Class Eligibility

Class members include any one who purchased or leased 2007-2008 Honda CR-Vs and certain 2009 Honda CR-Vs.

Estimated Amount

Extended warranty or Reimbursement for verifiable expenses associated with lock repairs

Proof of Purchase

Proof of Expenses Associated with Repairs or individuals may take the vehicle to nearby Honda Dealership for repairs

Case Name

Kevin Davitt, et al. v. America Honda Motor Co., Inc., et al.,

Case No. 2:13-cv-00381
District Court for the District of New Jersey.

Case Summary

The plaintiffs alleged that the actuator, which is part of the door lock system, is defective and that Honda knew about the defect in CR-V models in years 2007 through 2011, but kept this information from Honda CR-V owners and lesses so the automaker would not have to cover the repair under the three-year warranty.

Davitt, Carter and Tudyk allege that the door lock does not lock or unlock properly when the door is locked with either the switch inside the vehicle or with the button on the key fob.

Under the terms of the Honda class action settlement Class Members are entitled to a free replacement of the driver’s door lock actuator, even if it is functioning properly, as long as it had not already been replaced. Class Member must take their Honda CR-Vs to an authorized Honda dealer to receive the replacement.

Alternatively, Class Members who have already incurred out-of-pocket expenses may be reimbursed for those expenses if they file a valid claim form, including the proper documentation and a proof of payment.

Honda has also agreed to extend the warranty on the four occupant door lock actuators for the Honda CR-V class vehicles.

Honda denies the allegations but has agreed to settle.

Settlement Pool





Honda CR-V Door Lock Settlement
Settlement Administrator
PO Box 2722
Torrance, CA 90509

4 responses to “Honda CR-V Defective Door Lock Class Action Settlement”

  1. agnes padreque says:

    nice car….

  2. jerry Kitchens says:

    My 1991 crv Honda just a year ago did tye.

  3. Donna Decker says:

    Got a check today from Honda for $152. Is this all we get? We had our locks repaired before the suit started and it costs about $400. Are we going to be punished for having ours fixed before the suit? Doesn’t sound right to me.

  4. Susan Adams says:

    I have a 2009 Honda CRV and the door locks just began to make the sound of a dying bull moose every time they go on. And they go on at random times. I have been told the extended warranty has expired. If Honda knew they were defective, they should have been replaced. My dealer said they checked them and that they were ok and so they did nothing. Just because they hadn’t broken yet, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be replaced if they are known to be defective. I am SO ANGRY.

    ADMIN – Hi Susan,

    We totally get your frustration. Try reaching out to their customer service line

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