Class Eligibility

Purchasers of the Gateway XHD3000 class action settlement include all U.S. residents who were the original purchaser of a Gateway 30-inch XHD3000 LCD monitor.

Estimated Amount

$195 per elegible monitor

Proof of Purchase

Required Proof of purchase may be in the form of a serial number, receipt, or credit card statement that includes sufficient information to verify the purchase of the specific model

Case Name

Mark D. Lima v. Gateway Inc.,
Case No. 8:09-cv-01366
District Court for the Central District of California

Case Summary

According to the lawsuit Gateway sold the plaintiffs and other consumers XHD3000 monitors that flicker and experience other display issues.Plaintiffs believe that the manufacturer knew the XHD3000 “was defective in its inception and design, and incapable of performing as represented,” did not agree to repair the monitors outside of warranty

Settlement Pool





Gateway Settlement
c/o Gilardi & Co. LLC
P.O. Box 6002
Larkspur, CA 94977-6002


11 responses to “Gateway Monitor HXD3000 Class Action Settlement”

  1. Hope Rabideau says:

    I have this monitor and it flickers. At first thought it was my video card so i bought a new one but its still flickering.

  2. Leah says:

    It’s an alright monitor, I like it. It’s average to me.

  3. Janos says:

    I threw out that piece of garbage. Didn’t save any paperwork.

  4. Evan Carlson says:

    Purchased three of them to build a gaming system..still have them to this day with serial numbers and all three flicker violently….waste of my money…worthless

  5. Ron Rock says:

    monitor flickers frequently then more frequently, I have my serial number

  6. Oblivious says:

    I have this monitor and it has lasted quite a few years.

  7. Liam Henson says:

    It flickers so hard. Really disturbing image. After 15 mins of work i had a headache.

  8. Joe Wilson says:

    The monitor does not work too well as it flickers too much. I bought 2 of these to work with my custom built PC, but sadly, I am left disappointed.

  9. Amul Patel says:

    This monitor was utterly rubbish. I bought 2 of these, both at the same time for my work computer and my home computer. I got bad headaches and migraines at times.

  10. Bryan Ryan says:

    It wflickers very hard

  11. Anton Barimayev says:

    I have the flickering issue too and aside from that sometimes it will turn on and off for long peroids of time. Ive gotten a BSOD since installing it as well… waste of money.

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