Class Eligibility

To be a member of this class you don’t need to necessarily be a member of a gang. It is enough that you were served with one or more of the gang injunctions listed below on or before February 20, 2013

  • Culver City Boys [ Injunction Case No. SC056980 ]
  • Grape Street Crips [ Injunction Case No. BC330087 ]
  • Venice Shoreline Crips [ Injunction Case No. SC057282 ]
  • 18th Street (Hollywood) [ Injunction Case No. BC305434 ]
  • Highland Park (HLP) [ Injunction Case No. BC359944 ]
  • Venice Trece [ Injunction Case No. SC060375 ]
  • 18th Street (Wilshire) [ Injunction Case No. BC313309 ]
  • Krazy Ass Mexicans [ Injunction Case No. BC282629 ]
  • Westside Wilmas, Eastside Wilmas [ Injunction Case No. NC030080 ]
  • Avenues [ Injunction Case No. BC287137 ]
  • Langdon Street [ Injunction Case No. LC048292 ]
  • White Fence (Boyle Heights) [ Injunction Case No. BC353596 ]
  • Big Hazard [ Injunction Case No. BC335749 ]
  • Mara Salvatrucha [ Injunction Case No. BC311766 ]
  • White Fence (Hollywood) [ Injunction Case No. BC353596 ]
  • Blythe Street [ Injunction Case No. LC020525 ]
  • Playboys [ Injunction Case No. BC351990 ]
  • Rolling 60’s Crips [ Injunction Case No. BC298646 ]
  • Canoga Park Alabama[ Injunction Case No. BC267153 ]
  • School Yard Crips Geer Street Crips [ Injunction Case No. BC349468 ]
  • Varrio Nueva Estrada [ Injunction Case No. BC319981 ]
  • Clover, Eastlake, Lincoln Heights [ Injunction Case No. BC358881 ]
  • 38th Street [ Injunction Case No. BC319166 ]
  • All For Crime, Barrio Mojados, Blood Stone Villains, Florencia, Oriental Boyz, Pueblo Bishops [ Injunction Case No. BC397522 ]
  • Crazy Riders, Krazy Town (KTO), Down in Action (DIA), La Raza Loca,Orphans, Rockwood Street Locos, Varrio Vista Rifa, Wanderers, Witmer Street Locos [ Injunction Case No. BC332713 ]
  • 42nd Street Gangster Crips, 43rd Street Gangster Crips, 48th Street Gangster Crips [ Injunction Case No. BC 326016 ]
  • Dogtown [ Injunction Case No. BC359945 ]

Estimated Amount


As a class member you may apply for tattoo removal, education programs and/or removal of the injection from your record

Proof of Purchase


Case Name

Case 2:11-cv-01135-DMG-PJW
United States District Court Central District of California

Case Summary

his lawsuit claims that the City of Los Angeles has served 26 gang injunctions with unconstitutional curfews on over 5,000 people. Specifically, the language contained in the injunctions that requires that people not go “outside” at specified times of the night unless they engage in unspecified “legitimate meeting or entertainment activit[ies]” has been determined by a California Court of Appeal to violate the California Constitution.

Settlement Pool





(310) 997-0380

16 responses to “California Gang Curfew Injunction Class Action Settlement”

  1. Robert Keller, Esq says:

    yo yo, i knew these feds be trippin when they said i couldn’t hang with my boyz

  2. S. Johnson says:

    Why aren’t these programs offered to other cities in the surrounding Los Angeles areas??

    ADMIN – Hi S,

    This is not a program is a settlement and it is designed to compensate exclusively those affected by the settlement.

  3. kim says:

    You’ve got to be kidding, only freaking liberal California. I hope the ‘lawyers’ representing the gang members sleep well at night.

    ADMIN – Hi Kim,

    All individuals have protections under the law.

  4. Juz One Krazy Ass Mexican says:

    Can i use these funds to have my girlfriend’s Tramp Stamp tattoo removed? We regret that every night we climb in bed. She ain’t no ho anymo. Thanks!


    No, this only applies to the person that was issued the injunction. If your girl was not a member of one of the listed gangs and she was not issued an injunction she will have to embrace her TS until you earn enough money to have it removed.

  5. Stephanie K Santiago says:

    You have got to be freaking kidding? Gotta wonder how many lives were saves by having that curfew on these thugs!

    ADMIN – Hi Stephanie,

    Thugs have rights too. Unless they are actively committing a crime they can be wherever they wish to be.

  6. Diana Vasquez says:

    Is this a beautiful country or what? Gotta love it!

  7. light says:

    lapd has a history tha ks for someone looking out for the poeple…

  8. Shawnee says:

    Good ! Our government brings people here then some end up in our prisons ( the government makes money off each person ) Children are being prostituted out / become homeless . They end up in foster care and her raped and abused. They indoctrinate all of the kids in our schools . We have a homeless crisis and don’t help our ppl or the new people that come here – and we have more then enough to do so . It doesn’t take trillions of dollars it takes people’s carimg . Why do we think kids turn to gangs ? Because we are a mess here . This is not a communist country and ALL people can go where they wish to go whether they have tattoos , don’t talk proper , look a certain way it doesn’t matter – If anyone hurts another ( trust me it’s not all gangs doing this ) then they should have consequences. We can’t give consequences to human beings because of what they look like or what they decide to call themselves . Anyhow I like this settlement it shows ppl care.

    ADMIN – Hi Shawnee,

    We also love this settlement particularly because it offers the opportunity to rehabilitate.

  9. Maa Gaa says:

    I didn’t see the Snowflake Gang listed. Will they be adding more names?

    ADMIN – Hi Maa,

    List is final. There is nothing snowflaky about these gangs. They are super tough and scary.

  10. Backmasking says:

    Dear ADMIN(s?),

    Your responses to these questions were amazing & your reply to #4 was priceless! Box up your s#!+ & beat it, Cary Agos – there’s a new sheriff in town!

    ADMIN – Hi BK,

    Sheriff & ADMIN huh? #feelingspecial

  11. Kv says:

    I too, appreciate this type of settlement for those who were unfairly affected by the weird gang member curfew. Also much appreciated, are the very honest and respectful replies from the Admin.

  12. Cecile says:

    So basically, you make a claim giving them your address (of where a current gang member lives). Doesn’t sound fishy at all. LOL These people would be foolish to disclose any info and admit being in a gang.

    ADMIN – Hi Cecile,

    Many are retired from the thug life

  13. Woke MFer says:

    I think we need to organize an ADMIN fan club here. Shit is on point.

    Rehabilitation over incarceration. If you/anyone give two shits about this country, it’s taxpayers, the welfare of society, and the health of our republic(let alone the health of, you know, ‘people’)…. you would absolutely support rehabilitating over the perpetual prison cycle which only stuffs the pockets of CEOs and does much to further increase the number and harden the criminals we already have by giving them no other choices or programs to bring themselves out of that life and improve. You do the crime you do the time… but when is their debt to society truly considered paid? The stigma that still exists after serving out a non-violent sentence is by itself enough to force someone to consider returning their old resources, careers, and bad habits. Shouldn’t people be given a CHANCE to prove they can do better? After all, you’re paying for it all, regardless. I’d rather get rehabilitated, productive members of society back for my tax investment rather than just more and more hardened criminals overflowing from cages and left to rot(except for that $58,000/yr to teach them how to hustle and sell crack better. I’d rather them learn a skill or two, anger management, and maybe even get an ugly tattoo removed to better reintegrate into society. We would all be better off because of it.

    ADMIN – Hi WM,

    This right here is one of my favorite programs

  14. Valerie says:

    Lovin this last reply and lovin the Admin!

    ADMIN – Hi Valerie,


    The Admin 😉

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