Class Eligibility

You are a member of the settlement if you purchased one or more outlet exclusive products at any Fossil Outlet store in California and did not receive a refund or credit for your purchase(s). The class period is from September 13, 2013 to May 3, 2019.

Estimated Amount

An $11 Merchandise Certificate.

Proof of Purchase

Acceptable proof of eligible purchase(s).

Case Name

Safransky v. Fossil Group Inc., et al.,
Case No. 3:17-cv-01865-MMA-NLS,

Superior Court of the State of California, County of Ventura

Case Summary

Fossil is accused of deceptive advertising by labeling outlet-exclusive merchandise with false reference prices.

Settlement Pool





Fossil Outlet Stores Pricing
c/o KCC Class Action Services
P.O. Box 404136
Louisville, KY 40233-4136

2 responses to “California Fossil Outlet Pricing Class Action Settlement”

  1. Isabel Gonzalez says:

    I’m writing to you to inquire about the $11.00 voucher. If possible, please resend it to me. I deleted it by mistake from my email. I had received the notification ahead of the settlement.

    Thanks a lot

    • Angelica (Admin) says:

      Hi Isabel, Thank you for your message. However, there seems to have been a misunderstanding. Please note that we ( are *not* the Settlement Administrator of this case. We only post opportunities for potential Class Members of various settlements involving several U.S. companies on this website.
      Please review the details of the settlement above.
      Then please contact the settlement administrator of this case directly:  Fossil Outlet Stores Pricing, c/o KCC Class Action Services, P.O. Box 404136, Louisville, KY 40233-4136,  Best of luck.

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