a class member.

  38. .james b smith says:

    We mailed our claim in moths ago still didn’t hear anything cst us over 1000.00 to replace dark plugs in November

    ADMIN – Hi James,

    Leaving a comment on this page does not result in follow-up. We are not the class action administrator. to find out the status of your claim you must contact the admin directly. To find their info scroll up until you find the section that reads “contact”

  39. Anthony says:

    When can we expect our rebate?

    ADMIN – Hi Anthony,

    It may take a little while. Your best bet is to contact the class action admin using the information we provide on the main page for this settlement.

    • Jim says:

      I e-mailed them a couple of weeks ago and they said be patient and it would be several weeks and there would be an e-mail sent out

  40. Paula smith says:

    I had to replace spark plugs 2times in 6 months.

  41. Melissa says:

    I submitted a claim back in December has anyone received a check back from the lawsuit? Has anyone received a phone call from the 844 number letting you know when payment will be made to us?

    • Stacy says:

      I submitted 2 claims last year. Have heard nothing. Not even an acknowledgment

      ADMIN – Hi Stacy,

      I encourage you to contact the admin to follow-up

  42. Dalynn says:

    I have the 5.4 replace.spark plugs 3 times beore alotted mileage do it qualify if it is a 1998

    ADMIN – Hi Dalynn,

    You are a class member if you are a current or former owner and lessee of the following vehicles in the United States, if the vehicles have a 5.4 liter 3-valve engine: 2004-2008 Ford F-150 trucks, 2005-2008 Ford F-Super Duty trucks (e.g., F-250 and F-350), 2005-2008 Ford Expeditions, 2005-2008 Lincoln Navigators and 2006-2008 Lincoln Mark LTs (“Vehicles”).

    Per the terms of the settlement you don’t qualify.

  43. noreen freeman says:

    ford 150 2006 over the years have had problems with purchased spark plugs at an expense of 800.oo

  44. Anthony Cato Jr. says:

    I haven’t heard anything regarding this case and I submitted all of the documents last fall as required and I’d like to know when I and others can expect payment since the case was settled in January? It would be of great professional courtesy for your office to either send out a mass letter or call to all of the parties involved in the case I’m just say in.

    ADMIN – Hi Anthony,

    In order to get an update on your case you need to contact the class action administrator. Like I mentioned before is simply informational in nature. To get the contact information for this settlement scroll up and at the bottom of the class action listing you will see a section with the heading “contact”. Use the information we have provided to reach out to the admin. If the admin fails to take care of your concern you can escalate to class counsel.

  45. Tammy McNaughton says:

    I mailed in our claim form, receipt, etc in October and have not even received an acknowledgement. I have also left a voice mesaage for the administrator at phone # 844-881-0285. I would appriciate an update on the claim status.Who do I need to contact?

    ADMIN – Hi Tammy,

    If you are getting nowhere with the class action admin you can contact class counsel.

  46. Mike says:

    I had mine replaced in canada – is it available in Canada?

    ADMIN – Hi Mike,

    Here are the terms of the settlement: You are a class member if you are a current or former owner and lessee of the following vehicles in the United States. It appears Canada is not included. Sorry about that.

  47. Blanca contreras says:

    Hi i will highly appreciate it if you can give me the website to check my claim status! Or if you can give me the actual status of my claim. This website is no help and only takes me to different links. I want to know my status asap!! Please help!!

    ADMIN – Hi Blanca,

    There is not a website where you can enter a claim number and get an update. To find out the status of your claim you must contact the admin directly. The information to contact the admin is listed at the bottom of the settlement.

  48. Frederick N Wilkes says:

    Had to change my spark plugs twice in the last 8 months.

  49. Rob says:

    Just checked the settlement website. The link and website address no longer works/exists. What gives? I submitted my settlement paperwork more than 5 months ago and no contact no nothing. Makes me want to go buy a Toyota! Any info you can give would be great!


    ADMIN – Hi Rob,

    The best approach is to contact Ford customer service or the attorneys that handled the case.

  50. Chester C. czerwinski says:

    I received the Ford Spark Plug Class Action Settlement notification, as i’m aware about this problem, I only have 61,000 miles on my 2005 Ford Lincoln Navigator, the spark plugs are alright so far. I took the Navigator to the Ford Quickstop and received an estimate of $1,250.00, that is if non of the spark plugs break, so I don’t know how they say the spark plugs break, what if they just say they broke, we receive no proof, and they charge another $550.00. Why should I pay this amount if Ford knows about this problem, and I purchased this Navigator new off the lot, now Ford wants me to pay up front, not knowing when I will receive the settlement money back, which they say should only be $1,040.00. With the problems of Ford products, I’m not going to purchase another Ford product, which they are the only ones I ever purchased in my life these past 64 years.Does anyone know the corporate’s Ford Office Phone Number.

    ADMIN – Hi Chester,

    Here is the information for Ford Corporate

  51. Chester C. czerwinski says:

    The phone number 1-844-881-0285 Ford Spark Plug Class Action Settlement Form just gives you the same information as whats on the Legal Notice and Claim Form. Ford does not have any phone number directly to call, we just receive a pre-recorded message. The address to send your claim is
    Ford Spark Plug Class Action Settlement
    P. O. Box 1968
    SouthGate, Mi. 48195-0968 Example, if you spend $2.000. for spark plug replacement, you only receive $1,040 as a settlement. Why if this is Fords problem, the public should take the differance, this is Fords problem.

    ADMIN – Hi Chester,

    When you feel that a settlement is not fair the best approach is to decline the settlement and get your own legal representation.

  52. DAVID D. BAKER says:

    I have changed plugs for my 1987 Mustang once a year since 1990 !

    ADMIN – Hi David,

    Unfortunately Mustangs are not part of this settlement.

  53. dawn m goodspeed says:

    My husband had 2006 f 250 super duty truck it had 98000 miles on it my husband bought it used but it had hardly any miles on it when he purchased it, he was on his way to a job the first time it started skipping and cutting out on him it turned out that it had a broken spark plug, he went through alot of frustration trying to get it out. it wasn’t the first or last time it happened!! unfortunately 18 months ag he was in a serious car accident and his beloved truck was totaled, even tho it had issues he loved is truck.

  54. Karen Dutcher says:

    Received letter stating I did not provide paperwork and I need to refile. I sent all the paperwork so with a 2 year wait. Paperwork must have gotten lost. I read others have gotten the same letter. Well guess back to the drawing board. Never buying ford again. Even the dealership here is crooks.

  55. Richard says:

    I submitted my claim back in Dec2015 and repeated email contacts with their site and all I get back is a canned email response that essentially says noting they can do and just “sit back and wait” It is now 15 months since submitting my claim…has anyone received reimbursement on their claim or has this all been a scam?

    ADMIN – Hi Richard,

    It is not a scam. Settlements take a very long time to come to a final conclusion.

  56. jess vincent says:

    i have a 2004 f,150 the first truck i ever owned 5,4 tritan because i am not the original owner the dealership willnot tell me the history of work done so i dont know if plugs were changed or not ,i have 150,000 miles .lucky i guess have reworked plastic guides in front because chain broke threw rockercover after it broke up 3500 bucks The class action specifies you have to have work done at dealership o ya then hoo has got their checks

  57. Robert Clark says:

    Dear sir or mam, on Jan 9 2017 i mailed my rebate form to you on my 2016 ford f 150 king ranch. As of this letter i have not received any notice or word of the decision on the rebate. Please let me know your decision as soon as possible as i’m still trying to pay off the charges and could use the funds. Yours Truly Robert Clark. Phone 410 326 3582

    ADMIN – Hi Robert,

    Please call 844-881-0285.

  58. Ryan says:

    When will they start working on getting payments out. I submitted all my paperwork a year ago and have not heard anything! Any update would be nice.

    ADMIN – Hi Ryan,

    I am going to reach out to the admin and will post whatever I hear on our Facebook page.

  59. Mark says:

    I am also waiting on a refund on the spark plugs, Now I have a new problem I need a new motor. Because the motor has a compression problem. Is this caused from the bad plugs?

    ADMIN – Hi Mark,

    We are not mechanically well versed so we won’t be able to provide you guidance on this matter. Please contact your dealership.

    • Jennm0621 says:

      Yup mark we need a new engine about a year a half later. My mechanic said it’s because of the shaving of the spark plug getting into the engine block!

  60. Ramiro Lara says:

    Hello folks, getting close to the end date on this setlemen case and not gotten any response from you. Getting to think the attorneys settled and kept the money. All of the emails on this website not one individual has received a fair settlement. I have been a Ford owner all my life buying cars for all my children when they went off to college and never experienced anything like this. My 2005 eddie baur expedition was thowen out of timming because of bad spark plug and had to replace both timing chains and guides. Please call or respond by email. Thank you

    ADMIN – Hi Ramiro,

    I think someone reported getting $10

  61. RANDY THORN says:

    How much longer will it be til claims are paid

    ADMIN – Hi Randy,

    Someone mentioned that they have already received checks.

  62. Rob G says:

    Ford Expedition 2007
    Had all 8 replaced at the dealership and spent $550
    got a check back for $65.04
    Not sure how they did the math and feeling ripped off for a second time

  63. Terry says:

    These greedy bastards are paying themselves first. They only needed us to sign up for the class action lawsuit then they no longer need us. These lawyers are bigger crooks than a bank mobber.

    • Terry says:

      Maybe the lawyers and the payout company need to be sued!

    • Jason says:

      Sounds like you actually got what they claimed you should get. They currently say “If a Class Member paid at least $500 and less than $1,000 for eight replaced plugs, Ford will reimburse the Class Member $5.00 per replaced plug plus 50% of the actual amount paid that is in excess of $500”. In this case, you would be entitled to $40+$25 = $65. However, I paid $437.48 to replace 8 plugs, and only got $7.07. According to the terms of the settlement, I should have received “20% of the actual amount paid that is in excess of $300”, which should have been $27.46. I have no idea what kind of math they are doing to arrive at $7.07, but if the lawyers running this thing can’t compute 20% of a 3 digit number, they should have their bar licenses revoked; they’re either morons or crooks….maybe both.

  64. Cody says:

    Just got my check today after waiting almost a year and a half. Spent almost $900 any got a check for $114.00. Giant rip off stating you’ll get more back when they sent the paperwork and then get pocket change back.

  65. D. Wolf says:

    Repaired 2005 F 150 on 3/2014 for $660. Submitted 10/2015. DENIED for lack of proof yesterday, even though I submitted Ford dealership paid shop bill. Now I’m supposed to resubmit or appeal, so more delays. At this rate, the plugs will need replaced again (NOT !!!) before I see anything…

  66. FoundOnRoadDead says:

    If a class member receives a check for much less than the legal order stated, can class member not cash out check, thus not be considered part of the suit? Will they be able to open another class suit separately? Bazaar how this turned out.

    ADMIN – Hi,

    If you did not object when the lawsuit was open to objections you no longer have legal recourse.

  67. Bob Olson says:

    Sent in my form and the receipt for the plug change to Ford and received NOTHING. Since then I got rid of the rid and bought a GMC with a Duramax Diesel and Allison Transmission. Ford Lied to me by sending me the form to fill out. asking for the receipt and not paying for their screw-up with those nasty plugs. Good Bye FORD. I thought I bought from and honest company. All auto manufacturers are liars and scammers. Too bad the UAW don’t take control and make good on the vehicles.

  68. Jeff Whitman says:

    Yeah just thought the main website for the Class Action would have the timing for the checks to be sent out? The details of the Class Action takes you to probably less than $100 for the reimbursement and I had all of my receipts.

  69. Jennm0621 says:

    So I submitted everything last year also. This February I received a notice to redo the process. We spent $3,000 fixing the broken spark plug that broke into pieces! Even after fixing it we had problems and ended up needing a whole new engine. Total nightmare eventually the 06 expedition broke down my mechanic had no clue what was wrong. We needed a new car so now I have a credit card with $10,000 on it due to constantly fixing this truck and a car payment ? Hoping Ford does right and sends a check soon to start paying back bills

    • Shannon McClellan says:

      There are known issues with this engine. We had an f-150 and expedition el with the triton engine. Our expedition got was is called the triton tick while under warranty and Ford refused to do anything about it. Eventually our engine blew when we still owed $9000 on it and we wound up in the same spot you were in. We bought ford because it didn’t take money in the bailout, but we will never buy ford again after they failed to even honor their warranty!

  70. Charles Denham says:

    After filing 7/16 for rebate on F 150 2007 for work 6/16 on claim form sent by Clas Action group, on 3/7/17 get a letter saying, claim denied because was not done at Ford Dealership…..But they are done by a Ford Certified Mechanic, who does warranty work for Ford. I am remailing all my claim forms to you Also sending copies to the Department of Transportation and advising others to do the same. Also consumer protection groups.

  71. Larissa says:

    Submitted my claim on 11/19/2015 along with a detailed invoice from my mechanic. Just got a letter in the mail the other day that I needed “PROOF” that the service was paid for. Do you REALLY think that any mechanic would allow me to drive away with out paying for a $1500 bill? And to boot….it was done in 2012. I don’t even have bank statements from that year to prove that it was paid!!

  72. Michele says:

    I, too, am waiting. Based on the pay scale they gave us for when submitting the claim, I should receive hundreds of dollars, as I had to have some of the spark plugs replaced twice! I have not seen a thing other than they “have my claim on file.” I could really use more than $10 from the claim to fix the new leaking transmission problem that will cost $1,000.

    ADMIN – Hi Michele,

    This settlement has nothing to do with transmission issues.

  73. Jason says:

    I submitted my claim on 3/28/2016 and got a check today (3/20/2017) for $7.07. I spent $428.37 to replace all 8 plugs at a Ford Dealer. According to the terms of the settlement, I should have been entitled to “20% of the actual amount paid that is in excess of $300”. 20% of $137.28 is $27.46. I have no idea what kind of math they are doing to arrive at $7.07, but now I have to file an appeal in order to get the other $20 I am owed. The check for $7.07 expires in 6 months, but I’m sure it will take longer than that to receive a response feeding me some lie about how the $7.07 was correct. Of course, by then, it will be too late to cash the original check. Class action lawsuits are a joke. They’re just a way for lawyers to make millions by screwing the victims over a second time.

    • Jason says:

      UPDATE: It’s been almost 4 months since I sent my appeal and I still have not received a response from the Administrator. Of course, they provide no way to contact them other than a PO box that they don’t respond to. I don’t fault Ford for having faulty spark plugs…I’m sure they didn’t design them that way intentionally. The real crooks here are the lawyers who are stealing the money that was rightfully awarded to me (and others) based on the terms of the settlement.

      ADMIN – Hi Jason,

      The lawyers get a fixed amount.

      • Jason says:

        That may be, but I’m certain they ensure that they get every penny of the amount they are supposed to get. Meanwhile, I’m sure they couldn’t care less about the claimants they supposedly represent once the award has been made. The formula is quite simple and I have not been given what was owed to me based on that formula. If the lawyers get a fixed amount, what happens to the money that is owed to claimants but is not actually disbursed to them? I have not heard a single word about the appeal I filed more than 5 months ago. The original check I was sent has only 17 days remaining until it is no longer valid. Sounds like I am left to choose between implicitly accepting the amount I was given, even though it only represents 25% of my rightful award, or I can sit on the check and wait for a response that will never come, making it too late to get anything out of it after 9/17.

        ADMIN – Hi Jason,

        If you filed an appeal you should be able to contact class counsel and get some action.

        • Jason says:

          How exactly do I contact class counsel? The only two letters I’ve received regarding this class action settlement were the following:

          1) A claim form, which includes no phone number or e-mail address, merely a PO box to mail the claim to.
          2) A reimbursement check from the administrator which includes absolutely no contact information, other than a PO box in Texas which I can mail an appeal to.

          I mailed my appeal 6 months ago and received no response. Sending another letter to this address would do no good. The official website,, lists the following in the FAQ section:

          “28.How do I get more information?

          The Long Form Class Notice, which is available on this website, summarizes the proposed Settlement. More details are in the Settlement Agreement, which is also available on this website. You may also write with questions to Renkim Corporation, Ford Spark Plug Claim Center, PO Box 1968, Southgate, MI 48195-0968. You can also call the toll-free number, 844-881-0285.”

          I called the phone number, but it just contains an automated message redirecting me to check out the FAQ on the website for any questions I have. They do provide an e-mail address ( that you can supposedly write to, but when I sent an e-mail to this address asking for an update on my appeal, I get the following bounce-back message:

          “ rejected your message to the following email addresses:

          There’s a problem with the recipient’s mailbox. Please try resending the message. If the problem continues, please contact your email admin.”

          What a scam this all is.

          ADMIN – Hi Jason,

          I took the liberty of opening the long notice and pulling the info for you. Here is the copy and paste:

          17. Do I have a lawyer in the case?

          James C. Shah
          Shepherd, Finkelman, Miller & Shah, LLP 35 E. State Street
          Media, PA, 19063
          Telephone: 877/891-9880

          Jeffrey S. Goldenberg
          Goldenberg Schneider, LPA
          One West Fourth Street, 18th Floor Cincinnati, OH 45202
          Telephone: 513/345-8291

          • Jason says:

            Thanks. I’ll try writing them, though given how every other party involved has passed the buck so far, I don’t expect anything useful to come of it.

          • Jason says:

            UPDATE: Well, it’s been more than a year since I made my appeal, and 2.5 years since I submitted the original claim, but I finally just a received a check for the balance of what was owed to me. Frankly, I had given up on it at this point, so I was very surprised to see it. Thanks again to the Administrator of this site for assisting me in contacting the class counsel. I feel like if I had not contacted them, my appeal would have been ignored.

            ADMIN – Hi Jason,

            You are quite welcome. I also have a Ford.

  74. Steve says:

    Got my denial letter. I guess I did not read the whole letter. I had our family mechanic that we have used for 30 years replace the spark plugs and this disqualified me as it had to have been done by a Ford Dealership. More then a little disappointed.

  75. J Hemenes says:

    Received a letter today saying claim denied due to lack of info. I submitted all of the required info online well over a year ago. Resubmit to attorneys that can’t read or file appeal with attorneys that won’t read anything but my statement?

    ADMIN – Hi J,

    Is your question rhetorical? Or do you need further direction beyond the instructions provided by your denial letter?

  76. Jou Camel says:

    I paid 975 for spark plugs. Broke 4 of them. Also change spark plug boots. Frond sent a check for $125. Seems low to me. Ford knew about this problem for years and ignored it.

  77. Nick wilson says:

    I sent all my info to the lawyers more than once. Zero replays or responses. Is there a phone number I can call to determine the status of my claim? I’m owed over $1000…. Please respond to… What is the law office called that’s handling this

    ADMIN – Hi Nick,

    Please realize that we are not the class action administrator. We are unable to contact you back.

  78. Landry Buller iii says:

    Sent in my information on January 2, 2016, but haven’t heard or received anything. Is there a number I could reach out to so I can check on it? Thanks so much.

    ADMIN – Hi Landry,

    Please scroll up and refer to the area titled contact.

  79. Joe says:

    Does anyone know if we can take settlement lawyers to small claims court in our local states for non payment of claims?

    ADMIN – Hi Joe,

    I don’t think you can. The class action admin is the one tasked with paying your claim and not the lawyers.

    • Joe says:

      Thank you for your response. Can we take the class action administrator to small claims court?

      ADMIN – Hi Joe,

      I don’t think there is precedent for that.

      • Joe says:

        Does that mean if the administrator is dragging their feet or being unfair with their determination, we have no recourse?

        ADMIN – Hi Joe,

        Sometimes your best option is to contact class counsel with your complaint.

  80. alim shaddid says:

    spark replacement for f150 2010 lariat

  81. FoundOnRoadDead says:

    I contacted the claims administrator, via email. I have always received a response. Contacted them 4-5 times. The response is ridiculously vague. Ask them to call me, they did. They left a message to call them back, at a number that does not work. So…emailed again. They finally say my claim is being expedited. I should have it in less than 2 weeks. My bill was just under $3,000. I contacted a lawyer before the class action occurred, and even gave a written account to GS legal.
    I will notify this board on my claim result when I get it, since they would not tell me over my communication with them.
    I think they are trying to make people forget about it, become so frustrated they give up on it, or something along that line….
    Class Actions are a joke.

    ADMIN – Hi There,

    When you are not comfortable with a class action you can ask to be excluded and take the company to court on your own.

  82. shannan says:

    does anyone have an email address for questions I received an insufficient info letter

    ADMIN – Hi Shannon,

    This is the email for class counsel contact them to see if they can point you in the right direction.

  83. Russ Morrison says:

    Paid over 400.00 to replace plugs got 31.00 settlement what a rip off won’t buy a ford again ?????

  84. Veda thomas says:

    We submitted our claim and as of today we still have not received a check or a letter stating what we will receive. We have spent well over $300 to replace the spark plugs. Ford really needs to practice what they preach and refund the dedicated customers.

  85. Glenn A. Stephens says:

    I just want to be assured that the administator has all my paperwork submitted for settlement. I mailed all these items way before the deadline date. Then I received another letter from the admiistrator on 1/31/2017 requiring me to to resubmit according to the letter I had omitted the mileage at the time the repairs were done. Sir I highlighted the mileage that was clearly stated on the workorder repair receipt that I originally submitted. When I re-submiited as required I highlighted the mileage on the workorder and receipt. Along with a hand written statement. All this was mailed to P.O.4007 College Station,Tx. 77842 I have not received confirmation of receipt of the re-submitted claim form or a letter of award. Patiently awaiting a reply..

    ADMIN – Hi Glenn,

    Think about us as if we are a newspaper for class actions. We don’t have info into specific cases. You need to contact the admin directly.

  86. BRITTANY Y says:

    These people do not care and aren’t doing anything to give people a proper reimbursement. I spent 1800 and got a letter saying because it wasn’t a ford dealer I’m not covered. Absolutely bogus because i had my 08 f250 done about 2 years ago before all this started. And all 8 plugs broke at 80k miles. This is just a crock of crap with an administrator who doesn’t care. Apparently we need to contact lawers who were assigned to this case to actually get a decent reimbursement!

  87. BRITTANY Y says:

    Hum 1800 in costs for 8 broken spark plugs 2yrs later not willing to give a reimbursement. Wow i wonder who’s getting to keep my money!

  88. BRITTANY Y says:

    Hopefully by now everyone included in this “class action” realizes there not really going to get a real reimbursement!!!

  89. Marvin Spencer says:

    So where do customer go to get refund on cost to repalce these plug, since the lawsuit is not working? Do we contact the Attorney General contact attorney’s for lawsuit?

    ADMIN – HI Marvin,

    Contact class counsel first and express your concerns.

  90. Jonie M says:

    You can send everything in to them and you get no response not answering phones or nothing poor management no more Ford products for me

  91. Kayla says:

    I replaced my spark plugs for my 2004 Ford F-150 in 2016. I just heard about the rebate for getting new spark plugs, they were expensive to replace. Can I still submit a claim?

    ADMIN – Hi Kayla,

    No. You no longer have legal recourse.

  92. Glenn says:

    2004 f150. Dealer didn’t have time to look at my problem. Was sent to a mechanic they recommended. Plugs were broken, replaced engineengine, but same plugs. 6 years and 5 plug replacements later, haven’t heard anything at all from class action suit. Had all receipts and cancelled checks. I smell a rat. Still rattle around with check engine light on. Bull!!

    ADMIN – Hi Glenn,

    If you filed a claim and have a claim number you need to contact the class action administrator.

  93. sean flynn says:

    THE LAWYERS GET PAID….. JUDGE GAVE THEM OVER 5 MILLION this country we live in and think is so great in reality is ONE BIG JOKE….. no wonder the rest of the world hates us….. lol

  94. Lawrence Giangrande says:

    seems i’m not alone. 5 times in 24 months i,ve received a letter that states I did not submit proper proof of payment. The repair shop original invoice itemizing all work done including labor charge to extract broken plugs $210.00 what more can I send. Well today I called MI States atty. General’s office and filed a legal complaint. Anybody have a number to call these liars directly. The fewer claims ford has to pay the more the attorneys receive.

    ADMIN – Hi Lawrence,

    I don’t think the fees are shifted to the lawyers. They get paid a fixed rate approved by the judge.

    • Jason says:

      At least you received a response. It’s been 4 months since I sent an appeal and they still haven’t responded to me.

  95. Ms. Hoye says:

    We submitted claim October 2015. Paid $2422 to have our engine replaced ($300 to Ford dealership that broke spark plugs in cylinder head and charged us for labor). We had to pay them $300 and tow truck home. It cost us $2122 to replace engine. We received check for $1301. It appeared to have been based on this formula in Example 3.
    Example 3: Class Member Pays $1,000 or More to Replace 8 Spark Plugs – If a Class Member paid $1,000 or more for eight replaced plugs, Ford will reimburse the Class Member $36.25 per replaced plug plus 75% of the actual amount paid that is in excess of $1,000 (or $36.25 per replaced plug plus 75% of the amount in excess of $125 per replaced plug). For example, if a Class Member pays $2,000 to replace 8 plugs ($250 per replaced plug), that Class Member (upon submission of a properly documented claim) would be entitled to $1,040.

  96. MandiF says:

    We got initially denied and had to appeal because the invoice did not appear to be paid when in fact it was. This is the most ridiculous, lengthy process. I’m quite sure that consumer paid more than $5 million to have their vehicles repaired for something not their fault.

  97. Charles Wilcox says:

    I have a 2007 f-150 truck I today7-22-2017 found out about the suit against ford for the plugs, I was never notified of this issue. I am disabled and try to live on the small amount of money I get. I am can not afford this kind of money. What can I do. Thank You

    ADMIN – Hi Charles,

    There is nothing that you can do once a deadline has passed.

  98. Miles Bonner says:

    i filed my claim in Jan 2016 any ideal when ill be receiving my check ??

    ADMIN – Hi Miles,

    People are already receiving their checks. Contact the class action admin.

  99. JOHN TUCKER says:


    ADMIN – Hi John,

    Additional information gets sent to the class action administrator.

  100. A. deGeorge says:

    Why was I never notified of this law suit by ford or whom ever??? I just stumbled upon this while on the internet and says it’s too late now! What a scam…

    ADMIN – Hi A,

    Follow us on Facebook and you will never miss a class action settlement again.

  101. Walter sims Jr says:

    I spent 1800 in some. I spent over 1800 dollars on spark plug repair. On my Ford f 150, a pickup truck, 2005. On my Ford f 150 pickup truck and I haven’t received one solid penny from the lawsuit I sat in a notarised summary that I received from the 4 dealership for the work that was done on my pickup truck I called the lawsuit attorney that was howling the case attorney.
    I think Ford is really wrong for doing people like this when they buy their products and vehicles. And I think they should be. Held a cannibal for. Dismissing people situations with their vehicle when they spend money with the dealerships. They give you this big boost of what theyre gonna give you when you buy the vehicle but when something goes wrong with the vehicle and is not on due to the fact of you are driving the vehicle. The. The call is out of this world for. For something that’s not even your fault due to the fact is lack. them not building the car or vehicle, right. And they want to make you pay for it so you might as well be buying a whole new car again. I am a dissatisfied customer.

  102. john/jill bacheller says:

    We spent almost 5K on repairs, submitted all documentation well ahead of deadline and never received a check, acknowledgement, or denial. How come it has taken so long and is there a phone number I can call? It was before the claim, submitted in August 2015. This is frustrating, we were excited to find out that we weren’t alone, possibly rectified and now we haven’t heard anything in 2 years? Not to mention the entire bed of my truck rusted through along with under gas pedal/where my feet to- its like driving a Flinstone truck, 89,000 miles been garaged and cant pass down to daughter for safety reasons.

    ADMIN – Hi John,

    This settlement was paid out months ago. You can try contacting the class action administrator and see if they can still help you out.

    • Jason says:

      *Some* of the claims were paid months ago, but according to the official website – – (which I trust about as far as I can throw a 1000 lb. boulder), they are still processing claims:

      ‎”9‎/‎14‎/‎2017 – We appreciate class members’ patience with the claims process. The settlement administrator is currently processing claims submitted by class members. Class members will be notified after their claims have been processed.”

  103. Antonio Iniesta says:

    i applied and put receipt and paperwork by deadline. have yet to receive check or any letter informing me of status. how do i check and see whats going on in the process? the number provided doesnt prompt any info or ability to speak to anyone. any advice how to get a hold of anyone?

    ADMIN – Hi Antonio,

    You can send a certified letter to the class action administrator.

  104. John Nicholson says:

    I been overseas for the last three years can I file a claim?

    ADMIN – Hi John,

    No. Once the deadline has passed you no longer have legal recourse.

  105. John Nicholson says:

    On my 2005 Ford F150 5.4L plugs changed at 150000 miles

    ADMIN – Hi John,

    Thanks for telling us all about it. Did you ever file a claim?

  106. Joseph Spade says:

    I received my rebate from the spark plug settlement end of September 2017 the check is made to a car dealer instead of myself is this some sort of joke seriously I waited how long for this check and I can’t even cash it because it’s not made out to me and I think the amount is wrong as well what am I supposed to do now

    ADMIN – Hi Joseph,

    That sure sounds frustrating. Reach out to the class action admin to request a replacement.

    • Joseph Spade says:

      Is there an email address… how do I get in contact with them…thank you

      ADMIN – Hi Joseph,

      According to Google the phone for Remkin Corp, the admin for this settlement is (734) 374-8300

  107. Kevin E Radtke says:

    Well it is now 2018 February 5th 2018 I submitted my paperwork 3 times paid $1,700 to have my spark plugs replaced because many of them broke at the time still have not heard anything from Ford and not gotten paid any money and when I called the phone number it just says that the time has passed the submitting date and that the class action lawsuit has been settled and if you want to find out more information go online so I went online and that tells you absolutely nothing so does anybody know what’s going on

    ADMIN – Hi Kevin,

    I remember last year a bunch of people reported receiving checks. It was for far less than what they expected. As a last resort I would try contacting class counsel.

  108. Kevin E Radtke says:

    Oh and I did forget to add besides paying $1,700 to have my truck fixed now that nice 5.4 L ticking like crazy because of the problem and the design with this engine that Ford won’t stand behind and fix pretty shity that I used to work for Ford in St Louis Missouri at the Hazelwood plant I have always bought Ford vehicles and now I have a truck that I’d pay to have spark plugs replaced cuz that was a flawed design and I have a truck that is a 2006 same truck that I’ve always kept in the garage and it only has 71000 miles on in ticks like a damn Diesel and if I go to have that repaired I was told that it might fix the problem and it might not so why spend the $5,000 to do it that’s pretty shitty the Ford will not stand behind their products anymore

    ADMIN – Hi Kevin,

    That sure sounds frustrating. I am sorry.

  109. Dave Holzner says:

    Can someone contact me? I’m about to pick up my ’07 F150 from a spark plug change where all 8 broke off and they want $1200 for the repair. (217) 493-8420

    ADMIN – Hi Dave,

    Sadly the deadline for this settlement has passed and you no longer have legal recourse.

  110. J. Doolittle says:

    I have not received anything regarding my settlement for some time . I received a check for the amount of $122.12 this is not even cover the cost of the plugs so I did not cash the check but time is running the check expires /16/2018 could you please contact me to let me know what is pending. VIN number is 1FTSX21558EB03942 thank you

    ADMIN – Hi Mr. J,

    I am not the class action administrator. Scroll up to locate their number.

  111. Kevin D Jackson says:

    Someone’s hit me up and let me know if I can still get in on the lawsuit

    ADMIN – Hi Kevin,

    You are too late.

  112. Jimontanae McBride says:

    I’ve changed the plugs in my Ford Expedition 3 times it has been a very hard purchase because of the problems with that truck I purchased the truck new January 2006 and found out about this problem 9 months later more Importantly the sales team assured me that the plugs were better than the rest not sure why they put that in they sales pitch. And that tells me that they knew about it before hand Alexandria, La

    ADMIN – Hi Jimon,

    It is always a good move to check for yourself for recalls before buying a car.

    • Jimontanae McBride says:

      I DO UNDERSTAND that but it’s was no recalls on that truck at that time and who has time to spend online everyday to check for Ford’s mistakes who supposed to be a top notch company remember(A FAMILY OF FINE CARS)

      ADMIN – Hi Jimon,

      A car is a big investment and you can’t trust anyone but yourself when it comes to doing research. I encourage you to sign up for our newsletter via the homepage so you won’t miss any settlements in the future.

  113. Jimontanae McBride says:

    I’ve changed the plugs in my Ford Expedition 3 times it has been a very hard purchase because of the problems with that truck I purchased the truck new January 2006 and found out about this problem 9 months later more Importantly the sales team assured me that the plugs were better than the rest not sure why they put that in they sales pitch. And that tells me that they knew about it before hand Alexandria, La

    ADMIN – Hi Jimon,

    Sadly the deadline has passed.

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