Class Eligibility

You are a Class Member if you are a natural person who called one or more of FRHI’s toll-free telephone numbers during the period December 2, 2015 through November 28, 2016, inclusive (the “Class Period”) while you were physically located in California, and spoke with a representative of FRHI, provided that you were either a California resident at the time such call was made or used a phone number with a California area code to place such call (even if you were not a California resident).

Estimated Amount

About $100

Proof of Purchase

Telephone #

Case Name

Spitzer, et al. v FRHI Hotels & Resorts (Canada) Inc.
Case No. CIVDS1712220
San Bernardino County Superior Court

Case Summary

This class action case (“the Action”) alleges that FRHI Hotels & Resorts (Canada), Inc. (“FRHI” or “Defendant”) violated California laws that prohibit the recording of telephone calls without notice to or consent of callers. FRHI was the entity responsible for answering calls to Fairmont Hotel and Resorts tollĀ­ free telephone numbers.

Settlement Pool





Spitzer, et al. v FRI Hotels & Resorts Inc.
c/o Heffler Claims Group
PO Box 58910
Philadelphia, PA 19102-8910

5 responses to “FRHI Hotels & Resorts Call Recording Class Action Settlement”

  1. Kristyl says:

    I have received to many solicitation calls. Sometimes 15 a day. I have had to change the recording on the phone to start with, “If you are a solicitor hang up immediately”. I now Live in Fayetteville AR, relocated from California this year. How do I fill out a claim form on line.

    ADMIN – Hi Krystyl,

    We get you. Solicitation can be a pain but we want to remind you that this settlement has to do with individuals calling the customer service line for a particular group of hotels and not getting a warning that their call could have been recorded for quality assurance or training.

  2. Brenda L Brisco says:

    These calls claim free nights and stays at their resorts

    ADMIN – Hi Brenda,

    You are incorrect. This settlement is about individuals that called the customer service line for Fairmont and other luxury hotels and did not receive a message indicating that their calls could be recorded for training purposes.

  3. jeff taylor says:

    I do hot remember names of Facilities call to get information about advertised lodging for a vacation. I also contacted cruise lines abour special prices also to decided about vacation plans. I really don’t know if I contacted FRHI about a posible stay.

    ADMIN – Hi Jeff,

    Their hotels are really fancy. If the name Fairmont rings a bell you may be a class member.

  4. Lenaiya says:

    So there isn’t a way to submit a claim online? You have to print out the claim form and mail it in?

    ADMIN – Hi Lenaiya,

    I believe those with a pin can submit online.

  5. Esther Aguayo says:

    I have received to many calls from resorts

    ADMIN – Hi Esther,

    So have I. In this case if you meet class eligibility consider filing a claim.

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