Class Eligibility

Class Members include individuals who purchased Walmart’s Great Value All Natural Cornstarch for personal or household use in the United States on and/or after Aug. 22, 2010.

Estimated Amount


Proof of Purchase


Case Name

Amber Teufel v. Karlin Foods Corporation,
Case No. 1:14-cv-23100
District Court for the Southern District of Florida, Miami-Dade County Division.

Case Summary

This lawsuit and settlement will resolve allegations regarding the corn starch sold at Walmart under the brand Great Value claiming that the product was“all natural.” when in reality it contained genetically modified corn

Settlement Pool





Heffler Claims Group
Cornstarch Class Action Settlement
1515 Market Street, Suite 1700
Philadelphia, PA 19102

55 responses to “Great Value “All Natural” Cornstarch Class Action Settlement.”

  1. Michael Cummins says:

    I have purchased the above product during the stated time frame.

  2. Adrianna Melendez says:

    I was definitely unsatisfied with this product and very dissapointed in Walmart!

  3. steve gardner says:

    I bought this, was not good.

  4. Irene says:

    Oh wow…so disappointed about this. Purchase Walmart products all the time.

  5. Christina Paveglio says:

    Disappointed with the product.

  6. aisha Hobbs says:

    Purchased this product mainly because it states natural and was highly dissatisfied.

  7. Alan Brown says:

    another Walmart loser.

  8. james byrnes says:

    I was not happy with this product at all
    would never buy it again

  9. james byrnes says:

    I was not happy with this products
    will never buy it again

  10. Patty Miers says:

    I was not satisfied with this product purchased from Walmart

  11. BEVERLY KAPLAN says:


  12. Dolores Schenkenberger says:

    What a disappointment in this product.

  13. Dolores Schenkenberger says:

    I will never trust Walmarts Great Value products again.

  14. robert walters says:

    i bought this product and was very disappointed

  15. Regina Patrick says:

    I have purchased many.. many Containers of the Wallmart Great Value (all natural) Corn Starch, over the years. i have been a regular user. I am very Suprised and DISAPPOINTED!!

  16. Margaret Darnall says:

    I purchased this product during that time fra
    me and was not satisfied

  17. Carroll Darnall says:

    I have purchased that product during that time frame and did not like it.

  18. Eleanor Cooper says:

    I have used this product on numerous occasions

  19. Laurie says:

    Again spending more of my hard earned money on something claiming to be “all natural”, trying to put better stuff in my body and again deceived by the company. How can we the consumer believe anything is “organic” or “all natural” ? We don’t have the ability to test this stuff ourselves, we are foolishly trusting these companies and shelling out more money for it.

  20. Linda Hitsman says:

    I bought it beause their brands are cheep

  21. barb weiss says:

    I have purchased many great value products and very satisfied with the majority

  22. Pamela Shields says:

    I was disappointed with this product and will not purchase WalMart brands anymore. Cheaper isn’t always better.

  23. Pamela Shields says:

    I was disappointed with this product, it was purchased during that time frame. Cheaper isn’t always better….

  24. Quinn says:

    My husband purchased 2 boxes and I think I have one in the cupboard

  25. John Schwellenbach says:

    Dissatisfied with the product. I wish the store would take more responsibility in making sure the products they sell are not only a value, but are good products as well.

  26. Mary Powers says:

    I tried it several times and it worked as expected.

  27. Tammy says:

    Wow I buy this all the time for all my baking needs.

  28. Ed says:

    My disappointment is profound. I grow more disillusioned over Walmart with each and every passing day. I am not satisfied and feel betrayed over what I thought was a quality product. Never again will I purchase this product. As a victim, I will now file a claim to recoup my losses.

  29. Jerry Tacktill says:

    I tried to submit this 4 times. And it kept turning it down saying correct e mail needed. I submitted with the correct e mail But was constantly turned down

  30. Sarah Jolley says:

    We put this in the Refrigerator plus we cook with it. Not happy about the response we had.

  31. Florence Lutz says:

    I was very disappointed in this product and I would never consider buying it again. Sometimes cheaper is not always better.

  32. Hema says:

    I had bought 2 boxes at the stated time and still have half the box.

  33. Walmart in Weslaco says:

    I did not notice the expiration date. Winded up trashing the product.

  34. Heaven freeman says:

    I have purchased this product and many others ones. I was very disappointed.

  35. Joyce Letellier says:

    I have always purchased Great Value cornstarch for as long as I can remember. I was disappointed to learn its not all natural as it claims to be. I buy many Great Value products but now wonder if other products are inferior as well. Another disappointment.

  36. Patty scott says:

    Tried product a few tomes was not happy with it go back the good product.

  37. Jennifer says:

    I have tried this product I purchased with in this time frame and I was very diappointed in it and I will never buy it again.

  38. Keri Rhodes says:

    Was not happy with this product.

  39. Miriam Olivera says:

    I buy thier products

  40. Elaine Guido says:


  41. Lori M. says:

    I have purchased this product in the past. However two boxes I purchased one for me and one for my daughter were not satisfactory. I still have a full box, however my daughter discarded her box. Very disappointed in this product was a waste of money.

  42. Lori M. says:

    I purchased two boxes. One for myself and one for my daughter. My daughter discarded her box and I still have a full box that I am going to discard. Very disappointed in this product. Was simply a waste of money.

  43. Glenn Davis says:

    I purchased this. Not happy that I didn’t get all natural product

  44. Betty George says:

    I happy purchase this in this time frame

  45. Ron fahoome says:

    I purchased 2 boxes not happy with produt threw it away

  46. Betty George says:

    I have purchase this in this time frame

  47. sandra says:

    Box fell apart…

  48. LinDa atkins says:

    I shop at Walmart all the time. Yes I have purchased 2 boxes during that time frame. I wasn’t pleased with the product.

  49. consuela muckelroy says:

    This product was purchased during this time, and i was not satisfied

  50. John c. czukiewski IV says:

    This product!!!!!! I purchased with in this time frame and I was very disappointed!!!!!

  51. Kevin Surbaugh says:

    I’ve purchased it during this time. How do I file a claim?

    ADMIN – Hi Kevin,

    The deadline for this settlement was last month. You are no longer able to file.

  52. Lee stokes says:

    Not happy! Tried will never but again !

  53. Shanda Barlow says:

    I bought this because it was cheaper never again

  54. Deborah Williams says:

    I have this is my cabinet now. I’m sick of false claims on products!

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