Class Eligibility

The Greyhound ADA settlement is open to all individuals who were harmed by Greyhound’s lack of accessible vehicles or transportation services, or by a failure to accommodate based on their disability, between Feb. 8, 2013 and Feb. 8, 2016.

Estimated Amount


The Greyhound settlement will provide Class Members who file a valid and timely Claim Form, a portion of the $300,000 Settlement Fund. The actual amount each individual receives will be based on the number of tickets purchased where during the travel (or attempted travel) they experienced disability-related discrimination.

Proof of Purchase


Case Name

United States of America v. Greyhound Lines Inc.,Civil Action No: 16-67-RGA

District Court for the District of Delaware

Case Summary

This lawsuit was brought by the U.S. Department of Justice and its settlement is aimed at resolving allegations that the transportation company violated the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The DOJ claims that Greyhound violated the ADA when it failed to providetransportation-related services to individuals with disabilities. The federal agency states that by not providing “full and equal” enjoyment of its transportation services, Greyhound discriminates against a group of citizens.

Settlement Pool





U.S. v. Greyhound Claims Administrator
c/o Class Action Administration LLC
PO Box 6878
Broomfield, CO 80021
Telephone (toll-free): 1-844-502-5953
TTY Telephone (toll-free): 1-800-659-2656

33 responses to “Greyhound ADA Class Action Settlement”

  1. George Young says:

    When will the settlement take action

    ADMIN – Hi George,

    You can call this number for updates 1-844-502-5953

  2. sonia urizar says:

    I would like to know abouth my claim ,or my money back confirmation #320221048

    ADMIN – Hi Sonia,

    Kindly contact the class action administrator directly.

  3. Gina says:

    I just called the number above to speak to the claims administrator but there was a recording saying to call back bcuz they are experiencing high call volume, but the outgoing recording stated payments wil be dispersed beginning in the summer of 2018. That doesn’t make any sense because last time I spoke to the claims administrator back in Nov of 2016, she told me Spring of 2017, NOW its not going to be for another year? Why so long? I’m wondering if the recording is incorrect and she meant to say Summer of 2017?

    ADMIN – Hi Gina,

    I would not be surprised in the distribution is not slated until next year.

    • Gina says:

      Ok, thank you for your response. I have since read that class action settlements can take a very long time before settlement payments are sent out. Some class action cases are tied up in court for years so i guess the settlement phase would be no different. Thank you for your quick response. I suffered a huge loss when greyhound discriminated against me. My service dog & I initially traveled by plane from AZ to CA, but shortly after arriving in CA, a subpoena came in the mail for me back home that required a mandatory appearance as a witness in a case but i couldn’t change my return flight because it was a restricted fare so i had to take greyhound in order to make it back in time for this mandatory court appearance but they refused to allow my service dog on the bus with me so I had to board him at a local vets office until I could find someone to drive him back to AZ for me & it was costly! The person who drove him back had to take time off of work & then rent a car to drive him back in so my service dog & I were separated for over a week & i couldn’t function without him. To make matters worse, 4 hours into our trip, the bus had mechanical issues & we were forced to stop at the L.A. Terminal & deboard the bus & wait for another one & was stranded at the LA bus terminal for half the day, in which i couldn’t function because i didn’t have my service dog with me. Had they allowed him to board with me, i would’ve had him with me when we got stranded & wouldn’tve ended up having a PTSD episode. When i went up to the counter in tears & requested a reasonable accommodation they literally laughed at me! We were stranded there so long i ended up missing the mandatory court appearance & a warrant was issued for my arrest and had to post a thousand dollars cash bond! I had to pay for my dogs boarding, i had to pay someone to drive my dog back to AZ, i had to pay for the car rental AND the gas for them to drive to AZ & back and believe me when I say that it was costly! Greyhound’s discrimination easily cost me $3,000 not to mention all the pain, suffering & humilation they caused me. When they laughed at me I was absolutely mortified! So ya, having to wait for over a year to get what now appears to be a very minimal compensation since it went from an uncapped settlement to a capped one, is only adding insult to injury, like salt to an open wound. I realize you or this site have nothing to do with any of this and list these class action lawsuits on this site as a courtesy, but I appreciate you allowing me a place to vent my frustrations over this and I thank you for it.

      • Naomi says:

        They refused my service dog 2X also. I needed to be in San Diego my mother was dieing in the hospital and they sold me a ticket but the driver said that I did not need a service dog and had me pit a muzzle on my dog and still did not let me on the bus and greyhound told me that my ticket was non refundable.

      • Vincent Brooks says:

        My name is vincent Brooks I call about this case and they talk to me like a dog maybe they want to keep it for there self we were hurt but they just keep giving around sad

      • B. Dozier says:

        My gawd, the more I read .. the more horrified I became.
        I absolutely cannot believe how insensitive Greyhound had been to so many individuals who never asked for anything extravagant or over the top … Just simple requests that could have been handled easily, instead … Good people who had absolutely no control over they’re situation and just needed a little assistance and maybe a whole lot more courtesy, which Greyhound appeared to be out of if they ever had any at all. My husband also treated terribly after having a stroke .. her could barely walk due to losing user of right side limb function, but instead of providing him with nothing more than a seat towards the front near the pole they told him I’d her wanted that seat them stay jogging cuz it’s first come first serve! Never in my life had I been so angry I was livid & before that day ended I made sure every employee of Greyhound and every passenger in that terminal was made aware of the pure hatred I was feeling. I am truly sorry the way you were treated, I cannot imagine you being without your service dog for the entire trip and I absolutely feel that same hatred I felt coming back & making my heart boil. I know settlementsv are either in process of being distributed or will be soon but either way maybe each person treated so horribly will be surprised with a huge settlement check. No amount of money can ever make up for what they allowed you to endure but if a law suit is what it takes to get them to open their eyes then hopefully it’s substantial. Take care & again, I am so sorry. B

  4. Gina says:

    Hello, in regards to my comment that did not get posted, “I thought this was an uncapped settlement? Now there’s a $300,000 settlement fund?”

    That $300,000 is not going to be split up & dispersed between all the claimants. This settlement is still uncapped. That $300,000 is only being split between 10 select individuals (I’m assuming those 10 are the ppl who started this class action lawsuit). The remaining class members (claimants) will be paid according to certain criteria and there is no cap on the settlement amount. The consent decree states:

    “Greyhound agrees to pay three-hundred thousand dollars ($300,000) to directly compensate select individuals identified by the United States (in amounts directed by the United States) whom the United States alleges were not afforded access or services in accordance with title III of the ADA. No individual compensated under this Paragraph shall also be eligible to receive compensation under any other Paragraph of this Decree. Further, no individual compensated under this Paragraph shall receive payment of more than $50,000. In order to establish a final roster of individuals to be paid under this Paragraph, the Parties agree to follow the procedure outlined below.

    Within sixty (60) days from the Effective Date, the United States will identify to Greyhound a list of at least ten (10) individuals meeting this criteria….”

    It then goes on to say:

    Compensation For Other Aggrieved Individuals

    Claims Procedure.
    The Parties agree to establish a Claims Procedure (“Claims Procedure”), to be administered by a Claims Administrator (“Administrator”) for the purpose of compensating individuals who assert ADA claims meeting established criteria and who are identified through the procedures set forth in this Decree and as further defined below (“Eligible Persons”). The Parties agree that there shall be no cap on the total amount disbursed by Greyhound under this Claims Procedure, but that payments to Eligible Persons shall be subject to certain procedures, standards, and limitations on compensation as agreed by the Parties.”

    Just thought this information might be useful because under the compensation title on the information about this lawsuit, it initially said “uncapped” but now it says $300,000 and then goes on to say elsewhere on the site that the $300,000 is a pool that will be divided up between everyone who submits a claim, but actually, it’s only being split up between 10 select individuals. All the other claimants will be paid from an uncapped settlement fund. Just FYI. I hope you don’t mind me providing this information, because it confused me when I saw the $300,000 listed as a pooled settlement so others may get confused as well. Thank you, I appreciate it.

  5. ShyGirl says:

    No cap on the number of individual claimants but there is a cap on the amount of compensation ($50,000).

    ADMIN – Hi Shy,

    Please refer to the long notice, you may receive compensation for expenses incurred beyond the 50k amount listed.

  6. Gina says:

    Thank you ADMIN. I spoke to the claims administrator again and she confirmed what I stated above, that “there shall be no cap on the total amount (keyword: AMOUNT) disbursed by Greyhound under this Claims Procedure” There is however, a cap of no more than $50,000 to be paid to an individual under the $300,000 pool that the 10 ppl chosen by the US will split. And I guess shygirl is partially right, there is no cap on the number of claimants who can file a claim, but then again, why would there be? I don’t think any class action lawsuit would limit the number of ppl who can file a claim as long as they are members of the class. (and the claims administrator did in fact verify that any out of pocket expenses incured as a result of greyhounds discriminatory actions will be reimbursed (as you stated to the previous commenter) as long as they were included in your claim(s). She also stated that the approximate time for payouts given on the recording (summer of 2018), is just an estimate and they estimated that would be at the latest the payments would be sent. Just FYI. Thanks!

  7. Naomi says:

    Greyhound sold me tickets with my service dog at my side and all documents in hand but the driver did not let me on the bus with my dog. I can’t go as my place without him so no bus ride and they would not give me my money back. And another time I had sent on bud with my dog and when we got to our destination they told my that I could not wait for my ride to get there and I had to take my dog off the property! This was in the middle of the night.

  8. Michael Sloan says:

    I’ve had to use Greyhound several times over the years going back and forth from Virginia to the west coast. Every trip I’ve taken was a scene out of a horror movie for me and my service animal (s). On my first trip I was pulled off my bus in Memphis and made to wait till 1:30pm the next day to catch another bus. This was done by a station agent not the driver. Her reason being that my dog was taking up a seat on the bus (my dog was on the floor, and the driver had no problem with my dog being on the bus. The agent didn’t stop there. She accused my dog of not being a service animal even though I had all my documents. She also made other comments. I ran into this same agent again a year later in Memphis and she started threatening me, saying she was going to make a call and have me removed from the bus for good. Believe it or not, I ran into this same person yet again a few years later; this time in Nashville I think. This time she was driving. During the trip she stopped the bus along side of the road and came to the back of the bus accusing my dogs of using the bathroom on the bus; they hadn’t. It was just an excuse for her to harass me. She made me take the dogs blanket off the floor and told me if I put it back down I would be kicked off the bus. As a result both my dogs suffered first and second degree burns on their bellies. When we got to Portland on our way to Washington a bus driver wouldn’t let us on the bus. Her reason for not letting us back on the bus was that she felt that our dogs had been abused. I agree with that statement but the abuse didn’t come from me or my wife it came from Greyhound and the way they treat our service animals. Not only that but an agent at the Portland station ripped open a box with my property in it and stole a bag that contained $1,000.00 in cash and a pair of eyeglasses. I have not been compensated for this loss. Now you tell me I have to wait another year before I can get my settlement. That’s just wrong people we want and need our money due us and you all keep changing the disbursement of the funds. I for one don’t understand why we can’t get our checks in Nov as was originally set.

    ADMIN – Hi Michael,

    We get your frustration and wish we could help you out.

  9. Naomi says:

    We all have been put through he’ll by greyhound! I will never use greyhound again! I can’t go through what they put me through again. I will find other ways to travel.

    ADMIN – Hi Naomi,

    I have never used Greyhound, but it sure sounds frustrating.

  10. Barbara Walker says:

    I will just put it this way…
    We the people should be compensated for Greyhound discrimination again us. Not letting a service dog on the bus (a behaved dog), not boarding first (and not tell us to take the front rows) but whoever we want to sit, helping us off at rest stops and boarding back on the first at the rest stops, putting our luggage inside the bus station after arriving at stations. It is something! To go around on the opposite side of a bus to get your luggage when you can’t clearly see. I had two large luggage. They don’t let you get off first at least in Memphis they don’t. You stand and wait until you can fall in the line or someone let you in front of them. I’m surprised at the length to v Mondays people but prayerfully hoping EVERYONE, WHO ENTERED A CLAIM, WILL COMPENSATED WELL. THE FACT WE HAVE A VISION PROBLEM IS EMBARRASSING AS IT iS. We walk into things and people. I wish we all have good luck will with this lawsuit. ALL THE PEOPLE/ US.

    ADMIN – Hi Barbara,

    I am sorry you have faced challenges due to your vision impairment. Hopefully the settlement will move forward soon.

  11. Gail Riley says:

    I am physically disabled and booked my trip ,having my bags marked as special handling, as I was physically not able to liad, unload and transfer them. I told this to the driver and then asked for help getting my carry on suitcase up the steps. He did it rudely, rolling his eyes and sighed like I was a pain. Whatever. But as I looked for a seat, with half the bus full, he left the others boarding and followed me and SHOUTED MEANLY AT ME IN FRONT OF EVERYONE “I’M NOT PICKING THAT THING UP AGAIN.IF YOU WANT IT IN AN OVERHEAD BIN , YOU’RE GOING TO HAVE TO DO IT YOURSELF!” (Mind you, I hadn’t even had a seat yet, or the presence of mind to ask for help with it yet!) I stood there, STUNNED AND HUMILIATED, AS EVERYONE AROUND STARED. SO I SAID THE ONLY THING I COULD THINK OF: I SAID..”I’LL FIT IT UNDER THE SEAT”. He stormed off to finish boarding people. So As bad as my back is, I sat for HOURS cramped in the seat with my carry-on sticking halfway out from under the seat, so my legs had HALF OF THE USUAL SPACE AND I Could barely adjust my legs the whole way. It was demeaning, humiliating and PHYSICALLY SO UNCOMFORTABL, THAT BY THE time I got to my transfer station, I was limping from my lower back being stuckin rhat position so long. I WAS AFRAID TO EVEN ASK HIM TO HELP ME GET IT BACK DOWN THE STAIRS AFTER THAT, SO I JUST DRAGGED IT AND LET IT SLIDE DOWN THE STEPS…HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE! ALSO, I WAS AFRAID TO ASK THE NEXT DRIVER FOR HELP, THO HE KNEW I WAS DISABLED AS WELL, AND GAVE ME A FRONT SEAT, BUT NO REAL LEGROOM FOR SOMEONE UNABLE TO SIT IN ONE POSITION FOR TOO LONG, DUE TO PAIN. I HAVE DEGENERATIVE DISC DISEASE AFFECTING 6 DISCS..4 IN A ROW IN MY NECK: OF WHICH, TWO PUSH THRU THE FLUID SAC AND ABUT THE SPINAL CORD..1 THORACIC DISC WHICH ALSO ABUTS THE CORD AND A HERNIATED LUMBAR DISC, WITH A TWISTED VERTEBRAE. TO BE TREATED SO CRUELLY, FOR NO REASON, AND LEFT TO DEAL WITH MY CIRCUMSTANCES DELIBERATELY WITHOUT HELP PLUS EMBARRASSED BEYOND BELIEF??? THAT WAS 2013 & IT STILL STINGS AND FILLS ME WITH ANGER AND ANXIETY THINKING ABOUT IT!

  12. John Hussain says:

    March ^th was my Mom’s birthday. I have been thinking of her alot lately. an the trips I have tried to take to see her before she passed. I tried to see her a few times, but greyhound stopped that nicely! im in a power chair, and have a service dog for seizure alert. i have all documents for everything, but even though im sold a ticket and the ticket agent sees and talks to the dog and smiles at the dog and asks the dogs name, sees the dog is wearing a service dog red vest and undersxtands it is a service dog, and has no questions, the driver has a problem letting me on in my chair and assisting with my bag and a HUGE PROBLEM WITH THE DOG. “That is no service dog!” they say. “I know a service animal when i see one i trianed them in the airforce, and that isnt one!” I say, “OK well, I have all documents and the lady at the ticket window also sold me my ticket and this bus leaves now and i need to be on it” he replies, “It leaves without you though!” missed bus and no refund #1 this took place three times from a couple of different locations. thank you greyhound for helping me spend time with my mother at her side in her last moments.

  13. Jacquenette Brown says:

    I’ve been trying to contact the office for months concerning the claim ……however I wanted to give more information concerning my settlement claim due to change of email and new phone number I also wanted them to know the experience that I had due to this problem with the claim and I can’t get no one to take my call

    ADMIN – Hi Jacquenette,

    Consider using certified snail mail.

  14. Tracie Samuels says:

    Any potential claimants received any kind of update yet?

  15. lanika campbell says:

    I submitted a claim I contacted the claim admin and was told that for the people who submitted a claim they will receive a check in the summer of 2018 that’s all he said.

  16. Tracie Nicole says:

    They have pushed the dates back AGAIN- until the 4th quarter of 2018 (October- December 2018) This is ridiculous and it seems the claims administrator will just keep pushing it back as long as possible to get paid as LONG as possible. This whole process is sad and disgusting.

    ADMIN – Hi Tracie,

    Thanks for the update and I am sorry this keeps getting delayed.

  17. Barbara Walker says:

    Maybe, everyone need to calm down and stop calling.
    I just called today and it was told the date to begin MAYBE October to December. I as well as everyone else, thought sending out paperwork, NOT! COMPENSATION, WOULD start early summer. Nooooot! I was also told, hopefully an extension will not be filed for an extension.
    We can (you) can call until your finger turn blue! This will not speed up the process.
    Who is to say, everyone has a large claim or small. All of our claims are being reviewed and decision rest in the hand of the person/ people reviewing those claims.
    It is frustrating yes! But no writing or calling will speed up this process.
    I am presently, needing chemo treatment in Huston, Texas. If compensate was due to me, it would help with hotel and transportation. Unfortunately, no money coming the early part of summer. So you see I have a reason to want this process to begin sending out the necessary papers to sign and return and receive a compensation.
    I choose to cease my calling.
    Good luck to all.

  18. Lola harper says:

    Id just bet “the attorneys got paid there holding on to funds so it gains intrest in the bank…

    ADMIN – Hi Lola,

    That is not how settlements work. We all have a tendency to think of attorneys as the evil ones when it comes to settlements forgetting that without their work there is no lawsuit.

    • Dee says:

      I have read so many claimants comments on this matter. We thank all of the attorneys and their assistants, as the administrator replied be patient there are probably so many people and it takes time and searching to distribute funds correctly.

  19. kenny says:

    I am seriously considering our (all claimants) hiring a top attorney/law firm to enforce payment of this judgement and prevail on Grey hound to be responsible for the attorney’s fees. We need to cohesively and aggressively pursue TIMELY payment of this. Without an attorney, nobody will be hasty in enforcing our payment., nor take us seriously.

    ADMIN – Hi Kenny,

    I don’t know the specifics delaying this case but generally speaking holdups relate to appeals and not necessarily to blockages on the part of attorneys and administrators.

  20. Rp says:

    People of class there will be no settlement ,fee for holding money in escrow or esquire trust e will diminish any and all . We are scammed again or

  21. Robert Bell says:

    Requesting a Up- Date…

    ADMIN – Hi Robert,

    Please submit your request to the class action administrator.

  22. Kelly says:

    Has anyone received there payment release form yet? Or any update

  23. ROBERT BELL says:

    Hi… Forms Due Out Nxt Month.

  24. Cliff says:

    As of December 26th. No forms have been received. No exact mailing date indicated.

  25. Lanika says:

    There is an update hello everyone I received a release form that states that the least I will receive is 1,048 and possibly more depending on how many class action members return thier release forms

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