Class Eligibility

California residents who, while physically present in California, made at least one telephone call to Howard Johnson’s toll-free reservations number between Feb. 28, 2011 and March 23, 2012, and who spoke to a call center agent and did not consent to the telephone conversation being recorded.

Estimated Amount


Proof of Purchase


Case Name

Loren Stone v. Howard Johnson International Inc
Case No. 12-cv-01684
U.S. District Court for the Central District of California

Case Summary

This settlement resolves allegations that the hotel group illegally recorded telephone calls to their call center without disclosing their intent

Howard Johnson and Wyndham deny any wrongdoing but have agreed to settle to reduce the expense and uncertainty associated with litigation

Settlement Pool





Stone v. HJI Claims Administrator
c/o Gilardi & Co. LLC
P.O. Box 808061
Petaluma, CA 94975-8061

31 responses to “Howard Johnson Call Recording Class Action Settlement (California Only)”

  1. kimberly a graber says:

    Hello i would like to be a part of this lawsuit, I have called and made reservations at a few howard johnsons and yes, i live in california

    ADMIN – Hi Kimberly,

    To be part of the class action settlement you need to file a claim using the claim form provided by clicking on the link above (look for the orange link).

  2. fentpon west says:

    It was very unsettling just having the hunch that i was being recorded, but now that it’s a fact, it’s almost reassuring.

  3. steven lee says:

    I now live in Pennsylvania, but lived in California when this happened to me, I am still eligible, as a former resident of California?

    ADMIN – Hi Steven,

    Please contact the class action administrator with your question.

  4. Betty-Jo Whitman says:

    I stayed at the hotel and am a resident of bishop California.

  5. Martyce Moore says:

    I called Howard Johnson hotel a a while back and I was not in informed that I was be ng recorded..
    And yes I am upset about the situation and I want justice.. Violation of privacy !

  6. susan cohen says:

    did not agree to phone call.

  7. tammy caldwell says:

    t stayed at the howard johnson

  8. Juana Herrera says:

    I called and not once did they asked me for consent

  9. alessandro difede says:

    did not make any phone calls

  10. David says:

    Everyone does know if you file a claim with this one you have to give them your Social Security Number!

  11. Kevin Johnson says:

    I called trying to book a hotel

  12. christine says:

    is anyone going to do this? i don’t really feel comfortable giving my social security number?

    did you, David?

  13. Random Dude says:

    Can you do this if you’re not a resident of CA but were there on vacation during the time period?

    ADMIN – Hi,

    No. You must be resident of CA.

  14. motor jones says:

    not comfortable with any call or interaction being recorded without my permission.
    you violate my rights to privacy… you will pay for the priviledge.

  15. Patricia Adams says:

    I stayed at Howard Johnson for one week and privacy is my priority

  16. Xaviera thomas says:

    I called, I didn’t know they were recording me.

  17. austin stevens says:

    I called to book a hotel, was never asked at all for my consent to record the call.

  18. Reuben Maciel says:


  19. Brian lamb says:

    I called a few times and never once was i asked for consent

  20. Jim Bob says:

    I called a couple hundred times at least where is my money?

  21. Diana Corn says:

    Called for reservations and stayed here a few nights!

    ADMIN – Hi Diana,

    Thanks for sharing. We encourage you to file a claim in order to obtain compensation in association to this class action settlement.

  22. Max says:

    I made my call from a convention center’s office phone- arranging a place to stay for a science conference. I am a CA resident student at UCLA, but don’t have the number I used. Can I still submit a claim?

    ADMIN – Hi Max,

    Please contact the class action administrator with your question. I suspect the answer is no but give it a try.

  23. kimberly j carrillo says:

    I called to make a reservation, I told the person I couldn’t hear very well call was echoy, at this point lady was very rude, I asked if I was on speaker and she hung up on me.

  24. Yvonne Smith says:

    Yes we thought the Beck beer was from Germany we purchase every weekend three to four six packs

  25. Kim Collins says:

    I stayed athe howard Johnson hotel with family .

  26. dani dani says:

    They require your social security number. that makes me uncomfortable.



  28. Johnetta Morton says:

    I stayed at the Howard Johnson and make any phone called.

  29. Idnaraye says:

    I am currently a resident of California, but was not during the time that I made the calls (I was in California staying with family and decided to look into a room for my last few nights…). Does this qualify?

    ADMIN – HI Idnaraye,

    I believe you do but please double-check by calling the class action administrator.

  30. robert says:

    I was a California resident who call to Howard Johnson’s toll-free reservation number in late2011. i am not in cali now do i still qualify ?

    ADMIN – Hi Robert,

    Please contact the class action administrator using the information provided above to check if you qualify.

  31. ebony says:

    I submitted a claim but was told my number wasn’t found I resubmitted my information with evidence, and I have not heard anything.

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